Where do you guys even read tbate?

Where do you guys even read tbate?


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Tapas is the official site to read both the comic and novel, you can also read the novel on [tbatenovel.com](https://tbatenovel.com) but it only has the 5th,4th and 3rd chapter


What even is the difference between comic and novel


The comic is MUCH slower in progress than the novel, in total there are I think 8 volumes in the novel rn, the comic is not even close to catching up, i think the comic is like halfway through the 2nd volume...maybe. It'd be years before it reaches where we are now in the novel and it's not even finished yet.


Actually, the comic is at the start of book 4. On the [pinned discussion post](https://www.reddit.com/r/tbatenovel/search/?q=flair%3A"Comic%20Discussion"&restrict_sr=1&type=link&sort=new) for the latest comic chapter they say it adapt chapter 73 and part of 74


Well, Actually, the comic has already finished book 3, and is fairly into the 4th novel, so it is behind, but not that far behind, also there’s a 9th novel in progress


[Amazon](https://www.amazon.in/Early-Years-Beginning-After-Book-ebook/dp/B01B1DNB3C/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1AICS5HBV17AI&dchild=1&keywords=the+beginning+after+the+end&qid=1633706591&sprefix=the+beg%2Caps%2C273&sr=8-2) or [tapas](https://tapas.io/episode/571162?from=/episode/2310850) or [playstore](https://play.google.com/store/books/series?id=ZDoqGwAAABBPIM)


Firstly, to start with this, you can read the tbate novel or the comic, but in my opinion, the novel is just so much better than the comic, so I recommend you to read that. Secondly, if you want to read the novel, you can get the official (e)novel from amazon and it's really cheap compared to an avarage physical book, or you can read the chapters on Tapas, and with either ways, you support TurtleMe. I highly recommend, to read it like that, but if you want to stay full free, Just search for it on google, you can find a few websites where you can read the novel for free, but I won't advertise any of them here.




Go to Amazon for the novel’s I’m pretty sure it comestibles out cheaper than if you buy all the ink




Rule #7...


Yeah sorry, but seriously i still buy every chapter on tapas


See the FAQ in the pin!


Patreon. You can read on tapas


Google it, you’ll find a ton of sources


Patreon Lance gang where you at?


Search it up. It's pretty easy to find but the official sources are tapas, we don't recommend piracy because without support the author cannot make a living and cannot continue producing content.