arthur might be a vritra

arthur might be a vritra


There is something in genetics called strong genes and recessive genes since sylvie was 50/50 dragon and basilisk but she had the form of a dragon that means dragon genes are stronger thus making arthur more a dragon than bzsilisk. And it was confirmed by the djinn since ge told arthur that he is a dragon hybryd not a mix of both


your right and wrong recessive and dominant don't have anything to do with how much blood comes from each side it had to do with which genes are expressed meaning what you look like. You might have just been saying Arthur's more dragon because that's what he looks like and he doesn't express mich vitira blood but since my question was about blood content of each I just wanted to add that.


The Asura genes are very strong, Arthur pretty much only has the mind of a human right now. I wanted to explain more, but then it would be Patreon's spoiler.


Can you dm me the spoilers


Perhaps he got the god rune of destruction because of the decaying mana art that the vritra uses, and he is indeed part vritra and part draconic Long shot that this would be something tho


Yes your right, I've seen a lot of theories and some people said somehow I forgot how but Arthur only got the indrath blood and she could come back only vitira. My main question tho is why only 30-40% for each he's half each right? just like Silvie is he still part human? shouldn't it be 50 50 or did I miss something?


Regis once said that arthur is pretty damn close to being fully draconic. This would mean about 90%. This is both correct and wrong at the same time. Sylvie gave her whole body to arthur, so arthur does have the same genetics sylvie did, but sylvies genetics while literally were 50/50 vritra/indrath, her actual appearance and whatnot, what she took most after, was her indrath side. Her only vritra part so far was her horns in her humanoid form. So if arthur is still 10% human, then 45% of his genetics make up vritra and another 45% indrath, but his body mostly resembles the indrath side, same as sylvie.


I think OP said 30-40% because he's estimating that Arthur is 60-80% Asuran, since Arthur is still part human. So half of 60-80% Asuran would be 30-40% Vritra and 30-40% Indrath


Strong body even for a human made stronger by Sylvias will and now a hybrid dragon, he got some pretty strong healing abilities i think they come from both but more from the basilisk a mixer of the both but better parts of each other is what I would like to say but idk


If Sylvie came back to life arthur s body will be gone ?


Nope, he is basically trying to give her enough aether at once for her to form a new body out of it (I'm just guessing but thats what I think it is)


Might is an understatement, Yes is proper.


Do we know that Arthur is mostly Asuran? I thought it was 50/50. I could be wrong tho.


Regis said Arthur was pretty damn close to being fully asuran making 90% +


im pretty sure its mentioned that he has a draconic body... or my mind is just playing games with me-


I doubt there are any Vitra genes cause even sylvies body herself doesn't express those genes meaning the dominant genes of the indrath clan have suppressed the Vitra side almost completely... If they weren't we would see serpent like basilisk features which are absent so Arthur should be only draconic the same way Regis said he mostly is


You're the first person to *ever* have that thought


I kinda want Arthur to get horns


Totally out of left field but I’d love for Arthur to get a transformation power up where he can express his Agrona Basi powers and would look like a Scythe with obsidian horns and maybe his body could be all black sheen as well.


well you're wrong, its not 60-80% its more like 99.9% xD


Tbh he is just asura blood right now. It doesn't matter dragon or Basilisk, he doest have mana core so cannot use either race's ability


I don't think he's a vitra Sylvie used her life aether power to literally sacrifice her life force to 0 (back to egg) and give it over to arthur basically giving him her body. The new power are being used and is possible to use because of his new asuran body, one that isn't human. The genetics part really doesn't matter here, so what if he's a vitra? New power? No him manipulating aether makes him pretty much stronger than any asuran linage ever.