Its most likely his human parts that are slightly mixed into the body that make it so his body doesnt exactly resemble sylvies.


The human part is too small, his body is like 90% asura now. The human part is just a bypass for him to still have potential of asura but still can get in the relic tomb


It exists which is the point, minute as it is.


We don’t really know as of yet, but I think it was Regis who said that Arthur’s body is almost fully asuran(think like 90% or more). It’s still Arthur tho his features are slightly different in a more draconic way and his hair and eye colors are different, but other than that that we don’t know what the spilt is in Terms of vritra/indrath


it was stated by the djinn that arthur is a "Human with a body of an asura", so realistically he's like 0.5% human or sum shit


Certainly not. Sylvie just transferred her physical body into aether. So Arthur's asuran body is unique, since he was a human, unlike real asuras who are originally mana beasts.


It’s features are different but his physical attributes are similar to asuras


Asuras as a whole, sure, but im talking Sylvie in particular. She was a rather peculiar Asura, afterall


Well you also have to think that with this new body he is able to use god step unlike him becoming a cripple every time he used the mana version in his human body I would imagine this is the same for other techniques he might have not been able to use or think about because of the limitations on the human body.


I think like somebody else said his body is still his but more of and Asura version basically if he was born asuran not human his hair and eyes are like sylvies but that’s the only thing he has that resembles her so I guess she basically turned him into an Asura