You can’t even agree on profit sharing before you’ve earned a single peso together. What more when or if the money is there.


i dont think its a great idea to do business with friends...


This 1000000%




Is there a contract? You will likely not get your money back. I've fallen to these schemes many times in the past. If nalugi friend mo, hindi na ibabalik pera mo. And hindi na kayo friends after that.


Loan na lang kunin sayo. Utang- then agreed interest payable over x months. Much cleaner. If he doesnt want to share the power/equity of business, then loan is better. You are also partaking in his business idea, tbf.


YES to this. Don’t be an investor, be a creditor instead. Hands off ka na, interes nalang ibayad sayo para di kayo magtalo.


100% ng capital sayo pero siya ang may control? What he wants is a loan, not a partner. Quote him an interest rate and repayment schedule or tell him to go to the bank.


I think this is more of a loan rather than partnership. Wala ba kayong profit sharing per items sold eh and just focused solely sa pag return ng Capital mo with additional 35% sa profits overall? I'd just ask him to go to the bank. Partnership doesnt just involve yung paghahati ng profits but also paghahati ng roles in a business, kung di niya din magawa yun then there's no partnership. Nagloloan lang siya sayo period. To be honest mas risky yung ganitong setup kasi di niya naman pera yung masusunog pag nalugi siya, pera mo yun at dahil walang nakatoka na role sayo, ang magagawa mo na lang pag malulugi na kayo is manood hanggang ighost ka niya.


Bad idea. Don’t do business with friends. Lots of “what if”. What if ninakaw niya pera ko. Pati no skin in the game sya. No motivation to succeed since you’re fronting all the losses.


The party who bears the risk of loss gets the bigger piece of the pie (profit).


Is that your friend? Ahahahahaha


Yeah, I know. Smh. And he would keep on telling me that I won't get any offer better than his.


Correction: *He won’t get an offer better that this* Don’t get bullied into giving your money


>he would keep on telling me that I won't get any offer better than his. Nah, siya me kelangan sayo so he shouldn't take the high horse and say stuff like that. Usually yung investor nagdadrive ng ganitong usapan pero from the looks of this, I'd say punta na lang siya sa bank to get a loan. If he tells you na di siya pinapautang ng bank then "ALL THE MORE YOU SHOULD SAY NO" . If the bank assessed na he's to risky pautangin then why should you take that bullet?


Im not quite sure. But, it shouldnt fixed price because maybe he marks up the more than you know. I hope he is transparent to you on the cashflow. If its really your friend. Try him by this time the real color of your friendship. You may expose yourself to this kind of investment to a minimum? As we all say, jnvest you afford to lose. Or, it wont hinder your daily lives by doing this. Thats my 2 cents.


yeah your friend seems to be asking for a loan not a business partner. wala ka din namang gagawin other than provide your capital, fair deal naman if we look it that way.


Yeah, in a way. But now he expects me to help with his customer service. As mentioned, I would happily take care of that as long as he'd increase my share, to which he still doesn't agree.


maganda yan tignan mo yung inventory at history ng bentahan nya kung nakikita mong consistent at reliable yung business nya id say na di na masama yung 35% actually kung tutuusin malaki nga yan eh. in most cases sa malalaking company malaki na yung profit share na 5%. pero ang pinakamaganda nyan tignan mo yung business model nya. then if nakita mong sustainable then invest kung na tripan mo. also please make sure na meron kayong very detailed na contract.


Is he actually capable of running a business that generates profits and can you get 35% anywhere else? How much capital is at risk?


His business has been in operation for a while, but it's only the past month or two that he's been getting a lot of customers than have been pre ordering from him. Thats why he wants me to join in but only for actual on hand items rather than pre order. As for the capital, we're only thinking at around 25k which is good for 5 shoes that he could try to sell. I'm still uncertain if he could actually sell them, but he's arguing with the current customer base that he has, that they will.


Ano to bibili ng shoes sa abroad Tapos resell? Just do a loan at this point. Get some collateral: house title etc. giving $ as a loan w/o any collateral is stupid.


5 shoes for 25k? Are these Jordans yeezys? that amount would only get me at least 2 bnds profitable pairs


Absofuckinlutely not!!!


I think it's fair if both parties agree. If you want more and if your friend agrees, you should share with the workload on running the business. And put it in writing, many friendships are lost because of bad business calls.


I've been telling him that I want more than 50% of the profits since I'd be bearing the most risk capital wise. I've also told him that I'd even help him manage the business if it means getting more than the pre determined 35%. But he still begs to disagree either way.


I see. If that's the case, better to not continue if you can't agree on the profit sharing.


Does he end up getting the full 65% of the profit? How about operating costs who pays for it?


Yes, he would. As for operating costs, he only gets to pay shipping fee to customers and nothing more (no overhead since he lives in an apartment paid by his parents).


Tama sila dito it should be a partnership at 50/50 shares ng kita.


loan ang gawen mo tapos dpt payable in a certain time with kunti intrest


Baka naman malaki expense niya. Hirap din magmanage ng negosyo.


Not too bad tbh. If you're just providing capital and he's doing all the work, That's a 35% return passively... Even stocks can't do that. If you have trust in his abilities, I would ignore these broke losers advice here and go for it.