Asura:"What is a manaless mortal doing he-" *Burst step* *Flame of destruction* *Burst step* *Leaves and doesn't elaborate*


Godsteps in Slaps indrath across the face Refuses to elaborate furthur Godsteps out


Ouu Now that's scary shit right there😳😳😳😳


Arthur vs kodori (i think was his name) would be epic like I imagine kodori using burst step and Arthur just full on teleports behind laughing




Kadri's technique is mirage walk Only arther used burst step


I expect Arthur to avenge the destruction of the forest of Elshire, of course he doesn't care because his family is alive, but I still expect him to do something as a show of strength when he goes to Epheotus.


Hopefully he kills that little Asura bastard who he fought against while he trained with the Asura. He even appeared in a recent chapter, like pleas Arthur, just whoop his arrogant, overconfident Asura ass


what's that manga?


I think the asuras took revenge for the death of Sylvie that's why the elf kingdom was destroyed as declaration of war. As they said that it would cause chaos if there is war between 8 clans. There must be some reason to take that step.


Don’t worry u will find out why they did it very soon


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As of now aether core Arthur would get annihilated


Facts he's not ready yet.


I see it hard for Arthur to beat all the asuras by himself in the future. He will need to get extremely powerful to do so and I don't see it right now at all


you smoking crack, he will most definitely get that strong, the author literally made arthur say that he could rewrite reality with aether, it was a matter of learning how. that would not have just been to act cool knowing turtleme


I never said it's impossible I just said I can't see him beating all the asuras by himself. Arthur did say he can rewrite reality but that's not a simple thing to do I don't think he will do it. Arthur is only a half asuras compared to the full asuras and he only has destruction God step and aroa requiem. I guess he could get the power of fate and poof them but that would be pretty boring


>! I mean he currently isn’t on Asura level, but as of the recent chapter I‘m pretty sure he is on high scythe level. I think he currently could take down Nico, Dragoth and maybe even Seris, but he would still lose to Cadell. But how do you not see him getting on that level where he whoops some Asura ass? My man is the first one to have an Aether core…… with that he can create the strongest weapons, he has Regis (and soon Sylvie again). If he masters Aether (which he most likely will), he will have control over Space, time, life and fate, he has an asura body as well. Like of course he will be the god of this world. Even Aldir described his presence as the one „of a true god“ when Arthur was already strong, but not close to his current form. !<


I think you are underestimating the scythes bro Arthur might beat nico but I don't think he could beat cadell or seris yet. Sure he has the first aether core but that doesn't make him automatically strong. And you said he can create the strongest weapons which he has yet to do. Regis and Sylvie aren't even high scythe level. Arthur can't manipulate aether like mana right now he relies on the God runes. Mastering aether should take decades not a couple months.


>! I know how strong the scythes are. And of course it should take decades to master aether, but let’s be honest, it’s Arthur and he will master it rather fast. And currently I would say he could take down Nico and Dragoth (he even said he could kill Dragoth), but the problem with Seris is we don’t have a reference to her strength. She is the second strongest scythe, but we don’t know how strong she actually is. Only reference is the fight against Mica (she didn’t fight for real) and when Aldir said he could easily whipe her out of existence. Since there seems to be such a large gap between them, I would say arthur could be on the same level as Seris or maybe a little bit weaker. But I would like to know how strong Cadell is in comparison to Seris or the Asuras? Like could he put up a decent fight against Kordri or Aldir? But Arthur isn’t on his level yet. And I don’t know how far you are, but in chapter 346 his aether core evolved and I‘m assuming this is a rather huge upgrade and since he knows how to upgrade his core, it won’t be long for him to be several times stronger than he is currently. And with upgrading his aether core he will be able to use aether like it’s mana and it won’t take really long to create weapons. And I know Regis/Sylvie aren’t high scythe level yet, but I could see Regis turning into a sword for Arthur which is then covered in the flames of destruction? But that’s just my theory. Anyway I think he could take down Nico and Dragoth, but I don’t know about Seris (doesn’t even care because she is on his side) and he definitely would lose against Cadell in his current state. But give him a little bit more time to find 2-3 godrunes and upgrade his aether core and he will be stronger than Cadell. And Aldir said it in chapter 341. he talked with Seris and asked her who she sthinks could rival Indrath and Agrona who are seen as great even amongst the Asuras. She tells him about a certain mage who Aldir knows quiet well, and who has a habit of biting off more than he can chew. And than Aldir remembers an „alien presence“ he felt while whipping out the forest of the elves. He said in his head „I felt a presence watching me, almost as if some greater deity, a true god had arrived to witness my lowest moment and judge me by it“ He than whispers Arthur’s name and I got fucking shivers. So yeah, at some point Arthur will definitely be stronger than every Asura and he will definitely beat Indraths ass !<


If Arthur master aether in a couple months just because he is Arthur that would be an asspull tbh aether is still pretty mysterious and hasnt even been master by anyone else in the past so for Arthur to come along and master it like that would be dumb. I think he is close to seris but not quite there but he is definitely weaker then cadell. Arthur has God step aroa requiem destruction. He needs to make his core stronger and contain more aether and increase his control over it. And hopefully he gets a creation God rune next so he can create weapons of pure aether maybe similar to otsutsuki tool creation. Then he might be able to fight cadell. As for aldir describing Arthur presence as a higher deity I feel like he overestimated Arthur there seeing as Arthur was also surprised and startled by aldir looking at him when he used the relic.


I mean Arthur created an aether core first try, which was said to be impossible and which even the Asuras didn’t accomplish. And because he has the aether core it’s more Easy to Control and in the end master aether. I mean of course it will still take some time to master it and I don’t even think That by the time he returns to Dicathen he will have mastered it, but I don’t think it will take him as longs as you think it will. And I don’t think it was the surprise that made Aldir look at him like a true god. Arthur just has this presence. And also I don’t think there will be one more time skip so I don’t see Arthur needing years to master aether.




What is it with people insulting people with other (better) opinions than their own? Like you don’t even realize the advantages Arthur has compared to the Asuras 😭😭😭😭😭. Why do you think Agrona wants these relicts and the knowledge the relictombs have so badly? Because the djinns knowledge of Aether is far more advanced than what the Asuras know? How do you think they are able to keep the Asuras from entering the relictombs? Why do you think are they keeping the Asuras out of the relictombs you fucking idiot? That’s not a coincidence


He did get an aether core first try i mean his mana core was destroyed and he was in the relictombs that are rich in aether. I'm not surprised he got one. Even so just because he has a aether core doesn't mean he should be able to master aether in a couple months. Even the asuras that have lived far longer haven't even mastered aether so for Arthur to come along and master a power like aether just because he is Arthur is lazy and shitty writing. Arthur doesn't have the presence of a God lmao now you are just sucking his dick. The relic is probably the thing giving off the presence of power. Arthur will probably meet more crystals in the relictombs as he did in his first ascent to help him learn


But I‘m sorry, Arthur has it far more easy to learn how aether works. The relictombs are full with all the knowledge the djinn had and they were far more advanced with aether than the Asuras, since the only race that can actually control aether is the dragon race. And even they can only control 1 of 4 of the aspects of aether. With the relicts and his aether core Arthur will be able to control the first 3 with ease and will probably master the unknown 4th aspect of aether. That‘s the one he will struggle with maybe, but he has such an advantage over the Asuras because he can enter the relictombs. And I‘m not sucking Arthur’s dick, but why would a literal god describe a presence as the one of a „true God“. That has nothing to do with the relict, but more with Arthur. He literally always had the presence of a king or something like that even when he was a fucking child. When he first entered 3rd phase of Relmheart he said he felt like a deity and now he is stronger than that. He has an Asura body with a fucking aether core and you don’t think there is the possibility that his presence could give Aldir the vibe of a true god? Not that he is as strong as god, but at this time his presence was that of a god.


I agree with some points but Arthur still can't fly and if someone as fast as seris just stay out of his reach she can easily win because alot of his abilities use alot of aether so if he can fly he will probably be seris level but would probably lose because he still doesn't know what all of his abilities can do


Yes, flying will be one of the most important things to learn, but I think it won’t take him that long to figure it out. And with his core upgraded (and now knowing how to upgrade it) I think it will be easier for him to control aether and maybe there will be a rune (or some other stuff) which allows him to transform the mana in the air into aether? Because otherwise he would have a problem


Also when did aldir describe his presence as a true God I would like to read that chapter


Who's Dragoth?


Dragoth is the Scythe that got introduced recently (chapter 344 (?) I think)


Eh, When did aldir say Arthur's prescence was of a true god? I think I missed this chapter wth.


341, Patreon chapter as well


What is arthur aether core all abilities? And new power pls tell me ! 🙂 or he can has full control on fate , destruction, space and time ? Or he cane use only one of them ?