Famous Nintendo-focused YouTube channel, GameXplain, under fire due to allegations of crunch and low pay-rate.

Famous Nintendo-focused YouTube channel, GameXplain, under fire due to allegations of crunch and low pay-rate.


Don't forget the fact that Andre tried to censor others when this was brought up over on r/GameXplain. He was a moderator over there, and was removing anything related to this issue and any discussion about Good Vibes Gaming. The subreddit went private, and was opened up to the public after he was removed from the moderation team. https://www.reddit.com/r/GameXPlain/comments/krfri0/rgamexplain_is_back/


That's so pathetic of him and only makes him look guilty and childish.


Letting the guy in charge of the channel moderate the subreddit was not a good idea


Right, seems like a massive conflict of interest. It's why I'm wary of things like r/Stadia where Google controls the sub.


r/Stadia is mostly people asking how to get past the use a credit card to start a trial screen, people asking how Stadia works, people posting pictures of their new controller, people lamenting they missed a sale by 30 seconds because they didn't bother to read the end date of the sale that lasted like 6 years, and then people talking about what games they want to come to Stadia in the future.


So there's no criticism?


Oh shit


> I'm weary of things being unsure whether to trust something is being "wary". If my grammar nazi assumption powers are wrong and you're saying you're tired of such things, i'm sorry. Just tryna help


You helped me at least. So thank you :)


Just so everyone’s aware it is not known if it was Andre who removed the posts. Multiple people have control of u/gamexplain But it likely is Andre being the owner of GX.


I remember in Jon’s leaving episode of the podcast just before everyone else left too, a few of the members mentioned that they have normal jobs as well as Gamexplain. Reading between the lines I figure Jon left to go to NintendoLife for money since he had a baby on the way. This might be naive of me but until then I always assumed everyone earned at least enough to have Gamexplain as their main job since they put so much time into it but I guess not.


I mean Steve and Ash joined not because of a job, but just because they wanted to. They could both support themselves without GX, but they liked working there, although there were some rough patches. Jon mentioned that money was just one of a good handful of reasons he left. The others boiling down to complications of working for an american company from the UK


Jon did leave for the money https://youtu.be/2HDS8Tbluwo


I stopped following GameXplain a few months ago, it had lost it's magic after every likeable guy left besides Andre, who was in my opinion the least likeable. On a positive note, if you want to watch videos by Derrick, Steve and Ash you can find them on their new channel Good Vibes Gaming, I suggest you to check it out!


Thanks for this, didn't know that they had started a channel on their own. Subscribed immediately.


Same here. I new Jon left for Nintendo Life, and I thought Ash left temporarily because he had his first child. I will definitely be giving them a sub. GX just doesn't feel the same without em, and while I'm starting to get used to the new crew, it's just not the same, and Andre is honestly the least likeable one so...


It was Derrick who had his first child. Ash has gone out to say that he probably will never have one.


I literally always get those two confused lol. Thanks for the clarification though.


Ditto. Had no idea they left, but I was wondering why I hadn't heard their voices on GameXplain for a while. I missed them. I still like GX, but it really doesn't quite feel the same without them and Jon.


Same. I ignored gamexplain in my feed lately but I will check out their channel.


Had no idea there was so much murk behind the scenes, haven’t really been into gamexplain much since John left so this channel is welcoming news.


Did John go to Nintendo Life?


Yup. He said he’s a lot happier too and NL has a good work life balance. Also he was never considered full time at GX!


That’s great! The guys at Nintendo Life always seem way happier and more enthusiastic than GameXPlain.


They call us lovely people, but they're clearly projecting. They're the lovely ones.


Oh you!


It's 5am as I type this, are you actually Alex from Nintendo Life here?


Thanks for this, you just named all the people I liked in GameXplain. I'll go follow Good Vibes Gaming now.




Just go to his Twitter and you can see he’s a prick


Wait, which was the GX fella with the English accent?




That's Jon it seems, he's on Good Vibes Gaming now and Nintendo Life too I think.


He’s not on GVG since working for Nintendo Life required him to not be on any other channel. Good Vibes Gaming is actually Jon’s old channel but he had to give it up working for NL so gave it to the old crew who rebranded as GVG. It’s why you see the old videos of GVG having only Jon in them


Wow Thanks! I was wondering why I was already subscribed to the channel! Now this all makes sense lol


Thank you for this! It’s almost as if they seen the writing on the wall with Andre.


Holy shit, thanks for spreading the news! I was wondering where Derrick and ash had been all this time and who the new people were. I agree with you that Andre is the least likeable. I do think he does a great job at analyzing stuff and he has great knowledge, but the way he handles small talk often feels way too artificial. I'll check out that channel! Only reason I'm still subbed to game plain is that they seem very fast on Nintendo news and they don't miss things.


> Andre is the least likeable. I do think he does a great job at analyzing stuff and he has great knowledge, but the way he handles small talk often feels way too artificial. 100% this. He's great at analyzing stuff, I'm pretty sure his prediction record is high, but holy hell his schtick with the forced puns (which leads to forced laughter because peons always gotta laugh and their bosses jokes) can be unbearable at times.


Thank god, I thought I was the only one. I had their 2020 wrap up video running last week (it's an hour or two long) where the current bunch talks about games from 2020, and whenever Andre makes conversation my eyes felt like they would roll to the back of my head and get stuck. I honestly think he has some psychological issues that make it hard for him to be himself. Instead he tries to say things that make him come over as smart, funny but most of all "a social cool guy to hang out with". It feels very forced.


Did you know ash is the son of Rob Paulsen, it blew my mind when I found that out


That's where they went. I was wondering where all the likeable people went. In the gaming world, why don't people announce what they are doing next when they leave they're old jobs? I didn't know Ben Hanson made MinnMax until a year after he left Game Informer.


They announced it over on their Twitter and Nintendo Life had a video but unless you follow them individually you wouldn’t know. I doubt GX would let them make a good bye video


Really missed Derrick, had no idea. Thanks!


This is great to know! Subscribed.. and unsubscribed from GameXplain


This is great thanks! I missed those guys so I'll probably unsub and go to them. Appreciate the tip.


And Jon went to another Nintendo channel!


I still follow them but boy do I hate that they just repost trailers and very small videos just to clutter the damn subscriptions with their logo. Lazy as hell.




Same, I also never liked the constant analysis and predictions videos of them just talking rubbish for like an hour.


I like to listen to these podcast type videos while playing a game.


I use to, but it got to the point where they became stale.


That was literally the only value of their channel


I actually like to set those as background noise as I wash the dishes


I liked them at first but at a certain points it got kind of ridicilous and after them reuploading nintendos videos twice... it just wasn't worth it.


all the guys I like from GameXplain went to GoodVibesGaming


All the guys I like from GameXplain went to Nintendo Life


All the guys I like are Jon Cartwright


He's the coziest one!


I don't get why they do it, surely these many pounds reposts/short videos don't even much revenue and reduces the views on the occasional decent videos because they are lost in the mix. I enjoy their big reviews of first party games, that's about it.


Just to take views away from their rightful owners. I’ve always disliked the reuploading , they said awhile back on a YouTube comment section when someone called them out that it was to expose viewers in regions where they aren’t able to see the regular sources, which I think is bullshit. They aren’t officially affiliated with Nintendo in any way so I don’t think it’s right to make themselves seem like so


It’s true that YouTube does its best to hide stuff from you that isn’t in your language or region but Nintendo has multiple channels for multiple languages and regions. If you are subscribed to game explain, you are already familiar with English speaking YouTube and English speaking gaming culture. Yeah that’s an awful argument. I would expect a sensible answer from them to be that they expect their channel to be a definitive source of Nintendo information and analysis for their viewers, you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else.


Nintendo has to be allowing them to reupload them though otherwise they’d be taken down by now and GX not given review copies


They are a gaming news outlet. Same reason why GameSpot and stuff upload trailers as well. Not everybody is subscribed to the companies that upload the trailers, to these gaming news outlets also spread the news.


I mean even if it's small profit it's profit for extremely small amounts of work. There's no reason not to do it financially at least.


That was why I unsubscribed from them. The Super Mario Direct was something I highly anticipated since the rumours of 3D All Stars. I wake up a few hours after the Direct dropped and instead of being excited about watching the full Direct, everything announced was shown, filling my entire screen on the subscriptions tab. I was beyond annoyed.


This is why I don’t subscribe to those kinds of of channels. For something I want to watch unspoiled I just subscribe to the original source like Nintendo because they at least wait a couple of minutes to post the trailers from a direct.


It's becoming impossible to just enjoy a genuine surprise anymore. This is also a huge pet peeve of mine, and has become a problem with my other pop culture interests as well. 'Reaction' and "such and such explained" videos are a whole industry of their own now, and honestly I'm hitting a saturation point with a lot of it.


I lost track of how many times a game/show was spoiled through the thumbnails and titles alone


I unsubbed when they started uploading let's plays. Watching one member of the team play a game in 40 separate one hour videos all filling up my subscriptions feed isn't what I subbed for. Ironically I think it was one of the members who has now left who did that. But I certainly don't miss the reuploaded trailers and 2 minute long "news videos".


I havent watched since everyone left. It's been hard getting into the new guys, but no disrespect at all they are doing the best they can I'm sure. But anytime gaming conferences are coming around I unsub because it just plagues my sub boxes with videos I mostly don't care about.


why are they allowed to repost trailers??? i dont get it, how is that fair to anyone???


I think they do it for easy views and just so people will see their logo all the time. On why they are allowed I have no idea.


I was actually considering unsubscribing from GX because I was rarely watching their stuff anymore. (Aside from other things that I won’t mention)


I stopped being a subscriber because of this. Too many videos that were just reading a tweet, reposting a trailer, or a “quick update” that was like a minute recapping something. And none of what I originally followed them for. I didn’t even know that Steve, Derrick and Ash had left until after I unsubscribed because of how little I was even watching GX over past months.


I wonder if this is why Jon left. He was the best host of GameXplain by far, and the quality of the content really took a dive when he left.


Yep, glad to see him still going at Nintendo life


Iirc the main reason why he said he left was because of the working hours (since GameXplain is based in America and Jon is obviously in the UK) as he and his partner have just had a baby and he needs to be able to work reasonable hours. Although I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't the only reason.


There's a chance, but the stated reason makes sense: NL is just easier because they're in the same time zones. Imagine having a newborn, hardly getting sleep because of that alone, but suddenly your boss says you're needed on a live stream at 1:30AM local time. That would suck.


He was recently in a podcast with Antdude, Scott the Woz and someone else I can’t remember rn, it was nice hearing him there. Also, the conversations in that one felt a lot less forced than in any gx discussion, but that could be for a variety of reasones.


Spawn Wave? Good dude.


He had the best voice. Very deep and soothing to listen to. Since he's left, I've tuned in less and less. Only subbed there since sometimes I can miss trailers and info about certain things.


Hes on nintendo life if you still want to listen to him


I remember when Jon was new. His voice was such a contrast to the main crew, but I grew to love it. Glad him and the others got out of there. Shit's awful.


I grew suspicious when most of the team left to start their own channel or work on other channels. There had to have been some bad blood


GameXplain sucks lately. Their quality level declined drastically when some people left and they brought on a new cast of people who are just boring as fuck.


In 2012-2014 GameXplain were at their best. They were all about giving us detailed guides and analyzing trailers of upcoming games. GameXplain in particular is pretty bad during dry seasons of Nintendo announcements (like 2015-2016 or 2019-present), where they upload rumor videos, speculations, pointless announcements or a lot of filler content.


They had a strong resurgence in 2017 with the Switch launch and Zelda/Mario too. Too much of their strategy relied on consistent first-party announcements and Nintendo Directs, and when those slowed down they started to rely on spamming short news videos which nobody watches. They never invested enough time into the personalities of their channel to pivot to something like KindaFunny or Giant Bomb.


they were also great during the Smash Ultimate hype of 2018 by comparing Stages to their Ultimate counterparts.


Having to crunch and meet unrealistic deadlines and get paid the same as someone with a minimum-wage job? I don't see how people are comfortable with being a Youtuber for a living.


The problem is Andre/GameXplain keeping most of the money to himself. They do get enough income, but he’s hoarding most of it for himself instead of giving a reasonable wage to his employees.


That's the main issue with a lot of channels with a production team. Thing is most aren't willing to speak up out of fear.




None, its bad speculation. If you've ever seen Andre's living arrangements you'd know that the channel just doesn't make enough money for anyone. I doubt Andre is some whip cracking tyrant, I think he just needs an overhaul on management for the channel. I also think they need to accept sponsors instead of relying on YouTube revenue and donations.


Andre lives is Seattle it seems, I've seen various live streams, dude uses a GameBoy Camera and is in a closet more or less.


Being a Youtuber & working for one or under their team is kinda different imo


Explains why so many people have left


I was thrilled when Jon moved to Nintendo Life. I already liked that channel better and Jon was the only one who kept me coming back to Gamexplain


Allooooo there lovely peopleee


I stopped following them a while ago. They rarely brought anything interesting into their discussions. The discussions all became (for lack of a better term) a Nintendo circle jerk of sorts.


This. I unfollowed years ago and have not missed them popping up on recommended at all. They started covering unbelievable fake leaks and reposting a lot of trailers with their logo lazily slapped on too.


Isn’t this the channel that will turn a 5 minute teaser into an hour long video?


I feel like that's not an issue. A 5 minute teaser of anything can easily turn into a discussion with impressions from multiple people, analysis, predictions, etc.


Or a pokemon reveal turning in a 24h hour livestream just to show a ponyta.


I didn't watch the stream, did they really just do the stream for some ponyta?!?!


Yes but it was a cool one off thing. It was a nature cam thing. It being 24 hours long was the whole point.






Yeah. Last time I was paying attention closely to them, they had two full time employees, Andre and Derek. They had a few others that were part-time who were also employed elsewhere.


I feel like their reviews are longer than the amount of content they cover in them.




Anyone know who is making the allegations? I was super surprised and heart broken when Derrick left. But now it all kinda makes since. Derrick was kinda the only reason I liked the channel in the first place.


derrick and john


These aren't allegations, they're just people venting about rough patches. If anything the channel needs better time management and to work on a better monetization plan.


I've never understood why anyone watches GameXplain. They draw out all of their video topics to an absolutely absurd degree, turning topics that don't even warrant videos into ten minute slogs of baseless speculation.


I mean, that’s pretty much what game news channels are on YouTube now. “Switch Pro Leak?” 27:42 Hard pass.


Or shit like Botw 2 Trailer shows zelda’s hair slightly orange in one frame, then yellow in the next. Game news channels: “New CONFIRMED theory for BOTW 2????”


It’s why I unsubscribed from Arlo. He used to do concise 10-minute videos but now they’re 20 minutes minimum with the same amount of substance and a lot of rambling in between. The only video game YouTuber who has kept their videos a good length is Scott the Woz.


You don't want to hear another video about his thoughts on Pikmin 4? He blamed the algorithm for his poor performance in 2020 when I'm sure it's just his content getting stale among his core audience. That and a ton of his videos in 2020 were just talking over gameplay instead of his puppet adding emotion.


Yeah and I understand the algorithm changed to favor longer videos, which also allows for more ad breaks and revenue. But unless you actually have the content to fill 20 minutes, don’t make a 20 minute video. Another person I thought of who makes fantastic longer videos is King K. He makes game retrospectives and they make an hour feel like 5 minutes.


Yeah. I have a YouTube channel and typically make videos 6-10 minutes. I don't stretch them if the content isn't there. I made one that was 16 minutes and it got 100k views with a 50% retention rate. People will sit through your content if it's engaging. But I do it as a hobby so I can afford to out one ad break instead of 3 in a 16 min video.


I used to really enjoy their discussions and analyses, but there has been a lot less of that lately so I unsubbed.


This was never a thing until the YouTube revenue change


A lot of their content is bottom of the barrel too. The Mario Maker 2 "rocket" video had to have been the worst video I have seen from that channel. At least one of them that I can think of on top of my head.


I had to unsub from them, couldn't take them seriously anymore, when they posted some amateur looking video from an external creator, insisting the mario 3d all stars games were not ports using emulators. Then after contradicting claims were released from multiple data mines; tried backpedaling, by saying they originally were referring to emulators from 'public domain' not by Nintendo... still totally missing the main complaint a lot of people had, being a lazy port for $60. Edit: [The video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml0_yM9XvtA) that they're just going to keep on the channel.


I got into them for the Pokemon Discussions and analysis videos.


sometimes when they have guests on I'll watch it in the background, and compilation videos like all of the special Palutena and Pit conversations in Smash are useful, nothing beyond that.


I used to watch because I enjoyed the dynamic between Derrick, Ash, Andre, and later Jon. But now that 75% of them have left, and Andre has been revealed to be a bit of a hypocritical scumbag, I don’t really have a problem leaving them behind. That being said, I’m very glad that they employed Tris, a non-binary employee. Really hoping that they’re doing okay, because I was very happy to see some representation in Nintendo youtube aside from Jim Sterling.


Luckily, three of the members (Derrick, Ash, and Steve, I believe) have their own channel now called Good Vibes Gaming, which has been pretty nice.


Meanwhile, Jon is now working at Nintendo Life.


Hi! This is from the author of the post that triggered these recent events (regarding: [https://old.reddit.com/r/GameXPlain/comments/kpi6nv/ash\_derrick\_and\_steve\_have\_finally\_commented\_more/](https://old.reddit.com/r/GameXPlain/comments/kpi6nv/ash_derrick_and_steve_have_finally_commented_more/)) I just wanted to thank you for sharing this information on this sub since others I know about and myself were unavailable with. I know a lot of you may know them or even be fans as well. I totally understand that this was disappointing news and believe me, so was it for me as well. My post resulted with Andre himself shutting down r/Gamexplain and have to say that everyone's support both for me and the cause is truly unimaginable and I can't thank you enough. Without you, justice would never be served and hopes the new staff gets better treatment. Sincerely, u/Reddit0le


Is Andre the guy who sounds like he has waffles in his mouth?


TIL the annoying voice guy’s name


I have never heard a better description.




His tone of voice just gives off this air of superiority like he is actually in love with himself, so news of him being a bit of a selfish prick isnt surprising. As for his speech, he must never actually listen to himself critically, because a lot of the mistakes he makes are pretty basic concepts of voice work that his colleagues all manage to get right, even people with underyling speech impediments can still get these things right. Stuff like clearing your throat first and blowing your nose and training yourself to breathe a certain way is important for *not* sounding like you have a mouth full of waffles. Tl;dr I just don't understand how someone can do voiceovers "professionally" for 5ish freakin' years and still not even understand these most basic concepts, and it irks me way more than it should.


To be fair the analysis and tidbits about gaming and nintendo culture used to be pretty good, even the hour long ones, but the quality dropped really hard some time ago, even before all the guys left. And today they keep dropping video after video about any news that I can easily find first here and digest without have to see in video. This allegations are just the sad cherry on top of the melted sundae.


Wow I liked this channel.


Andre always rubbed me the wrong way, I get the feeling that he thinks pretty highly of himself.


This makes me so sad. I grew up with gamexplain and loved all the guys and their discussions.Now that the main crew besides Tom and Andre is gone and even more so now it’s come out that Andre isn’t a good guy it like sucks.


Honestly the crunch is understandable. You probably have to drop your reviews right when the embargo ends to compete with other journalists. However, this is why it’s much more feasible for a Youtube channel to focus on discussions instead of just covering the news. They’ve turned into a video game news outlet, which makes it a *super* tough work atmosphere. And these people aren’t professional journalists, they’re just people who are passionate about gaming. You should use their passions and put out quality, creative content instead of just hitting headlines.


Fans of the members of Game Explain who left in 2020 should check out Good Vibes Gaming on YouTube. It's their new project. Similar feel to Game Explain.


Too bad they don’t release it in podcast format.


Dude Andre’s voice bugs me so much. He just slurs so many of his words together. I sometimes skip the video if he’s narrating.


This is the first I'm hearing about the reasons for staff leaving. The crunch does sound irritating but what I do not understand is the pay; $1-2 per hour??? That's horrendous.


I always knew Andre was a scumbag. Glad I stopped watching GameXplain last year.


Andres voice annoys the shit out of me.


Sad. But GameXplain really hasn’t been the same this year. After John left it lost some of its spark (and one of the best discussion members the channel had). The a bit later Derrick, Steve and Ash left. And really I can’t blame them. All GameXplain was trying to be was a news channel (and now it really is just that it seems) and Andre sounds like a really though person to work for. There’s been too many videos back when they did discussions where if someone disagreed with Andre he basically would just verbally assault them until the topic changed. I tried to keep watching GameXplain for a bit to see if the new staff was good. But you can really tell the bias and lack of experience is prevalent. There are barely any discussions, and when there are it sounds like an echo chamber. And maybe some of the charm was lost with the older members who left too, but the few analysis videos and non news videos they post are so barebones and dry. I’d give them more credit if they were doing just news, and doing it well. But their “news coverage” is basically reading a tweet or article word for word. And the breaking point for me was the Sephiroth reveal in smash, where their “analaysis” was poor and everyone on GX basically said “I’m not a fan, this isn’t who I wanted, I don’t care”. Which is transparent that they are covering but because it’s game news, and that Andre is only willing to put in the minimum effort unless it’s his interest, and the staff agrees.


The first red flag was that everyone except Andre of the original team left. Andre makes never detailed videos. If Andre is in a video, it's a unedited "Switch Ver 10.0 Video Tour!" or a discussion.


This does not surprise me. Andre always gave an asshole vibe


Well I can never see Andre the same way ever again. All of a sudden his voice sounds annoying in my head knowing that he’s an absolute joke.


(His voice has always been annoying.)


Legit, doesn’t matter what the game or the video is about. If I started it and heard him talk, I backed out immediately.




Ted Wasanesan from King of the Hill


Easily the most unlikeable recurring character in the show


I recommend following smaller youtubers that relay, discuss, and analyze Nintendo news/reveals. They may not have the biggest budget like GameXplain, but they have true passion and deliver pretty much the same information.


Do you have any youtubers to recommend ? Outside of Nintendo life, Arlo and Scott, I don't know any Nintendo youtubers but I'd like to watch more


Spawn Wave is great because he delivers news roundup videos every weekday morning, it's a nice thing to wake up to. He also does teardowns on consoles and stuff if you're into that and he does a fun podcast on Saturdays with his friends and fellow YouTubers, including PlayerEssense and Nate The Hate who do similar content. Nate The Hate in perticular does podcasts every once in a while too and gives good informed takes on each game company. Good Vibes Gaming also does great podcasts and reviews, consisting of former GameXplain members Derrick, Ash and Steve. Somecallmejohnny for more great reviews, he often marathons game series so you get to see how his opinions change from game to game. WULFF DEN is another enjoyable channel where Bob just talks about general gaming topics from week to week like solid games to pick up or good accessories for your switch.


I don't personally watch a ton of news channels, but one that I recently came across that I enjoy is Commonwealth Realm. They are more dedicated to Zelda information, though. If you go on YouTube and just search "Nintendo news", you can find a plethora of different channels.


If youre into Nintendo games theres The Completionist / his lets play channel Beard Bros, Nathaniel Bandy, D-Pad Gamer, NicoBBQ


Aw man I‘ve been following them for a couple years now but never got this vibe. I can’t stay subbed knowing this now.


yeesh, I've been an avid viewer of them for around 10 years and had no idea this was going on in the background. I'll probably wait around for a response, but planning to unsub. crunching your employees while also not compensating them is terrible.


Had to unfollow them a while back for click spoilerific and click baity thumbnails. Shame though, they did some good work.


[Might wanna update the post with Derrick's statement](https://imgur.com/a/dFowEx1/)


I remember when I was younger I would be excited for next thing gamexplain would drop info about, but now I can barely sit through a single video. Times have changed.


Unsubbed after Derrek, Jon, and Steve left. Andre was so obviously an a-hole and the fact that everyone left at the same time was super sus.


Wow many people in this thread unsub from GameXplain, I did the same but not for the quality of their videos but more so for André's character. He started as a chill guy who was into video game culture to...I don't even know how to describe it... to this being that only heard what he wanted to hear, any dissenting opinion got really shot down to the point of being disrespectful. So after following on twitter for a while, a couple threads made by him just broke my cammel's back, unfollowed, muted and unsub from GameXplain. Can say I don't miss the content... and a few months after, a good chunk what made the channel, THE channel...left.


I was wondering why the others left


That hurts to see. I'm surprised so many people thought Andre had a bad vibe about him; I always felt the opposite. Always thought he seemed like a genuinely mellow and nice guy, but I guess I just wasn't paying close attention. I'd also thought Derrick and crew left on good terms and just wanted to do their own thing. What a shame. As far as GX's content goes, the only thing of theirs I've always enjoyed are the analysis videos. It's super fun to see people pick apart trailers and find neat little details that I never would have noticed. Do they go overboard sometimes? Lord, yes. It's fun, though. Guess I'll be watching GX with a more critical eye from now on.


I left the sub, it is becoming quite toxic.


I remember GameXplain when it was starting around 2011, was a great and charming channel. Wasn’t too overproduced like IGN, Gamespot, etc. but had good Nintendo info with fun videos about game trailers, Easter eggs, and overall good quality reviews. Losing Jon and then the rest of the original crew was bad and I do think the quality of discussions and reviews has gone a bit down (although there’s basically been no Nintendo news in months). What a shame, I’ve seen some of that new Good Vibes Gaming channel, but it’s not the same as the old GX was. It seems almost every “nerd” YouTube channel that produces content with a cast of some sort and gets big eventually has some sort of “drama” and leads to a dip in quality or originals leaving: Cinemassacre with AVGN and Channel Awesome with the Nostalgia Critic are all the same. Feel GameXplain should’ve sold to a media company to not worry about money as much if they really wanted this to be a big news outlet, otherwise they should’ve understood their limits and not stretch so thin as to stress everyone out and lead to this mass exodus. Don’t know if it’s just the case of geeks that get corrupted with power or a big business overwhelms a small YouTube channel. GX doesn’t feel the same as the old one, but neither does that Good Vibes Gaming. Now everyone involved is in a worse spot in my opinion. Whoever is at fault should’ve realized that sticking together was the best mutual option, no matter the cost or compromise. Now GX lost their trusted staff, and GVG doesn’t really have the rep worthy of those hard-working ex-GXers. What a shame.


Lots of other Nintendo Channels out there with some more spine to them. GX was great for Smash Ultimate and Nintendo Direct coverage but Smash is out and Directs are ?dead? so I haven't had much need for them anymore. Nintendo Life is better for game reviews and analysis. Arlo is better for speculation, opinion pieces, and industry commentary. There's other Nintendo YouTubers out there. I haven't watched Good Vibes Gaming yet but they have GX's pedigree, dunno if they are as soft pawed on Nintendo as GX, hence the "Good Vibes" but if you liked Derrick and Ash.


Disappointed but not surprised. Granted I stopped watching the discussions when John left


Used to get my news from gXp but they don't report much other than Nintendo news so I switched to Spawnwave


Man, why is it that every channel I've followed for years are either become scumbag greedy EA types or sexual predators. These guys were so good, but now its just... eh.


GameXPlain used to be really good back in 2014, but recently it’s turned into something I lost the love for.


Wow, this is crazy. I've been watching them since 2012 and I can't believe it, holy shit.


Unfollowed a long time ago because of click bait


I remember liking SwitchForce videos, until they got egregiously clickbaity so I unsubbed


I can’t recommend Good Vibes Gaming enough, they do great news works with a very chill environment. Ash, Steve and Derrick all seem much happier. Nintendo Life is also great and Jon also seems like he’s been given more freedom to do what he wants and talk about Panel de Pon all he wants.


huh, I'd expect because of how they had taken on a lot of employees recently, I remember when it was just 3 guys talking about nintendo news


Never really watched gamexplain in a while, idk i just found the way they report on stuff to be quite annoying and unneeded, like all the 20 minute videos for a 30 second video kinda thing or just straight up reposting a trailer. If this andre guy is doing what is accused here then that totally sucks.


Guess it's time for them to 'Xplain what's going on. ... I'll see myself out.


Well shit. All these gaming channels are going south. I used to like gameranx before the whole stealing reddit reviews info came out. I liked game explain too. What a shame.


Oh man... I really miss the old crew. Don't know why but I can't get to like the new cast. I used to like Andre too, but this news is shocking tbh. The problem I have with GVG is the format. Their videos are too long for my liking, but I can get over it because of the people behind it


i unsubbed from these guys years ago bc they'd constantly put spoilers in the titles of new games that were coming out that i wanted to play


I've disliked GameXplain for years, mainly for their spoileriffic thumbnail images that actually ruined quite a few games for me. Ended up having to block their whole damn channel.


Ah yes, the fellows who blocked and unfollowed Reggie himself when he stated that he had family in the police force. Never really liked them so whatever.


>Allegedly, Andre keeps most of the revenue of the channel while paying low-rate payment for members of crew I've been following this pretty closely and have not seen this claim substantiated by any source at all. The situation with insane crunch and constant news videos demanding everyone always be on the clock and censoring the subreddit is bad enough. You dont need to add bonus claims.


Gaming industry moment


I can't take Andre seriously because he sounds like Al Gore from South Park


Yeah, when I heard that Jon made his channel because he needed more money, but then he joined Nintendo Life and didn’t need any more money, I realized, “maybe something is wrong with Gamexplain.”


God. I watched these guys for many years, but never knew how shit the work space was. This is horrible. Fuck Andre, man. At least Ash, Derrick, and Jon got out of there. I'll follow them on Twitter, but Andre? Fuck no. Having to rush through FF7R in two days, just to meet an embargo? Fucking awful working conditions. Being paid peanuts is just another kick in the nads. Fuck GameXplain. Hope Andre's company rots in hell.


he has a lot of Xplaining to do.


Oop! Never would have thought there was trouble in paradise but lo and behold, 2020 was just the start with all of these exposes in the gaming community. Damn, sad shame tho been watching their videos from a while back since they were one of the few that were on top of the newest news that were to come out Nintendo related.


I unfollowed them about a year ago. Too much low effort bullshit. Trailer reactions and pointless videos where they stretch out to the 10 minute mark.


This is a terrible situation, and I am happy it is being talked about. Crunch in videogame journalism is terrible, and 100s of reviewers probably had to play through the entire game in that short amount of time to get the clicks. Let's not forget, even professional ones need to play the gamea in their free time without getting paid. This however is an even worse situation because they get payed way, waaay less than reviewers from polygon, kotaku, IGN etc., who at least have a stable income. But I am 100% sure there are hundreds if not thousands of Youtube companies that do the same shit as GamExplain. Andre deleting the post from their subreddit made it even worse.


Aww come on, can we have one good YouTuber. 2020: covid 2021: cancels all gaming channels one by one


Kinda unrealated but I hope Derrick’s Metroid movie pitch gets picked up so he can be paid better, I’m not a fan of Metroid but it seems like good stuff so far and he seems really passionate about his idea