My fiancé (24M) is starting to humiliate me (22F) because of my social inabilities.

My fiancé (24M) is starting to humiliate me (22F) because of my social inabilities.


https://www.loveisrespect.org/ Your fiancé is abusive and escalating. You are more at risk right now because you’re pregnant. PLEASE get away from him and keep yourself safe.


A partner is not supposed to bully you until you “fix yourself”. They’re supposed to understand you to the best of their ability and seek coping mechanisms in order to better communicate with you on a daily basis. This is abusive behavior.


Quote: These things have lead him to call me names like “retard” “autist” “fucking idiot” the list goes on Re-read that sentence a few times, then ask yourself: What would I think if I saw a stranger doing that? Now, ask how that becomes acceptable for someone who professes love to do that to someone? Finally, realize the victim of that isn't a stranger, but you. Nobody deserves to be treated that way ever, especially from someone who claims they love them.


Nothing you could possibly have done justifies his verbal abuse of you. His behavior is totally unacceptable, I don't care how difficult it is for you to express your needs. He's a piece of shit.


What?? You have NO REASON to be ashamed. I will say that again. You have no reason to be ashamed. You know who should be ashamed? The guy who picks on his partner. The guy who picks on his partner while she is CARRYING HIS CHILD. Your issue seems to be something so deep rooted that you might need professional counseling to get to the source of the problem. It doesn't make you "unable" in the slightest!! You need love, understanding, patience. To think that a "man" would not only pick on you, but pick on you while you are pregnant, is truly despicable and shitty that I almost have no words. I'm actually mad for you and wish this fucking asshole would come on this sub so I can tell him that myself. Please, please, PLEASE think about your future with him, more importantly about your child's future with this mofo living in your house. Imagine your innocent child either being bullied like this by their own dad, or hearing him bully their precious mother. No!! This cannot happen. He is a grade-A asshole and abuser. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT HE'D LIKE YOU TO THINK. Believe that.


He picks you as a target because he senses you're vulnerable and can't respond. So to help you decide what to do, picture your future kid coming home from school with a bad grade on a report card and then imagine what it'd be like watching him use the same language with toward your child.


Please leave him. You will become so much more without him. Don’t even question it just go. He’s not worth your time he’s abusive and will escalate


This person has grown so toxic! And your inability to communicate could be exacerbated by the hormones/pregnancy, you would hope he could come from a place of empathy. Does it seem like you guys have just fallen in this habit and now it’s basically muscle memory to interact this way? It’s extremely difficult to get back to a relationship that could function without a lot of work. Sounds like you both need to talk to professionals separately, and if you want to make it work, another one together. It seems hard to think of raising a kid alone, but people do it all the time, don’t stick around if that’s the only thing holding you in.