This was in Gen 4 mind you, I didn’t even know about the phys/spec split

This was in Gen 4 mind you, I didn’t even know about the phys/spec split


Saw Gyarados using Hyper Beam in the anime, therefore thought Gen 4 Gyarados’s Hyper Beam would be awesome


and then when you did it in-game, i can probably guess you thought "WHY DOES IT DO SO LITTLE DAMAGE???"


*laughs in massively overleveled Pokémon*


I had a Gyara with Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Flamethrower. Awesome.


So I did the same thing with a Slowbro except Psychic instead of Thunderbolt. The look on my friend's face when I hit whatever his grass type was with Flamethrower the first time was great.


Yeah, but Slowbro actually has a decent Sp.Atk, Gyarados doesn't at all


I did something similar, but with a rampardos. I probably did have at least one physical move tho




Snorlax has higher special attack than Gyarados


Gyarados’s special attack is it’s single lowest stat


60 base Sp. Atk. is actually pretty shit honestly.


The same as azumarill, not bad


No, 60 really is absolute crap. Azumarill is a physical attacker thanks to Huge Power, no one would in their right mind run special Azumarill




No. I don't. Sorry dude, 60 Special Attack is absolutely terrible. No one runs it in competitive and anyone using it in a playthrough will be dissapointed.


Is it 60 sp.atk? I always thought it was 80 for sone reason.


Me wondering why my musharna’s zen headbutt doesn’t do much damage


Same thing happened with my Kadabra who’s Psycho Cut did almost no damage.


Yup, then blaming the game for cheating


First time I came up against a shedinja...


“Oh so they’re psycut hits more than mine even tho my Pokémon is higher level? Game is cheating and they’re not even hiding it what the heck” proceeds to grind my Pokémon to be 10 levels higher so that They do more damage lmao


I just assumed Kadabra sucked. If only I had kept Psybeam or something.


All 8 year old me knew is that if the move had a higher base power it was better. This of course led to me always using surf over waterfall on my shiny gyarados.




Surf is nice for Double battles tho so it wasn’t a complete loss.


Sadly if it was on his shiny gyrados, it probably was in gen2 before double battles.


If it was gen 2 then it wouldn’t matter anyway


Unless hgss


That’s technically gen 4


The original guy never said which gen just that it was shiny gyarados. So people assumed it was gen 2 but it may have been gen 4 HGSS


Hey anti charizard we meet again


I’m hoping it was a trade up or HGSS, but we may never know.


Could be HGSS


Is it? Dealing damage to the ally sucks. I only liked using Surf in doubles in gen 3 before it started hurting the ally.


Most of the time the ally sucked tho. The rivals as allies usually send out their "regional route 1 nornal type" Not to mention that they usually have 4-6 pokemon by the time you are using surf anyway so the vattle will be over by then


No, not those. I'm talking about normal double battles where you're sending out two of your own Pokemon. Sure those aren't that common in gen 4, but the person was saying Surf is good enough for doubles like it makes picking Surf over Waterfall worth it on a Gyarados.


I always had accompanying Pokémon. Part of doubles is planning around that. Like using Earthquake with a partner that has levitate.


Of course, but how do you avoid Surf damaging your ally? Storm Drain? Very few Pokemon have that, so it's way more specific and niche than pairing an Earthquake user with a flying/levitate Pokemon. Note I'm not talking about the metagame at all with this. In the meta the whole point is planning around things, so of course you will, but in the actual game doubles are so rare, what is the point of having a Pokemon with Surf and then *specifically* choosing one of 4 Pokemon that have access to Storm Drain (2 of which only have it via hidden ability) just so your Surf doesn't hurt your own Pokemon in a handful of battles? Unless you're playing a water monotype run where Gastrodon or Lumineon are available, you probably would be unable to do that. That or Protect but who uses Protect in-game? The best strategy by far for in-game is to just have 4 damaging moves.


just use a grass pokemon or something that's not very effective. or heal it. It wasn't ideal but also wasn't a huge issue


I do agree. For the most part I do gravitate to Pokémon with those abilities. Storm Drain Cradily is one of my faves. So while surf won’t land in that sweet spot for most (if not all) of the PVE doubles battles, I’d personally still go for a stab surf on 2 enemies and hurt my partner Pokémon (Swap beforehand to possibly lessen the impact) than stab Waterfall on one. I do think Surf being a staple move and HM gives it some unnecessary weight. I don’t maximize efficiency when playing the story tho. And add on the fact that my Pokémon are usually over leveled, risk of surf being a hinderance is low.


I just played it safe with Earthquake spam! Nothing will survive and earthquake for long (enter the flying specialist Lance)


Same. I used Blast Burn on Charizard and Dragon Pulse on Garchomp


I think everyone's Red Gyara had icy wind, surf and dragon breath.


Imported RSE's Absol, changed ALL moveset


I remember doing that with my Mightyena and their Shadow Balls and then being somewhat frustrated they could only learn Crunch as a Poochyena.


So sad learnsets... Same to Shiftry and Extrasensory >(


Tyranitar using hyperbeam in the movies was really stupid by game logic.


Ash running Hyper Beam on Heracross was painful to watch


40 special attack stat.


*special attack stat


Wait, he still uses it???? Even after the physical/special split?


In the Tobias fight, yes


The anime saw Pikachu knock out an onix with a thunderbolt.


For some reason all my Pokémon that are supposed to be physical attackers have higher special a lot of the time


Special attacking boosting natures or evs?


I don't normally check that but most likely


My empoleon knew 4 water moves. Surf, waterfall, whirlpool, ane bubblebeam. I did this because I figured out STAB early in the game because bubble always did more damage than tackle (without regarding type effectiveness) and I didn't realize it gained steel type when it evolved from prinplup into empoleon.


My first game was platinum and I was convinced for some stupid reason that because chimchar learned ember at a really early level and had practiced it more than any other move ember was a better move to run over flamethrower. I still don’t really understand why lol


To be fair, that sort of logic would be totally reasonable in the Mystery Dungeon spin off games, where you are encouraged to "level up" moves by using them often!


Only in gates and onward. Rescue teams and Exlorers i make it better to swap to new moves instantly.


Actually, you would still want to keep those moves in Rescue Team and Explorers, but for a different reason: they have a lot of PP, which is helpful if you don't want to depend on finding or bringing items to recover PP, while still being powerful enough to one-shot or 2-shot most common foes.


Max Elixers are everywhere though.


Wait, how'd you not figure out that your Empoleon was a Steel type? Isn't it literally in the Summary screen?


I didn't pay a lot of attention. I only see things I'm looking for.


Could've used Giga Impact, fam. Basically the Phys equivalent to Hyper Beam.


Yeah but it doesn’t look as cool


Gen 1 hyper beam sound gives me spine chills it was so rad


I'm just glad they took the original sound effect of Hyper Beam back in gen 6 and onward.


gen 2's was better overall imo


True, when Cynthias garchomp hit me with that I was in awe


I remember those days, I had a Luxray with Discharge instead of Thunder Fang, and a Rampardos with Surf lol


Surf Rampardos is viable! New meta


Had a Weavile running ice beam and was always sorely disappointed


The very first time I played Pokémon red when I was young, after beating the first gym, I taught my Charmander “bide” because that was the TM we got so I assumed it was a strong move, even though I had no idea how it worked, and I would just spam it until something happened.


My first game was saphire had marshtomp against may just before mawville and i couldnt beat her no matter what. Bide was the move that won me the battle. One of my all time favourite moves


I'm ashamed to admit I just now realized the difference between sp atk and atk... I've been playing close to 20 years...


What do you mean just now ? After reading this meme ? Edit : ah this is r/pokemon and not r/stunfisk, honestly seeing the number of very casual players on this sub I don't think it's that bad, not like it really matters for the completion of the game


r/stunfisk exists???


its like competitive smogon's mascot yeah 😂 alongside koffing ofc




It’s one of the best mons ever made, if not the best.


"One of the best mons ever made, if not the best" Untiered/NU in every gen except XY, where it was PU Unless you're talking about design, then I admit, it's pretty funny.


it's a meme you dip


Yeah I'm definitely a casual player. Don't have time for much more than a quick play session during work breaks or just before bed most days ..


Bro what


Yeah... I feel a little silly...


It's OK, I'm just wondering how that's possible. Did you never look at your Pokemon's stats? Did you never pay attention to the level up messages?


Honestly no idea, I knew it was a stat, but just ignored it over ATK and DEF. Guess I just assumed those were more important.


Well, you're about to get a lot better at Pokemon ;)


That's for sure, honestly shocked I was able to beat Heart Gold a second time recently without knowing this...


I mean...All the pokemon games you can just brute force by over leveling sooo 😂


You remind me of young me when I was playing Crystal in early 2000s. I had no idea what it meant, so I always raised Attack indiscriminately. Lol


To be fair, I played since red and blue and it didn't occur to me the difference between special attack moves and physical attack moves, ivs, evs, and the like until around sw/sh. I usually used the good old jrpg tactic of grinding to overpower my problems


Me keeping Ember on my Cinderace all the way until after the Champion battle (I even had Pyro Ball so there was no reason to have it)


This was me when red came out This is still me now


In Red Hyperbeam was indeed physical though ;-)


Shut up nerd


Me wondering why my Galvantula's cross poison did almost no damage


I’ll be honest, I’m so used to the p/s split, that I’m genuinely confused as to how I played so many Gen 3 games. It probably also explains why I thought Emerald was such a hard game lol


I was wondering why my Ice Beam was only doing 14% on a Salamence when I was using a Chansey.


Chansey’s base sp atk is actually much higher than its phys. Chansey is just terrible as an offensive pokemon altogether.


Chansey/Blissey is a punching bag, it can get hit all day long but it won’t hit back very hard


Even then, it’s only good as a spec def tank. Its base defense and atk are both 5. While you could get by with just hp alone, chances are you aren’t taking many hits by physical attacks before going down.


Yeah true, a hit from one strong fighting type attack and it’s gone. So I guess a punching bag was a terrible analogy lol


Mental punching bag


ice beam wouldn't be a bad idea, if it was blissey. chansey is not a very good attacking pokemon at all outside of using seismic toss.


me playing battle revolution with my Uxie spamming Return


Did it love you?


Based on the damage output, no


What if you are a psycho that trains 252 evs into special attack on your bisharp? Not that I would ever do that…..


OR giving Surf to Tyranitar, Rampardos, etc.


I had a machoke with fireblast when I was a kid. I was not a supreme strategist.


Don't worry, Stadium had a rental Machamp with Fire Blast.


At last, a worthy opponent.


That’s kinda hype though, kid me would be all over that lmao


You're not playing pokemon if your whole team doesnt have hyper beam


Like when Ash's Heracross learned Hyper Beam, bruh


That’s ok. Seven year old me played Pokémon red/yellow and had a pikachu with thunder shock, thunderbolt, thunder, and thunder wave. Really thought I was making the most of STAB by making all moves the same type. 😂


Growing up I wasn’t aware their wasn’t a physical/special split prior to gen 4. Playing Gen 2-3 I always thought it was common sense to make moves like fire punch deal physical damage. I feel GF really dropped the ball on taking so long to actually split attacking moves up.


You young whipper snappers didn’t have to deal with the nonsense of Gust and Shadow Ball being physical attacks, while Leaf Blade and Ice Punch were special attacks! (Although Alakazam having the elemental punches be all special was awesome in Gen 2!)


Ah but you see I did eventually play Yellow, and not only was gust a physical attack but it was NORMAL type at first. Weird stuff




I always gave my luxray thunder


Haha cool lazer go brrr


Oh man the memories of me just giving my pokemon an attack with a high number just because it was a high number (including the accuracy) unable to understand what it meant because the game was in another language but still doing it anyways.


and when it comes as missed or failed i would get damn irritated


I replayed Gen 1 the other day and had no idea about what was physical and special I had to have my sons Pokédex out to figure out what was what.


I longingly look back on Gen 2 and my Typhlosion with Thunder Punch, back when all electric moves were special attacks...


They didn't say what attacks used what stats so who could blame you, or me?


They did, Moves that use the Attack stat had a Red Icon and Moves that use the Special Attack stat had a Blue Icon.


Hey, I needed it spelled out for my 12 year old dumb ass.


they had that in gen 4?


bruh how is this still me? 😂i just learn moves with the coolest sounding names and different colors


This was me with incinaroar using flamethrower I checked recently and its spe attack was decent


I'm glad I'm not the only one


My first 4-5 years of playing pokemon tbh. It took a really long time for me to effectively learn and use the special/physical moves, and Even longer to learn the value of status moves. My first games where gen3 so it Didnt matter at the time, it took me Even longer to realize it was based on the moves typing than it took me to learn special attacks for special attackers and physical attacks for physical attackers lol


They need to add attacks that use both spatk and atk and make it for hyperbeam cuz all we want to see is cool looking pokemon shooting cool azz lasers


I remember every attack had to be damaging and one guy would have infernape with fire blast blast burn flamethrower and close combat then a lucario with aura sphere close combat focus blast and force palm


Me with gen.2 spamming leer because it looked like cyclops laser eyes at the time.


Pimpnite: first time?


Me but Gen 2 tbh.


Idk how and why but I beat fire red E4 with an arcanine with hyper beam and overheat


Hyper Bean


I learned about it this year playing Shield, and I’ve been playing since Leafgreen.


That Slaking hyper beam in emerald really slapped tho


I remember having an absol with crazy high attack in emerald and tried using it in the battle frontier.. had like fire blast, ice beam, thunderbolt.. forgot the last but probably shadow ball which was at least physical in gen3


I used a Togekiss in my platinum playthrough when I was younger and taught it both fly and air slash. Whenever I was up against a strong Pokemon with my Togekiss out, I would always use fly instead of air slash because of the higher base power, and so I thought it would do more damage than if I used air slash. Years later after I became educated, I got so mad at myself for how dumb I was with my Togekiss because air slash had always been the MUCH better option and I could've avoided some really tight battles if I just went with that over fly.


Its still weird to me. I was 12 when Red and Blue came out in the US. Ive been playing Pokemon since before OP was born >_>


Luckily for me, 7 yr old me just likes cool looking Pokemon and seeing as my first game was x and y there were cool looking special and physical attackers.


8 yo me thought sp. atk was for critical hits


I remember a couple years ago I taught my Kadabra Psycho Cut luckily a couple minutes later I learned "hey wait this move sucks because it's physical and Kadabra is special" I think that was the first time I truly realized the importance of having the correct moves for a Pokemon


The funny thing is that of you happened to be in 1 gen It would've been a good move in most cases xD


I had a garchomp back when I played X And let it run Draco Meteor


I’m 31 and I still don’t get it


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I completely forgot about this scene from spongebob.... it's so much kinkier than I remember :/