Can someone give a recap if what has happend

Can someone give a recap if what has happend


adir(asura) destroy the elven forest nico capture tess and took her to agrona grey captured for murder(mirror room) but arclic saves him arthur take position of combat teacher in central academy


gotchu, pretty sure windsom and aldir are oredered by the leader of dragons to go destroy the whole elf village, killing hunderds of thousands of elves and little alacryans. but his sister survives as the only one and relays the message that it was the deities. then the asuras blame it on alacrya. art is blamed for the murder of the ppl in the relictombs but is broken out by uncle alaric and a veteran ascender named darrin ordin i think. they tell hime the only way to escape getting pulled back into truoble is to become a professer at the best academy, so he goes off with darrins student. btw. tess is captured and turned into ceceilia


So tess i now cecillia or is to become