My girlfriend doing homework in NYC.

My girlfriend doing homework in NYC.


Lo-Fi Hip Hop Radio


This is exactly what I thought when I walked in and saw her sitting there and had to get a pic Edit: wow I didn’t think this would blow up this much. And just so everyone knows we aren’t some Rick trust fund kids, this was a hotel we got a good deal on while we stayed in New York. Neither of us have gotten any handouts and both work very hard for what we have. I don’t like having to explain myself but some of you are just so pissed off and it’s sad. Let people enjoy things Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.


It's just missing the cat chilling on the windowsill.


Don’t forget the rain lol


And the lofi hip hop


And my axe


And my bow


and this thermos.


And this paddle-ball game.


And this remote control


And your brother


This picture looks expensive OP, how much is it there? I always see stuff on here then everyone's like "I want to do that." Then usually find out the rent is 2500 a month plus for the apt and not something working/middle class could ever have without someone being a patron. Edit: okay $3500-$4500 + , I have become the poster I'm talking about 😂


Lol 2.5k for that view? More like 4.5k.


Honestly the rent is too damn high.


Sounds like it's time someone took that on. Maybe even start a whole new political party.


Pun aside, I was being serious.


Jokes aside, I totally agree.


Did that guy have plans to help fix it? I never heard anything about his candidacy


I think he had a lot of decent idealistic ideas, but not a lot of actual competence to put them into workable plans or to build a platform. Unfortunately, as much as it's a sentiment we can all get behind, I suspect he was much more meme than political contender.


Lol 4.5k for that view? More like 10k.


Lol 10k for that view? More like 10.1k.


$1, Bob.


Right? A Manhattan 1 bedroom apartment in a prewar, walk up building was around $2000 a month…6 years ago.


Seems right out of Monsieur Hire (1989) movie... lol.


1) A view like that 2) in Manhattan 3) plus what possibly looks like a balcony (judging by the rail). Would probably be north of $3500/mo for a 1br possibly more depending on the amenities in the building.


3500? If it's a studio - MAYBE. There's a balcony in the image. I wouldn't doubt if it's $5000.


60k a year in rent. Mad.


Could be. Hard to say since rents are down in Manhattan after covid, also I don’t know the neighborhood. Could be midtown could be FiDi.


I just moved into my NYC apartment, here's a gallery: http://imgur.com/gallery/NYrHuZU Yes it's very expensive, but for me it's worth it. I've always wanted to do the big city life and I finally got my chance due to a new job. It's so surreal just working from home and looking out to this view. I can't describe the feeling. I need to start filtering some pics and making a reddit post, if this pic got front page lol.


I know the feeling you mean. There's something you can't replicate, especially if it's a city you grow up in/near and know intimately. Luckily for me I just had to get it out of my system. Now I'm paying 770 utils included a month for that but slightly bigger and views of nature/mountains vs the city. If I hadn't have gotten it out of my system though, I'd still be trying to afford to move back to my home to do it 😂 easier to live off nothing for something like that when young.


Wow $770 sounds wild. I was paying $2k back in the Midwest. Paying $4900 for this NYC place, but honestly in Manhattan you get what you pay for, I don't mind as much. Big tech job makes it the same proportion of my income as I was paying back in Michigan, it's pretty crazy.


Wow, NYC living is always more expensive than I think. I grew up nearby but could never stomach the prices. Now I live in Berlin and pay 380EUR for my 1br in a central area of a vibrant city and can’t see myself leaving. But I get with a big tech job it’s more accessible and living in Manhattan is a dream!


Wow is it a 1 bed or studio? It’s hard to tell from tour


$5k I'm gonna say 1 bedroom 700 SQ ft.


$4900/month? Shit, NYC is more expensive than I thought. I pay $1100/month mortgage on a 4 bedroom townhome with a small (\~500 sq. ft.) backyard, but I'm in a small city out west.


1br and studio here in LA for $2500 free parking though! We get 3 parking spots I jumped so quick at this place.


ooooo where did you move to? sounds lovely


Go for walks across the Brooklyn Bridge (early, before there are crowds). It’s great and Brooklyn Bridge Park is awesome too.


Thanks! I actually have been meaning to plan that. Still need to take a trip down to explore Coney Island as well.


What's most impressive about that video is that you've managed to get a ps5.


Good for you. Enjoy it!


Beautiful pics. Work in advertising or tech?


It was great when I was younger, I used to live in Brooklyn and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. Being able to walk to a bodega and get the best egg sammich ever at 3 am. Always having something to do. Not needing a car. The fashion. Being able to find a basketball game literally anytime. But god damn was it expensive. Not even the rent, even just going out to eat or get drinks was 40% more then it would be on the island. I do miss it though. Enjoy the experience while you have it, it is an amazing place to live.


Yeah it's definitely a lot. But like you said, gotta do it while you're young. I'm in my mid 20s , my fiancé a few years older, and we're having a BLAST here.




It's not bad. I'm full remote right now, will be going to a hybrid model 50-50 in the next few months so had to be in the city.


Lol 2500 a month will get you a 1950s apt in a less desirable part of town in a small story apt complex.


lol my small ground level Unit in Brooklyn is 2k this is more like a 5k place and their parents prolly bank rolling them


Iconic picture. Gonna be the image of a life’s era.


bruh get that woman a raised / larger monitor if she is there for more than 2-3 hours a day. Those ergonomics are less than ideal


Fuck you man. I've stayed in this hotel.


Needs a chonky ginger cat then it's perfect.


I have a chonky ginger cat I can loan


Free shipping?


Hijacking the top comment to post this from the OP >"Ok ok ok I’ve led you all on long enough. This isn’t an apartment it’s a hotel and I don’t live here (anymore). It was fun to let you guys think I was some loaded guy with an expensive apartment in the city somewhere but for now we’re just some broke college kids going on a fun trip. Maybe I’ll get there one day when my cryptos take off." TL;DR - OP is a phoney, a big fat phoney.


OP never led us on about it being his apartment. Just his girlfriend.


Psssh probably not even his photo, heck not even a photo just a very well done piece of CGI, maybe there isn't even an image and I've just been looking at a blank screen for the last hour. I mean, are whines even real, hell am I real!?


You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop...The Twilight Zone.


Wait, so that's not his girlfriend either?


Mybye that girl doesn't even know he is there.


His GF looks barely older than a teenager. Never for one moment did I think some 18-22 y.o. kids own a NYC penthouse condo with a view.


Orr she/he could just be from a loaded family that owns the place? I know this might shock you but there are rich people on Reddit too.. (Im from NYC and have a mate in his 20s whose penthouse [read:parent's penthouse] has a balcony the size of most apartments lol)


I was of the belief it was a public building of some sort. Anyone with a view like that Would NOT place an ugly metal file cabinet in front of a window with that view.


Plot twist - he’s lying, he’s embarrassed to be rich.




Funny, cause me and some friends call it “the studying girl radio”


I see batman!


I see Daredevil. He doesn't see Batman.


i opened my free award just for this


Thank you for the award. I don't know what to do with it, but your kindness is much appreciated nonetheless. I hope you have a most excellent year of awesomeness wherever you be at, whatever you be doing, and with whomever you be kicking it with. Be well and stay safe.


6000 a month for rent?


Black Friday sales don’t apply on NYC rentals.


They did last year


Black Plague sale?


Ouch, that hurts more


It’s a hotel room.


People are claiming it's the Hampton Inn Manhattan/Times Square. Taking a look, it's about $200 per night. So at 30 days... $6,000 per month.




Only 200? I expected a lot more tbh


Don’t they usually give you a discount if you’re staying longer than a week? I know around where I live they get it cheaper if they plan on staying months at a time. Some people around here also just live in hotels because it’s cheaper for them to pay the monthly hotel fee vs renting an apartment/house.


"It's got a direct view the NYC skyline, that's always gonna drive the price up"


The very first hotel I stayed at in midtown NYC they said it was a room with a view. The view was the wall of the skyscraper next to use. If I could have opened the window more than a couple of inches I could have easily reached out and touched it. This view is a tad better.


Thats just the hoa. This place is easily 10k. Look how tall those windows are. I bet this apartment has two levels


Expensive curtains and specially the curtain holder. You don't see that often. Then there is the AC / Heat unit which most likely only belongs in hotels.


I don't see the ac/heat that hotels use aka ptac units.


Bottom right. Box type. Enlarge the picture.


Enhance. Click clack clickity clackity click.




Lol it’s a hotel room, Sherlock.


6000 a month won't get you those views and ceiling. That's more modest 2 bedroom. This look is at 8000s


It's a Hampton Inn hotel room, you pleb


Lol you think rich people pay rent. They get an apartment from daddy. Once you start hanging out with people who are actually rich, you realize that the real rich people don’t pay for shit.


So wait... Is Daddy not paying rent then?


Nah. Daddy owns the building.


Far less likely. What happens more commonly is that part of the team that financed/build coops get select units at discount/as bonuses. Coops because the secondary mortgage carries the costs for the buildings mortgage, which is primary and separate. So the home owner has his base mortgage + the building maintenance/ownership fees (say 2500). Source: am a NYC native who went to a very wealth private school his parent worked at.


I suspect rich people buy ther real estate, they don't get it for free.


As someone who is friends with some wealthy people. I have no idea what you are talking about. I mean if you a celebrity this is true because business are trying to profit off your likeness. But if you are just.l a run of the mill rich person you still pay for everything. Why shouldn’t you? If no one knows who you are why would a business give you anything. They gain nothing from that. However, people that are rich have so much passive income they are losing any money paying for rent here. What I mean by that is there investment portfolio out earns their expenses. And her own personal one her dad set up for her probably also fits that mold. Assuming she is rich


I can't tell if this is sarcasm or complete separation from reality


he already said it was a hotel. people so desperate to hate everything lol


Oh you rich rich.


I think this is the view from the Hampton Inn Times Square at 41st Street… or a close by building.


yeah from a quick google my guess is ~30th floor of the Hampton Inn on the NE side of the building, matches up pretty well with some of their own photos and guest photos from floors around there


Wow yep you got it! We stayed there last week for a few days. It was kinda fun letting you all think we were trust fund kids for a while lol. And tbh I didn’t even mean for it to look like an apartment y’all just started assuming. Let this be a lesson to you all not to believe everything you see on the Internet.


Should also be a lesson that someone can find you this easily if you post something on the internet.


Somebody posted an adult video where it was supposed to be one of those anonymous types. Well it was filmed in a car, and on the stick shift surround was a serialized number plate since it was a limited run car. Well, one thing led to another and people figured out the identity of the couple just by that one tiny little detail.




I know civic type r’s have a production number in that area.


Oh, my God, that's disgusting! Naked pics online? Where? Where did he post those?


I second this request.


[here you go](http://www.game-art-hq.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Link-from-LoZ-Breath-of-the-Wild-Render-Art.png)


Wow, very high quality link. Impressive.


type r 04042. not sure why that is stuck in my head after a year or two




I mean 4chan has been larping as autistic Batman for almost 20 years at this point... bored internet people can be amazingly scary


Seriously. That’s why you post pics AFTER you leave. Remember the Shia lebouf flag thing from 2016? It’s amazing what some weirdos on the Internet can do when they get together


Pleas elaborate?


4chan found and messed with a flag shia Labeouf kept trying to anonymously put up around the world. They used like flight patterns and shit until he eventually gave up.


He put it on top of a museum with security if I remember correctly and someone found it and attached a flamethrower to a drone and flew it over just to burn the flag before he finally gave up. The whole story is both miraculous and terrifying what groups of people online can accomplish.


no, the usage of drones during He Will Not Divide Us was only theorized, it was never actually used. The museum he was working with at the time for the display decided to end it after a group of users from 4chan managed to break Museum security by gaining access to the roof of the museum from another building. Only thing is, these chucklefucks forgot scissors on account of the flag being zip-tied to the pole. Regardless, seeing just how much of a risk the He Will Not Divide Us had become, the museum cut ties with the art group. Apparently 4chan set a personal record for how fast they got the project taken down this time around.


It's pretty incredible effort to be honest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw9zyxm860Q


Should also be a lesson to you that someone can read your comment and reply to it with ease, just as I am doing now.


Well you did say “home”work, not hotelwork


How was it? Did you see any bed bugs? Visiting nyc this fall. Maybe I’ll stay there?


Super nice I highly recommend. It’s near great pizza places and time square is right there. Also super reasonably priced.




How did you guess? There’s also this really good place called red lobster that’s to die for. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it before


Did you take your gf to Applebee's in time square?


In NY, for real authentic italian food, there's a place called The Olive Garden. Four stars, highly recommended. They send their chefs to Tuscany to train up on new dishes.


Not to mention the iconic italian restaurant Olive Garden is right there


But why would you want Times Square right there? It's a dreadful, truly soulless place.


It's cool as a tourist


I used to live in rockaway in queens for a long time. Trust me, this is a much better place. Also New York is a great place to VISIT and not so much to live. It’s complete garbage, but iconic garbage that you still love and that has tons of character


You're not lying about Rockaway. Checked it out on Google Maps. I thought 'wow, look at all that beach, there must be some great beaches.' I think all the 360º photos were of housing project parking lots.


Yep it’s super sketchy there. Got shot at once and met all sorts of crazies.. the history of rockaway is pretty sad actually. After wwii returning GIs we’re moving back into the city and they needed space. How do you make space? Well, The poorest of the poor were pushed down to rockaway and there was only one road connecting it to the rest of queens. Poor people couldn’t afford to leave there. It’s kinda like Australia for NYC accept they never got on their feet and it’s still a ghetto project yard.. on the beach


I was offered a job at a Penguin Random House imprint a few years ago and visited NYC a few times to get a feel for how I'd like the area. Big no. I'd have been in abject poverty with what PRH pays its editors compared to rent prices, and while the city itself was fun to visit, I could never live there. I'd be so stressed with the crowds, the subway, the smell, the dinginess, the commercialization of every available surface, ect. I'll probably always have that lingering desire to work in trade publishing, but I also realize that I'm 500% happier and freer now making triple the salary they offered me while living in a clean, beautiful average COL area.


We stayed there a few years back, was a fine Hampton experience and good price. Very close to hells kitchen so you can ditch the times Square bullshit when you are not seeing a show and get some decent food.


Yeah this is 100% a hotel. Look at those curtain pull thingies.


And where else have you seen that type of desk lamp?


Always wanted to live in a place like this 👍


You can too in just two easy steps! 1: Be rich. 2: Don't be not rich.


I can't get #2 right


Well you should've made your own coffee every morning and skipped those $15 avocado toasts /s


15 bucks for an avocado toast? That must be a fucking good avocado toast!


#3. Date someone rich.


Or they can book a room at the Hampton inn which is where this pic was taken for a reasonable price


Plenty of sub-steps to rule 1: Get lucky, know the right people, move up the corporate ladder, win the lottery, rob a bank, start a meth business, don't get caught, find a magic lamp with a genie inside, etc. etc.


Ah darn that's where I went wrong. I found a magic lamp but I got caught. If only I had seen this reddit comment before that happened! What a klutz I am!


Wait, girlfriend, so find a rich person , this also will work


A hotel?


I live in a city as big as NYC and live in an apartment. I have done this all my life and trust me, you wouldn’t want to live in such a place. It has its own ups and downs but I really want to live in a place that’s more spacious and calm.


I am fully with the other redditors to put on some lo-fi music...but please turn on some light! Her eyes will thank you!


Maybe their rent costs means they can't afford too much electricity


Pretty sure hotels don't charge electricity usage.


Gotham Lo-Fi


Now here's a man that follows his rule of thirds


I like this comment because there's a rule of thirds for photography and also one for how much you should spent on rent per month


Thank you! Composition is important


LoFi study girl, except she's HiFi because NYC




Since when did Lo-Fi Hip Hop girl get an real life adaptation?


Gotham vibez


This is a beautiful picture. The timing the composition. All of it. That’s a framer for everyone involved.


high-rise beats to study to


This is why I romanticize cities to the wrong extent. Media messing with reality here. But I’m still gonna live in a city one day.


Jesus what's your salary


He and his GF are at a hotel lol


It’s established that it’s a hotel room at the Hampton inn Times Square.


Assuming this is a 1 bedroom, rent is probably around $4k a month. NYC landlords typically require at least 40x the monthly rent in salary to qualify so it's safe to assume the total household income is at least $160k a year. Not bad, but not that crazy for NYC.


> NYC landlords typically require at least 40x the monthly rent in salary to qualify Qualify? What the what?


You have to show proof of income to sign a lease in NYC and the annual income requirements are usually 40x - 45x the monthly rent. So if the rent is $3500 and the landlord is requiring 42x, the people signing the lease have to earn at least $147k combined to apply. If you don't earn that much in salary, you can usually show 200x the rent in assets (in this example, $700k) to get approved or have a guarantor. Guarantors typically need to live in the US and earn 80-100x rent to cosign the lease with you. There are also companies you can pay to be your guarantor - it's like taking out PMI on your rent and is not cheap, but can get you into an apartment that you otherwise wouldn't qualify for.


It’s crazy because to us New Yorkers all of this seems normal now. But seeing the reactions of everyone else to this information, I’m starting to realize how cucked we really are in nyc when it comes to living expenses.


Yeah, I’m about to move to NYC and the system is truly brutal. Had to go apartment hunting with a ton of financial documentation in hand (digitally that is) and with a guarantor on deck as well, along with all of *their* info. Although the thing I thought was really crazy was that fucking Verizon did a credit check on me when I signed up for internet service.


i mean I was REALLY confused when i saw 40 times the rent till i saw the word annually but thats still fucked


It's about 3.3x annual rent, which if you believe in the "never spend more than 30% of your income on housing" thing makes it right. Of course that basically means nobody with a normal job can afford to live in the city but they don't care.


i dont know a single person who spends 30% or less on housing for most i know its like 50% 🙃


I live in DC which is constantly name checked as being one of the most expensive cities, and this information about NYC sounds completely insane to me.


Not just an NYC or USA thing btw. I'm in a Canadian city with less than 500K population. Houses are selling for more than 100K over asking price and I've had to provide my income to landlords several times on an "application form" when viewing potential rentals. Yes that's illegal to ask for, but when there's already 4 other guys sitting there filling out the same form, you're not getting the place if you don't.


Oh wow, that sucks and I hope it doesn't spread up there. Here in the US 3x rent in income a month is standard and a requirement unless you have a guarantor/cosigner who does make that, I've never come across a place who doesn't want proof of 3x income and pay stubs, even in towns of <2000 people. That being said that 40x income seems wild but believable the way we've been squeezed dry. Edit: turns out that's 3x income per month, just calculated annually. So I guess it's just like that everywhere here.


Wait till you hear about the broker fees


One of the few silver linings about the pandemic: brokers getting fucked


Jesus Christ, I thought you were joking


Well it’s a vegetable and you can get it at local grocery store


It seems better to live across from a flash looking building then inside a flash looking building. > Can't see the outside of your building from inside your room...


Reminds me of [the episode of An Idiot Abroad where he goes to Petra](https://youtu.be/N4gruB3lH6g)


Be the ugly one. Look at the nice one... Ps. Is this what they mean by "I live in a hole."


Hey there Delilah!


Stap u gonna make me cry


Me too :(


Beautiful composition


Weird i can't hear anything.


Hampton Inn on 41st st. Stayed there just a month and a half ago! I got the same exact view, just from a few floors down. Comparing pictures I took I’m in awe that I’m seeing almost the exact same thing on reddit!


With that view as a distraction I would never get anything done. You two must be loaded to afford a place like that!


In the dark like that you’ll get blind very fast


Do you live opposite to Harry Osborn?




This pic was taken one second after she finished checking her phone and 5 seconds before she went back to check her phone.


In summer? Bummer


What’s the rent haha