Gotta keep the kids in check

Gotta keep the kids in check




Which volume is this from? I have read 9th. Last I remember Spoiler: >!The elf kingdom was attacked by asuras.!<


This is a fictional event (which definitely wouldn't happen, since Arthur wouldn't tell his students that he's mostly asuran) but it's based on Arthur becoming a Central Academy professor in volume 9.


Vol 9\*


Whoops you're right


Wait, what??? Is this true??


That’s a part I’ve never really gotten. Aren’t asuras supposed to be sustained by mana? And like, absorb it all the time to keep their bodies going? Instead of that Arthur is like an aether-sponge. We should call him and aethera instead.


Wait why 10 percent? Was that mentioned somewhere?


The exact percentage was never given, but it was mentioned a few times that Arthur was mostly asuran. I said 90% because people on this subreddit have been calling Arthur 80-90% asuran based off the LN calling him mostly asuran.


If I read "mostly" then I think it's closer to 67-75% rather than 80-90%. 90 is 9 to 1 asuran, so that would make him basically an Asura ("almost" would be a much more appropiate wording here). It's ok though, since it was never explicitly said.


no its more like 99.5% type ish, nowhere has it been mentioned and it has even been said that arthur didnt share anymore traits with his mother, maybe the slightest blue in his eyes, but in the cover its fully golden so ye nah its not below 98%


Well technically is body was basically gone and built up again after Sylvie gave it to him so he’s probably barely human if at all