Amsterdam ship parade.

Amsterdam ship parade.


This was supposed to happen again in 2020. It was a big shame to miss out. On the other hand, I live on the north side of the city and need a little ferry ride each morning to get towards downtown. These fuckers made that ride a real ordeal that week.




It's one of the largest festivals for tall ships in the world and happens every five years! Next one is scheduled August 2025. Fun fact: Before they sail off to Amsterdam they make a stop in Germany. We may have copied our neighbours festival a little bit. But don't snitch - visit both instead


Fun fact: before they sail off to Germany they make a stop in Denmark. Though it might not be nearly as impressive a convoy? Gaggle of tallships? as it is by the time it gets down there.


I remember sometime in the 90s my grandfather took me to see the tall ships coming into New York harbor. That was cool. Wrong Amsterdam though 😜


TIL there are multiple *tall ship* festivals.. I was impressed with the one.


There is a tall ship festival happening on Falmouth in August this year, racing to Corina and then Cadiz. Hopefully by August nearly everyone in the UK, who wants to be will be vaccinated, and people will be able to attend sports events like that instead of watching it on TV.


How would one go to watch boats race like that? Maybe I’ve got things confused but wouldn’t you only see them for like 2 minutes and then have to move along? I used to go to boat races as a kid and you could only ever see the drag races and the starts of the rest.


It was. When this was happening in 2015 we had an office along the route. We cleared the windows at the IJ-side on the top floor and invited friends and family to watch this intro-parade. It was nonstop ships for hours, no work was done that day :P


Haha Nord gang!


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Lol thanks for explaining the joke But that's because sponsors often ask for a mention in the first 30 seconds. Cause you can be damned sure that if the ad is last, I'm skipping it.


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Is there anything like this for Google TV?


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They still get paid.


To be fair they're still paid for their mention




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Noord no?


This year, they did it in Egypt instead


I canal believe you just made that joke...


It’s Evergreen


I've waited here for you... Everlong


You know how I can tell this canal is actually fake? It's full of ship!


Take my upvote and get out of here


I’m always amazed at how well-written a lot of non-native English speakers can be. Honestly, as an American, you guys blow me away sometimes.


Dutchman here, we get English in school and we see a lot of American movies, at least that's what did it for me. I would add that the part of the Dutch internet community you don't see is the part that can't spell a word of Dutch to save their lives, and they don't tend to write English online. I think there is a difference here because you do get to see the Native English equivalent of those folks. Trust me, some of us can't even speak our own language, let alone another. Not to say that that's a bad thing per se, to be clear, I mean dyslexia is a real thing and I've met some admiral people in my day who can't read or write.


The films are really important. In bigger european countries like germany and france most of the english movies are dubbed.




You had me right up until 'admiral people'.


/r/BoneAppleTea admiral


Tbf in my country 2nd language (usually English) is a main subject. You take it nearly all 10yrs of basic school and if you fail too many (3?) of the main subjects you get only the most basic of certs. You could just as well have come from a special ed school if you graduate that low. Any higher education you need that second language, iirc you also start a 3rd or continue the 3rd from when you started it halfway through base school.


So cool that language is essentially required in other countries (you’re in Europe In guessing?) I’m in usa and we had maybe 1 year of Spanish and French and then I think language is optional unfortunately. Our educational system is shit. I would love to learn another language. I’m trying to take a Spanish class after grad school.


POV: you're Indonesia in the golden age


Whelp, best start farming shit we can’t eat




Just add ketchup














I don’t know anything about Indonesian history, they don’t teach that at all in America. Is the “golden age” this? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majapahit Sounds really interesting! I love reading about ancient societies that I’ve never heard! Edit: oh ok it has been pointed out to me that I mis-interpreted the comment. Even so, still interesting stuff.


For those unaware, the Netherlands were a big competitor to the British Empire and at some point a world superpower having a lot of overseas territory much like great Britain. Of course including all the bad parts like slavery and exploitation of colonized areas.


And worse, most of those colonies were "property" of merchants and corporations. Including the first corporation to have stock: the VOC (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie / United East India Company).


Interestingly though, slavery was illegal in the Dutch Republic at the time though. They participated in the slave trade abroad, but you couldn't own slaves at home.




Basically the British were besties with the Portuguese. The Portuguese were also kinda friends with the Spaniards, but not really bff’s. They were like the two most popular girls in school, who acted like they were totally bff’s but were constantly competing with each other. Spain was the rich girl who bullied everyone and if you wanted to avoid it you had to join her clique. Portugal was the girl who was also really hot and successful, but she was also sincere and got good grades. She made friends with England behind Spain’s back, and England was that girl who always wore thick glasses and baggy clothes but you just know that with a makeover she’d actually be the hottest girl in school. Portugal didn’t really want to bully anyone she just wanted to convert the whole world to Catholicism, but after a minor catfight she and Spain got sent to the principal’s office. The principal said “Okay you two are still going to be bff’s because I said so, and you can both still convert the world because that’s what all the cool kids are doing, but Spain gets one half and Portugal gets the other half,” and they were like “Kay.” Meanwhile England’s dad gets a divorce. (Actually he gets a couple and chops a few ex’s heads off.) Portugal feels bad for her but can’t really help. She was brought up in this super religious household so she isn’t allowed to be friends with England anymore. Spain hears about it and doesn’t really give a shit, but it’s a good excuse to bully Spain even more. Fortunately England isn’t the same shy insecure girl anymore so she starts standing up for herself a little bit. That’s where the Netherlands steps in. She’s like that straight-talking girl who was brought up in a bad neighborhood so she doesn’t take any shit. And her parents are divorced too so she feels bad for England. She sees what’s happening to England and feels bad, so she decides to get in between her and Spain and is like “step back, bitch.” She doesn’t have the natural good looks to be the most popular girl in school, but she’s really good at makeup and hair and building warships so she decides to be England’s bff and give her a makeover. Next semester the school expands and a whole bunch of new girls show up like India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course the Americas. The Americas at this point are just scared new kids who immediately get bullied into joining Spain’s clique. Portugal gets India and China to join her but she’s a little nicer about it. Japan sort of goes along with it but Japan is like the quiet new kid who doesn’t talk big but will actually kick someone’s ass much later. But then England shows up, and she’s totally made over and it turns out she’s fucking hot with beautiful hair and the latest fashions like designer jeans and piloting Dutch warships. And everyone is like “daaaamn” and all the guys want to talk to her so Spain and Portugal get totally jealous. Spain confronts England behind the cafeteria and is like “Bitch you better get back in your place” and starts pulling her hair and scratching her face and invading her with an armada of warships. But then it turns out the Netherlands taught England how to fight all summer so England actually wins the fight and everyone knows it. Now England and the Netherlands have their own clique, and they start getting all the new transfer students to gradually move over to their side. A few stay with Portugal because she was nice to everyone but they all bail on Spain and she’s not the most popular girl in school anymore. And Portugal isn’t really the kind of girl to start a fight so she’s just like “whoa I don’t want any trouble they can be my friend if they want.” So now the bff’s England and the Netherlands are like “This is pretty great we own the school” but they’re not really sure which one of them is on top. Then the Netherlands takes a few of the exchange students aside like Indonesia and Japan, and says “Look, I know England is like Miss Popular and thinks she’s all that, but I’m the one you should be talking to”. And Indonesia is like “Kay”, and Japan pretends to go along with it for a while but then ends up homeschooling in isolation for a couple hundred years. Gradually the Netherlands starts making her own clique with all these new kids. But the Netherlands was dealing with a *ton* of drama back home. She was this outspoken Protestant and she had this super religious Catholic neighbor who just used that as an excuse to constantly invade her backyard. And it was a really bad neighborhood in general with drive-by shootings and civil wars all the time. So she was too distracted to really deal with England at school when she had the chance. England was also getting really popular, and she and Spain were even kinda getting along now - but everyone knew they like totally still hated each other. England even went out and got herself a professional makeover so she was even better looking and was the new cheer captain. That totally pissed off Netherlands because she felt she was more talented and England only got it because she was prettier, so they got in another fight. Actually they had four. But they kinda had to make up because of this other girl France, who was not worth mentioning until now, but she spent all this time pretending to be nice to everyone and all of a sudden she’s just stabbing the other girls in the back and taking over the whole school. England remembers that she had a lot of fights with France when they were kids and the Netherlands is real scared of her too because she knows where Netherlands lives. So England and the Netherlands never really settled who is in charge, but France basically kicks everyone’s ass and starts running the whole school until she makes a big mistake and tries to start shit with that really quiet girl Russia who keeps to herself, and Russia just beats the shit out of her and shoves her face down in the snow and England comes along and takes advantage of it and kicks France when she’s down. Now the Netherlands is looking back at that timid, unpopular girl that England used to be, wondering what happened to her. And the Netherlands realizes that maybe the best way to survive high school is not try to be the most popular kid in class, just to get through it and hold on to the friends you made along the way. Oh and they all enslaved and sold a whole bunch of people. Didn’t feel right including that in the metaphor but yeah humanity basically sucks. The end.


Indonesia was called the Dutch East Indies for over 200 years until the Japanese invaded in WW2. After WW2, Indonesia fought an independence war with the Netherlands for 4 years. It was messy, bloody and not good. Indonesia won, or Netherlands gave up to pressure from Nato and USA.


Yeah after WW2 most empires lost their colonies / overseas territories, which is surprisingly recent.


[The Dutch Golden Age](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_Golden_Age) >The Dutch Golden Age (Dutch: Gouden Eeuw [ˈɣʌudə(n) ˈeːu]) was a period in the history of the Netherlands, roughly spanning the era from 1588 (the birth of the Dutch Republic) to 1672 (the Rampjaar, "Disaster Year"), in which Dutch trade, science, and art and the Dutch military were among the most acclaimed in the world. >The transition by the Netherlands to becoming the foremost maritime and economic power in the world has been called the "Dutch Miracle" by historian K. W. Swart.[1]




Just curious, what are they celebrating?


Yay ships!


Haha now my coworkers want to know why I laughed so hard


This pleases me.




It started with a big ship festival to commemorate Amsterdam's maritime history, when Amsterdam was celebrating its 700th anniversary as a city. Since then they organise this big ship festival once every five years just for the fun of it.


This is [Sail](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAIL_Amsterdam) it is held every 5 years and gathers a lot of Big and Old boats. During sail it is always utter chaos in the IJ (the river that crosses through Amsterdam).


Imagine being in that fuckoff big threemaster towards the bottom and flying through the channel under full sail all like *make way peasants*


I wanna see that.


I think you can sort of see it in [this gif](http://i.imgur.com/b84EOrA.gifv).


I wonder how many boats end up crashing in to each other.


I worked on one of the bigger ships during sail in 2015. I tell you it's a shit ton of them but just the small dingy's crashing in to shit. We had someone standing on the tip of the bowsprit shouting people to the sides and if they didn't hear them he had an airhorn to het their attention. He had to kick/push stays around our bowsprit otherwise small yaghts would get stuck and definitely get run over by us. Sail Amsterdam is a shit show in this regard all the other festivals I've worked at were less chaos.


Why was your super informative post minimized while other joke posts aren't? I swear can't reddit devs just leave shit well enough alone?


It ain't perfect but you found it :) If you curious about anything just ask!


I'd hope they'd be more competent than the Trump boat parade


You mean Dumbkirk?


Amazing. It looks like r/tiltshift but without the tilt shift.


I believe that's called a photograph.


That one missile frigate just sailing through like "Lol, look at this scrubs"


Is it the one with the tugs in front and behind toward the end? Redish masts?


Oh fuck! That reminded me of chaotic Asian traffic!


Oh my god the poor ferry boats. Honestly incredibly impressive that they manage to get across in that.


“Listen up 5s, a 10 is speaking!”


There was a replica of the Golden Age ship Amsterdam, commanded by our future king Willem Alexander. It ran into a sandbank.


I was thinking it was a pirate ship. YARRRR!!! THAR BE TOO MUCH A'PLUNDER IN THESE WATERS!!!"


*Chatham Docks sweat nervously*






I just want to meet the guy who is so rich that he has a fucking pirate ship.


I like to imagine the conversation at the boat dealer was like someone at a car dealer with not great finances "I'm looking for a nice new speed boat so I can fish and take my kids tubing. Preferably a 2015 or newer." "Ah with that budget.... I can't quite get you that, but I can get you on the water. We just got this 1536 tri mast in. It doesn't have a motor... But if it's windy you'll be moving! It does have some damage from some cannonballs, but that's character! It's not structural so you don't need to worry about it too much. And hey the size of this thing will let you fit all your friends and family aboard! So we got a deal?"


Why is there one huge fucking pirate ship


You guys don’t have pirate ships sailing down the canals?


I live on a canal actually and haven’t seen any quite yet. Kinda sad ngl


Be the pirate you want to see


This is the motivation I need today.


I live close to the water where they hold Dordt in Stoom. So can see those big pirate ships come by during the event haha. And sadly rarely outside the events.


Actually that ship is the Italian sailing ship called "Amerigo Vespucci" and considered one the most beautiful ship in the world. It's used mainly for training by cadets of the Italian navy.


Are they training to go back in time?


More to recapture the entire Mediterranean


Do the British know about this??


*Colonization sounds intensify*


different tech tree in civ


I’ve heard of this ship. Didn’t a carrier ship or destroyer hail it at one point and mentioned how beautiful the ship was during the transmission?


Exactly. It was an American one if I'm not wrong.


Correct, the USS Independence, carrier ship, 1962 in the Mediterranean Sea. Independence: Who are you? Vespucci: Training Ship Amerigo Vespucci, Italian Navy. Independence: You are the most beautiful ship in the world.


It's a better story than twilight.


I totally ship these two


Ship to ship romances always get me going.


Not to be confused with the USS Indianapolis, which resulted in one of the largest shark on human feeding frenzies of all time


That story is horrific.


Also check out "statsraad lehmkuhl" used by norwegian navy for similar purposes. Similar size and is gorgeous.


The Dutch like badass boats.


We can't quite let go of the 16th century


I dont blame you, those bad ass ships have aged well. Still look sick even in this day






No one ever expects the Spanish Netherlands!


De Ruyter Ftw!


The maritime museum in Rotterdam is amazing.


Why is there Only one huge fucking pirate ship?


That is the "Amerigo Vespucci". One of the last standing sealing ships in the Italian Navy, alongside with the "Scuolanave Palinuro". The Amerigo Vespucci is said to be the most beautiful ship that is currently sailing to this day.


We have the Gasparilla festival in Tampa, FL every year. It's a big pirate invasion boat parade with the Jose Gasparilla pirate ship leading. Festivities last over a month. Hundreds of thousands of people attend. Hundreds of boats join in the boat parade. We love to party in this city. This is the first year it was cancelled since it started in 1913. It's held in January with some events continuing into February.


Tampa/Clearwater is such a wonderful place. Too bad it’s all but ruined now by the Scientologists.


Mostly clearwater. They've only just begun trying to take over Tampa.


you know that all ships of that era looked like that, right? pirates just happen to use ships \*of their era\*


Just think about the amount of ships to be robbed there


Coz its sick as fuck


It’s called a tallship these days. There are a handful of them and a majority actually visit this maritime festival which is only once every 5 years. The city’s inner dockages will be lined with tallships like that one. Many of them are military training vessels for the Russian Navy etc


Don't tell EverGreen


*Evergreen enters the canal*


| / |


Ah shit! Here we go, again.


"All we had to do was follow the damn canal, EG!"


Well, the team that got them out was dutch, they're only closer now right?


This is going to be become the new loss.










Oh god, oh no, EverGreen has airpods in-!


What are you doing stepshipster?!😳


ugh who invited her


Who is good with photoshop and can put the Ever Given in this picture?




Is it dangerous to have that many so close together?


yeah, the water could collapse under all that weight




And thereby lifting the bath water to a greater elevation


Screw you! Archimedes was just trying to weigh himself!




They do bump into each other. I can't remember how often but it is a concern and causes some damage.


Depends on how much drinking is going on. We do something similar in Tampa. I've only had boats bump into mine that are obviously driven by drunken idiots.




Yep. Lots of BUIs here, too. They actually bring in about a dozen extra patrol boats from other counties in the state each year for the invasion.


you do something similar to this in Tampa? where when whats it called?


We have a fireworks night at our cottage lake system every year and end up with hundreds of boats all in a small space. Family loves it, but it’s one of the most stressful experiences for me managing the boat in that. Provided everyone is being responsible and not creating wake it’s okay but as soon as one Jack off tries to go racing ahead etc. It makes for crazy chop and you really need to have your wits about you (especially heading back when it’s pitch black out)


Wow that sounds magical, I’m sure your family is super grateful for you sacrificing your peace to let them have such a fun evening !


During the US election a bunch of trump supporters tried to have a parade on a Texas lake and four sunk. I'm guessing they were not so well behaved.... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/05/us/Texas-boat-parade-trump.html


Can confirm, last time they did this in 2015 in Amsterdam my boat parked on a side canal got swamped by the wake and sank. :( It was basically a rowboat with an outboard engine slapped on it but I was still really sad! Then, difficulty, someone parked on top of my sunken boat and the engine was destroyed.


Ouch, insult to injury! I'm sorry you lost your boat.


I instinctively wanted to downvote your post because that's some shitty luck, friend :( i hope you've been able to get another!


I'm guessing a bunch of dumb rednecks with a little trailer fishing boat that they don't actually know how to sail properly cos they normally just float in a pond 20 feet away from the boat ramp on a dead calm day, went down to an actual lake with waves and they got swamped cos they didn't know what they were doing and their boats couldn't handle the conditions.


More like bigger MAGA boats exceeded the speed limits and thus produced huge wakes. These then swamped smaller MAGA boats. Freedom!




Sadly on of the boats sunk were an unrelated group that were just chilling in there boat when the parade came by


You'd definitely feel like the kid with the new toy in the playground if you were on that fancy ship with all the sails at the front.


It's the Amerigo Vespucci Italian Navy training ship. Despite appearances it's very modern, steel hull and masts, electric motors. It has modern navigation, hydraulic powered rudder etc. but when training cadets, that gets switched off and is steered by ye olde four man, two manual steering wheels.


[Here](https://i.imgur.com/VO3NlGe.jpg?desktop=1) is a much higher quality version of this image. [Credit](https://www.lifebuzz.com/sail) to the photographer, Boyd Baptist, who took this in August 2015. He also took [this timelapse video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QswZ9QA4Gw&ab_channel=BoydBaptist) of the event.


What a load of ship!


Everybody gangsta until the Ever Given rolls around


I wonder how big it would be if it were in the middle of this picture.


North Sea Canal Width: 235 meters (771 feet) Ever Given Length: 399.94 meters (1,312 feet) 🤔


By the way, Evergreen is the name of the company. *Ever Given* is the name of the actual ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal.


Or as I like to put it: Evergreen’s the name of the company; you’re thinking of Evergreen’s monster


Ever fuck is what I give...is what I wish I wanted to say but actually I'm happy you pointed out the proper names so I didn't have to.


They have a lot of ships in their fleet with names that start with “Ever” as well. You can check them out [here](https://www.shipmentlink.com/tvs2/jsp/TVS2_VesselSchedule.jsp). Just scroll through the list till you get to E. Ever Uranus sounds fun.


It's that one time of the year that that guy gets to take his pirate ship out of the garage. Looks fun.


Where’s Waldo?


Being held hostage on that pirate ship.


I lived in Amsterdam for a while. My folks came to visit once. I took them on the Eurostar through the chunnel to London - it wasn't efficient, but we're Americans and high-speed trains are a rare experience. Plus it's the chunnel and my dad loves amazing engineering projects - I told him there's not much to see because it's all dark, but he wanted to experience it. We were in London during the royal wedding (totally did not realize that was happening), so the city was a total mess. Awesome experience. I brought them back to Amsterdam for Queen's Day and that is just wild. If you've never experienced it - the city is a complete mess. People are everywhere. Everyone is happy. people have blankets packed with goods on the street to sell outside their home that is hundreds of years old, they aren't even paying attention because they aren't worried about people stealing. Up and down the canals are party floats that are extremely creative and fun. There is a distinct whiff of urine in the air because the canals of Amsterdam don't necessarily drain the best and because people are using the alleys like urinals. It's wonderful. I had to promise my folks repeatedly that Europe isn't usually like this and this is the luckiest time to be here. My folks aren't big party animals, but they still talk about how much fun they had on that trip.


I read the title as Amsterdam Shit Parade


The river through my home town has a shit parade 365 days a year.


They started the party without Ever Given.


Be a short party if that plug turned up.


So this is what happens when a workers get 20 days paid vacation along side a "go take a fucking vacation" bonus?


Narrator: Wealth, fame, power. The world had it all won by one man: the Pirate King, Gold Roger. At his death, the words he spoke drove countless men out to sea. Gold Roger: My treasure? It's yours if you want it. Find it! I left all the world has there! Narrator: And so men set sights on the Grand Line, in pursuit of their dreams. The world has truly entered a Great Pirate Era!


BOAT PARADE! BOAT PARADE! https://youtu.be/r5YPCvowwJc








>Amsterdam ship parade back in 2015.


I participated in this on a huge sailing ship. It was intense for sure! But what an amazing experience it was


This gives me anxiety for some reason


That must have been one hell of a sight to see in person!


That looks like a Ship Show.


Looking for a Trump flag.


Are you sure? It looks like the backup caused by the Evergreen.


The big ship on the front has been waiting since 1603.


She's on her way to the east indies




Ever Given. Not Evergreen.