Do you think Arthur will lose all of his powers at the end of the story?

Do you think Arthur will lose all of his powers at the end of the story?


If his AC breaks, doesn't he slowly start to die? IIRC Regis said that his body couldn't support itself because it lacked a power source(mana core) soo he made a AC or Absorbed Aether for his body to maintain itself and keep him alive.


Arthur: *shatters core and wins war against agrona* Tess, Ellie, katlynn and co: so you get a peaceful life now right? Arthur: about that… Arthur: *keels over and turns to dust as his body runs out of energy*


"Arthur trying to grow old with his loved ones after the war" *AC Sensing impurities:mAsTeR nEeDS HEALING*


Why did I read this in Smeagol/Gollum's voice




I would appreciate whatever ending if written well except one... Arthur turning back time and preventing the war from ever happening. Already been done before."" don't want to spoil other novels so I am not gonna say where exactly that happened."""


Mhh nah i dont think he can lose his power, btw i think the series will end with nico cecilia and art defeating agrona (obv cecilia will explain nico the sacrifice back in heart and he forgive arthur), than cecilia leave tess body and die, nico die too (idk how maybe he come back to heart or sacrifice for his best friend arthur) and than arthur e tess marry etc.. i can see only a happy end


No not at all


i think the most likely scenario is arthur leaving the world, with fate he could go anywhere - the question is who's he taking with him


I hope not. That feels like a cop-out. Also we don't really know what "Fate" actually does yet as a power, we know the reincarnation stuff is some part of it and Agrona is trying to learn how to fully control it but beyond that we don't really know anything about how it works or if there's some kind of cost or limitation involved. I find it funny that everyone (Agrona and Arthur included) have all assumed it's some kind of invincible power that'll make them unstoppable but for all anyone actually knows (Except maybe Agrona since we are unsure how much he knows about it) the big reveal could even be that no one even CAN wield/control this Fate power beyond maybe slight influences.


you literally didn't read the story if you think that, arthur wants to be strong, strong enough to protect those he loves, so there is literally no way in hell he loses his abilities, the ppl that have these type of theories are just ignorant and stubborn. and its and aether core, if he grows even a little bit in the grand scheme of things we wont even be able to be TOUCHED, he's basically a Superman version of an ancient mage with the body of an asura, aint no way in hell he's gonna have a situation where he has to push himself THAT far