big chungus

big chungus


Your post was removed. There is no pussy pass attempting to be utilized here, nor is there one being denied.


How the hell is obese anti-black?


Probably cause she gets called that and no one else she knows so it has to be racist cause she's black


She's black?


Possibly, the profile picture made me believe she is


Black chunky Chun-Li, maybe?


The reason they call a black hole black, is because it's an obese celestial body!


"it has to be racist cause she's black" lmao


Because everything is racist these days.


I for one am offended


I am offended for you


Your being offended offends me.


I find me not being offended offensive.


I find your lack of offended offensive


I find it offensive that a group of people are offended


I am offended by you finding it offending that a group of people is being offended.


I am offended on your behalf.


Stop slurring me


Now thats f..ing offensive


“I’m offended that your offended by me taking offense.” - Tom McDonald.


How dare you misappropriate their offensiveness!


hi offended, i am dad


I am offensive and this is black.


The term "term" is probably racist too.


I don't know...but I'm black and this chick can stfu. Yes, bad things have happened to black people in America because of racism but I've seen quite a few obese White, Latin, Asian etc. people. Soooooooo by that logic if I see a white person that's clearly obese and I call them as such I'm now racist? Nah we're not playing this game today. It's not anti-black.


From another black dude, I completely agree with you. She's making us look bad just cuz she is insecure about being called obese when she most likely is.


From another black guy, it's embarrassing how big some of them are. You walk into the gym and see women of all colors looking somewhat in shape and then they come waddling in thinking they're entitled to a fit black guy because "race loyalty." No thank you. Shape up or get left out


That "race loyalty" thing sounds like the most racist and segregational shit I've ever heard.


"If you don't vote for me, then you ain't black..." It made sense during the 2020 elections though LMAO. "Only buy from black-owned businesses" "Black tv is the only TV you should watch" "Black people need reparations" (when native americans still exist and get way more fucked over by our government and society still) Amongst many other segregational race loyalty things have become the norm over the last decade. How is this news?


I don't think it is. Black women date black men and it's usually the same for women and men of other races, but one shouldn't feel entitled to someone simply because they are the same skin color.


It's not racist at all. If a white man prefers white women nothing wrong or racist about that. Just like guys pretending to be women calling you transphobic for not wanting to date a man.




Yeah, the "race loyalty" thing is freaking ridiculous. Had a black woman coworker go on a rant because one of our other coworkers got engaged. He was black and a very serious cross country runner; his girlfriend was Puerto Rican and also a runner. We were all very happy for him except for the very obese black woman who openly called him a race traitor and accused him of "wanting to marry someone that has nothing in common with him"....uh? They are both runners? It was pretty ridiculous because if anyone *other* than the black woman would have said something like that it would have been regarded as unbelievably racist.


Most likely? Her profile pic, her face is so fat it’s as circular as a chocolate cake.


Thanks black dudes for understanding the difference between systemic racism and this fat moron. From a white dude.


No you can’t call him obese he’s white.


It’s anti-fat


I mean...I guess? In the sense of diagnosis. It's like a warning, as I see it. A biological check engine light. Thats no necessarily a bad thing I don't think.


Because she’s black personally and she doesn’t like the term obese. The real blackpill is understanding most ist and ism accusations can be defined this way🤔




African American women have the highest rates of obesity or being overweight compared to other groups in the US. That’s not a reason why it’s „anti-black“, but it explains why many black women get confronted with this term.


Solution = proper nutrition (with proper nutrition we can solve racism according to the dud in picture)


Solution = proper nutrition (with proper nutrition we can solve racism according to the ~~dud~~ big chungus in picture)


I needed that laugh today. Thank you.


Chungus or chunkness?


You know, Hitler used the word “solution”. You must be a racist. /s


Hitler also offered showers, I didn't offer showers in my solution


I take showers... I guess I’m a racist now... shit


What color is the water? ..btw... what is that "/s" as a function?


/s = sarcasm since it is a faux pas to use emojis on Reddit 😂🤣😬


Thank you... I learned one more thing today


....here we go again. Thanks for bringing the fuel, can someone get the magnesium striker?


Ferro rods are better than magnesium rods. Change my mind.


I believe the reasoning is that people who can't afford healthy food or don't have the time have no other option than to get fast food. This then supplements the fact that black people are usually poorer and women are often left with caretaking responsibilities.


I would argue that fact. Cooking at home healthier meals is cheaper. Each fast food meal per person is $13 average, that's $390 per head. 2 kids 2 adults, that's $1500 per month. You know how many people $11 of raw meat feeds? How many meals could be cooked with veggies and other additional supplements? Bread, pasta, etc? A family of 11 (size of family I grew up with, 2 parents and 9 kids) I maintain a home garden that takes the spot of a Honda accord that provides tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, black berries, raspberries, and a ton of salad greens. All these things require time, time doing things in life and not t.v. video games, social media. Not a single malnutritioned child, everyone in top health and cheaper then eating garbage provided by corporations. Prioritize. Of course, it takes effort and nothing that's easy is ever worth it, but I live once and I'm mind blown by how many people will give away their paychecks to live for a day not thinking 50 years into the future. Black people? Mexican? Chinese? Who cares. I have friends from. Every place on earth and we are all like minded, it has nothing to do with color of skin or mother country. Get off ya ass and do something for your generations right now. It's spring time. Plant and eat healthy, fuck the t.v. shows. I don't even own a t.v. (going on 30 years) You know what we called t.v. on 1990? Public programming. Stop getting programmed daily. Stop feeding addictions and enabling disabilities. Fuck drugs, fuck substances, fuck that shit that kills you (like t.v. and public media that has nothing good to ever report other then more things to drive you into fear and anxiety) Live... and to live, all one needs to do is breathe.


What about people who work 2 or 3 jobs just to make rent? Yes, you have enough time to do all of these things, but a lot of people don't. What are you supposed to do when you have 15 minutes before your next shift and you haven't eaten? There are definitely a ton of people addicted to fast food and candy and soda, but there are undeniably some people who don't have much of a choice other than eating fast food. These people are generally low income, which means more likely to be black.


Nah... first of all anyone working that many jobs is not low income, if anyone is, it is for few reasons A) don't want responsibility B) don't want to spend time on education to get certified and get a better job C) refuse to move from the shithole city they live in to better their life D) stupid Nothing to do with black. Of course, skip the rims and fancy hair cuts, skip the gambling and useless $1000 phones every time it comes out, invest and calculate every hour.


A) i guess possible but definitely not everybody B) don't have the time or money to be educated C) don't have the time or money to move D) ok You seem to think bettering yourself is free, but it's actually often very expensive.


Option C) is the big one for me. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the bullshit "I can't afford to move" crap from my old friends where I used to live. "You don't understand, my family is here/I've lived here my whole life/I have too much stuff/I like the weather here". No, you stupid fucker, I *do* understand, *remember that I came from there*, I just valued living somewhere more affordable more than the sacrifices I had to make. You think I do don't miss my family? Start moving or STFU. Life is about choices and sacrifices.


I agree. When I realized my environment wasn't going to do more for me because " I'm too comfortable in warm shit" I packed my car and lived at rivers, lakes, parking lots. (Another hard truth of how much you will be hated by everyone, looked down on, insulted, vandalized, arrested.. our stupid society... blah) but I moved over against everyone's anger and against every person's wills, broke free from the rat hole I lived in. Today, I have people reminding me of how I use to be and it insults me, it's laughable, it's humiliating, but I'm glad I did it, because now they are a pawn in a game and ask me for a job and some work for me.


EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE! ABSOLUTELY! every human has 24hrs a day, rich, poor, healthy or ill. Use them wisely. Like Mario, get those 1up's and super stars. Ask for a raise, demand reward for your efforts. Each person is a biological history of everyone that lived b4 them. If you are alive today and not getting ahead, you are letting down every single person that ever lived b4 you from creation of the world AND you are letting them down. They did everything they had to for me to be alive, I be dammed if I let it stop with me.


Of course everybody technically has a choice. You could run off into the woods and never have to pay rent or eat fast food again. But many people are stuck in shitty situations where they don't have any ***reasonable*** options other than doing their best with what they've got.


Do the best you can, never run off, but always look for options through humans around you. You aren't alone, I assure you. Had you were, I wouldn't be here responding


Then as a black woman, they should lose weight. It's a damn embarrassing shame that black women have become so insecure that they now correlate obesity to being black. Everything is racist when it comes to black women taking accountability for our own actions and I'm sick of the bulls***.


> black women taking accountability for our own actions Dude, don't be racist (/s)


Amazing how they manage to combine the highest rates of obesity with highest rates of STDs and mother children with highest rates of crime. How tf is that even possible? There is some major cultural bs that needs to get addressed by yesterday.




>Poverty affects minorities disproportionately, True, but *culture* matters, and some cultures value different thinks. Asian Americans have been treated like shit from day one in the USA, look up the history of Chinese in California or the Mong. But the poverty rates and crime rates don't even begin to compare. Culture matters.


We see the same thing here in Canada with the First Nations. Poverty, crime, incarceration, health struggles, and a system designed to limit their success. The result is pretty much the same.


>system designed to limit their success. Exactly what part of the system would you consider is designed to limit their success? I live in Alaska, we have a lot of Alaska Native issues that have been difficult to correct, but I find it very frustrating all the resources and advantages they are given that have failed to improve things for them. (Land rights, establishment of Native Corporations that pay pretty substantial dividends in some causes, free healthcare, free college, free job training, preferential hiring, preferential contracts for native owned businesses, special courts, the list goes on and on.)


Yep. -not many organic farmers markets in poor neighborhoods. ​ You can buy an entire meal at McDonalds for 5 bucks but a pack of organic blueberries can cost you 8 bucks. If you're poor and hungry, you're gonna buy what makes you full for the least amount of money.


This, though it's not all class-based, there's a lot of intersection there. For those that _are_ racist and _are_ in a position to impose systemic enforcement of policies on groups of people the fact that certain demographics are overrepresented among the impoverished remains a convenient way for them to implement some really bad policies. That and the many years of compounded disadvantage and truly abominable policies put the impoverished and especially impoverished minorities in a really bad spot. Systemic problems require systemic changes.


Is African American still allowed to be said in 2021? Or is that offensive now? I’m losing track.


I say black. I think of people like nicki minaj, isn’t African or American (from Trinidad). Rihanna is from Barbados. Drake, Idris Elba, the list goes on. You get it.


Lol. I got a *very* stern look from my boss's boss because of this a few years back. She made a comment about our workplace diversity and referred to a co-worker as "African American". I said "Uh, he's Nigerian." Her: "I don't feel like that's appropriate." Me: "Appropriate or not, he was born in Nigeria to Nigerians parents, he's wife lives in Nigeria with their two Nigerians children...I suppose if he eventually moves here he might consider himself an African American or just American but for the time being he refers to himself as Nigerian."


This is the new thing now, if it offends you or you just don't like it place a racial label on it and it makes everything ok.


Because shes black first and a land whale second


it's not, but in current year an aggrieved black can claim just about anything is racist to avoid personal responsibility


What's not anti-black these days?




Right?! Diabetes gets everyone


not sure thats what it meant.


Because the average black woman today is 5’4 and 180+ lbs.




Because black people cant be racist but they can be obese.


I'm trying so hard and I genuinely can't even make a sarcastic joke off of that.


Because she's black and obese and it hurts her feelings to point out that she's fat which means that; saying she's obese = a racial slur.


Black is slimming


Apparently not.


I’m black and I don’t even know


If you pronounce it so it sounds like the n-word, then it's racist.


Bro it’s 2021. Anything that can be interpreted negatively is offensive. You probably can’t even say “oh look you are a human!” In 2021 without someone taking offense to it. Forget about climate change, covid, war, the death of the planet. All that matters is people’s feels.


Bless your heart I see you’ve never visited r/fatlogic....


TIL there is something called fatphobia and there is a group for fatlogic.


Because black people in America tend to be poor. I'm not going to go into why because that's a whole can of worms we don't have time to deal with, but it's statistically true. People who are poor tend to live in massive urban centers where access to healthy good food is very hard to come by due to the fact that most cities don't have a means of producing food themselves, and must rely on the transport of preserved foods from elsewhere.


https://www.reddit.com/r/MurderedByWords/comments/mqglvu/insert_mildly_interesting_title/guh2odg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 something i saw on a post with the same screenshot


It’s blm supporters brains from bad education bc they are in the hoods


Anti black?! Fuck you dumb fat bitch! ...is what Is closer to her, that wouldn't be racial to her, using proper polite words is


Because she's insecure


How is it *any* of the things that were listed


I mean its not a slur or violent either, you could make a case for any descriptive word to be dehumanising or a slur if you stretch your victimhood enough. That or the NHS website was using a violent, anti black, dehumanizing slur against me when i checked my bmi after christmas, those meanies!


Default for most everything (aka racist)


Everything is like now... they can't tell if they are being anti blank by in applying something like that.


Because this person stereotypes black people as being obese so they don’t like the word obese


Because she is fed up with people saying she is obese and wants the word to go away 🤣🤣


[body positivity doesn't stop your arteries from clogging.](http://imgur.com/a/RO7c0jj)


Also, body positivity is about accepting humans as they are *for things they have no control over*. Obesity is a choice and it is *extremely difficult* to stay obese. It takes a tremendously large diet to maintain obesity weight,which mean it requires large concious effort. For this shithead (girl in post) to equate being born black to her bad decisions in diet is repugnant.


While I agree that it’s a choice I disagree that it’s hard to become obese. It’s all calories in/calories out. If you consistently take in more than you’re losing, you’re gaining weight. In fact I’d argue it’s significantly harder to go from obese to normal weight than vice versa. Edited out an example that wasn’t presented well


CICO leaves out some crucial bits that people struggle with. There's a reason you'll often hear that "losing weight is simple, but it's not easy". It's because psychology is a HUGE part of it. CICO only really addresses the physical mechanisms by which people gain weight, but people that struggle with appetite, satiation, poor food choices/options, binging disorders, etc. are going to have a WAY harder time of it. We see the similar things with people struggling to _gain_ weight as well.


I agree that psychology plays a huge part in weight regulation. People who grew up eating a lot of junk food are going to have a harder time letting it go. As well as coping methods for people struggling with many different mental afflictions. Depression, anxiety, addiction etc.


Arteries are racist!


All of the easy jokes aside, the "larger than one should be according to every doctor" is a serious problem and making people look at you and lie straight to your "forced to squint because of padded" face is worse. Only a very few mentally fucked up people will look at people like this and think "healthy". Everyone keeps crying for facts, truth, and transparency but when it comes to obvious, slap-it-in-your-mouth social problems? Dear fucking god don't say anything.


Lmao forced to squint my doodness


Medical terms are “violent” now? Super. Where are the euphemism creators when you need them? We have to correct medical science on their terminology.


Thank you. "Obese" has a specific, scientific definition. It's not mystery science.


Above average gravitational field.


Superior volume.


An absolutely spacious unit.


Generous portions.


Pleasantly plump.


why is it "anti-black" ?




Obese is a medical term, actually And.. anti-black? What the fuck is that


My LCD tv says in the brosure 'the blacker the better'..... Black, yellow, white or brown, they all taste like chicken!


You know you are in denial when you ask people to not use the actual medical diagnosis to describe your condition.


I like a response of “omg, you think black people are obese, you’re racist!”


I wonder if she knows that she just called black people fat? Like it’s an inherent defining characteristic.


Her neck has a spare tire.


And her vag has a belly button.


And her butthole is already pre-greased from all the fish and chips she been stuffing her face with.


Is she actually saying only people that are obese are black?


Black people need to stop putting anti black bullshit in every single thing that they don’t agree with.


It's not "black people" it's snowflakes who happen to be black.


True. There's also a lot of white people that like to be offended FOR black people. It's honestly pathetic.


They are the ones who try to gain cool points with black folks by enabling their behavior. Those are the ones that want to continue seeing black people portray themselves as victims. And the gullible black folks swear they're on their sides by inviting them to their "invisible bbq".


woke white people are literally insane


I prefer the clinical term obese to fat tub of shit.


The crazy part is that she went 0/4.


Lololol, fat fuck. (*Coming from another huge ass chonker*)




Violent? They are just throwing whatever at the wall to see what sticks, lol


I guess people will just have to go back to saying fat.


Says that woman Who is clearly fat


Man things like this just annoy the shit out me. Just like “Trust the science. (Science does not line up with their agenda) Science and math are racist!!”


Isn’t obese a medical term? (I’m obese...if the shoe fits...I’m gonna have to wear it. (Not much else fits these days.) 😑


Does anyone remember the (I think) scientific discussion where one of the panelists got right heated saying the term "black hole" was racist? Dude was like you can't say that, that's offensive. Now I understand. It's because black holes eat everything, which means they must be fat, and if you are obese (which is a racial slur, but only for blacks, sorry if I offended any husky black ladies and gents out there with my casual slurs) then anyone with eyes or a weigh station is racist. It must be awful to be these people. They need to feed the racism machine but for what reason? It's like "all blacks face discrimination and rascim, but I haven't had a harder time than most others in the world who also struggle for jobs, needs, etc. So then that must mean I'm not black!! Wait! I'm fat. Obesity is just systematic rasicm". If your skinny, that's just the hate towards blacks being so intertwined in your genes, you bigot.


I remember numerous people getting in trouble for the word niggardly


Land wale it is then.


So the word obese is 100% definitely a medical term and not a slur. And FFS what does weight have to do with a black person specifically??


I agree she is a dickhead but this has nothing to do with their sex. How is this a pussypassdenied? This is more of a fatpassdenied


Anti black? That's a new one.


Large Chungus


Now whatever is "antiblack". Again these snowflakes will destroy the meaning of everything. Even breathing will be violence and antiblack.


Of course! Our white male privilege is stealing all the high quality O2 from the people with low opportunity.


Yeah, that will hold'em allright


Fat. I’ll go with FAT. There. Fixed it. Gtfo. How about unhealthy.


Holy hell twitter is a cesspool of stupidity


So, if i go to my doctor and he says I'm morbidly obese... can i say the N-word now?


only black people can be fat


Obese is literally a medical term.


>Anti-black WUT


Ok obese.


How is calling an obese white guy obese "Anti Black"? This obese slob has too much fat in her brain.


[I found this tweet, is all nonsense](http://imgur.com/a/y5eoIgn). Literally so full of shit '' It being a medical term doesn’t make it ANY LESS of a slur You just defend this term because it’s what’s you use to dehumanize us. Makes it easier for you to k*ll us, to being violent towards us, to abuse us, to mistreat us.''


This some Olympic level mental gymnastics


how could obese possibly be anti-black?


Violent LMFAO. Homicide is violent. Even tho blacks make up only 13% of the population, they commit 52% of the homicides.


A rainbow is: A unicorn Refrigerator Elastic It's my uncle's left ball


Being obese is; self inflicted something you can change nothing to do with your skin color


Fuck. Now my fat white mates going to think I'm a racist.


I can say it because some of my best friends are obese.


It's big black chungus you racist..


Sir this is very serious you’re weight is approaching big chungus levels


This just in: EVERY medical condition is now a slur, violent, dehumanizing and jargon employed by the KKK.


Dude, please. It’s only violent when you scream “YOU’RE OBESE!!!” at a fatass whilst you’re pummelling with cakes. She’s just splitting chairs.


Besides the fact that it has nothing to do with this sub, why obese would be anti black?


obvious outrage bait is obvious


“anti black” tf is she talking about


This doesn’t fit the sub


At this point, I'm just gonna let these DELUSIONAL obese people be. Maybe even encourage them to eat more. Nature will handle the rest eventually.


ight I guess I'll just call you obese people fat asses from now on


Can't wait till myocardial infarction(heart attacks) are a hate crime.


Long live woke culture. So pussy pass wasn't enough so she brought up racism victim card.


The funny part is that she's fat as fuck


What does anti black mean? Why are things labeled anti black?


Anti black........hmmmmmm ok




So is the word “retarded”.


Obese is actually a standard medical term for excessive weight


What a dumb fat bitch


Thiccc is positive. Thickkk is racist!


How is this r/pussypassdenied? You guys are not even trying anymore.


The most upsetting part is that she put "**It's**" in the final line. AHH


English teacher here. The contraction "it's" can be used in place of "it has" or "it is," thus this use of "it's" is correct. I don't agree with anything else she typed, but you're wrong.


"It's" is spelled correctly, but that line doesn't follow the format of the list. Every other line makes sense as a continuation of the opening phrase. The last one doesn't.