I’ve experienced my fair share of shipping delays but this, definitely takes the cake! Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁

I’ve experienced my fair share of shipping delays but this, definitely takes the cake! Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁


Yay! It arrived and actually appears to be in decent shape!


I immediately thought that package design looked like it came from the German post. I wonder if it just hibernated somewhere at Frankfurt airport


Wow. That makes me wonder what happened to the package on the way to you! Maybe it had an adventure


Or it just sat in a distribution centre for 4 months.. That can actually happen


Fair, but that package looks like it’s gone through some things.


According to the label, it was shipped with tracking, so the sender /u/keks4mich should be able to tell us where the parcel was hanging out for all this time :)


Dec. 23rd it left Germany - according to tracking. Next update was end of March that it was in the state it was destined for. The next update a few days later said it was in another state across the country...and the a few days after that back in the correct state.


Da es sich um ein Päckchen handelt gibt es keine wirklich genaue Sendungsverfolgung. Das bietet ja bekanntlich nur das Paket. Du hast es als "Einschreiben/Warenpost Nachweis" verschickt. Du weißt das es ankommt aber du weißt nicht was es unterwegs alles macht ;D Aber schön das es am Zielort angekommen ist


Actually, the tracking number is visible in this photo, but the tracking only starts on 9 April when the parcel reached the delivery depot? [https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden.html?piececode=RM430333379DE](https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden.html?piececode=RM430333379DE)


Last year my Snacks Secret Santa was from Germany and it took several months for me to receive my snacks. I also had to mail Germany and Bulgaria, which took several months from Canada! The package to Bulgaria didn't even offer tracking, at any of the shipping price points, so all we could do is sit and wait. But isn't it fun to get a prezzy randomly!?! Instead of Christmas in July is Christmas in April!!!


Yeah for some reason shipping to and from germany just takes forever and is very expenisve too, I order a lot of stuff from america and it usually takes at least two to three months to arrive


Congrats 🎉 this gives me hope that maybe there is a parcel 📦 on its way to me 🤗


Hey u/jus_joshing just want to say, love the username! Made me smile.


Merry Christmas


4 or 5 years ago, my wife and I were still living in Korea, and we sent Christmas cards to everyone in the US at the end of November. Everyone got theirs by early to mid-December, except for my brother-in-law's family. They received theirs in July. It's just like that sometimes.


Maybe this means there is still hope for me to get mine lol


My first Santa nor my rematch ever arrived but this kinda gives me hope lol.




Woohoo! Fyi the barcode can still be read! You have to cover a few lines top to bottom to hide the info.


I love your Santa’s username.


I wonder where it was all this time. Maybe my gift will finally make it to Fiji!