QAnon Anti-Vaxxer Called COVID a Hoax Even as His ‘Lungs Stopped Functioning’ | A former CIA officer turned conspiracy theorist who claimed to be the first to call COVID-19 a hoax has died from COVID-19.

QAnon Anti-Vaxxer Called COVID a Hoax Even as His ‘Lungs Stopped Functioning’ | A former CIA officer turned conspiracy theorist who claimed to be the first to call COVID-19 a hoax has died from COVID-19.


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Wow! This is huge news in the QAnon community. This guy would organize these legitimate looking symposiums and spread huge amounts of disinformation. The craziest shit, that I know of, was the kidnapped kids being taken to a secret base on Mars. I’m against celebrating the death of anyone. The thing to celebrate is that Steele won’t continue to unethically spread destructive disinformation that promotes violence or leads directly to people being harmed or dying. Perhaps even just a few people could be changed by this and that is worth celebrating. Edit: My mistake- “QAnon community” wasn’t intended as only the Qultist idiots who believe in QAnon. I was thinking of the larger issue and everyone touched by it- rQAnonCasualties, r/Qult_Headquarters, and people who have family or loved ones who have fallen for Q, COVID, Antivax, etc. My spouse is a believer of QAnon so I do understand the issue, unfortunately. Of course most of the QAnon followers are going to make excuses, move goalposts and be unrealistic. However, there are also many people who have been “brainwashed” but can come back to reality. I always have hope for them...us, and their families.


I wouldn't hold my breath it looks like they are blaming his death on the hospital refusing to give him hydroxychloroquine (a made up cure for a supposedly fictional virus.) see the guy's fellow conspiracy theorist Tassi's message in the article.


I like how so many things cure or treat Covid except the vaccine. Ridiculous.


So many things that are not approved by the FDA are obviously the cure for the disease. Since the FDA has approved the vaccine, obviously all cures have to be unapproved. Duh.


But they also said the vaccine was bs because it wasn't fda approved....those goalposts must be getting heavy


Everything is paradoxical. “COVID is a hoax… but also those immigrants/Democrats/etc. are spreading the virus!” “COVID is a hoax and I don’t trust doctors and science to tell me it isn’t… but also I’m gonna run to the hospital the moment I get sick.” “Democrats are powerful enough to create this virus and unleash it upon the world… but they’re also weak and spinelesss… and the virus is also a hoax.” It’s so bizarre and exhausting! And it’s like they’ve just got their blinders on to the fact that the rest of *the world* is dealing with this, too. Yes, Karen, Democrats created a deadly virus that’s also, somehow, a hoax, and the *entire world* went along with it *all* to spite *you* and Trump and your fellow conservatives. Troglodytic thinking.


Back breakingly heavy.


Brilliant! Why didn't I think of this. Oh right, because I'm not a moron and therefore don't think my math degree makes me smarter than doctors and health officials when it comes to a pandemic.


Those people get me…


[Conan summed it up nicely](https://twitter.com/ConanOBrien/status/1431297119995015175?s=19)


Vaccines are a preventative measure, not a cure, that said the point is valid that they take unapproved treatments, but one of their excuses for not taking a vaccine is the approval (which it now has)


Like drinking bleach. SMH


I think is point was that he’s dead, and can no longer spread fake news.


This is correct. Now that he's dead, he can no longer spread COVID


I see what you did there


I am looking forward to reading Tassi's forthcoming obituary with great pleasure.


I didnt even read the article, but I can assure you, there are a lot of families that do this. Well, why didnt you give him hydroxy... isnt there a light you can use? There are a lot of armchair doctors out there that love to come to the hospital and tell us how to treat their relatives..


Yeah. The article mentions that the hospital prevented him from taking HCQ tablets, so that'll be the takeaway that the idiots glean from all of this. Avoid the hospital because they'll take away your "cure". Oh well, at this point all they're doing is using up life saving resources from people who want to live.


Its such a fucking nightmare honestly. So many healthcare workers walking out every single day.. so many of them sick themselves.. I even had one tell me one day that she was kinda disappointed that she tested negative for Covid because she wanted the couple of weeks off. Thats how bad it is right now. People take shit all the time that has so many bad side effects, that eventually its pulled from the market and they get a class action check for $4.22 in a few years. How many commercials have you watched where you are instructed to ask your doctor if "mycocksafloppin" may be right for you.. and then they list the side effects, internal bleeding, slipped disk, testicular myopia, etc etc and you are like "no way im taking that".. But then we get an FDA approved vaccine that will pretty much keep you from dying and you dont take it?!?!? The fuck is wrong with people?


If only we could somehow convince the Q-Anon community that the Q-Anon community is actually a liberal conspiracy to misinform the followers into dying from a preventable illness. Then they could own the libs by getting vaccinated.


He could have checked himself out of hospital and taken a frikkin bath in hydrox and ivermectin and bleach if he wanted. It's a free country. Enjoy your eternal reward dude. Darwin prevails.


What about the horse deworming meds? That should have been tried at least.


Q people will just say the deep state took him out.


How? By using reverse psychology on him, resulting in his not getting the vaccine?


They gave him the hoax and refused to give him the "real" cure for the hoax.


Because Covid is a hoax. The deep state assassinated him to keep the truth secret. The vaccine is a mind control tracking device, blah blah blah. Never said it makes sense.


I miss the days when conspiracy theories actually had some substance to them instead of the ones now where a damn post light going out in the middle of town is a signal for satanic democrats to put their hillary clinton masks on and go hunt unwed teenage mothers


Yea, nothing will change their thinking. Defending their narrative is literally the hill they want to die on. Being pathologically stubborn and proud is literally killing them.


They're already saying the hospital killed him, he was poisoned, it was very suspicious, etc


> Steele has has long history of antisemitism, including the times he called for all Jews who are not sufficiently “loyal to the Republic” to be jailed, and said that we must “eradicate every Zionist who refuses to be loyal to their country of citizenship and the rule of law.” I think it’s fine to celebrate the death of someone who is a bad person. Any friends and family grieving should understand they are grieving for a piece of shit person.


I don't like to celebrate the deaths of any human being. However, people like this are lacking in the very substance that makes them a human being.


>Wow! This is huge news in the QAnon community. Won't move the needle even a little bit.


>I’m against celebrating the death of anyone Indeed, but we can probably agree that nothing of value was lost.




I have nothing nice to say. Insert your own non-condolence messages here.


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Did you make it from scratch? Butter chicken is amazing. If from scratch, do you have a recipe?


YouTube Joshua Weissman’s butter chicken. he has a fantastic recipe that was pretty straightforward and delicious Found it: https://youtu.be/hDjK5C2aoSs


I've always wanted to attempt butter chicken. Totally trying JW's recipe tonight. Can't wait!


I was impressed with myself. Tasted restaurant quality good and I can’t cook for shit


What sides did you have with the buttered chicken?


You can make your own garlic naan at home. He has a recipe for that too, though admittedly I didn’t try making it yet. https://youtu.be/QONlYj399Nk


Rice and naan


Amazing thank you!!!!


Num num.


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Fuck yeah! I have some leftover butter chicken too. So good.


I made a tasty Thai salad!! Yours sounds yummy!


i had some chicken korma! it was soooo good




Though you wouldn't want to use it for vegetables. Don't want any heavy metals getting into your food.


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That sounds yummy.


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That is an amazing point. Yeah that's pretty awesome, a bear would also be a cool thing to go on walks with. Maybe eventually give you rides.


I’d want one of the big cats. Probably a leopard.


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Blueberry muffins made from scratch are a delightful treat any time of the day.


>“I will not take the vaccination, though I did test positive for whatever they’re calling ‘COVID’ today, but the bottom line is that my lungs are not functioning,” Steele wrote in his final blog post  Say what else you want about Steele, he went down with his ship. In full captain's regalia, with his hands on the wheel, as he sank under the waves. RIP you mad dog


Fuck him honestly. I’m out of empathy for covidiots.




Anybody planning to watch Shang-Chi?


If we could do Jurassic Park, should we? Aside from the ethics, dinosaurs eating people, etc. I am concerned about cross species disease spread. It could potentially be the epicenter of a pandemic, if dinos got something COVID like and gave it to humans. But I'd go immediately if it opened.


You would think a former CIA would have some form of intelligence.


My condolence message: Hell, we are sorry you have to deal with this one. Thx.




Anecdotally I've seen an odd number of former CIA and NSA field agents who hold deep conspiracy theories. I don't know if people inclined to be conspiracy theories are more likely to apply to be field agents, if the agencies finds that conspiracy theorists to be uniquely qualified for agent work, or if the work changes people.


I'd love to read more about this. Because there are documented cases of the CIA doing screwed up shit, MKUltra probably being the most famous. So if you work for a department that has secretly testing drugs on vulnerable populations and then covered it up PLUS other stuff you probably know about that others don't, I can see why these people suspect their own government. Now, in the case of COVID, it defies all logic and common sense so they're probably a bit of screw loose to begin with.


I wonder if there's something about seeing how the sausage gets made and all of the crazy stuff that governments do to each other makes it easier to believe the starter conspiracy theories and that gets you to the slippery slope that takes you to kids on Mars?


I would assume the psychological profiles would weed certain people out. A CIA field agent works in a broad variety of roles, focused on protecting the national security of the country. Each job requires different skill sets. Some agents work overseas to learn about foreign intelligence. Other agents collect information about potential health and safety threats. Gathering information to aid the nation’s leaders in anticipating a potential terror threat is one of the responsibilities of this position. Analyzing data and writing reports for government officials is also an important part of this job. Often, CIA agents work in conjunction with other agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation on counter terrorism. Protecting visiting dignitaries and other high-ranking officials are sometimes assigned to a CIA agent. You spend all day sifting through data like that. . . . It would probably be easy to slip down the rabbit hole sad get lost.






I resisted plenty, but a year of this shit really wears you down. So, pass the popcorn.


I find it really creepy to go through somebody's blog after they died, but I found this: He mirrored a video he called "Ventilators Kill! One Out Of 32 Survive" on his "BitChute" account... BitChute is apparently a viral video style website for anti-vaxxers... There's also a video of his book reviews on subjects like Extraterrestial(Sic) intelligence on his Vimeo... https://vimeo.com/372414193 Yikes...


Keep digging on Robert David Steele. You are going to see some of the most outlandish crazy stuff and think “there is absolutely no possible way people could believe this shit.” I watched some of his crazyness years ago that Likely isn’t online anymore.


Yeah I was watching some of it... I honestly don't know what to make of it... On one hand he seems really intelligent and I actually agree with him on a lot of things, then he pivots to something that seems totally absurd and unbelievable... It's like the part of his brain that was suppose to separate fact and fiction didn't work correctly and he blurred it all together... I'm a little confused as to what someone's basis of knowledge would be like to have that occur... I mean he goes from saying something like "our leaders have totally sold us out" and then pivots to "I believe that they've participated in a satanic ceremony." Why would a person that he believes is totally bribed/black mailed by the elite need to participate in a satanic ceremony? The power and the greed isn't enough for them? I just don't get it at all... He just goes from 0 to 60 to crazy over and over again. It's like everyone he doesn't like is either a Satan worshiper or a pedophile... Did it ever occur to him that maybe the people he doesn't like are just jerks that he doesn't like? Like with out the satanic pedophile stuff?!? It's not mental illness... It's like he just learned bad information...


I’ll pass on looking at or hearing him., hopefully ever again. I find it really hard to believe that his books are still being sold on Amazon.com. The part you mentioned where “he seems really intelligent and I actually agree with him on a lot of things” is why he was able to convince many people. There’s always something true in conspiracies but it ends up being overrun by bullshit.


Not just for antivaxxers. It was the YouTube alternative the right flocked to after Google started enforcing its guidelines.


Just proof that there is less incentive to engage in meaningful discussions to change their point of view. If people are dug in, they made those choices, they suffer the consequences.


"In his video, Tassi claimed without evidence that Steele’s illness may have been linked to the attention his tour had gotten, and added that he was forced onto a ventilator because “they” wanted Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis to look bad." I don't think DeSantis needs any help looking bad!




From his last blog post: >The good news is that I will survive with a few days off.  I should be back up and at least functional soon.  This is been a near death experience, very much like a new death experience the whole country is going through right now.  **We will never be the same because now we know that we’ve all been lied to about everything.  But,  now we also know that we can trust each other.**  I’m alive today because I had a network that put me into a good hospital in Florida. These death cult psyops are a contradictory virus of the mind that creates cognitive dissonance.


Meanwhile, the network of friends that sent him to a Hospital in Florida: "Mission accomplished. Beam us up." _X files music_




Why would anyone need hydroxychloroquine for a hoax virus?


Right? It's just the imaginary flu that doesn't kill anyone.


Isn’t that available OTC? In that case, this guy had no reason to go to the hospital. He could have just used the remedies at home and left that bed open to someone who deserved it more.




>Waiting for QAnon adherents to be given similar orders. If the Q folks are ever given similar orders, Trump's base will lose a significant number of voters.


And this moron worked for an intelligence agency. Is it any wonder we were blindsided by everything from the Afghan collapse to the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco?


He was probably a floor sweeper at the CIA building.


Wow, *now* surely anti-vaxxers or COVID-deniers will come to a realization that it's real and dangerous right? Lol I wish. Of course now conspiracy nuts are saying *the hospital killed him* to "make Florida look bad" because "DeSantis isn't going along with the agenda". Fucking pathetic. Loss of life is never good, but this guy definitely had his hand in the deaths of many many other people who followed his crap and also paid the price, so my sympathy truly is limited if it's even present at all. This guy was so deep in denial he denies the fact he's dying from COVID as his heart and brain stops, I mean what the hell is wrong with people?


His followers are calling it a “biological attack”.


A biological suicide more like it


>Reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled. -Richard Feynman


Some diseases just burn themselves out.






I was bequeathed a large bevy of fucks at the beginning of the pandemic from a distant relative. But I spent my last ones on liquor and cards and some bitchin’ new rims for my Honda.


Stolen from “The Amazing World of Gumball” I just called the darn factory, and guess what? They’re not making any more darns to give.


I have a drawer full of fucks and I'm still not going to give one to this guy.


Is Robert David Steele the one who started this whole "Q" thing? I heard that it was started by an ex-CIA person, and I'm wondering if this is the same guy. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.


Nothing 100% proven. The main theory is that Jim Watkins (and /or his son) was playing Q at some point in time and there is some evidence to support it. There was an article a while back that points to potentially 2 people writing the drops during the last 5 years. Scientists ran it through an algorithm, it pointed to two distinct patterns - thus leading them to believe it was more than one person. Which sorta aligns with it being Watkins and Co. Writing is highly stylized and personal. But if both father and son have similar styles, then that could mean there are 3 (or more). It’s literally the worst LARP ever. There are multiple Podcasts that cover it.


Thank you very much.


You are very welcome. Thank you for the award! There are a few good podcasts on it. I’ve listened to a couple and it’s still extremely difficult to wrap my head around how this is now reality for some people.


This is so fucking sad. These people are so lost.


This is a damn mental illness. Its like having a baseball bat hit you in the nads and claiming not to believe in baseball bats. Its gonna hurt either way, and the evidence is as direct to you as it can get.


His last bowel movement was 100% horse paste. He totally owned the libs


I am starting to not care anymore. I don't want to be that way. I'm just so tired of this pandemic. We have an answer. Get your vaccine.


I walked my dog today, had breakfast and painted some rocks. If he had been vaccinated he could have too.




This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.vice.com/en/article/93yjzp/qanon-anti-vaxxer-called-covid-a-hoax-even-as-his-lungs-stopped-functioning) reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Steele helped take QAnon from fringe message board 4chan and into the mainstream in early 2018, helping the conspiracy theory reach a much wider audience. > As documented in a recent report from the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, Steele has has long history of antisemitism, including the times he called for all Jews who are not sufficiently "Loyal to the Republic" to be jailed, and said that we must "Eradicate every Zionist who refuses to be loyal to their country of citizenship and the rule of law." > Hours after Steele's death was announced, he was already being lauded as a "Warrior to the end" on QAnon channels on messaging app Telegram. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/pengwq/qanon_antivaxxer_called_covid_a_hoax_even_as_his/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~595506 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Steele**^#1 **conspiracy**^#2 **COVID-19**^#3 **theory**^#4 **call**^#5


Thank you!


Stop. Please fucking stop killing yourselves. Fucking please stop.


These people’s unshakable belief that the world is out for their blood represents a clear and present danger to all rational thinking people everywhere. They need to be isolated from society.


Hopefully someone will learn from this man’s squandered life.


How far this guy fell. He had some interesting things to say after leaving the CIA. What happened? When did he go bat$#!7?


Any loss of life is tragic. My condolences, it's got to be one of the worst ways to die - alone, drowning in your own lungs. But at this point, it seems like you're tempting God to say Covid or vaccines are a hoax.


“Robert has died, and the whole thing is very suspicious,” Tassi said. Here we go. The latest and greatest in conspiracy theories because, Lord knows, they can't be wrong. Jeffrey Epstein being murdered is a conspiracy I'm willing to ponder. This guy was just a stupid jackass.


There was this weird phase in the AIDS epidemic where people denied that HIV caused AIDS, and denied that AIDS actually even existed. There was even a magazine published for several years by a group of AIDS “deniers” that pushed their various anti-AIDS conspiracy theories. (It comes up in TILs from time to time.) I forget the magazine’s name. It stopped publication after a few years, as its entire editorial staff eventually died — of AIDS. It’s just weird we have to relearn the same lessons again and again.


I remember. that. The narrative was that the drugs used to treat HIV caused AIDS, not HIV itself. I had a friend who went down that rabbit hole. Guess what he died of? It just never ends.


Tots and pears


Cue the holier-than-thou folks accusing people of celebrating this guy’s death instead of seeing the irony of exercising his own personal “freedoms” and paying the ultimate price for it.


*Rolls over to scratch ass*


Fuck these people, all they want is the attention they never got in their lives.


I have nothing nice to say so I will say nothing at all.


Darn, So anyways I have this new chili recipe I've been trying out, what's y'all's favorite homemade chili recipe? Looking to kick things up a notch!


I'm happy he can't call it a hoax anymore.


Aye right 😂


Damn too many lamf cases, its now getting boring.


Thoughts and prayers.... Killed himself and probably others with his rhetoric. Fucking sad. This didn't have to happen.


There's no helping fools.


Imagine how many people also died along with him. Starting to believe this Freedom of speech things a pile of crap


He’s just napping


“The Deep State just straight up eliminating opposition now.” …Is exactly where the QAnon/deniers/antivax/antiCRT crew is going to go next. Then they’re going to storm a school board meeting or a Capitol or a Girl Scout meeting… And there will be endless free marketing and media coverage for the same minority of people that keep peeing in the pool. And the goal posts will move again. And the GOP will point to all the discontent and blame Democrats or Socialists or Refugees or Caravans or BLM or some other scapegoat all while FUNDING the chaos. We are not working together to make a better inclusive Democracy. We are now working against a powerful minority party with deep pockets and a playbook to run the U.S. for the foreseeable future. And we don’t seem to have real opposition leadership at all. And I’m busy raising my family and working a ton to get by and not go bankrupt if I have to go to the Doctor. So I’ll gripe here on one of the many platforms being exploited by that powerful minority party and hope for the best.


>“We will never be the same because now we know that we’ve all been lied to about everything,” Steele added. “But, now we also know that we can trust each other. I’m alive today because I had a network that put me into a good hospital in Florida.”


His own hoax killed him. “Boomerang effect.”


I’m so sick of these stories every fucking day does it surprise anyone any moron who still says COVID-19 is a hoax will soon die they were all fucking DIE!!


When right wing authoritarianism goes amok (as w/ these examples), the victim is too far gone to ever be saved from their convictions as they are too stubborn to admit their mistakes. It's the nature of authoritarianism and how it gets radicalized to fanaticism.


How can you mourn people who don't value their own lives or the lives of others?


Was he really even in the CIA? I heard he was a mole, collecting people’s information to give to the FBI, and that anyone who crossed him got sent to an underground prison camp in Arizona. Anyone who followed this guy should immediately unplug their computer and smash their cell phone. There are gonna be some raids any day now!


Did he find the WMDs in Iraq too?


How many more of these deluded folk need to die before the anti-vaxxers wake up? I've a feeling that even if they all died, the last one would still cry "From my cold dead hands you will pry my beliefs"


Oh well in other news another hot day in North Central Florida.


They could have given him ivermectin. But, it looks like they decided to say, neigh.


Good I hope it was really fucking painful and terrible Fuck this awful piece of stupid shit


If you're in the anti-vax community and considering leaving and getting vaccinated, please do so. There is a huge community of pro-vaxxers and we are much more supportive of each other than the anti-vaxxer community. We're a very loving and supportive community to other people in the group.