Thank you! It totally sucks getting punched to death so this will greatly help my bronze games.


You should bite the sour apple and just stop playing sej top imo. Not that its not fun, or rewarding. Its just better to follow meta if you want to rank up. Good luck.


I'd have to disagree, I think sej top is actually really strong, I really don't know how it's being slept on so much. She has safe laning, strong kill pressure from 6 onward, and is great at teamfighting and getting picks. Her waveclear is super fast too so you can keep up in farm while impacting fights as well. Also, even if this weren't the case, playing the flavor of the month champs is not the best way to rank up, sticking to a champ or two that you enjoy and playing to improve is how.


It's your games man i just wouldn't. If you keep a 50+ winrate go for it.