That's brutal


I wonder if there's a huge Crater where everything is burned .


Maybe Arthur can undo it if he gets strong enough, using arouras requiem.


I highly doubt it, even if Art were to have the power back the dead like he saw in his vision, i doubt he would be able to bring back an entire country back, the amount of Aether needed not only would be colossal, but it would also be bad, since there would be no stakes for the story if Art could bring back the dead. If he could bring back a country with tree and the elves that died, then he should also be able to bring Reynold back, and that would be really really bad, like Solo Leveling's ending.


Wait solo leveling has ended????


Yeah the ln did don’t worry solo leveling won’t end until the summer


Damn, that's sad but I could see that coming, even now in the manhua it takes a bad direction. I just thought it was a temporary thing and then following would be better


Then art just needs to open his pocket portal to that room full of aether. haha. no but seriuosly i dont think art has to worry when using aether since he can just influece the aether around him insteadof using his own aether.


Well, as of now he was never able to influence the Aether around him, except when he powered his spells when he was fighting against Nico. All of his abilities absorb Arther from his core, so it would be cool if he could use the atmosphere.


Aether core might actually function the same as mana core since reaching white mana core allows you to control ambient mana and it wont be surprising to see art influencing the aether around him if his Aether core is upgraded further.


Well, Art is trying to manipulate Aether the same he did with Mana, but i don't think that the same rules are applicable to both. For instance to become stronger when handling mana, you take out a layer of your core, while with Aether it's the opposite you make a new layer. Though that's not an argument really, since I do think he would be able to use ambient Aether, at the very least I hope so.


Purifying your core doesn't involve removing layers, it involves removing impurities. I agree that the same rules don't apply though, and I think he's even acknowledged that himself.


I mean don't you see that the novel is going in a direction where Arthur is going to be busted ? \- Aether is a power without limit . \- there is a fate , which becoming a god \- The power of controlling time I mean everything is going in the direction off Arthur being far above everyone even his ennemy . I didn't think about it , but don't you think it was weird that the race elphe was exterminated like that . In like few chapter . Don't you find it weird how we were blue balled of Arthur totally mastering time , and Arthur cried because he hoped he could revive his dad ?


The fact that there's a way to be a god, and Art becoming one are 2 different things. Arthur could use Aether, but not be able to use to it's full potential like right now. He has a string body, amd an Aether core, yet the Djinns were able to do more than he can without any of the 2. Art could end up being stronger than any Asura, but not get insight to be able to rewind time in people, time travel and stuff.


I agree it would be good like that . The thing is that i don't believe it will go like that . If the ceiling is high generally in those type off fiction the author will make the MC not that far from it . I also pointed out , the elves dying like that . Arthur was always meant to be a beast . He was always far ahead in term off talent ? I don't think Arthur won't come close to his full potential . For example mastering fate , is a terrible powerful ability than can change the whole story . Now do you believe Arthur won't master fate ?


He's already having a hard time making a weapon out of Aether, so being able to wield/control Fate is way WAY more complicated. Maybe it would be something like when he in the Keystine realm when he was unlocking Aroa Requiem, he would be able to use only a portion of the full powers, but not the full extent.


That doesn’t matter making weapon was incredible hard for him too . He will likely master fate . Even if he don’t master completely , it is still a broken ability . Not only that given Art comprehension ability . Understanding a part of fate could be enough for him to master the rest .


If he can influence all the aether in the universe and not just his core i say its very much very possible i mean those ancient djinn created a whole relictomb which equivalent to a world without bounds.


You are missing the main point here, if Art can do that, there's no reason to read Tbate, since there are no stakes. The main enjoyment in the series is to see Art struggle to be able to put a fight with higher entities. You might say that at the end of the story Art becomes a God or whatever but even then, if he can really bring back the dead, remake countries, then all the losses Art had, all the hardship he had to go through would seem a little meaningless imo. Certainly that struggle is what brought him where he would be, but a nice ending with Art being capable of making any wish into reality seems a let down to me. It could be me, but the reason I kept reading tbate, is because Art wasn't the strongest, despite the talent he had and the determination he had, he was still outclassed by his opponents. It might seem selfish, but I don't want that to be lost by the end of series.


Well that’s not necessarily true, it could be that he can restore vitality to the land so it can regrow as it used to slowly over time, instead of like magically rewinding the entire country to it’s original state all at once. He wouldn’t be reviving the dead elves from the blast nor anyone else, but leaving a giant wasteland is kinda fucked. It’s also implied that it’s possible through the ancient mages creating literally entire ecosystems in the Relictombs, so if Arthur can’t do it, then some other person in the far future with affinity for life/creation vivum could make Elenoir habitable again. As long as the restoration of Elenoir is done in a reasonable fashion, it doesn’t automatically make Arthur a complete god that can do anything and negates all the stakes, otherwise this story would’ve never happened because Arthur from the future already used aevum Aether to time travel and completely change the world. I understand you want Art to continuously struggle against his opponents but the fact is that eventually he will overcome them, as he did his previous opponents. After the Asuras, there’s not really much else that we know of, and even if he is stronger and more versatile in magic compared to the other Asuras by the end of the series, that still doesn’t automatically make him a total fantasy god that can do anything. By the end of the series, we’ll probably see an Arthur that is the most powerful mage in all continents, but even if he restores Elenoir, I doubt he’ll be doing anything as crazy as reviving the dead or time travel or whatever, that could be left as an interpretation of his potential future powers that he might have when he’s like 1,000yrs old (because of the extended lifespan) waaayyyy past the end of the story.


It's more likely that Tess with her plant magic will revive Elenoir


It's more likely that Tess with her plant magic will revive Elenoir


I think in one chapter Aldir described what was left of that place. Ashes and dust. Only the terrain i think was the same.


He did it. He really did it. G o o d


I was thinking That's a Lot of tree for a barren land .... And You did it 😂


Somehow i never thought Elenoir was so big. So Aldir just incinerated 1/5 of a continent with a single spell. This is kinda insane.


But it's like a special spell that only he knows and even he requires to 'charge up'


That’s tough buddy




Aye! why did you strike down Art’s hometown!...


I bet arthur will just remake everything after the war is over


Remake the entire population with Tess


I'm sorry, you meant Caera?😉


*Hell no.*


As a wise man once said, it is our choice to choose our ship, and TurtleMe's choice to choose which one sails but we can all be mature about it✌️


Hell Yeah! Lets see what TM decides to do, I'm okay with anybody as long as it makes sense.


Tessia's charecter still needs a lot more development and needs to mature more if she ends up with Art[IMO]


Ofc, even if i ship them, if Tess doesn't go through massive development..then, i might actually prefer other ships. *But this whole Cecilia/Tess situation could give her that development, if TM does this right then it could be amazing.*


But if the reincarnation isn't reversible would it not be an identity crisis whether if it's actually Tess or if it's Cecil? Because they both liked Art and Art had feelings for both of them


Thats what im wondering about as well, i'm very curious on how TM is gonna tackle this situation, though a identity crisis would make her character more interesting. *(Art/Grey has his own identity crisis too lol)* *I do think the Reincarnation thing is reversible though, Art has amazing Aether Influence/Manipulation - I'm sure he can find something out, those runes def has something to do with it as well.* Regardless, i have hope that TM will use this situation to bring massive character development for Tessia.


Caera isn’t an elf???


Haha, that was just a joke to get some Tessia vs Caera action going


Fair enough, I like a good fight




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Turtle released it yesterday on instagram.


ow lol i dont follow that shit


Sapin and Darv burning


Lmao you really had to do that-




Where did u get the full map?


He posted it on his Instagram


True enough, tho I imagine it more like a huge rocky desert in a crator.


That's dark


Ya wish they showed the wall too.




I hope Arthur becomes a super powerful being


Dark humour level 100😂


This is dark dark💀


Really low effort meme