This has to be the most epic quote I've read in this novel so far, It legit gave me shivers

This has to be the most epic quote I've read in this novel so far, It legit gave me shivers


He is the protagonist


What chapter is this quote?




i guess this is why arthur is so compatible with aether, the world just gifted him everything, except the body to handle it, explains why he could absorb aether even without a core


So he is like Aladdin from magi Loved by rukh but doesn't have a strong body to contain magoi at the start of the story


Wow this is 2nd time Tbate reminds me of Magi, 1st it was the Djinns and now the rukh. Btw both rukh and Aether are kinda sentient, maybe Aether is the soul of dead people ?


That is one hell of a theory but it also makes a lot of smaller details regarding aether so far make sense. The godrunes are basically just the souls of the past remembering what they once did in life and making it a definitive thing.


Here's a theory I just came up with. A long time ago existed Gods (like true Gods, not Asuras), at some point they died, and their remains is Aether. Since they were Gods, even their remains are sentient, and In a way Aether is. A Godrune is split in 2, the knowledge and the rune that allows to use the power. The knowledge could be this Gods past experience, the way they used their divine powers, while the rune is a badge that Recognizes it's holder. So Aether = the soul of past Gods, God runes could be a person (maybe Aora is the name of a God), so Godrunes are sentient, amd give their powers to who they see fit, or is compatible with them.


That is some nice theory.






True, thats the correct word


I think u guys quite not understood this and lemme explain this Our boy just doing his mana rotation actually /wait so even scythe cant do mana rotations?! This thing sylvia teached art only their asuran thing?! Idk anymore xD/


Yo maybe you are right, she may have caught him doing either mirage walk or mana rotation and thought: "holy shit this dude is built different"


Yup i reread ch 176 first scythe and i was right~ /Remaining still, I continued passively gaining mana through mana rotation. My body burned and my core opposed from backlash but I held on. There was nothing I could do no matter how much mana I gained; I couldn’t escape with Sylvie in this condition and there was no way I was going to leave her behind. My brain flickered with the notion that it might be worthwhile to fight against this scythe but that thought was quickly doused by every other fiber of my being. So I remained in the same exact position, staring at the purple-haired scythe./


yeah but the quote is true, as professor glory tells us about the level of control he had over mana and how it was as if the mana was excited to obey his commands.


I'm guessing it has something to do with him being king, like how his fighting style translated into quadra elemental


I don't walk on the ground, the ground rolls beneath me


For me it had to be the one earlier where seris describes agrona and kezess on a coin and Arthur being the one that flipped it.


In so many novels this line would just feel cheesy but it really just fits here.


And sometimes cheesy is good! Especially when you're dealing with overwhelmingly powerful beings, it just fits then.


I absolutely agree but when there is no build up or development these sorts of lines just come of as just cringe, like when a story takes itself way too seriously but hasn't developed it's themes and tones to warrant that sort of serious perspective.


He is pretty badass. I think it’s more than he was just reborn lucky and talented. He devised and implemented new ways to apply and use both mana and aether. He went through pain, loss and many trials to get where he is. His advantages made him have to work harder than others to use them. It wasn’t a cake walk to grow and use his powers. He put in the work. Arthur doesn’t get enough credit. I’ll admit, yes as the main protagonist he is set up for success, but TurtleMe sure as h*ll makes him earn it.


This was actually foreshadowed when art was running and flying through the roof at xyrus city just after alea was killed i think


I just got chills re reading it


But now his white core is smashed and the aurthur did say he will not be getting his mana core now.


Sums up what it means to be the main character pretty well


Which chap that from again?


Latest one


I kinda dropped the novel around chap 205 but now im tempted to continue reading. There were like 20 chaps of nothing happening


Highly recommend picking it back up again


I did, damn i dont like whats happening from chap 210 to 230


Ngl I kinda cringed a bit while reading the last bit of that chapter because of that sentence. I get Arthur will become powerful but seris is overestimating/overhyping him


*mana rotation intensifies*


Read orv you'll think these type of quotes are common


Man's probably gonna find out about Fate soon enough and figured it was with him all along.