I mean. 1 and 3 are completely off the table. And if it's 2, imma flip every table in a 30 mile radius.


My boy done turned the leaf, he dont do bad guy anymore


Hear me out: DJ Octavio is the player character


We play in the mech


No another Metroid Prime: Federation Force.


He has a humanoid form you know


wait he does?


I actually could see Octavio being part of the campaign, taking a role similar to cuttlefish did in Octo Expansion. It seems that the DLC campaign may focus on cloning, so maybe someone has stolen Octarian tech to do so.


We don’t know exactly what happened to him in between the crater fight and the rescue in space. What if Pearl and Marina accidentally found him, and eventually throughout the campaign, the girls get him to realize that inklings and octolings can work together for a greater good. Then later, they all somehow find out what Grizz’s plan is, and then Marina helps fix the Octobot for him since she’s so good with tech?! Even if that’s not what they have planned for the DLC, it’s still good fanfic material!


Yeah it would be character assassination after Splat 3’s story


How on earth would it be character assassination? Octavio just wants power or whatever for his Octarians, just because he doesn’t want the entire world (including himself) to be literally destroyed doesn’t change anything about that


Not enough people get this. It's a "enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation. They momentarily teamed up to save the world.


I know reading this thread makes me feel like I missed something “He turned over a new leaf” huh???? When???


Start of Splatoon 3's story when we get to the bottom of the crater Octavio shows up and demands to know what happened to his Octarians. A miss understanding occurs between him and Cuttlefish and we fight. Upon his loss, Octarivo says he didn't steal the Great Zap fish and just wants to know where his troops went. He then shows up for the final boss fight on our side and we couldn't've beaten the final boss without him. HOWEVER, there is more to this than what he says and does in the story. His Octobot design and headgear are VASTLY different from Splat 1 and 2. Previously they seem ornate, hedonistic, outrageously glamorous and could be considered shrines to himself. Compared to his Octobot 3 and dress: Spartan, no excess frills or gold, it looks like a football helmet and he is actually wearing some protective-looking gear compared to the ornamental crowns the first 2 times. This all conveys his character development between 2 and 3, he is less DJ Octavio, the great musician and more Octavio the Octarian Leader. Yeah, a thief not stealing for one year doesn't erase his past crimes but considering the stark difference between his Splat 2 appearance to his Splat 3, based on the evidence its easier to come to the conclusion that he has changed for the better, rather than say he is still the same Octavio - which the evidence for that is more anecdotal and doesn't consider the purposeful change in his design. This is Splatoon, things don't happen by accident.


They specifically give the reason for his weaker less ornate robot being that he doesn’t have the power from the zap fish


But he also refers to the Inkantion as that heavenly melody. Not a grudging like of the song but full blown love of it. That signals growth to me. Also he wasn't even trying to start shit in 3. Cuttlefish is just on sight with that guy.


Yeahh, if anything Cuttlefish was starting shit. He saw Octavio and immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was up to no good.


to be fair if the great zapfish is stolen twice by the same guy and then the great zapfish is stolen again i feel like going to him first is a reasonable conclusion


TBF Octavio instantly jumped to the conclusion of Cuttlefish stealing his troops after they got mammalfied so they both thought the other was starting shit


Calling it “that heavenly melody” is the iconic opener


I say 4 is completely inkpossible. They would not do that to Pearl and Marina


Especially considering the standing of every idol


They wouldn't make pearl and marina the bad guys. I know it was a popular theory before s3 was announced but now that we know that they didn't split up after the splatfest it doesn't seem very likely.


>!1 is floating in Space, Still Alive. Shit, I need to write that! Dibs on that post!!<


This was a triumph


I'm making a note here; HUGE SUCCESS


It's hard to overstate my satisfaction


Aperture Science


We do what we must because we can


For the good of all of us


Except the ones who are dead


I did beat the story mode and I saw that in the end credits, but then >!how does he talk to us and pay us and stuff every time we play Salmon Run if he’s still up there!


>!It's assumed that Lil Judd is running Grizzco since he starts mysteriously wearing a headset after you finish the story. Grizz or no Grizz, the Salmonids need to be dealt with so the show goes on.!<


>!For sure, my comment wasn’t pro-Salmonid lmao. I just didn’t get how Grizz was talking to us and running things while he was in the cold void of space. Thanks for letting me know about the lil’ Judd theory. I believe it was hinted other times that he is more sinister than he appears. I beat the story pretty quickly so I guess I didn’t notice that he didn’t always have the headset, I only noticed the statue changing to Grizz being nommed on by Huge Fry!<


but he did say he gave up afterwards


He did?! Damn, I forgot about that. Welp! I kinda assumed that anyway, doesn't get much more "All Done" than >!Floating around in Space!<


He could be an antagonist in a band competition, in the sense of "I'mma win this competition and smack talk the shit out of you, but we still friends." He is still an antagonist but it doesn't ruin character development.


Someone new. I know Lil’ Judd is the popular theory but it would be pretty awkward to fight him in the DLC and then turn around and casually play him in tableturf. I think if anything he’ll be more relevant in the next game.


I mean.... >!playing lil judd in tableturf would be along the same line as continuing to work for the corporation of the Big Bad that almost destroyed the world. Using golden eggs that you collect for him lol.!<


>!Is it tho? I feel like that was a commentary on how the needs of the society (in this case, the needs of the players to get drippy and play a fun mode) often outweigh any moral compass or logic. Lil judd doesn't really have that with table turf battles, not to mention he also runs grizzco now, so I feel like it'd be a bit odd to have a villain that's that similar and connected to the base story.!< One more thing (though this isn't so established), in splatoon 2 the main story and octo expansion were completely disconnected so that you could play them in any order. My guess is that splat3 dlc will be the same, but probably no guarentees so.


Heads-up, your spoiler tags are broken on Old Reddit, I think it's because you put spaces in like `>! this !<` instead of `>!this!<`


Well thing is most people are pretty sure Mr.Grizz had recordings for Salmon Run cause well how would he be talking to multiple groups at the same time or even have the helicopter ready for multiple groups at the same time.


I mean, obviously there can be a ton of people doing Salmon Run at once because it's a video game. If we're talking about how it would work in-universe, ignoring gameplay mechanics, there would likely only be one set of four out on a shift at any given time.


Deep Cut tried to kill us and yet we play Tableturf just fine against them


I mean they apologized after


we can forgive lil judd for his war crimes if we have to as well


Yeah, like, that totally makes it ok, just gotta say sorry lol


Well yeah but they also helped us after


To be fair, they weren’t evil. They were being Robin Hood.


Aren’t they only unlocked in Tableturf after we beat Hero mode?


I think so, and during splatfests it says they're unavailable when you try and go against them, because they're performing.


Wait really? That’s cool! I’m going to check it out during the splatfest this week


Well, you do send Mr Grizz to space and then turn around and play salmon run


It's different when you kick his ass and continue his automated service than if you were to kick his ass and then play yu gi oh blockus face to face with him


But everything Grizz is saying is a prerecorded message.


i dont think its gonna be lil judd, someone needs to run grizz co so we can play salmon run after all. plus the results screen would feel off without him


It goes back to 1 how it was just Judd lol


Not just that, but look at 2. It introduced grizzco, which was clearly shady, and had us collecting eggs for unknown reasons for a boss that we knew nothing about and only communicated through a radio. Then refused to elaborate further for 5 years. Clearly they have no problem introducing sequel hooks for future games and I believe the fallout of 3's story will be the lead in for 4's story since they mentioned in the direct this was the conclusion of the first story arc. I bet whever 4 is released it will deal with lil Judd using grizzco to usurp Judd and the dlc for 3 will be otherwise unrelated.


Lil' Judd or someone new, I think. Tarta is dead. Grizz is both incapacitated and has already given up


I always forget spoilers ahead is >!Mr Grizz dead or is he floating in space because I remember somebody saying that he is floating in space!<


>!DESMOND THE MOON BEAR!< Edit: *how tf did this get attention-*


How did I get here?




WHY DOES THAT WORK THOUGH. someone needs to make ASDFMovie Splatoon with that being one of them. And “it’s just you, me, and the moon” “hey, you two should kiss!” with Pearl and Marina, with the “you two should kiss” being Agent 8.


\*against a team of Undercovers\* E-liter: You can't go there! Tetras: You can't tell me what to do!


(BOOOM) also there’s that “hello parking meter” one where the parking meter says hello back, that could work with Tartar, instead of a parking meter it’s a telephone


Your comment made me audibly laugh out loud and now I want to make an animatic of that. If I ever get around to it, that is…


Of Mr. Grizz as Desmond?




>!He is indeed floating in space, you see him during the credits!<


Did he stop thinking yet?


Waiting for him to freeze over lmao


considering how >!New 3 went into space without a proper space suit, real space physics are probably off the table here!<


Don't worry, I was continuing the Jojo Reference


He indeed is


The latter


[The greatest villains often end up there](https://tenor.com/view/vector-dancing-despicable-me-villain-space-gif-16443826)


Eventually Grizz and Vector stopped thinking.




I felt very bad for wheatley tbh


Eventually, he stopped thinking


I believe the latter is able to be seen during the credits, but it could be both


thank you for the clarification guys


I think tartar could survive honestly it is an ai so why couldn't it have a backup, plus if tartar's true form was totally disgusting and scary that would be amazing.


His "true form" is the phone. He doesn't exist anywhere else because he doesn't need to. If he did or could, he would have needed to put the phone in the statue at the end of Octo Expansion


He could still have a backup version


Counterpoint: how exactly are they supposed to move the phone all the way up there? It's more plausible that they have multiple phones they can speak from at will, and only one of them was in the cockpit of the NILS statue. Assuming there was more than that particular one and the one in the central station, they could very well still be alive.


They can repair the telephone…


Communication Error


Splatoon 3: Ethernet Expansion


I want to see more events set distantly in motion by Tartar. He seems like such a good overarching villain


Lil Judd, Glen Fiddler and Marigold are popular picks. And I approve


Yeah the fish people are shady in that last sunken scroll.


Glen Fiddler was just a simple mention in a sunken scroll to give lore for the lobby, I doubt they will become an antagonist


Glen fiddler has an entire 3d model


Yeah, they coulda easily just left him faceless but they gave him a face and body, the works.


I loved the scene where he said "It's Fiddlin' time" and fiddled all over the New Squidbeak Splatoon. Definitely one of the video games of all time.


Maybe O.R.C.A? They were administering the tests in Alterna, and there is another rocket in Alterna that O.R.C.A. could use for whatever reason


I think O.R.C.A is more of an observer. They just do what they're told and catalouge all the information they can. But they weren't really treated as much of a character in the story (#justicefororca) so I guess they could do whatever with em.






You thought it would be a Splatoon character, but it was me, DIO!


Here’s what I’d find funny: it turns out lil Judd’s quest to replace Judd is completely justified as Judd ends up as the villain for the dlc.


I hope its either tartar getting some kind of final revenge from beyond the graveor new characters possibly both. Also I really wouldn’t mind Octavio so long as they fucking do something interesting with him Would hate if it was little Judd tho Also lil buddy could be a really cool antagonist under the right circumstances like imagine he finds out we work for grizzco and turns on us


Pearl goes on a fucking rampage after someone touched marina


Shiver hits on marina and Pearl goes ballistic. Then they have a kaiju battle


Then they form a polycule


Fish orgy




The smell of the fish attracts a bear, what are we gonna do? Fight it of course


what the actual fuck is this thread


the splatoon fandom at its finest


bear fight, bear handed, bear... naked?


Oh yes please. We befriend the bear after we beat it in a brawl. We ride it to a Chuck E. Cheese. Dance, Dance, Revolution. Revolution? Overthrow the government? Uh, **I think so**


Next thing you know, I'm reincarnated as Jesus Christ, then I turn into a jet, fly into the sun, black out again, wake up, do a bump, WHITEout (which I didn't know you could do), then I smoked a joint. GREENED out, then I turned into the sun. Uh oh! Looks like the meth is kicking in! **DYEUH BUH HISB HUTSHZIZBA HUH HUVEAE** ***AH AGHA AGH HGAGHAGHGH***


What's the meaning behind deadf1sh?


dedf1sh is the music artist behind OE. her name is mizuta ahato and shes basically a test subject that lost her free will but not her memories so thats why splattack remix (#13/17 iirc) is so fucked up and distorted (still slaps though) i think people theorize that she's the first test subject bc of the 1 in her name but its a parody on deadmau5


Isn't she also canonically undead?


Partially-Sanitized, but technically the same thing.


She chose to get rid of her free will do nothing would distract her from music. To me that makes literally 0 sense but that’s canon so 🤷‍♂️


i dont think she'll be a boss but we'll see ig


4. They were bribed by Mr Grizz with 13 mg Ketamine and a Sprite Tropic Berry, and are now after the NNSS’s heads.


Agree with u/InvisibleChell. Octavio is good now, Tartar is 100% dead, Grizz is likely dead and/or is good now because his last words were something along the lines of "the age of mammals are over" or something like that. Pearl and Marina helped us in the past and are no way evil unless some mind-control shenanigans happen. IDK about someone new, it could happen. Judd is a likely pick due to his whole taking over salmon run thing, but if im gonna be completely honest i would love to see dedf1sh as an antagonist. Seeing an idol be malicious and a villain would be really cool. I mean, we sort of had that with callie, but not really. Seeing splatoon's story mode's have increased seriousness and edge almost, a truly evil idol would be really interesting. I honestly think having dedf1sh as an antagonist would be the most intimidating antagonist in the series due to 1, her resemble an octoling, making the whole "you are the villain" thing, and 2, dedf1sh's ability to speak over the speakers and manipulate the environment around her as we see in octo expansion. My two cents.


My conspiracy theory is that the DLC will feature rabbits. Next year is the year of the rabbit, the main campaign was about mammals, rabbits are mammals, and the playable characters in Splatoon used to be rabbits.


That actually seems kinda possible, especially if Judd/Lil Judd are involved in the dlc, since Judd’s design is a leftover from the initial rabbit concept.


As someone born in the year of rabbit, I hope so


Probably Tim. That guy is evil.


what did splat Tim ever do? he's a chill dude and and has only broken the law twice but he said he won't do it again!


I expect Li'l Judd to play a major role, but I doubt he'll be the main villain. He seems *too* suspicious to actually be the antagonist, he'll get upstaged by some bigger Salmonid threat. Though now that you suggest it, I love the idea of Dedf1sh as a villain. Doubt that's the direction they'll go, but it'd be interesting.


I think new is most likely, but I’d love more info on Dedf1sh.


Most likely someone new since Tartar was never even mentioned in Splatoon 2's main story. The question that we should be asking though is what will the villain be? Will they be another remnant of the time of the mammalians like Mr Grizz? Or will they just be another program left by humanity that went rough like Tartar? Personally since Splatoon 3 is stated to be the last game to have the rivalry of Octarians and Inklings I want the main villain to be the complete opposite of DJ Octavio and is instead be an Inkling who is hellbend of getting rid of the Octarians for good due to the casualties they caused during the great turf war, selling tech to Salmonids, and of course constantly stealing the great Zapfish.


pearl's father


Joke theory: Sheldon villain arc. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE #\*%$ERS SKIPPING ALL MY DIALOGUE! I give them my weapons. I tell them all I can. And after all that I am treated as a horseshow crab thrown in the middle of the road. I'm sick of it. I'm finally going to be living out my dreams like my favorite character from "The Urchin Psycho!" Credit to u/Apprehensive_Bar3812


You joke that, but I legit thought that mr grizz was going to turn out to be sheldon before the game released.


Marina revenge plan


So heres the thing with this. Grizz has already accepted his defeat graciously and agreed to go back to the way things were. Octavio literally just helped us save the planet, so id like to think we’re on pretty good terms with him as of now. Tartar is dead. Pearl and Marina literally make zero sense. Dedf1sh hasnt even appeared in game and only makes music. Really the only realistic options are lil judd or someone new.


I thought Grizz was still in space? Lil Judd runs Grizzco now


Yes but >!Grizzo said he accepts the future and that mammals aren’t a part of it!<


Love how we just gloss over tartar in 3 words lmao


Is Dedf1sh really a villain though? They always just seemed like a neutral zombie to me


I've heard a theory shared around that the DLC will follow damp socks ft off the hook on their "world tour", with in game appearances from all the other bands like Sashimori and what not that we've only seen in 2d art so far. The theory also suggests that, being partially sanitized, Dedf1sh is the most plausible antagonist out of all the other composers. Plus it would be pretty cool to get a non-male main antagonist.


h yeah thatd be sick


Yeah, Dedf1sh is basically incapable of doing anything except make music


The owner of Hotlantis


A completely new villain!


I think it’s solidified that Octavio is now more of an anti hero then a villain. I’m actually hoping that he ends up being an ally during the dlc, maybe even being stuck alone with agent 3 and they work together to get back to the cuttlefish family, maybe Octavio will teach us about the octoling side of history, a whole new look on the lore we know and love


Honestly, You've got me wanting DJ Octavio level commentary now. It would be sick.


Someone new. Grizz and Tartar are dead, Octavio redeemed himself so doesn’t need to fight anymore, Lil’ Judd cannot be stopped, DedF1sh is too busy making beats to worry about taking over the world, and Pearl and Marina are going to get married so they have no reason to try and cause some trouble


Idk why but I’m thinking the crab president from Sunken scroll 6…lil Judd wouldn’t make sense because he’s an opponent in table turf and is running grizzco


Communication errors.




I want it to be hard signalling Lil’ Judd the whole time and hinting at him being behind Grizzco now, but then you get to the final confrontation and a cartoonishly large office chair spins around to reveal Spyke stroking Lil’ Judd like a James Bond villain and he explains that at some point between games Grizzco bought out Spyke’s sketchy MLM company in order to dominate the super sea snail trade on top of the golden egg trade, and when Grizz disappeared Spyke took the opportunity to seize power. Don’t think this is likely though. If I were putting money on it I’d guess either Lil’ Judd or a new character.


That... would explain his disappearance between games.


C.Q. cumber


Why is Dedf1sh an option? She just made music


Some people theorize that the DLC will be a "world tour" type of deal, featuring plenty of cameos from the bands that up until this point we've only seen album covers of. Most notably, the theory also suggests that out of all the composers in the splatoon universe, Dedf1sh is the most likely to be antagonistic out of all of them, what with them being sanitized and all. Plus it would be interesting conceptually, what with her being effectively an "evil idol".




I don’t expect it to happen, but I always wondered if an inkling main enemy could be possible. Don’t know who they would be, but it was always a thought of mine.


I think they mentioned something about some inkling resistance leader or what not in one of the SRL posts.


Have they? I’m gonna have to go back and go through all of them.


The snacks/drinks lady who I've been told (by this sub) is a war criminal


Always wondered why lil Judd looks deep fried


inner agent 4 and 8 (has furry hairs like the fuzzy octarains)


lil judd will never be a primary villain because >!they need someone to run grizzco so salmon run as a gamemode can continue to exist. overthrowing the CEO of grizzco twice in one game would be stupid. also, his villainous motivations are to overthrow judd and nothing else. how do you even turn that into a serious storyline?!<


Someone new who arrives at Splatsville who wants to establish order in the area.


I hope, Nintendo is able to poke fun at itself and the villain has an ability called “Communication Error” that terminates the fight.




Someone New.


I would love for tartar to come back but it's lil judd


Marina just cause a chaos vs order arc sounds nice


Lil Judd is the most likely but personally I’d love to see Dedf1sh


Oh boy do I hope it's Dedfish, maybe have them visit Splatsville, but likely it's gonna be lil judd or someone new.


I’m hoping for a salmon run campaign, so someone new lol


I was genuinely surprised that Tartar didn't end up being the main villain in the main story. He and Mr. Grizz both had very similar motivations, on top of both having connections to humans. I would like to see return though, and it feels like it could be a natural progression of 3's story. Tartar was collecting DNA samples of superior organisms to create a new dominant species. Mr. Grizz has now introduced mammal DNA to the Splatoon world with his fuzzy ooze experiments, and the liquid crystals from Alterna could assist him in rapidly evolving his new species.


I personally think its that one jellyfish touching the floor


I know it's a long shot but I really hope the gimmick is MAMMALIANS. Like release a new player character type, mammalianized inklings and Octoling


Agent 4. Forgotten by other agents Isolated from inkopolis Saved inkopolis just like cap 3 did Got 0 of the recognition from anyone outside of Marie and maybe Callie


Whoever Harmony has replaced


We still don't know what the crack is about the tour guide lady, who also works at tableturf, and also works at the food bar in the lobby She's also got multiple aliases going off scrolls so I think they might be alluding to something with her.


Imagine if the dlc is just a gang war between deep cut and off the hook. We're agent 8 fighting for off the hook and we fight deep cut to boost the ratings of off the hook. Would be fun shit.


Crusty Sean.


I think either lil'judd or someone new, but having off the hook as the villains would really be interesting, I'm almost hoping they would do that.


Barack Obama


That smug little kitty needs to be taken down a notch.


junko enoshima


I think the villain will be the drummer of Damp Socks for two reasons. 1. They’re in their octopus form in the Sunken Scroll we see the band in and the only other octoling or inkling we’ve seen in their octopus/squid form for long periods of time is DJ Octavio. 2. The tattoo on the side of their head is similar to the one >!Callie!< had in the Splatoon 2 final boss.


yo the one on her stomach?


I think it's just a generic octarian tattoo. The art book just described it as "Octopus-y tattoos" after all.


My theory is both tartar and the pinkfish


Mr Grizz, Tartar, and DJ Octavio are off the table due to being (likely) dead, dead, and half-redemption arc. So are Pearl and Marina unless they are brainwashed by a higher villain. That’s leaves Dedf1sh (unlikely) and Lil Judd.


I think they're going to save Lil' Judd for Splatoon 4, so my guess is someone completely new.


Agent 4/8


I think someone new. It's about time they introduced us to a fresh DLC




Agent 4


What about O.R.C.A.? I don't remember them being deactivated and they seem pretty similar to Tartar. Not as obviously murderous but we didn't actually meet them like we did Tartar




Obviously Mr. Cuttlefish.


You know that sunken scroll you get that are some ID cards for some Splatsville crime bosses or whoever they are? I think they’re gonna have something to do with it.