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Good options! Looking forward to all of these! Had to go with Arthur reuniting with his family though. Been looking forward to that since volume 7. Additionally, I want to see the reaction of the other Dicathians, especially the remaining Lances.


Yes, but first .....I just want to know what will Caera do when she learns that Grey is actually a general from Dicathen......... will she betray him or stay by his side till the end?


I doubt Caera will betray Grey.


However she feels about it, Arthur won’t have to worry about her taking it badly - she doesn’t pose a threat to him - he’s (exponentially) stronger, able to snuff her out easily (if necessary), and is vital for Seris’ agenda which means she wouldn’t inconvenience him. Although I don’t think she’ll take it badly - Caera doesn’t support Agrona’s cause. My prediction is that she’ll be surprised and wary of him at first.


Don’t think she would betray him. She isn’t attached to the Vritra or loyal in any way. She doesn’t even have a grudge against Dicathen and she has spent some time with Arthur and she knows that Seris knows him as well and that he „owes her“. So while it definitely will be a huge revelation for her, I don’t think it’s likely that she betrays him.


Im a sucker for the familly reunions but tbh at this point we had plenty of them that they're losing the appeal so i voted for Sylvies return.


This might have been the hardest poll in my life. These are all good options and I am excited for each and every one of them. I would probably pick the reunion with his family though as my first option


Very excited to see Cecilia get her real memories back, and Tess realizing Art is alive. *Just me tho :P*


Same I'm so excited for that. Though seeing the Indrath Clan kneel before a true aether God will be nice buahahaha


I mean I am looking forward to all of these things...art seeing Nico next time takes the cake though....little shit deserves to be put in his place.


Lmao, nico needs to be shown how weak he actually is.


Hmm interesting options but I really just wanna see those smug overconfident faces of those asuras wither away at Art's reveal


This was such a hard choose! I just really wanna see the relationship between Regis and Sylvie


I want Sylvie back, but if they don't fix the issue with Tess and Arthur, I will genuinely hate the story.


Meh, Arthur and Tessia's reunion don't fancy me that much tbh.


I think once the comic catches up, this will become the general consensus lol


It certainly won’t. You don’t just stop loving another person.


Arthur isn’t a god right now tho. He weak as shit in the grand scheme of things. He’s probably around Seris’s level if not a little stronger. Even mid to low level Asuras could beat her.


I personally believe that Arthur has had soooo many reunions with his Family that it has lost a lot of feelings. He is going to end up leaving soon after anyway.


Really good options, got me thinking for a while. Thank you for this


ngl my most anticipated moments are when Caera finally learns arthurs true identity as a lance and arthur beating the shit out of scythes and retainers


Me too, I really wonder how would their relationship change. Caera would finally know who "Grey" really is, I expect her to be happy because Arthur finally trust her to the point where he finally tell her his real identity. I don't think she'll be hostile towards him tbh, the real question is would she support Arthur's goal of destroying the Asuras and the Vritras.


Geeeez I need to catch up! Literally just started reading the novel. I just heard about the comic 3 days ago. Finished it two days ago and have no idea what any of these moments are. Question for anyone willing to answer. I jumped into the novel as suggested by this sub. Should I continue where I am (book 4) or should I start from the beginning? Would I miss anything important?


Nah, you don't have to tbh, I started from the comics too. Then jump to the novel, nothing really changes drastically that much.


Thanks. I’ll keep reading. For reference, what is the latest chapter? Is that book 8?


No, right now we're in the middle of book 9. Anything more than that will be spoilers.


Thanks again


Give me my best man elijah back please.


I just want to see Alice be happy again, the woman's been through so much.


The moment he continues of Cadell and Nico. The moment he confronts Aldir and the Indrath clan.


I am just looking forward to a new god rune. But a family reunion would be nice.


Just Arthur returning to dicathen and death stomping everything


Seris and Arthur reunion