Pokemon Live-Action Series in Early Development at Netflix From ‘Lucifer’s’ Joe Henderson

Pokemon Live-Action Series in Early Development at Netflix From ‘Lucifer’s’ Joe Henderson


If, like Detective Pikachu, it looks good and makes you feel like this is an actual world of pokemon and not just our world with pokemon thrown in like, im down


Personally I definitely felt Detective Pikachu's setting felt like an actual world of Pokemon. Maybe it's was the amazing background set design, but it really seemed like Pokemon were integrated to basically every aspect of that world


My bad thats what I meant, edited my comment to clarify


Haha oh I totally see what you meant now my b lol 😅


Have you been listening to the recent "Lost" Pokédex videos on Did You Know Gaming? It seems that, while Red and Green were still in development, the world of Pokémon was our world with Pokémon thrown in it. Many Pokémon entries in the dex mention things like Indian elephants and napalm bombs.


I have not, but pokemon lore has always been iffy, Surge talks about a war and sometimes real animals show up. That said I just want it to be like Det. Pikachu where pokemon coexist in the world and feel like apart of it (charmander heating a wok, machokes used by moving companies, etc.) Not pull the cliche Sonic and just put him in the real world


I hope it's like Detective Pikachu too.


me too


Me too


Me Pikatoo.






> Surge talks about a war a Why do you think you and your rival don't have dads?


Matpat is not a source




The Game Theory guy.


The Kanto war theory came way before Matpat


Yes I'm aware of that. But children ready to defend stupid theories with 2 breadcrumbs of """""""evidence""""""""" often inhale Game Theory content as gospel and can't wait to show how smart they are to everyone on the internet.


I just thought it was a funny joke tbh


>Surge talks about a war And in the original games he was american. In later games they retconed it to him being from Teselia, which is based on New York.


Something tvtropes calls it “Early installment weirdness”


I love the terms for different tropes. I haven't heard that one before though. After looking it up, that's definitely what this is. I still like the idea that a cloyster can tank a napalm bomb though.


And the Pokemon anime would consistently mention real world places, or show real animals. Like Ash mentioning that Vikings live in Minnesota lmao Feels like at the time they were still deciding whether or not Pokemon were their own thing, or just more creatures in our world.


Haha Vikings in Minnesota? That had to be a joke made by the localization team, right? That's really funny. Was that during the Indigo League?


It was, the first movie to be specific.


Oh man. I'll have to go back and rewatch it sometime


It’s a reference to the Minnesota Vikings football team lol


Right. So, I'm assuming that the American localization team put it in there. I highly doubt that was in the original Japanese script.


I would highly encourage you to take a look at the history of the localization and dubbing company [4Kids](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4Kids_Entertainment). They're responsible for the dubs of [many iconic shows](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_4Kids_Entertainment_licenses_and_productions) from the 90's to early 2000s. By today's standards, their localization is quite bad, but love them or hate them, you can't deny that their dubs had a charm.


Oh, I'm well aware of 4Kids. The One Piece rap still has a special place in my heart.


Probably, but it’s not impossible Japan would know about the NFL.


That's a good point. I suppose anything is possible.


I think it was the first movie but I'm not sure.


>Like Ash mentioning that Vikings live in Minnesota lmao Ah the early dub days where America didn't want to make cartoons from Japan look too Japanese. i.e, "These Hamburgers/Jelly Donuts/Popcorn Balls are delicious!"


I vaguely remember an episode where Ash and friends go to Hollywood to see a movie premier, but then most of the episode cuts to Jessie and James getting into shenanigans.


This is reminding me so much about the fact that they still deciding about this in the Indigo League days. They had Ash eating real meat, had the Pokedex described Pikachu as the "mouse pokemon" and even brought up Magikarp as food one time I'm pretty sure. The anime back then was wacky as hell, just look up some of the cancelled episodes and you will know what I mean.


It throws me off in those videos where they mention "this pokemon is often used in Chinese medicine"


Kanto is literally named after a region of Japan, and they wanted it to feel like exploring the rural Japanese cities they grew up in, so this tracks. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t keep the series based in the real world


I know right? I wonder of it’s gonna be your usual to be a Master story or something that’s even more exciting like taking down an evil Team. Either way, I trust that they can do the Property justice.


It won’t look near as good though. It’s budget will be much lower for a much longer running time


I would love to see them go the direction of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” with 2D animated Pokemon in a live action world. It would be both cheaper to produce and less creepy. However, considering it’s Netflix I highly doubt something like that would happen.


Ooooh this is going to suck. I can’t wait to watch!


It won’t necessarily suck. While I thought some of the late-movie plot points were lame and bad, the set, character, and world design for Detective Pikachu were among the best I have ever seen. Here’s to hoping.


Your mistake is thinking Netflix will pony up the money to make it look like that movie. Think less pokemon movie and more that terrible animatronic from sweet tooth.


If Disney+ has proved anything, it’s that all streaming platforms now have to compete with Marvel Level projects. So you have to pay the money to make them look good, and if you don’t, you will most likely lose subscribers because they can get better entertainment elsewhere. With the amount of money that Pokemon makes, and just how that world works, you have to put up the money to make it look great. Because it will pay off.


Jupiter’s Legacy had the same budget as marvel shows. Apparently money won’t fix bad directors / cgi studios.


That is true! Disney has cultivated an amazing CGI studio, just look at Pirates of the Caribbean, Davey Jones looks amazing and that was what? 2004? I will also say that shorter season and less fluff and focused stories are much better. Like isn’t the new Clark and Lois pretty good so far? It’s a shorter season with multiple arcs so each episode has a solid budget to work with.


They own companies like ILM now who are one of if not the best special effects studios in the world too


ILM, that’s Star Wars, right? It was founded by Lucas? Is ILM the same studio that did Lord of the Rings or that a different one that works out of New Zealand because i know that company does the Marvel effects and it was one of the reason that Marvel is moving productions to Sydney.


Lord of the Rings’ animation team was WETA digital I believe, they do a lot of stuff and also work with Disney, including a bunch of stuff for infinity war/end game, but I think it’s owned by Peter Jackson, or at least founded by him


That’s right! So now i want to know, is it ILM or WETA or both of them who are de-aging older actors or building them and painting them on look-a-like models.


I am waiting for season 2 or 3 before I get into that show. Wb keeps coming out with great first seasons then replacing the writers and creating villain of the week stories that lead no where. I have been hurt too much with the flash, arrow, and other wb shows


It’s not WB is the CW, their first season of Arrow, Flash, and i hate it but Riverdale, all had great first seasons that’s fell off so fast (i think Arrow took longer like Season 4 before it went to total shit), but i wish Lois and Clark was on HBO Max because I’d check it out but Fuck the CW Seed app and it’s annoying long as hell advertisements.


I can't find a movie or show by that name, only the Rick Riordan book series. What do you mean?


This hasn't come out though I'm confused.


Netflix doesn’t have Disney’s budget though. They already have marvel studios and everything ready and waiting, as well as a owning lot of the special effects companies to work on them. Netflix doesn’t really have any of that


You take that back it was flawless.


I loved the sweet tooth show except for 3 things. - the Jim carry wanna be doctor robotic from the sonic movie. - the overly dramatic conversations between the doctor and his wife. - that damn animatronic beaver boy.


Agree of the first two but I liked the animatronic, thought it looked cute! I did however get taken out of the show from some bad early CGI in the woods.


The acting/writing was pretty bad, too. But it was a fun world to dive into for sure


“We’re the Mario Brothers, and plumbins’ our game….”


how dare you insult the super mario brothers super show


Get hooked on da Bruders... Da Bruders...Da Bruders!


“Swing your arms from side to side”


Look, that show holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many of us, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking it was a quality show. It was all we had, so we watched it.


We’re not like the others who get all the fame! If you’re sink is in trouble you can call us on the double!


We’re faster then the others you’ll get hooked on the plumbers


Ugh! Hoo-hooked on the brothers! Gimme-gimme! Gimme-gimme!


Yo! You’re in for a treat, so hang on to your seat! Get read for adventure and remarkable feats! You’ll meet koopas, and troopas, the princess and the others Hanging with the plumbers, you’ll be hooked on the brothers! To the bridge!


Detective Pikachu wasn’t awful.


It wasn't good though


Regardless of how good it was compared to other movies, it was still ***easily*** one of the best "not a video game" things to ever have a Pokémon logo on it.


It wasn’t well written but it was incredibly beautiful and atmospheric


That doesn’t make it a good movie.


Good is entirely subjective. I don’t think it was good cinema but it was an enjoyable experience for me


I enjoyed it.


Lucifer is actually pretty solid, as far as the whole "procedural about a normal serious detective who's reluctantly paired with a quirky outsider" genre goes.


Why would it suck?


I might feel uncomfortable watching some realistic animals tearing into each other so a kid can win some money


Not me The few seconds of Gengar Vs Blastoise in DP was very nice to watch. Then again that wasnt Netflix


Oh boy. I expect this go about as well as the Death Note Live action thing


Oh boy, that light scream face from live action haunts me


I'm assuming you're NOT talking about the original Live Action from Japan... RIGHT? Because those 2 movies are amazing.


They're talking about the Netflix live action Death Note. With Naruto running L.


There is a 0% chance that this ends well.


what if Michael Vick plays a gym leader that uses dog pokemon


...I would watch that.


Ehh, Detective Pikachu was surprisingly solid. That gives this at least a 20% chance.


Detective pikachu had good actors and good writing, so I personally am quite hopeful. If we get Ryan Reynolds im sold


Didn't they learn from the Zelda leaks? Nintendo probably won't like that.


Was just about to comment this


what zelda leak


Netflix was going to make a live action Zelda series. It was leaked so Nintendo shut it down because they didn't want to announce it yet.


They had a Zelda Live Action series until some dummy from Netflix leaked it


I swear if this gets cancelled again for that same reason i will set myself on fire, it may be bad but i want to watch it


.....and now it's cancelled.


Eh, Detective Pikachu was solid. I could see a way for this to come out decent.


Films can concentrate visual effects budget better than shows though.


Depends on the budget, take MCU shows for example.




Can't wait for the same shot of Pikachu using thunderbolt to be re-used every episode lmao


Just like childhood, ah the good ol' days.


The CW DC shows are pretty low budget even by network TV standards. And even then, they've managed to do some pretty damn impressive VFX. Fully CGI characters like Grodd and King Shark were kinda mindblowing for a network TV show. It probably won't have a Marvel level budget, and it probably won't look as good as Detective Pikachu. But VFX have come a long way. Even okay CGI can do the job these days.


Netflix could definitely spend the money to be on par with Disney or HBO shows if they wanted to.


yeah disney has multiple domains funding it, but also pokemon is the most profitable media franchise in the WORLD, if the pokemon company is involved in funding they're pretty close to MCU show budget if they want to. that said seeing some of their recent decisions I fully expect this to have a 1980 doctor who budget of 3 dollars and a rock


Put some arms on that rock and boom! Geodude!


I mean, if we’re talking money. Netflix and the Pokémon Company have way more than enough to pull it off. Pokémon makes a lot more money than Marvel.


And if they really throw money at this and make it as solid as Detective Pikachu, it could be a MASSIVE hit, restart pokemania and lead to massive sales of games, merch, toys etc etc - and the merch is where the real Pokemon money is. I’d say it would be wise for Netflix to throw Disney-money at this franchise… if ANYTHING could compete with Marvel and Starwars, it’s Pokemon


Pokémon is the largest IP in the world. If there's one that would be worth a big investment from Netflix, it's this one. Mm


I don't think CW shows are a fair comparison either. That's, like, the lower end of budget.


*cough* HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Apple *cough*


New technology will help this TREMENDOUSLY. It’s called StageCraft, and it’s basically a super high-def circular screen that acts as a stage.


Not on a Netflix cgi budget


>Netflix ah shit


What is so bad about netflix? They're not like HBO that consistently and practically only produces great series' but they have done some very high quality content before too.


i mean they dont have a good record of adapting japanese series to live action


How many have they done aside from death note though?


Last time a Nintendo/Netflix collaboration, it and another collaboration got cancelled by Nintendo. Would be nice to see it get made, but I'm not getting my hopes up




Nintendo owns 1/3 of TPC...


Since when was 1/3 enough to make decisions on things like this?


You're acting like TPC is an independent entity. It's not. It's joint GameFreak, Creatures Inc and Nintendo.


I'm not acting like that at all. Just don't know when 1/3 ownership meant anything *if* the other 2/3 want something different and there's no leverage


Nintendo's leverage is their full ownership of Pokémon-related trademarks. They don't make all the creative decisions themselves, but nothing happens that they didn't approve of.


Yeah, it's pretty surprising that they would have the balls to risk offending Nintendo with another leak. Might be hoping TPC can shield it from their wrath.


Cautiously optimistic Netflix can make some bangers but they also made the live action Death Note.


If it's anything like Detective Pikachu, I'm in. If it's anything like the live action Death Note, I'm out. Netflix has given me countless of original stuff to watch, but I hope to god they don't drop the ball on this. I'm hoping they'll learn from Death Note. That film can't have been worth it for them financially.


Considering how we recently heard that the Detective Pikachu sequel was apparently shelved, I'm guessing this is the reason why.


Netflix just ruins everything. He-man, avatar live action, take your pick. Get their greasy hands off.


Idk about he man but I heard she ra was really good. And avatar live action hasn't even come out. On top of this they did castlevania which is universally accepted to be great alongside a truckload of great original films and tv series.


She-Ra’s fantastic. One of my favourite western cartoons for sure.


If they can have the same visual fidelity as Detective Pikachu, while having a new portion of the Pokémon world, that would be great :) I mean, the Pokémon spin-offs didn't use the regular regions, opting instead for somewhere else. If they have a new region where Pokémon also exist, but have a mix of battles and intrigues, that will work fine. In most games, the main plot is to stop an evil organisation from taking over the world. That can work for a TV series.


If it’s done like the pikachu movie. The quality will be high. They need to have a good director. The story needs to be there.


Detective Pikachu was cool, I'm up for this.


this gonna be horrible


Oh no…


Netflix ruins everything


I'm intrigued. But these things just aren't conducive to live action adaptations. I'm watching His Dark Materials right now and despite the high budget, the daemons (talking animals, here rendered in CGI) are almost always out of sight, when they were omnipresent in the books. If somebody like HBO with a high budget cannot consistently render daemons, what makes Netflix able to adapt Pokémon well, when it would need to have CGI Pokémon in virtually every cut?


HBO weren't a production company on HDM so it's a bit different. Not sure what the budgets involved were but I doubt they were GoT level or anything


Huh they did such a terrible job adapting the Lucifer comic it makes me wonder how much they'll change up the pokemon ip


Pokemon breeder love scenes incoming


That would be so awkward to watch together with my Gardevoir.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The adaptation of Lucifer wasn’t Netflix’s fault. It was Fox who made the show up until season 3 ended. Netflix only took over after a fan p3t1t10n (this sub apparently censors this word) to save the show. Although it is quite different from Neil Gaiman’s work, I actually love the show and think it’s very entertaining lol.


Oh it's a fine show, but I'm not really big into police procedurals. It just really irked me that part of the marketing hype was how it was based on the comic. Literally nothing besides a handful of charcter details are from the comic. Everything is so different, especially the characters. They should have just said it was it's own thing based on the public domain devil


I don’t disagree. Even weirder how it had a cameo in the Arrowverse. Like if they said it was its own thing, would DC even have enough similarities to the comics version to sue?


Change the piano bar and maybe mazikeen's name and I don't think anything is the same as the comic. I mean their Lucifer doesn't really act or have the same goal as dc Lucifer. All the side characters and plots are vastly different from the season I watched


Yeah. I wonder if the Sandman is gonna be any good. Luckily DC’s Lucifer is obscure enough that a good chunk of people who watch that probably won’t even realize they’re based off the same character




Oh it's Netflix? Yeah it's bound to suck then.


I just want a Detective Pikachu style movie with battling. Toho and Legendary pls.


Goddamn I hope this works out. Joe Henderson did a fantastic job in that show and clearly had a lot of talent.


Who the hell wanted this?


Live Action, with real pokemon poggers


I wonder where they found them


sadly they only found a single ditto, so the poor dude has to play every role.


Or they took him to the nursery and got busy…


I wish Netflix would do with Pokémon what they did with Power Rangers: Get all the seasons on there! Also, I hope this news is true.


Was anyone asking for this?


Pokemon is so near and dear to my heart. I hope Netflix doesn’t DeathNote-ify this too.


Ok guys if Nintendo asks, play dumb. We don't know NOTHIN, capeesh?


Oh no. Stop it, it’s already dead.


Pokemon got a live action show before F Zero got a new game.


This is amazing news. I hope this doesn’t fall through like that Zelda show from years ago


Keep it


But why


Oh I can already see it. A black 'ashley' Ketchum. Misty is now an Asian transgender and brock is still black but this time is not only blind but deaf, too.


I hope it's rated TV MA and super dark




This could work, Detective Pikachu worked for what it was but Netflix haven’t exactly got a good live action track record.


I want to play Minecraft


Detective Pikachu was good. And also one of the best looking movies I’ve seen so this might be good


Is this real? I never imagined they’d actually do this!


If he sticks to the source material to the extent he did Lucifer, I’m sure it’ll be well received. /s


Kinda hope they pick up Justice Smith and run with the movie's characters.


Ew. Netflix is gonna fuck it up for sure. And if it's actually good they'll cancel it after 2 seasons.


Oh no no no, can't wait.


Reminder that the last time we got a rumor about Netflix making a Nintendo tv show, the rumor ended up being why the show got canceled


>Pokémon Live-Action series > Netflix Oh, well at least I got to imagine it being good for a few seconds.


...huh. Okay then.


The movie was good so this might be too.


Meh, that show is HOT garbage. My hopes remain low.




Why must netflix ruin everything it touches? TTATT


I’m oddly optimistic


I don't care about anything. Just give me live action Jessie and James and we're good


Your link has more ads than actual news words.


Yeah yeah a good story is great and all But if it was just a mockumentary or a series of high-quality, well made pokemon battles, that'd be enough for me


nnnnnng idk


Please no


If they remake Gen 1 who would you cast?


Unpopular opinion, I'm actually looking forward to this. I mean, I lost interest in the actual anime over a decade ago. I just kinda wished it was slightly more mature like don't cheap out and have Ash loose at the end, maybe have some more serious plots too, I'm not calling for it to be R rated or anything but something more along the lines of a Shounen would be pretty cool. And if this adaptation sucks, we can just quit watching it, I doubt it will impact the existing animes or games reputations, people still love Death Note and FMA despite their bad adaptations.


Ooooh, das wird ätzend. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, zuzusehen!