Whats the hype around Animals?

Whats the hype around Animals?


It's just a banger, probably Gilmour's best playing also


You’ve got to be crazy, gotta have a real need


Also Waters best vocals, IMO. love that maniacal laughter.


Yeah, it features his best vocals from any album IMO


Gilmour on Dogs. End of story.


thank you


I can listen to that song over and over.


It took me a long time to come around on *Animals*, but now it's absolutely one of my favorites. I think it showcases really well the themes that Waters' explores throughout his songwriting - that love can supersede even the most ingrained societal structures. *Animals* gets a lot of attention for its political messages - things like the cyclical nature of capitalism and suppression - but I think it really shines when taking into account the personal messages of the first and last tracks ("Pigs On the Wing"). It feels like someone accepting the weight of his surroundings but deciding that what really matters is to not be alone, and know that you care for someone who cares for you, too. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9veUZPbC0g) \- This guy (Vinyl Rewind) does a series of videos on both *Animals* and *The Wall* that I think do a great job of highlighting what makes these albums "classics" in the eyes of a lot of people - worth a watch if you're interested.


I am bad at describing music, but it's just good. "Dogs" just hits different and the ending of "Sheep" is a banger. It's not my absolute favourite but it is definitely up there. I think ultimately it's just a matter of personal taste. My favourite album, *Obsured by Clouds,* is often looked over, while I'm not a big fan of the ever popular *The Wall*. Don't think something is wrong because you don't like what everyone else does. Also I think it's a meme to stan *Animals*.


animals underrated imo


Underrated by who? Every day there are multiple posts and comments on this sub saying how great an album it is.


underrated based on the success of their other albums. DSOTM, WYWH, and The Wall get all the love


I don’t know where the “Animals underrated” thing started, but I’m pretty sure it’s a meme here and on r/pinkfloydcirclejerk


Which Pink Floyd album is my favorite depends upon my mood. Having said that, IMHO Animals was one of the best. It just flows right, very similar to Dark Side of the Moon. I also feel it was their last 'great' album. The Wall was an ok album, everything after that just doesn't feel the same. Animals was pushing boundaries, technically and lyrically. It was a concept album it the apex of the Prog Rock era.


The wall is far better than animals bruh what the hell are you talking about


No, the Wall was too commercial and cliché for me. Only about half the songs are worthwhile.


Its not a mixtape man its a rock opera not all the songs are meant to be hits its a story


And yet it worked for the Who and Tommy. A better rock opera than the Wall.


I hate you so much


Because it's easy and still so emotionally charged. There's nothing in it over the top or too out there and experimental, nothing silly. It can appeal to the city folk, the country folk, the audiophiles, the teen fan base and the older cats. There is a beauty in the ease of access to this album imo. When I first heard this album I loved it, a lot. The sounds, the lyrics, the animal farm theme. However with that I sort of agree with you in that I like it but it's not a mind blowing piece of art better than the rest. I personally have never heard it touted as such and don't think anyone could claim a real hierarchy in something as subjective as music. IMO The Wall is the best piece of art from Pink Floyd but that doesn't make it the album I wanna listen to over the others or all that often. Hence the ease of access of animals making it more likely of a go to listen for a lot of people and then those feel good moments get associated with the album and then the album is touted as the best perhaps.


You said it yourself; it’s a great album. Not need to compare and rate them.


Its just that everyones at their peak in the band (especially Dave and Nick, you can make a case for Richard being past that). Its so filled with anger, with anger of those dark and gloomy seventies, simply flawless with three epic masterpieces tied in a fantastic intro/outro. I mean.. I cant tell why its just simply the best. Maybe because its the rawest of the "big four"


Honestly, I think a lot of it is that it isn't as omnipresent as Dark Side, WYWH, and the Wall. It hasn't been as overplayed on the radio, there haven't been multiple documentaries and deluxe versions and super deluxe versions and super duper duper deluxe versions. And at some point stuff like DSOTM and "Comfortably Numb" become so common that their greatness is kind of taken for granted, and it's really hard to listen to them with a fresh set of ears. And also, whenever you have a very dedicated and devoted community, I think there's something of a desire (conscious or unconscious) to show that you are a more dedicated/knowledgeable fan by expressing your fandom for something that the casual fans won't know about, and Animals is the most obscure of the "big four", and kind of represents the border between being a Pink Floyd fan vs. being a person who just likes the Floyd songs he/she hears on the radio.


bro when a song includes dogs barking and its still good, this song gotta be a masterpiece


Dawg, Gimour's guitar on Dogs! No names. The solo so nice, he had to do it twice


You are not alone. I love that album; it sounds great and is solid work, but not my favorite Floyd album.


Because it’s a fucking awesome album, trying to compare with other work is pointless, just enjoy it for what it is with no expectations influenced by previous or future work made by them


Nothing wrong with not liking it as much as other people might. It’s a great album but not my favorite. It does have a different vibe from Dark Side and WYWH. More Roger, not as much Dave and Rick to soften the edges.


[https://thenewinquiry.com/dragged-down-by-the-stone/](https://thenewinquiry.com/dragged-down-by-the-stone/) please read this article. it's an amazing album, not only musically but also conceptually.


no offense but i hope you fall in a ditch, it’s literally nothing personal




no but on the real, it’s just an amazing album. the animal names and sounds are so oddly abstract and i think the song dogs is responsible for 67% of all my happiness in life. i can’t even describe it tbh i just love it


I haven’t listened to it in a while, and I don’t think I listened to it more than twice ever. Definitely great, but almost in a way that isn’t exactly too spectacular, at least in the sense that it doesn’t call me back to it the way other albums do. I’ve listened to the so-called lesser albums more and more on my own volition, Meddle is always a fun venture. That’s probably it for me, nothing feels really fun or seductive in Animals. I think it’s the biggest thing probably because of all the anti-establishment themes which are explored in a pretty intriguing way, but something that might get, if not old, just something you’re aware of on the first go and don’t need to hear again. I’ll probably give it a listen to this time around more thoroughly, but it really isn’t my go to for Floyd by any means. If I had to take a stab at the community, people stroke themselves saying how much they like it because of its highbrow sophisticated content, as opposed to, you know... Marmalade, I like marmalade.


> I haven’t listened to it in a while, and I don’t think I listened to it more than twice ever. I don’t mean this to sound rude, but listening twice isn’t giving an album like this it’s proper due.


I completely agree, still haven’t found my way towards listening to it more than those times, but I hope to today, and more in the future at some point.


Dogs. Pigs on a wing. Also pigs (three different ones)...? One of my favorite pf albums


Sheep is worth the price of admission.


Not only is it a masterpiece musically but also it’s amazing how relevant this album is today, and it’s Also based of a great book called Animal Farm.


Animals is conceptually brilliant, Dogs has a gorgeous progression, Pigs has a pissed off Waters expressing his anger and Sheep is just a fun jam carried by Wright, the whole album has a theme based loosely off Orwell's "Animal Farm" while I personally prefer TDSotM and WYWH, it's more than deserving of its praise imo


I don't think it's all that hyped unless you're surrounded by Pink Floyd nutters on the internet.