Question about arthurs dragon lineage

Question about arthurs dragon lineage


There is not so much he know about his body, maybe because there is no knowledge about draconic human like him.


Well if he can’t transform I hope he gets scales and can transform them into clothes like the others can in human form at least make it even more dope having wings even the horns that would be dope but prefer the wings more & make them come freely


I remember regis saying that his body while not being completely draconic was pretty damn close. So I think it's not a matter of why he is not transforming... It's just that he can't.. (Atleast yet) :3


I don't know maybe at some desperate moment arthur might turn into a majestic dragon or something 🙂


Arthur To regis: "Check me out, IM MAJESTIC AF"


Imagine Regis being able to combine with Sylvie like gauntlet form Arthur. It would be a dream come true Arthur: "I tune my level 1 Indrath dragon, level 4 tuner acclorite, and my draconic body (level 7). Clustering wishes will dispel the lies of the corrupt, become the path its light shines upon. AETHERIC SUMMON, ARRIVE IN LIGHT, SAVIOUR ASURA DRAGON. Saviour Asura dragon's aether art, is the ability to negate all of an individual's crests/regalias/artifacts and apply that ability as my own skill using the original owners' mana as fuel. When this form is used up, Sylvie and Regis will be out of commission but I will return at full strength. This is my new power, Savior Asura dragon.


Honestly at this point he is not sure what his limits are with the new body but if Regis explanation is anything to go by he is mostly draconic so like 90%+ so he should gage some of their features


hes 99.9% at the novel, his old features are nowhere to be seen, maybe a strand of hair will be aurburnish (barely even), and his eyes are fully golden.


He should at least be able to manifest a dragonscale armour and wings. Armor will reduce a lot of damages for which he would have needed to expend aether and wings will bring the flight he had as white core.


He isn't 100% Asuran, I don't think he will get the ability to transform.


I think Regis said he was like 80% asuran now.


given that his previous features dont even exist anymore, like his hair and eyes are completely sylvies, noone even mentiones any remark of how there is hints of blue or aurburn in his hair, meaning he is around 99,9% asuran (which deadass is accurate)


Well it was written in a chapter where either he was in sanctuary(resting place inside Relictombs) bathing or maybe looking in a mirror somewhere that his eyes were golden with a bluish hue. I found that when I was re-reading the novel.


actually no, his eyes dont have a bluish hue, it was basically a molecule of a spec he was in his new eyes that was blue, it is basically like 99.99% golden


I don't think he will ever be able to get a Dragon form, because he's not 100% Asura. Regis commented that he's body is close to being 100% Asuran, but even then , I don't know if it will be possible for him to do it. And even if he did get a Dragon form, this doesn't mean would be able to disguise himself in Alacrya, since his goal is to go to the Relictombs to be stronger, if he transforms he will attract attention wich might attract a Scythe, and he might not be able to enter the Relictombs.


bro i meant transformations, like how sylvie could turn into a goddamn white fox, or how myre could shift her apperance not a whole ass dragon form


Ow, sorry then. Well I don't know what kind of transformation he could have, maybe a wolf pup ? (Sylvie was able to turn into a white fox, Windsom into a cat). Maybe Regis transformed into a wolf because deep down this is what Arthur's Transformation should look like (if he ever unlocks one).


true true


He’s actually a combination of a human and dragon right now, he does not have a full human form nor a full dragon form.


I was wondering the same, how did Sylvie’s mother know he was King Grey in his past life?


Prolly had to do something with what she found out about Agrona and his research of reincarnations and the edict of *Fate*


I believe that Arthur cannot transform because his body is not completely dracoanic. Sorry, my english is awful :c


I don’t think he’ll ever have the inherent abilities of a draconic asura. He is a hybrid with still a little human left in him, at least not 100% asura. The transformation ability is probably something attributed to pure blood asuras (of the Indrath Clan?)