Kordri is best boy after our main 2 boys (Regis and Arthur)

Kordri is best boy after our main 2 boys (Regis and Arthur)


To be fair, its the indrath that are going to need to be the most scared. Those such as Kordri would probably be happy to see his growth or just simply not care. He hasn't shown to go against the same neutral stance that most asuras take with regards to the lessers.


The Indrath clan and Aldir are the only ones that really have to be worried


You can't change my fucking mind, i need this to happen xD


Ah someone that thinks like me. I can already see Art and Kordri sparring with one another at 100% of their powers, shocking all the Asuras, since Kordri is well respected by the Asuras.


To be fair, that was so long ago I've forgotten the names of most Asuras Art has met:D Can someone remind me who that guy was?


The bald Asura that trained Art in hand to hand combat. He seemed like a good guy, and expressed how he felt proud to be the one to train Art.


Kordri taught martial arts and hand to hand combat to arthur inside that thingy .. i belive it's name was aether ball/orb


I’m positive that was actually a djinn relic looking back at it


Yeah I’m pretty sure the indrath clan took most of their tech


To complete what the others said, he was also deeply impressed and almost frightened at arthur natural talent for combat and mental resilience and discipline, but was really saddened that he was a simple human that has biological limits to his growth.


It's pretty cool to remember how much the author empathized the limitations Art had because of the human body on the Asura's training arc. Obviously already planning to make him overcome that. While everyone certainly expected him to break his limits somehow, this turn of events is quite interesting.