'New Car Smell' Is The Scent of Carcinogens, And Even Short Trips May Overexpose Us

'New Car Smell' Is The Scent of Carcinogens, And Even Short Trips May Overexpose Us


ah... the sweet smell of offgassing plastics.


Never leave your child or pet in a new car for any length of time. (Volvo's were so bad, a few years back, that some dogs refused to get in them). If you have to, then lower the windows as much as is practicable.


Iv always hated that smell because it gives me headaches. Could have guessed that it was the off gassing from the plastic and processed leather that was causing it and that it wasnt healthy but never really cared too much tbh just roll down the windows


I find it ironic that enough people love this smell to the point where we've recreated the scent as an air freshener. I wonder why (from an evolutionary standpoint) many people would like the smell of something that is so awful for you.


There’s a missing step. New car smell is connotative to success and progress. Not only that, but many people use the spray in the hopes they’ll sell their used car with that attraction.


Like baking cookies to help sell a house.


This absolutely works. My mom is a realtor and she's always said, "Antre" (she calls me Antre) "Antre, you can always trick people into thinking something is worth more than it is, it's as easy as lying about your mother on the internet."


Your name is entree?


Weird, right? I'm more of a snack.


Entree P. Neur?


My grandma was a realtor and she would boil cinnamon.


She sounds like an incredible woman


Here in Arizona we DO bake cookies in our car. We usually use the rear deck window in the Summer. Some of the real pros use the dashboard. Easier to reach on the way home from work, I suppose.


Gasoline also smells great to many people. I don't think t has much to do with evolution, as we haven't been subjected to these smells for long enough, only a few generations.


To some people, skunks smell like coffee. It's genetic.


Right.... and I guess I'm one of those weird people, now that you mention such. To me, skunks, coffee/coffee oil, cannabis, sweat/body odor, passionfruit, and pink grapefruit all smell suuuper dank. And pretty similar, really, though they are distinguishable.


So Pepe has hope at Starbucks?


I dunno, just smells good. Smells like new stuff.


I mean, the real answer is that these chemicals haven't been around for long enough to have an effect on our genes. That takes many generations and a lot of death. Also the molecules are structurally pretty similar to things we're supposed to like the smell of. Also, we just haven't evolved to have as sensitive of noses as other animals. Source: I took a biology class or two and I'm pretty sure this is right


take that people who can afford shit...


Leather seat Smell gives me a horrible headache. Get cloth seats every time.


... worth it.


I remember this story from 20 years ago. At that time they decided to tone down the smell. Now the story is back again.


I figure I survived riding my bike behind the DEET spraying mosquito truck in the 1970's, I supposed I'll survive that new car smell....but worse than the new CAR smell...is the smell of a brand new mobile home. (Lots of mobile homes in NM) THAT smell will give me a headache for HOURS!


Are you thinking DDT. They didn't use DEET like that. DDT also wasn't really toxic to humans in the levels seem while spraying it. It was banned because it bioaccumulates and kills wildlife.


Oh yeah, DDT...I guess it DID affect me ;) Thanks for the correction


I mean people survive exposure to carcinogens all the time. The point isn’t that you’re guaranteed to get cancer, but rather that it statistically increases the chance of cancer in the millions of people who are exposed. Same concept as radon mitigation in basements - millions of people spent time in old basements with no radon systems but their modern existence prevents tens of thousands of annual cases of lung cancer.


That's some blatant survivorship bias. How many of your peers died from cancer WAY too young from the same thing?




Lmfao guilty? You need to look up the definition of survivorship bias.




If you think survivorship bias has anything to do with guilt, you clearly have no idea what the term means.




Lmao jesus you are ignorant. Read a book old man.


well bless your heart......not any more ignorant than YOU are, Darling...and I am not a MAN, a$$wipe.


Most of us just can't afford the new car habit. That's the only reason this hasn't gotten out of hand.


Fun fact I used to get really intense shivers when I got into a new car when I was a kid


Put it in the sun with the windows a bit open


Just bought a new car. Glad it's decent weather because I have my windows down until it airs out.


Yawn, everything is a carcinogen now.


I mean, its from plastic/rubber offgassing. That shit aint good.


*Especially* in California.


Hey! I am a Californian! So it is my legal responsibility to inform you that I may contain ingredients known to cause cancer in the state of California.


Homeschooling the comment


Why you got to ruin everything speckz?


Science ruins everything


People ruin everything...science has the unenviable task of pointing that out.


correction, science and people are neat, *I ruin everything* with zero help.


I knew this about the offgassing and huffed my last new car like a junkie the entire time I could smell it anyway.


You had to ruin it for the rest of us didn't you?


What a buzz kill


For once I’m glad I’ve had nothing but old beater hand-me-downs my entire life. That new car smell is something I’ve rarely experienced.