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Would be cool to see him pull a GER but with wings and just chill in the air above his enemies as they freeze there because of ma mans chad energy


whats a ger?


gold experience requiem?


It would never work. His gigantic nuts are way too heavy for him to lift off and stay up under his own power.






It makes no sense. Art has an almost completely asuran body. The vritra blooded who are working to awaken, their blood only contains traces of vritra lineage. They are almost completely human until their awakening. Art has nothing to awaken to, cause he is already at the peak as far as his quality of body goes. Aether doesn't have qualities like mana has, and improving the capacity of his reserves creates no changes in his body. Every organism has the possibilities coded into their body genetically. That's why asuras are born more powerful. Art atm transcends such limitations. There's no path for him to genetically improve himself without a mana core. Not to mention aether repairs his body to its original functioning state if anything happens to it. A foreign substance is in the body(poison)? Let's remove that There's supposed to be a leg or arm here, or any other body parts, let's create one. I'm not even sure that he can get more muscles, since it's not even his body that's repairing itself. So his power ups will be only aether related, gaining more insight and improving his cores capacity. With the possibilities of aether, he does not require anything else.


Arthur isn’t Vritra blooded though. But maybe he still has to awake his Indrath blood, which would allow him to get some kind of wings or the ability to fly?


i mean remember, sylvie WAS a vritra and an indrath, no matter how much stronger indrath blood was she was still both, so arthur is like a decent portion vritra, thats easily seen as sylvie didnt have purple eyes or white hair, which is like a big part of kezess's kin, direct anyway, so ye arthur is most definitely atleast partly vritra blooded


No, Regis said that he is mostly Dragon and little human. Arthur doesn’t have any Vritra blood. I would guess that Sylvie will be full Vritra blooded when Arthur „revives“ her


Wow that’s a really good point that I haven’t considered up till now. I think it’s very possible that she becomes fully/mostly vritra after revival


Guess what, bud, sylvie was also "mostly dragon". Her genetics were literally half and half, but her only resemblance to the vritra was her horns. She clearly took heavily after her dragon side. She fused her entire body with arthur, if she didn't, she would still have a body to use. If she only gave him part of her body, he'd only have half the genetics, but its pretty clear just from appearances alone he has them all. Whether you like it or not, he has the full package.


Man, why you‘ll gotta be so aggressive? 1. she didn’t give Arthur her whole body. She gave Arthur some of her body 2. REGIS literally said that he is mostly draconic (almost perfect). The other non-Asura stuff that’s left is his little human part 3. Sylvie used an aether Art to give some of her body to Arthur, so it would be logical that the part she gave Arthur, was actually the part that is connected to her aether arts. So no, Arthur doesn’t have any Vritra 🩸


When Sylvie comes back she will be 100% aether, a goddess.


In chapter 255 (E-book Version) Regis said, that Sylvie used a high „used a high-level vivum art to give you some of her asuran body in order to save you…”. Later in chapter 256 Regis said “Your body, while not being completely draconic, is pretty damn close.”  Arthur is mostly Dragon and little human. I think that the aether art that Sylvie used, allowed her to give Arthur her draconic body part.


nah it was generally all im pretty sure, and the aether is rebuilding her body in the egg


I literally gave you a quote, where it was said that she gave Arthur some of her asuran body and that Regis said that Arthur is mostly draconic. Pretty sure if Arthur was mostly dragon and had Vritra blood, then he would be a full Asura and wouldn’t be able to be in the relictombs


But ever if he has vritra blood and draconic blood he's still a little human which allows him entry in the relictombs


He still doesn’t have Vritra blood


Say what you want i still dont believe that there is a way to distinguish the body between vritra and dragon to the cellular level even if there is then why would ahe do that i mean when he is dying there does she have time to think which cells to give and which cells not to? This is just dumb


Or maybe, the only part she was able to give Arthur, was the part that was actually connected to the aether arts she was using? And I‘m pretty sure that Regis can distinguish the body’s of dragons and Vritra.


Welll... That makes sense because dragons are only able to use aether. Sorry for my chickenshit behaviour.


well no, sylvie is a dragon, a dragon with the dna and genetics partly of a vrirtra, and as i said arthur got sylvies full traits, from skin to hair to even eyes, if he was given just the indrath part he would have white hair and purple eyes, just because arthur got a draconic body from sylvie doesn't mean that it was only indrath, as i said sylvie is a full dragon, dragons aren't just defined to only indrath and sylvie was a dragon with the dna and genetics of the vritra, and arthur got all of that given by his traits, its not that hard to see


that's not how you should see it. imo Art is 33% each (33% human, 33% Dragon and 33% Basilisk). Sylvie herself is 50% each, so Arthur can't get more than 50%, moreover you can't tell me that there's a technique, thats allows the user to sacrify just a specific part of your body, it would be awfully precise and if it existed might need a **LOT** of practice to pull off ( especially if we take into account the fact that Asuras are babies when it comes to handling Aether ). ​ I can see why you are assuming that Arthur doesn't have any Vritra blood in him, he still doesn't have any horns or grey skin, but we know that the Vritra blood needs to awaken in order for it to manifest itself, like for Caera ( she didn't have ant horns, but ended up awakening them when her blood awakened), so the same could happen to Art. ​ Art is a hybrid that won't sprout all the charachteristics that make him. He's physically weaker than the other Indrath Clan memebers, he still hasn't awakened a small animal form nor a Dragon form, he also hasn't awakened any Vritra related charachteristic.


1. Regis said that Arthur is almost complete draconic 2. I would also guess that the only body part that can be somehow given by Sylvie, would actually be those parts that are draconic and actually connected with her aether arts.


>Regis said that Arthur is almost complete draconic ​ ​ you do realize that Art can't be more than 50% Indrath, and that at 50% Sylvie was able to turn into both a small animal and Dragon.... so the almost part is most likely an exageration of Regis to cheer Art up after learning about Sylvie's sacrifice. >I would also guess that the only body part that can be somehow given by Sylvie, would actually be those partre draconic and actually connected with her aether arts. i'm not that sure, since her Vritra side still makes a huge part of her, and if she scarificed only her Indrath side she wouldn't go back to a egg.


“Your body, while not being completely draconic, is pretty damn close.”  “Disregarding your injured core for a moment, do you remember when I said that Sylvie used some pretty heavy aether voodoo on you to keep your body from basically destroying itself?” I mean if you know it better than Regis, then ok. And Sylvie just can’t split her body……. She has gone back to an egg, because she sacrificed half her body and because of the aether art. Arthurs body not only comes from Sylvies body, but also from the „pretty heavy aether voodoo which she used“


>I mean if you know it better than Regis, then ok. And Sylvie just can’t split her body That's exactly my point, she can't give Arthur just her Draconic side, she most likely gave him also her Vritra side. >Arthurs body not only comes from Sylvies body, but also from the „pretty heavy aether voodoo which she used“ So you are telling me, there's a technique that allows you to be 100% Indrath, that would be really convenient. No Arthur's comes from Sylvie, and the technique most likely just fuses her body with Arthur's.


Sylvie used some Aether arts to save Arthur which has no input from her Vritra blood.


even if he will awaken someday i don't think its gonna happen without him having a mana core


But Arthur won’t get another mana core………


Ohhhh... Maybe he can gain access to the realmheart physique that way... Thus becoming able to see mana and figuring out a way to manipulate mana through aether at least to the point where he can actually fit in that tiny bit though probably not fight


For some reason, I expect Arthur to be like Ichigo and have literally a mix of everything which made him OP af. They said Arthur was "mostly" draconic. Not all. And we know he is obviously still human as well. It's not impossible for there to also be a bit of Vitra in the mix. I'm not going to discount it as a possibility unless it's explicitly stated so. It's possible that the percentage of Vitra in Arthur could be so small that Regis can't detect it, or it won't be detectable unless Arthur "Awakens".


I think the awakening of your Vitra blood would give you better control over destruction and, in the future, over death as well.


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Well arthur ain't a vritra


Arthur already has a dragon blood before remember when cadel praise art because slyvia gave her blood (dragon will) so he can become a quadra element so his dragon blood is greater than vritra


I would say “blood” and a beast will are 2 different thing if he had sylvias blood or body like how he does now he would have been able to handle flash step when he used it before he got his current body


It was in fact the bound with Sylvie that gave Art dragon blood, while Sylvia's will gave Art dragon mana. I belive Windsom told him that, but ya need to search that, either at the first talk in the portal gate or in the land of the asuras


I don't think Sylvia giving Arthur her dragon will made him a quadra elemental mage.


I highly doubt its a possibility but he is mosly dragon body/asura. It hasn't been mentioned that Art has asura blood flowing in him, what has been mentioned though is that he might most likely be a descendant of the Djins. I doubt his body is part basilisk its a possibility but it wouldn't mean anything as he is not vitra blooded but Regis did say he was mostly dragon and well Sylvie was mostly dragon too and she only gave her body away not her blood so idk why a lot of people are bringing up how Art might indrath and vitra blooded if what she gave away was her body aka the tissue not her heart or her blood.


Nah his body is asuran


Are the Vitras not Asuras? What does that have to do with anything. They are literally an Asura clan, no?


Yes they are but greys body is an indrath asura, and also grey isn’t a vritra blooded human, he’s just an asura body with human mind, full asuran body not half half or something


Ah. Okay. Seems I need to go reread about the clans again.


I’m pretty sure that it.


Yes. Its just that I found a lot of the Asura training arc pretty boring at the time so I skimmed a lot of it. I just wanna go back and review everything I may have missed.


No. What Arthur has obtain from Sylvie is her body itself not her blood. He already assimilated with her body and made it his.


I would definitely like Arthur to turn into a dragon, however Windsom said that it would consume a lot of Mana, Even Sylvie turned into her full draconic form when she consumed a lot of mana from Uto's horn and broke out of her spell, not entirely sure if Aether would influence Arthur's transformation, like Mana did for Sylvie.


While that would be interesting, it’s not likely (see previous arguments - he’s already asuran hybrid). As for improving his aether core, it isn’t done the same way as the mana core, from which they expel impurities to cleanse and strengthen the core. Arthur has instead begun >!adding layers!< to the aether core in order to strengthen it.


It's unlikely but it would be cool if Arthur awaken and grow a majestic horn. Then, he's suddenly qualified to be a scythe or something.


Not gonna lie I would love to see Arthur master static void


But what would that even accomplish? Vritra use decay-type mana elements (poison, shadow spikes, hellfire) instead of creation-type elements (fire, water, earth, wind). But Arthur no longer uses mana. The Indrath physique was useful because it gave him a headstart in manipulating aether. Beyond that, I guess you could argue that his destruction ability may have been unlocked this early due to the Vritra influence... but I don't see what more he can get from that.


I do no not think Art will have any kind of change like getting wings or horns since he fused and transformed into his current body. He was not born like that but recreated. It would also might add extra unnecessary complexity. But if art grow horns or wings he might keep them if they help him but he might rip them off to not look like the enemy i am staring to thing Art's asura body did not come 100 precent from sylive. But that Sylvie used her life aether to heal and upgrade arts human body into being similar to that or an asura's body using sylive as the blue print. That art's human was reshaped like a piece of metal being fired into a sword or basic rock being heated and pressured into a diamond. Meaning that the body would be changed but the DNA is still 100 human.


Yeah I think maybe the time Arthur learns he has vritra blood is either through seris or him awakening