I want to study abroad but i dont know how !!

I want to study abroad but i dont know how !!


we can answer specific questions but first you will have research more into your degree and where you want to study (unis), budget, choices etc and then come back with your specific doubts.


As this comment says: first look into each countries top 3 unis in graphic design, and do research about tuition fees, and requirements for each uni, after you can compare with your budget or do bigger research into scholarship. 4 countries 12 unis, after your research your list will get smaller and will be easier to make a decision. After you can look for living costs, job opportunities in each country etc. at the end you will end up with 3 options and u can decide where to go.


If you come to Australia I’d suggest either Sydney or Melbourne. The other cities and states are decent but compared to these two there’s not much to do/see. Plus return flights to QLD, TAS and SA can be relatively cheap. We have an abundance of world class beaches literally all around the countries coast. If you’re into that kind of stuff you’ll love it. Nature is some of the best in the world, minimum wage is high compared to rest of the world (recently increased to 20 AUD casual I believe) so if you find a part time or casual job you could earn some decent money to supplement your rent, expanses, etc. For Graphic Design, I suggest you look at USYD, UNSW, UTS, UniMelb, Monash, RMIT. These are generally considered the top universities in both cities. I don’t know much about Graphic design but I’m sure one of these Unis are bound to have a top quality course. From what I’ve read/researched, costs of groceries and other essentials are pretty similar to the US. Your biggest expense by far would be rent ESPECIALLY in Sydney and Melbourne. You may be able to strike a decent deal by getting a share house with other students but even then, anything in the CBD/Inner west (In regard to Sydney) be prepared to spend $200 Australian minimum per week. I imagine Melbourne would be similar. Any questions about Sydney you may have I’m happy to answer! Also check out Numbeo on Google, it gives a detailed breakdown of costs of living around the world.


I am currently in a final year of my diploma course. Wanting to go my ug(computer science) in an. International University...I was checking on UTS do they need any specific requirements like (sat and tofel) for international students?


I’m not too sure. I think it varies course to course. You can always shoot the admissions team an email and see what they say.


Oh ok thank you..


Depends on your Budget. Australia and Canada are pretty expensive countries in comparison to New Zealand


I’m studying in the UK. Highly recommend the process so far has been easy, but it depends where you are from


Why not study in the US itself. It literally has the highest opportunities in your field of interest.


At this stage. I suggest you have a word with a good educational counsellor. There are various things to consider before you start the process. Options are many and are available in all the counties .. You need to look for which option fits you best and is aligned with your future goals. Feel free to connect if you have any questions or need suggestions. Cheers


thank you and sorry for the late reply!!


Speak to www.studee.com - it's a free service and their expert advisors will help you with every single step. This page may also be useful for you: https://studee.com/subjects/graphic-design/


i study in canada, international tuition is crazy high but if you get a scholarship it could be better haha


US or UK but u need money. A lot If not, u have other options and scholarships.


We dont know anythign, sorry


Probably not what you were looking for, but I’d suggest you stray away from Australia and the UK since it’s pretty expensive to study there. But the minimum wage in Australia is 20 dollars (I think) so that’s something to keep in mind.