Headset frame just snapped when I was taking off of my head. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how did you fix it?

Headset frame just snapped when I was taking off of my head. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how did you fix it?


Always take off with two hands.


Yeah I learned that about 10 or fifteen years ago when beats first came out I snapped a pair like that dad was super mad lol btw I don't recommend beats they just have good advertisment


Sennheiser. The answer is (almost) always sennheiser


They sold their headphone department so i would be a bit hesitant for now


Oof that’s really sad honestly. I hope the quality persists.


Ironically, their quality was what killed them. The headphones just lasted so long that people never really needed to buy a new pair. Good for the costumer, bad for the business


Mine will be kicking for along long time. Hopefully the company holds up as well as its products


Yep lol


or superlux if you want good cheap headphones, they are not hd 600 but for the prize you will be hard to find better


They are shit in quality


I got a pair in 2017 they are still great my only issue is the headpiece is too skinny


Beats now are better now. Back then they were horrible.


Ever since Apple purchased them they’ve definitely gotten better


Didnt help with turtle beach headsets lmao


Yeah, I learned the hard way


Have you ever considered a massage? Gotta let out all that stress your holding onto bro




How long have you had yours?


Since December. Xmas present from my wife. You?


That shouldn't be possible unless you got a faulty unit. If your warranty is still up you can get a replacement, just contact Sony's support


Good luck fighting for a warranty repair on this. No way they don't claim user damage


I don't know. I've had it happen with a pair from JBL and they replaced it.


It’s all about how you word it, so long as you says stuff like carefully and gently about how you used it they’ll usually follow through


It’s all about how you word it, so long as you says stuff like carefully and gently about how you used it they’ll usually follow through


That's what I thought as well. However, my wife got the unit from amazing, and the seller hasn't replied yet. Do you think Sony's support would help?


I'm pretty sure any Sony product you buy comes with a years warranty directly from them so you should be good


I think so too. However, my wife bought it through Amazon, and we're not sure if it will be covered or not


Always try going through sony first. Sellers really don't care if you broke your stuff. Sony, on the other hand, issues warranties for their items and you're likely covered. They might send you a replacement.


I'm calling support tomorrow :)


Hey there OP, little bit of tips for ya from someone super familiar with their whole process Your Amazon receipt will be perfect for starters. A valid proof of purchase must contain the store name, item name, price, and purchase date (optional bonus is the serial number for units that get serials on the receipts, but very few retailers include them). Printing out an invoice from Amazon will contain all those pieces of information. You can find an invoice on the desktop site by going to order history, then clicking on the invoice button on the order underneath the order number. Either clicking invoice or printable order summary will both work. Try and call as early as possible. Within the first hour of the phone lines opening up is best. Phone lines open at 9am PST/12PM EST. Calling any later may prove difficult to get on the line with an agent. Wait times say up to 60 minutes but I've commonly seen callers be on hold for a couple hours. The call queue only goes up to about 70 or so callers before the line starts to turn people away or arrange callbacks. If you can't manage to do it early in the day, try and arrange a call later in the week, Wednesday or later. Friday's used to be rediculously dead days, but they've been wild the last few months. Still better than a Monday, though. Now a couple pieces of less amazing news: I'll be honest, while a case could be made for a warranty claim for a defective product, I can't guarantee it'll be deemed as under warranty. The agent can definitely handle it as such but final inspection at the service center will be the ultimate call for it. Depending on the damage, they might think it's physical in nature (while I believe you, looking at the image seems like it could end up going either way, bleh.) By the way, send the dongle as well. It's considered part of the complete unit to be serviced. Does this mean you shouldn't go for it? Nope, I'm not trying to scare you away. I think you should still Chase that warranty. That's what it's there for. Extra note since I see a lot of callers not knowing this: the peripheral warranty the headset falls under means that you will have to pay for shipping (your choice of courier. They just give you an address). They won't arrange any box for you. Best know that now. It's not the agents fault, they'd love to arrange otherwise because it means less low ratings for their surveys, but it's a weird and stupid warranty thing.


Thanks for all the tips man! I know Monday will be a bitch of a day to get in touch with someone, but I will try my best :)


Yeah they have instructions on what to do about broken hardware on their website, you can first send an email and get instructions for getting a replacement and you most likely have to call them after that


I really appreciate the help! Have you ever contacted them before?


Once or twice, one time was about sticky buttons on the Dualsense, and that was also something that shouldn't have happened because it was only 4 months after I got the console


Pls let us know what happend after


Just buy a new one from Target and return it with the broken headset. The faulty product will end up on Sony’s dime either way and you don’t have to wait for Sony’s slow customer support.


“I don’t want it anymore, crappy quality!!!” I did this with a controller once.


You’d be surprised. Putting on and taking off with one hand a thousand times will do this. Unnecessary pressure on one side repeatedly. I’m guessing he’s right handed based on the break.


If you really want to fix it, first you have to find out what type of plastic it is. If it's a thermoplastic, you can just melt it back together. Push the pieces back together. Use a soldering iron to push staples into it to secure the pieces together. Melt the seams. If it's a thermosetting plastic, heat will do nothing but burn it, but acetone will melt it. If acetone works, you're going to need a lego brick. Push the pieces back together. Paint the join LIGHTLY with acetone and hold until it sets. Melt a lego brick in acetone and paste it onto the join. If it was me though, I'd check the warranty first.


Do people not use superglue anymore?


That would have been my solution, but melting would likely hold better, it it works like they described.


Definitely melting is better, but there are ways to use the superglue and make it work. First push the pieces together, get like one of them transparent plastic thingies, glue the pieces together with the plastic and let it dry off, for extra smoothening, use a scissors. At least that's what I did and honestly it's been working fine for me.


There is also plastic glues, since superglue doesn't create a bond on plastic.


It has its uses, but I wouldn't use it here. Without getting all sciency, superglue is only permanent on some plastics. (It'll stick all of them, but some only for a short time.) You're back to the first step again, finding out what kind of plastic it is. The problem is, identifying which plastics it works on is more complicated than telling whether a plastic is a thermoplastic or a thermosetting plastic. You'll inevitably end up going the "just try it" route. If it works, great. If it holds for a couple of days then fails, you have a messy clean up. You have to clean it before you try again because one of the plastics superglue doesn't stick well to is superglue.


I didn’t know this about superglue and plastic, good to know, thanks


Wow...I didn't even think of that! Thanks! And yeah, I'll check with Sony support first when I call them tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, then I'll try to fix it myself. I do want to remove the frame from the ear piece first.


Yes, I've excepted that I have a big head. Now I use ear buds.


By taking off do you mean “sat on”.?


Try not to open it too wide when taking it off and use super glue


Thankfully no... But I tend to baby most of my stuff, fairly careful, and not hard on stuff. While I know others(friends, Co workers) that seem to break their stuff all the time, glasses, controllers, phone, etc. No dis just an observation /take. Can happen to anyone.


No because I slide them off my head instead of pull them from my ears when I take mine off.


LMAO I do the same


Can I get the 3d audio from an astro/turtle beach headset, or do I need the special sony headset?


It works with any headset.


That stinks to hear about the headphones, I hadn’t used mine that much but when i do no problem… yet (knock on wood).


Super glue it back together. Hold it in place for about a minute and it should be good


Two things I got to say rn Damn bro F hopefully doesn’t happen to mine & Like the other guy said taking off with two hands IS a to do


My brother experienced this twice. He was taking headphones off one handed, so i guess thats why. We went to shop where he bought them, and they offered him a new set. He took it. Second day, new ones broke too Went to store again,. got a refund, he bought Razer Kraken Tournament Edition. I dunno, maybe my bro was just unlucky. We tried fixing it by replacing the headband with aluminium one, but it wouldnt hold for long.


Bro definitely had anger issues


Not really. He got injured in a car accident when he was little. Actually we both got. Truck driver was high, slammed right into my car. I got brain injury, my bro got skin and nerves ripped from his arms. To this day, he has screws and other crap implanted into his arms. He basically has difficulties taking them off and on.


Oh yeah that's usually what happens if you take them of with one hand at the wrong angle it's just S N A P


Oh… yikes… i dont even use the pulses. Quick tip: Dont buy gaming headsets. Buy music headsets. The sound quality is always greater. As for the repair… i have no idea


I bought a pair of Marshall MIDs - no problem there and great sound quality.


Do you use them wired to you controller or by Bluetooth?


Wired. Couldn't get them to connect via Bluetooth but then I always have a controller with me anyway and it means I don't have to worry about charging them.


Warranty will fix it


I'm also confident about that. I'm just gonna give them a call tomorrow. Found a free toll number, since the website support is useless


That's really shoddy looking. Maybe just a one off bad set made with brittle plastic........ Or maybe a serious design/materials flaw!


In case it's any different from your records, proper number should be 1(800)-345-7669


Thanks! I have the same number


Damn that sucks. I was honestly thinking of getting a pair. I still might but until then I’ll use my Bose


If Sony won’t replace them I would use super glue, then as a little diy experiment you could paint over the white plastic to cover up the crack or even just put some gaming stickers on it. Could look sick in the end


Super glue wouldn’t be strong enough. I recommend wrapping it with thermoplastic. It won’t be pretty but it will be strong.


What makes you think super glue won't be strong enough? Have you tried it?


Yes I have on similar headphones. That band takes A LOT of force and super glue isn’t that great under load. It might hold for a few days and then snap again. Thermoplastic worked for me though.


That makes a lot of sense


Super glue is too brittle and the break in this particular spot shows you need some flexibility there.


I thought about that as well, although I'd like to remove the frame from the ear piece to get a better fix. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good "teardown video". Any suggestions?


Plastic frame, buy metal frame one instead.


Yea this is why I returned mine got it and tried it on but moving and testing it felt super flimsy. So returned it and decided to stick with my ASTRO headset.


No never happened to me eventually I am fairly careful with my stuff


I thought I was being careful, clearly it wasn't enough


Use wired ipod buds, work just as good if not better, especially on the mic.


As a matter of fact, that's what I'm using as a replacement at the moment, and they work just fine. Although no 3D audio, and controllers battery drains faster


Ipod buds will not get you 3D audio and surround sound and will not sound even close as good, don't listen to that clown. Your Pulse headset may be broken but they are warrantied for a year, get a new pair they're worth it.


I totally agree, the sound is not as good as the headset, but they are my only spare headphones at the moment, and can't afford to get anything new right now :(


Totally bro I get it, you gotta do what you gotta do. I was just saying that guy is talking out of his ass 😂. What kinda games you play?


Gotcha... mostly action adventure (Returnal, control, GOW, Horizon) You?


Yeah same add me if you want on PSN: time_out_00


super glue & baking soda


All I see is pain


This happens to every Playstation gaming headset within 1-4 years, including gold and platinum. They all have the same design flaw the refuse to fix. I've gone through 4 playstation headsets the same way. I am extremely careful with my equipment and never have anything break. Know others that have had same exact thing happen. My advice is get real headphones and nor gaming headphones. They mostly are way overpriced and over marketed and you can usually get substantially better headphones for similar or not much more with much better sound quality.


Wow, I had no idea about that. Have you ever replaced yours through Sony before?


Don't i that just responded to it. I have them less time than you but I also have the gold's from ps4 and still alive I use them with cable when this one's are in charging




I believe you that it snapped at $100 a piece, but did it not break completely and you ripped the rest off?


It literally snapped at that point and it completely broke. The one time I didn't use both hands to take them off


Sucks bruh. I hope you can get it replaced.


Jb weld for plastic would do it:)


Jb weld


Fix? More like bought


Flex tape


Yeah i was worried that would happen with that headset so I was sure to take off with 2 hands now I don't have it anymore because the battery is shot so I gotta wait like 6 months for a replacement


happened all the time on my old headsets cause of my big head, ive never foudn a fix for this but resorted to buying a headset that had a steel band instead of plastic hasnt broken since an ive had this headset for 2 years (usually they dont last a year)




Just get a superglue, and leave it for 5 minutes! Will be like new!


I have had this happen, i fixed it by buying a new headset because epoxy, plastic welfing,and eventually bracing it with a plastic sleeve heated enough to wrap sround both broken ends, did not work.




Put in the trash and buy a hyperx cloudresolver 2


Try some ramen noodles and sand that sucker up.


That happened to the first generation headphones. Ahit sucks


Get smaller head, less pressure on rigid plastics.


Same ishue with old generation headsets of sony ps4 😁


Sony's headsets are legendary a trash even on ps4 the last gen model. The frame is super fragile. Sound quality is top notch. Had 2 pairs and both are broken, the arc on the top of the head and on one side. Both times fall asleep with them while watching a movie. Now using logitech for two years, zero problems even if I fall asleep nothing happens to the frame. Superb product. Sony 🎧 headphones price was around 80 pounds, logitech around 100 pounds model G933.


Plastic glue. Seems like a shitty design.


I find sliding on and off helps lol everyone seems to lift. Ive broken some before but never tried to fix them. Fortunately they lasted long.




Seeing this hurts me, I’m glad my headset is still ok XD


Only happens to elephant headed ppl.


Ducktape innit


Literally just bought mine, you got me spooked


Ill be sticking with steel series from now on. i had a couple other sony wireless playstation headsets that all had bad thin plastic joints on them, switched to steelseries arctis 7p and they are fantastic. metal frame, battery lasts forever, super comfortable and good speaker quality


Yes with steel series and you have to get a replacement by using your guarantee


Just clear something up, I'm not an animal who breaks everything I touch lol I take care of my things, specially consoles. It just happens that the one time I didn't use both hands to slide the headset off my head without widening the frame it brakes. (For some reason I can't edit the post so I'm leaving this here instead)


You can use flex tape, it won't look pretty but it works!


Yes, bought a new headset


you did a very good job 👏👏👏👏👏. now you have to break the other side to match it.


Sorry to see, i feel your pain.


> How do I fix it? You expecting magic? It’s fucked.


Get a plastic welder, will fix it but that will always be a weak spot and could break again


Had this with a JBL headset lol. It was one where you could stream your music to someone who had a similar one. They replaced it with a newer more expensive model with google assistant. Try to see if Sony will cover it under warranty.




Super glue/warranty try the get warranty first if not use super glue make sure you hold the two parts together for a while like 5 to 10 minutes and the don’t use the headset for at least 24 hours afterwards


Refund & new pair, that’s how I fixed it when my Turtle Beaches broke. 🤣


Switch to xbox


Buy an xbox series x…problem fixed


Because buying a different console fixes a headset?


Sure dose, nothing new to play so you wont even have to use your headset! I’m joking but I’m am pretty salty waiting for Halo though 😒


Yeah I’d love to play halo too.


Yes…. This happens to every single playstation headset regardless wether its gold or platinum. They all have the same design flaw.