Cyrus is Dumb...

Cyrus is Dumb...


Maybe the feeling doesn’t have to be mutual? The Pokemon can love him but he can still despise it.


Or his Golbat is a masochist


Cool, now then... ***proceeds to slap golbat whilst it gets turned on***


This fighting attack IS super effective UwU


r/holp, r/cursedcommentn, r/amonguscockvore.








I'd punch you right now if I could, not too hard but hard enough so you get the message


Gosshhhhh cant i talk about Tsareena ):(


or it got hypnotized


u m


Or he caught a Crobat


\*stole a Crobat


He didn’t catch it as a Crobat - it appears on his team as a Golbat in your first fight with him and evolves later.


He could of replaced it, he is by his own admittance a psychopath.


I mean Cyrus doesn’t despise it either, he regards Pokémon how you would regard, like, a placemat


It's probably closer to how a Samurai regards his sword or an American his AR-15. He takes good care of it so it will operate at peak efficiency, but if it breaks he knows it's better to get a new one than to try to fix it to a worse state.


Idk about samurai and their swords, but I know some Americans that love their ar-15s


But what kind of love? The love a chef has for his sharpest knife, a driver for his car, a carpenter for his favorite hammer. They're tools, and they're loved because they work just a little better than the others


I do love my placemat. *gently strokes placemat while turning on 70s porn music*


His crobat has Stockholm syndrome?


Crobat: "But I thought we had a bond! I changed myself for you!"


Cyrus: proceeds to summon A: god of space B: god of time C: god of the underworld anyways


I don’t think he cares much either way.


Then there's Ghetsis with his illegal Hydreigon that has a powerful frustration, even Ghetsis' Pokémon hates him


He probably experimented on his Pokémon so it can evolve earlier.


Seems like something he would do, like how Team Rocket forcefully evolved the Red Gyarados, and maybe the forceful evolution is what made Hydreigon hate Ghetsis and have the powerful frustration, I don't blame anyone for hating Ghetsis, he did try to murder Lillie


Illegal pokemon are way more common than you might think. Lance has illegal dragonites


We have no way of knowing how long Lance was at the lake of rage. His dragonites could have evolved early because of the signals.


https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/User:Nikuriku/Underleveled_Pokemon#Underleveled_wild_Pok.C3.A9mon It's just dev oversight/rule of cool lol


I know. And pokemon don't actually evolve earlier at the lake of rage. It's just an attempt to world build just that little bit more.


Falkner in gen 2 and his lv.9 Pidgeotto


He also bashed N’s head with his cane in the manga. N lived tho


The manga seems to be a lot more violent than the games, read on Bulbapedia the manga adaptation of Jirachi Wish Maker that Butler threatened to kill Max if Jirachi didn't open its third eye


The kinds of people that think Ghetsis was a good man also think Bondrewed from Made In Abyss was unironically a great father.


I could’ve sworn there was a post here not too long ago that explained the levels pokemon evolve for us aren’t the only levels they evolve for everyone, hence why there’s evolved Pokémon in the wild that are under leveled or over leveled unevolved Pokémon. His hydreigon was just an early bloomer. On top of that, if black and white’s first run of the elite four is any indication, level can also be how much effort the Pokémon puts into a battle. The elite four were actually in the high 60s but fought at mid 50s and high 40s because N just finished beating them and they didn’t have time to recover. Hydreigon could’ve been fighting at less than 100% because it was poorly trained and mistreated. For all we know it was a level 80 Pokémon fight at level 54 because it didn’t feel like going all out.


Also Levels exists in Anime because it was mentioned once. Same with Natures but only in the Japanese version in Sun and Moon anime. IVs and EVs are not mentioned in the anime probably for the same reasons why they weren’t mentioned in the games until gen 6 and 7.


Normal fish, firearms, and California were mentioned in the anime too, I try to avoid the anime for canon because it’s also the same show that tells us fire is strong against rock but water isn’t effective.


I think that it’s mentioned once that legendaries can’t be caught specifically the 3 Legendary Birds but that has been retconned. Legendary titans, Latios, Latias and Heatran are probably the only legendaries to be owned by trainers in the Anime excluding Mythical Pokémon.


Aw Ghetsis is crazy. Thats the least of your concern




Underleveled, Hydreigon evolves at level 64, Ghetsis' Hydreigon is level 54, 10 levels lower than it should, in Black 2 & White 2 it's level 52, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are the only games he has a legal hydreigon (level 66 in the Rainbow Rocket postgame)


Ah, typical.


Cyrus is capable of manipulation, in platinum he basically admits he lied to his grunts and has no intention of sharing “his perfect world” with them because he dislikes their stupidity. Cyrus is likely clever enough to understand that while making friends is a waste of time, having a Golbat evolve into a much stronger Pokémon is not, and thus treated it fairly well


Also in the games friendship raised through simply battling with it and not letting them faint.


Or giving them a butt load of berries


hmm, if butt loading berries works for you and your mons that's cool I guess.


I will not do that to my secy queen Tsareena 😤 i have better planx 😈


I don't know if you could last long enough. Queenly Majesty prevents fast moves.


Then the slow is a yes go


Or just walking around.


I always read him as being one of two ways: 1. he's someone trying desperately to live up to his own hype but can't help being a nice guy deep down 2. he's as cold as he says he is, but sees the benefit in treating his Pokemon well, meaning they grow fond of him anyways


Why do i like his speech so much?


Make sense: Stockholm syndrome


Came here to say this. Poor Crobat...


maybe he stole a crobat and dumped his golbat, that's the kind of thing i think cyrus would do


I was just thinking the same thing. It's certainly possible!


The irony of Cyrus using people's emotions to attempt to create his perfect world without emotion is the whole point. He is a living contradiction.


Cyrus wants a world of robots? Sounds nice.


Perhaps a Crobat was included on Cyrus' team to symbolise that contradiction - or as a hint that he does still have some humanity in spite of what he says.


He traded it


Or stole it.


Yeah, it is very plausible he got it by trading.


Evolution might not work the same for every trainer and there might be multiple ways for a pokemon to evolve, but we as the players can only do one. After all it is not uncommon to encounter underleveled pokemon and the pokedex does sometimes imply different ways to evolve (like slowpoke fishing a shellder, which in theory should have nothing to do with the level).


Crobat: *KOs my pokemon* Do you love me now father? Are you proud of me? Cyrus: … Love and pride are useless emotions and have no place in my perfect world.






This. Even consecutive battling without fainting will raise a Pokémon’s friendship.


Here a vid that can explain https://youtu.be/2VNCnoXQxyM


On the other hand, Silver has a Golbat that doesn't evolve into Crobat until after he learns he needs to love and respect his Pokemon, (slightly) merging story and gameplay.


That's the thing! ASSFACE/Silver's Crobat and Ghetsis' Hydreigon make sense because of their character arc and personality respectively Giving Cyrus a Golbat would've made him seem a bit less powerful, but when you start thinking about it, it would make sense


Late reply, but up until half a year prior to the release of Gold/Silver, Golbat was supposed to evolve through [low friendship](https://tcrf.net/Development:Pok%C3%A9mon_Gold_and_Silver/Pok%C3%A9mon_Data/Base_Stats#Evolution_Conditions). They might have initially had Silver evolve a Golbat to show how much of a jerk he is.


Ever heard of onesided friendships?


He transferred it from Pokémon go


Maybe he caught it in the wild💀 the Crobat I mean


But he has a golbat in the first battle :/ Plus, you can't find Crobat in the willd in any of the gen 4 games


Maybe he trade his Golbat with some grunt, i don't know i try make this work


He still takes care of his Pokémon, even if he's not friends with them.


It is nearly impossible to make your Pokémon hate you.


Ghetsis says hi


That doesn't disprove what I said.


Fun fact: Ghetsis’s Hydreigon not only runs Frustration, but is the only NPC-owned Pokémon in the main series so far that is set to have minimum friendship.


He stole it


Maybe he loved it a long-long time ago and it evolved or maybe he traded it


Maybe he received the Crobat in a trade, or took it from an underling that wasn’t demonstrating the lack of emotion we seek. Or maybe the crobat is an artifact from the time before his worldview became so twisted. He doesn’t realize, but he is holding onto that last piece of hope for the world, waiting for someone to show him there truly is more. Edit: I forgot that he had a golbat in an earlier battle. So let’s just go with this being because it’s that last nugget of hopeful person left in his soul.


I dont see why you would want there to be a shred of hope in him.


Pokedex info is doubtful. Think about it, entries are based on the adventures/research of the player, a 10 year old. Lol. Maybe that explains the inconsistencies.


This has nothing to do with the Pokédex though


Yes it does


How? The decor isn’t in the picture and I don’t think it ever says anything about Golbat needing friendship to evolve


But it does. Most of our information on pokemon originates from supposed pokedex entries which includes when or how a pokemon evolves, at least in the game. The pokedex is only updated as the player goes along with the adventure, otherwise it would have been complete with the information at the start of the game. So when a pokemon evolves, it is updated how it evolves or when it evolves based on the player’s observation. There are inconsistencies with mostly evil organizations, as well as Lance probably (lol), because they have done more research on pokemon. Hahaha. How much do the professors pay the player to do the research? Haha


Maybe he stole the Crobat when his Golbat wouldn’t evolve


WAIT GOLBAT EVOLVES BY FRIENDSHIP??? My entire life I thought I had to trade him. Have to play platinum again now.


TBH he could just have "borrow" him


Perhaps he stole it.


Just because he has a Crobat it doesn't mean he raised it since Zubat. Lmao not everyone got sponsored by a Professor in childhood you know


I know lockstin did a cool video on how this is possible. It's a good watch as is his whole channel


might've just taken it from one of the other member of team galactic. who says that he uses the same exact pokemon in every battle? he might've just seen that crobat is stronger and thus more useful than golbat, so he got a new pokemon


And the fact how his outrage he yells SILENCE which would signify anger. Emotion: mespirit. The will to carry out his plan. Willpower: azelf. And all the research he had to do to figure out the red chain. Knowledge: uxie


Why everyone think something wrong with the pokemon. This dude prolly is just lying trying to make himself out to be some kind of sociopath when he really just loves his pokemon


He screams "I'm not like most trainers"




Could see multiple possibilities here 1. The feelings are not mutual. He hides this from Crobat. 2. He traded to get it. Traded or maybe stole from someone. 3. It was caught in the wild. Yeah, there is no place to catch wild Crobats, but there also is no place to catch wild Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, so how did Birch get one of each?




I always thought that it was there to show he couldn't live up to his own beliefs, and that they were shaped by his hatred of humanity, but even he couldn't help but grow attached to his loyal partners.




He can make his evolve at level 44 while my Golbat evolves at level 64 💀


My Golbat evolved 1 level after it evolved from Zubat...


Ya gotta walk with it more, give it a sooth bell to hold, and/or don't give it herbal shit. Along with the obvious don't let it faint in battle and catch it in a luxury ball.


Yes, I'm aware. But what I'm saying is that even after I do ALL of that, he still takes 8 thousand years to evolve. Meanwhile, emotionless-eyebrowless edge lord Cyrus over here can break all the rules and evolve his Golbat at a relatively decent level


Edge lord lol


Am I wrong? Lol


I once had a Golbat at level 24, walked with it a lot and never let it faint as I raised it from a level 5 Zubat.


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Dear Cyrus, You say you have no emotions and don't value friendship with your Pokemon, yet you have a Pokemon that evolves by means of friendship. Curious. -Dawn, Turning Point Sinnoh


Did dawn rly say so?


Maybe he wasn't always like that. Its possible he at one point loved his pokemon but gave up on that over time.


Why is his speech so awesome? He caught it after evolution or traded


Well in a gameplay perspective, this makes sense. If he battles his Golbat alot, no matter his motives, it'll always gain friendship.


The Golbat was also a psychopath




Ok, a couple points I'd like to make, to increase friendship with your pokemon you basically need to walk with it and level it up (you can get it massaged but it's not necessary) so all he would really need to do is spend time with his pokemon for it to like him. Also golbat is a bat... he could have just fed it other pokemon. Not to mention that he could have traded for it, or evolved it before he developed those ideals.


Evil pokemon exist. I always felt like it had a similar but more animalistic view as Cyrus does. Therefore they bonded over the same view point that this existence was meaningless


Tsundere Cyrus


Not gonna lie thought that u meant the YT Cyrus


Please stop with these you got crobat by running and battling people and winning you couldve not even cared about it but it evolve because it gains friendship when winning battles and since citrus is a team leader alot of people are gonna want to stop him so lots of battles equals more friendship thus evolving remember this is not real life or anime


When I saw this notification I thought it was Cyrus from Octopath Traveler, who was my main. I came in mad then was like, oh


My theory is that he dumped the first Golbat and caught a wild Crobat. They have appeared in the wild in other regions, so it's not unfeasible for him to find one in Sinnoh.


I think that the bond of battling together still grows which each fight


I remember from I choose you the bond between cross and incineroar and something about raw strength and belief idk tho


Lockstin and gnoggin made a video about this! https://youtu.be/2VNCnoXQxyM


https://youtu.be/2VNCnoXQxyM this is how


Poor Crobat. Maybe the friendship is only one sided 🥺


This implies to me that either A, Cyrus was once good and nice but had a downfall or (the much scarier and more in-character) B, Cyrus is a genuine sociopath with an unparalleled ability to put on a friendly facade and manipulate those around him which he has since dropped now that he is in power and no longer has a need to do so.


"Try as you might, you cannot deny his convictions. He and Incineroar are bonded together through their shared belief in pure, raw strength. " I believe this philosophy would apply to Cyrus and Golbat.


Lockstine gnoggin made a vid on it https://youtu.be/2VNCnoXQxyM


Could of got it from a trade maby


My head cannon? He found an alternative way of evolution/stole it


I like to believe he either stole it or pretended to be kind to it just for it to evolve.


i like to imagine that it's a way of showing how even he isn't "compete" as he wishes the world to be.


You sit on a throne of LIES!!!