I’m curious how strong do you think gray is right now.

I’m curious how strong do you think gray is right now.


He would probably win against any scythe at this point, he can legit one shot them with godstep + Aether claws without them sensing him cause he has no mana.


God Step isn't teleportation, meaning that it isn't instantaneous. He has to take a physical step, and once he arrives at his endpoint, he'll have to physically end his step and then mentally adjust to his new surroundings. That's more than enough time for a Scythe to react and defend, and especially for users of soulfire or the metal spikes. Now if he had the power of teleportation, yes, he'd be able to literally one-shot anyone in the universe, including all the asuras, since he could theoretically teleport his hand straight through the heart of his opponents. Also as of the latest chapter, Arthur hasn't been able to form an aether weapon of his own yet.


It depends on how well he masters God Step. With enough experience he would be able to predict his and the opponents positions.


You're forgetting that they can heal themselves, like Elijah and Cadell did against Arthur. Plus the author would not make such an easy fight.


Yes but eather will prevent tgem from healing


According to caera speech arthur now is in the domain of fighting a scythe and mybe win


What was her speech?


It was when she was talking to seris and said he could put up a good fight against her


But you're giving too much credit to her analysis. We don't know how accurate this information is. For now he didn't surpass his peak while fighting Nico and Cadell. The truth is we have to wait to see his next important fight to know his current strength. IMO in order to put it in light, the author will first make him fight a retainer or two to show that now he overwhelm them (don't forget that for now he had defeated only one retainer by himself) and then he will fight a scythe that he will defeat but not easily. And the time this would happen Arthur will be stronger than now so for now, he's not ready.


Yeah, I totally agree. In the wiki it said that Arthur is Still not as strong as when he was a white core mage. But when talking about potential, he'll be way more powerful than when he was in his prime. Arthur's main problem is his aether reserve. Currently it's like using spells of a white core stage mage when he's only at the light red stage of aether.


Yes I agree with you, the potential of the aether core is limitless and the only issue is his aether reserve outside the Relictombs. I can't wait to see what the ruins will bring to Arthur.


No I don’t remember her saying he could win, just that he could hold his own


Give him a good sword and he’ll kill a scythe


Maybe make a poll instead?


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Scythe level.


Stronger than his white cored self but weaker than elder asuras like aldir or windsom for sure,so he is stronger than scythes


Strong enough to clap Nico


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He's on Seris' level, so schyte level. He can fight and possibly win against a schyte, but obviously it would still be an hard fight. But even if he gets injured badly he can just heal right away, the only problem would be the poor presence of aether outside of the relictombs


\[spoilers\] . . . . . . as of chp 346 there was a high chance that he hit another break thru, if this is true than he is much stronger than a scythe. as of rn he can travel dozens of yards in milliseconds with god step. his fighting and movement is amazing bc of his training with the asura kordri. he has regis. and his destruction rune is strong enough to kill even agrona or kezess if it touches them. plus his almost instant healing. so to recap as of rn he can go toe to toe with a scythe but will probably lose, unless in the recent chapter he actually hit a break thru which would put him on par with one


Scythe level or just above/below


Scythe level


It's kind of a tricky question to answer though, since we know that there is not a set level of strength between retainers and scythes, like how he was able to defeat that first retainer witch when he was just at silver core, yet got completely obliterated by Uto, despite the both of them being "on the same level". So I think he is at a level where he could confidently face off and win against the strongest of retainers, maybe even Nico, but not quite at the level of a scythe like Seris or Cadell.


Please stop being such categorical saying he's at a Scythe level and giving too much credit to Caera analysis. The time Arthur will confront a Scythe he will be much stronger than now and the author wouldn't make it an easy fight so for now he's not ready.


I think he is as strong as he was before. But his possibilities are so limited that he still has to learn a lot.


It all depends on his aether core, if the battle takes place in aether rich environment he may be able to get to toe to toe with a scythe right now Caera assessment is base on her observation in grey inside the dungeon which os very rich in aether so if the battle takes place right now in normal environment, his lucky enough to escape his death.


I will say present he is stronger than white core and I think he will gain insight of arora requiem(correct me if name is wrong) and will be able to use static void slightly longer( for 30sec) maybe


With him getting up to 27 consecutive godsteps and soon his new aether claws I'd say he is scythe level.


Strong enough to wipe the floor with Missy alacryans and extremely close to retainer level. The advantage of being a quadra mage is made up by the advantage of aether but I doubt he's strong enough to beat a retainer yet.