I spent 3 years capturing this rarely imaged supernova remnant (213 hour exposure / 260 megapixel photo)

I spent 3 years capturing this rarely imaged supernova remnant (213 hour exposure / 260 megapixel photo)


The supernova remnant is the roughly elliptical blue object in the middle of the photo. It's called W63, and it's rarely imaged because it is very, very dim, requiring many long exposures with an [OIII] narrowband filter to bring it out. This is a 24 panel mosaic taken with these filters: Ha - 72 hours, [OIII] - 70 hours, [SII] - 44 hours, Red - 9 hours, Green - 9 hours, Blue - 9 hours. [Follow me on instagram](https://www.instagram.com/nebulaphotosdotcom/) to see more of my astrophotography. Zoomable, Full-size version: https://www.nebulaphotos.com/lbn-ldn/w63/zoom/ Full acquisition details: https://www.astrobin.com/bwylog/


Dope, also...am i the only one who sees a galactic anglerfish in the center?


That is beautiful, and a little humbling. The power of what you captured. Ooft


Thank you! I'm very glad to have finished it, and be able to share it now.


It really is something. Really, well done. Those events baffle me. It's kinda hypnotic looking at it kol


Maybe an amateur question, but how exactly do you capture the exact location at scale when everything is moving?


The mount rotates to counter the rotation of the earth, keeping the object still in the frame as the camera exposes.


Thanks! I guess I should have mentioned, that I assumed this was the way to do it, as huge telescopes obviously do this all the time, but my question was how does an “amateur” accomplish this? Is your equipment just standard professional photography gear? Or do you need something more industrial for an application of ~200 hours and 3 years? Or does quantum computing now all the images to not need to be as perfect as in the past? Thanks for sharing, again phenomenal image, I’m impressed by your work and dedication and because of you I am feeling more inspired today.


It's standard amateur astrophotography gear anyone can buy off-the-shelf. I set it up on dozens of different nights over the course of 3 years to capture the images. This part of the night sky is only visible from my location from May-November each year. I actually had most the image data by October 2020, but had to save for a new powerful PC to process it all (many terabytes).


Very cool. Ya I assumed the processing power here required would be insane. Can’t wait to see what’s next my friend! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I love to see people looking up as oppose to down!


Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments. Hope the rest of your weekend is restful as well. Clear skies!


how many tbs were it?


Many folks buy equatorial mounts and still use cameras and lenses to get into astrophotography. Ideally, you'd use a dedicated astronomy camera and a quality telescope, as they're better-suited for nighttime imaging, but you'd be surprised what you can even get with a static tripod and DSLR. Lots of folks get great Milky Way shots that way. There are higher-quality products out there, though, and many of the more-serious imagers gradually upgrade to squeeze the most out of their gear. But it's still primarily just retail products. They're just aimed at a different niche market. Astro-Physics, Paramount, ASA, Avalon, Takahashi, and a whole bunch more all product products to a higher standard (and charge a pretty hefty premium for that).


This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Thank you for doing this and sharing it.


Definitely takes dedication to shoot one area for such an extended period. Great work Nico!


Thanks! It was a long, but ultimately rewarding project!


When people ask why I'm into space I like to tell them that a telescope is technically a time machine.


I love this! I’m stealing this!


If you pinch the photo smaller and move it around the stars sparkle!


Do you run an intervalometer and then just hang out and enjoy the show for a few hours?


In this case, I control the camera and other gear with a tethered laptop. While it's taking the pictures, I often stargaze, sometimes nap or work on other astrophotography projects.


Very cool. Would love to work my way into eventually. Thanks for sharing!


And I was just thinking i should get a new phone background, problem solved. Absolutely beautiful, all that work really paid off


r/spaceporn That photo is more beautiful than the mona lisa dude


Excellent work friend! Browsed your IG page and will be leeching it . Dedicated work, admire that. Results show it's worth it. 👌


I swear I see a dragon with the blue part. I wanna make this a wallpaper lo


A recurring issue for me is letting go of my bias toward an earth centric perspective. The inclination to view the universe as objects on the horizon are in front, objects overhead are up, and stars making up constellations are close to each other and on the same plane. Not only are stellar objects’ positions relative to the observers location on earth arbitrary, if the universe were centered on the sun along the ecliptic or on the center of the Milky Way galaxy the relative positions of extra galactic objects in observable universe would still be completely independent and unrelated to the POV of the observer. The curiosity and wonder of man is a natural gift that our self aware introspective brains permits us to enjoy. Had we been content with religious explanations for the stars this majestic image would be just another white dot suspended in the firmament which encloses the earth. We know so much more about what these objects are, yet we have no idea where it is in the universe nor where we are. We are just two objects traveling in an indeterminate direction from where we don’t know to where we don’t know at a speed only relative to other objects. For everything we have worked so hard on to discover and explain we might be more in the dark about the size and layout of the universe than pre age of exploration civilization was about the number and arrangement of land masses on Earth.


Wow, just incredible. I could get lost in this picture.


The amount of detail captured is insane, I love it.


Taking a guess here that, most if not all stars are in front of the remnants. Like capturing our galaxy. Awesome dedication and result.


I wonder If there were any rocky planets around that star when it went nova.


This just made my craze for astrology even crazier! The detail in this makes my jaw drop! Just Spectacular!


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Im saving this to become my next wallpaper for my galaxzy fold! Resolution and ratio are perfect!


It's baffling to zoom in and see all of the stars, there is absolutely no way we're alone in this universe! This makes me feel totally insignificant!!!


This is the most amazing picture I’ve ever seen of space


It's absolutely stunning! And to think that what we're seeing now is actually light from millions of years ago sometimes. No matter which direction we look in space, there's something there. Excellent job!!!