[Meirov] Zach Ertz played last night for the #Eagles. Per league rules, he's not allowed to play again this week. So he's out Sunday vs. Cleveland. One game per player per week.

[Meirov] Zach Ertz played last night for the #Eagles. Per league rules, he's not allowed to play again this week. So he's out Sunday vs. Cleveland. One game per player per week.


I think Philly and Arizona fans can make a mutual agreement that last night’s game never happened. Suit him up


Honestly probably better for you that he doesn’t anyway. No way he’ll be up to speed on your offense that quickly.


Serious question, couldn't Kyler just tell him what to do in the huddle? It's not like the defense would hear him and it takes like one second to say "ten yard cross". Obviously that doesn't work in the long term, but why can't that work for like twenty plays?


It probably could work here and there, but timing is going to be the biggest issue. Plus receivers generally don’t just have one route to run. They typically have a few depending on the defense. And then they can also go deeper or shallower if it’ll get them in a soft spot of the defense. So that’s a lot of factors that can come in play.


That first point could be major, but sitting in the soft spot of coverage is more about knowing defenses than knowing the offense to my understanding


knowing the other routes that are being run on that play affects where the soft spots will be


Some WR routes can change depending on where the coverage goes. If the safety bites one way, a post for the WR3 becomes a flag. Then you've got the issue that Ertz hasn't been watching any film on Cleveland to prep for this game. And then there's hurry up offenses, where Kyler definitely does *not* have the time to give Ertz a rundown. Also, we can't forget about run plays where he might block which adds an additional wrinkle.


>> Also, we can't forget about run plays where he might block Eh it’s Ertz. We can forget about those.


They could try but there’s enough nuance at the NFL level that it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. - Obviously you eat up extra play clock having to explain the play to him so you risk wasting timeouts or drawing delay of game penalties. - In addition to the route, you’ve also got to communicate where he’s lining up in the formation, and whether he’s on the LOS. - He probably won’t have the offense’s timing down so you risk false starts or him potentially getting off the LOS late. No knowledge of the other routes being run adds its own complications. - It would also limit Kyler’s audible options since someone in the formation might not know them. He could probably work out some of this on his own before Sunday, but the team would have no opportunity to see for themselves. Just overall not worth the risk, especially for a guy who doesn’t bring much as a blocker.


I object!!!


#O B J E C T I O N




-NFL anti-fun committee


Because it's *devastating* to my case!


Wait there was a game last night???


I hear that as you forfeit your last game and I agree


So could a player in theory play Monday Night, get traded Tuesday and then play Thursday Night for their new team?


Theoretically and hypothetically yes maybe


Imagine playing a delayed west coast game that went to OT Monday night, getting traded and playing an east coast 1:00 game on thanksgiving. Thursday. Hypothetically, that would blow


Isn't the trade deadline before then?


True. So then yeah, it would an 8:20est start would be the fastest? Idk? Are there still early MNF start times week 2 before byes start?


The shortest possible turnaround would be that late west coast Week 1 Monday night game, then Week 2's Thursday night game. Of course, last year we had a Wednesday game because of Covid, as well as a Tuesday game. Getting traded after that to a Thursday team would be even more extreme.


Yes :(


Someone could still get released I guess.


You forgot possibly!


I guess so yea. Monday is the last game of a week and Thursday the first. Would be fucked for that player unless they’re a low impact position like a kicker or something


That’s weird because both cases are 2 days rest between games.


It is, but from what I’ve been seeing the verbiage is per league week. Unless there’s another portion that says a player needs X days between games.


That would be great for fantasy lol


How? Fantasy week Monday then Thursday would be different weeks as well, you would still only get to play them once per week.


I mean if ertz was able to play Thursday and then this weekend


That would be 3 games within 7 days though. No way he’d perform well.


Nothing some PEDs couldn’t help out with


No coach would actually make a player play in that scenario


Maybe especially a kicker, because half of them seem to be injured and the other half seem to suck.


And because of 2 days rest, it would be a bad idea to play him. But the league would allow it since that would not allow the player to play in more games than the rest of the league (ignoring bye weeks).


It’s a monetary protection, not at all about days of rest. The League doesn’t give a shit about these dude’s bodies. But a player being able to play twice in a single “game week” means he gets extra stats (contract escalators) and is probably due an extra game check.


While that might well be a factor, they *do* allow players to play an “extra game” if they get traded from a team that hasn’t had a bye week yet to a team that already had theirs.


Less about playing, more about paying. Beyond the player health and playbook issues, they can’t have a situation where someone getting their salary for 17 regular season games suddenly gets an 18th regular season game. What team is responsible for the double salary? Where does it fall in the salary cap? Are their performance incentives split across a season or 17 games? What if they hit those incentives with an 18th game? Also No player would play that extra game for free.


Players get paid on the bye week, too. If your salary is $18M, you get paid a million dollars eighteen times.


Oops I’m an idiot. It’s still a lot of money though. That player making $18,000,000 for 18 weeks being forced to play a 19th game for free would not sit well with the player of the NFLPA. Teams also wouldn’t want to add another $1,000,000 to make them play an extra game. I’m convinced it’s half for safety and half for logistics/money.


No......there are 18 weeks, 18 paychecks, and 17 games for each team. If you get traded from the right team to the right team, you'd have 18 weeks, 18 paychecks, but 18 games.


Yes. I agree on the number of weeks and games. I’m saying if a player played 18 games across 18 weeks, that would likely cause a pay dispute. They agree to a 17 game regular season across 18 weeks. In theory this would lead to a player playing 19 games in a season. If the Eagles had a week 13 bye and Arizona had a week 5 bye, a player like Ertz getting traded on a Friday after a Thursday night game and playing on Sunday would lead to a player having a 19 game season


And I'm telling you it won't. A player who is on a roster all 18 weeks gets 18 even checks, whether the team was on a bye or played in San Francisco or London. The only difference is taxes for the location of the game.


I don’t think that’s an issue. Players in the other major sports leagues could play 82+ games sometimes


Those other leagues have soft caps and the salary is distributed across a higher number of games. Football also has a higher physical toll on the body because you aren’t supposed to tackle people in the MLB or NBA. Risk of injury for each game increases. Higher risk of injury increases the risk of paying a guy who can’t play. Zach Ertz makes $5.66m this year. That’s roughly $333,000 per game in an NFL season. In basketball, it’s $69,000 per game. In baseball it is $35,000 per game. $333,000 is half of a rookie minimum contract. It’s also about 12.8% of the remaining cap space for Arizona. I am not a cap expert, but $333,000 is a lot of money. As a Browns fan, I saw a WR I liked (Hodge) get cut over a couple hundred thousand dollars. The dollar amount decreases when you look at rookie contracts, but imagine what we would be talking about if a guy like Odell Beckham Jr was traded. He makes $923,500 per game. That’s almost 75% remaining cap space for the Colts at this time. Getting paid 18/17 weeks is a big deal in the NFL!


This actually happened recently. Can't remember who, but they got traded before their original team's bye week to a team that just had their bye. So the player played 17 games (when there was only 16)


Emmanuel sanders


Yes because they are different nfl weeks. But I dont see any team making a starter play that quickly unless a small roll player. They also wouldn't be up to snuff playbook wise


It’s an NFL week so not just 7 days


Thursday to Monday? ❌ Monday to Thursday? ✅ ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


Still the same week though


The NFL week spans Tuesday morning to Monday night.


I never said nfl. Guess I should have add “technically”


Nfl week is the only thing that's relevant


Yes captain obvious, but I’m saying it’s still technically the same week.


And why is that relevant


Who said it’s relevant?


Likelyhood of Arizona and Dallas getting flexed from a 1 PM game to primetime if their play continues like this?


Yes please


That's a week 17 game. You're jinxing both teams by asking for a flex this early.


Good... Good.


I think AZ will definitely! They’re playing so well


Don't, just don't. Az fans are fragile hearted creatures, and any sort of praise immediately causes us to fear a sky fall event. We are fearful, and not even a little stitious, we are super stitious.


The DBacks died for this. There can only be one contender at any one time from our major sports. Double-sacrifice for the Suns and Cardinals.


Dbacks decided before the ‘19 to wait until they move or the Dodgers stop existing to be good again. I’m hoping if my Cowboys and the Cardinals meet in the playoffs the AZ sports curse will over power my Cowboys divisional round curse




Wow AZ is looking really great this year huh!


Kyler MVP for sure!


Both teams are


He's an eagles fan, don't expect anything but hate


I’m sorry is Arizona undefeated? Just because I didn’t say I wanted to fondle Jerry Jone’s dusty nut sack doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize they’re doing well. I love Dak and what he’s doing this season, I had them winning the NFC East this year, but on a whole I think the Cards are the better team this year.


He's a Cowboys fan, don't expect anything but a victim complex


He's a Washington fan, don't expect anything but calling for the heads of everyone involved in the disgrace of the team right now because Fandom is complicated and you can still love the team and recognize its putrid stink.


Fuck Dan Snyder




What stadium spews shitwater on fans?


Technically not ours, it was rainwater. Stadium is a piece of shit though. I haven't been to a game in like a decade


I don't thin Washington fans are gonna be affected by that clapback. They know the organization is rotten at the core and that the stadium is shit. Also, it was rainwater. Probably not pleasant to get sprayed with, but not human waste.


Oh, you can see now? You couldn't' see you were supporting a racist and misogynistic franchise when you became a fan? Sad.


Not very good. The Packers are already on Sunday night and they bring great TV ratings, plus I would think Fox would protect this game.


It the NFCN is wrapped up though, it seems likely


True, but I still can't see Fox giving up a game of that magnitude. It will likely get moved to an afternoon game though.


For a Packers Vikings game that probably won’t matter? And they say Cowboys fans are delusional


Fox has the Cowboys game, not the Packers game. They won't give that up to NBC is what I am saying.


I see but that’s not how it works, Fox doesn’t get to make the decision the NFL does. Any Sunday game can be flexed to Sunday night now in weeks 5-18 and in week 17 they would only need 6 days notice if the game has playoff implications.


They don't admit it any more (they only admit that they consult with the networks before flexing a game) but I believe the networks still are able to protect games and have a lot more say than you think they do. This article has some good insight into it: https://www.morganwick.com/nfl-flexible-scheduling-primer/


Nope NFL makes the schedule if they want a game on prime time it’s gonna happen. Fox and CBS pay more because they get a whole lot more games per year. ESPN is also going to start flexing games starting in 2023 and having more double headers so there will be much more movement starting then. The NFL is king and networks agree to these deals because they really don’t have a choice. Flexes are only limited during weeks 5-10 and you probably won’t see a flex during that time because they do put a lot into making these schedules in the first place. But in the end it’s the NFL’s product and they’ll show it where they want to so we’ll just have to wait and see


Flex's have supposedly only been limited in weeks 5-10 for the past 6 years, yet we still saw only 2 games flexed to SNF all of last year. There is a reason for that.


Only Sunday afternoon games are subject to being flexed into the Sunday night window.


1 PM EST is the afternoon. EST is the time used, not PST


Roger clearly playing against Ertz this week


email leak incoming.


If we give him a fake mustache and call him Hertz, could he play?


There's nothing in the rules that says you *can't* do this.


Stupid question. Ok, so 1 game per week. But technically - one could get traded before his bye week to a team that already had their bye week. And would end up playing 18 games. Question is - if that were to happen - how does that work for their per game salary? Do they end up making more money? Or does it get adjusted to account for 1 more game?


Your salary is your salary, regardless of how it's divvied up. Most players get (now) 18 checks, so you still get a check on your bye week. Andrew Brandt said that he encouraged players to get paid out over the full year, not just the season, when he was Packers GM. Per-game salary is just a convenient way of thinking about it, but it doesn't actually mean anything.


I am fairly certain that has happened in the past 5 years but I do not remember who


emmanuel sanders, 2019


This happened to Emmanuel Sanders at one point. Dunno what happened tho.


You get a “game check” for the bye week anyway I’m pretty sure. So you just get paid like normal but you have another game


Players get paid for each week whether they play or not. They'd still get 18 checks.


Imagine the fantasy football meltdown if he played both games


Every shitty GM out there would be editing the outcome.


It'd be as juicy as last season when Taysom Hill was playing QB as a TE.


This is a good rule to have. EVen if Ertz can't play, it will give him an extra few days and a game to learn the offense, the playbook, and get used to how the Cardinals run things on the sidelines.


"So you're telling me...the offense is designed to score? In the first three quarters? Get out of here!"


In this play we need you to block downfield for a run- Hold up, coach. A what?


Thank God. Now Arizona will only drop 45 on us, not 52


I like you.




Arizona activates little known player from their PS, Ach Zertz, TE.


Huh, I guess that means Brady can't swing some kind of deal with two franchises where he gets traded repeatedly between them, pumping his stats further and being the single-season winningest QB possible.


Oh come on I could use those extra fantasy points


Errrr Monday night football and then Sunday? How does that work then?


Those are technically different weeks in the NFL's eyes. The league doesn't prohibit 2 games in 7 days, just 2 games in the same NFL calendar week (can't play two games in Week 6 but can play a Week 5 game on Monday and a Week 6 game on Sunday).


So technically you could play Monday for 1 team, get traded, then play on Thursday with the other?


Also means you could play the same team twice in 3 days!


There might be another rule for short rest on the Monday and Thursday situation. That's shorter rest than they allow in general, so I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't allowed on a per player basis.


Yeh so then swap them around as you say. Sunday then Thursday, Monday and Thursday. Short week. I think this rule doesn't exist. Probably more like you can't play for two separate teams in the same week.


Such a weird rule. Must be due to game-based compensation/bonuses.


No it's an old timey rule so you can't have some amazing player play for two different teams each week. Otherwise for example two teams could just trade Tom Brady back and forth every week and he would play for two teams.


Yeah this is it. There's all kinds of anticompetitive fuckery you could get in to if there was no rules regarding this


No, it's because the human body simply can't take two NFL games in one week.


Thursday -> Sunday = 👎👎 Sunday -> Thursday = 😎




I'm gonna go out on a limb and say within the 90 odd years since 1926 and now.




The best thing about the 1926 season is that the Cardinals were the defending champs that season.


1926 was literally 95 years ago lmao. Some things have changed since that time


Few years ago the Bears had a crazy number of games in a short window. Possibly covering thanksgiving?


Why on earth did the Eagles play him? What if he got hurt? Just seems foolish to play him when you knew he would be dealt. No way this deal hinged on them losing the game last night - right?


Give him a chance to get one more game in with the fans, especially while Godert was out for the week under Covid protocol.


To showcase him so a team knows he has something left?


The touchdown may have upped his value just a bit.


Yeah this isn't fantasy football


Yeah NFL teams don't care if a guy can score. What?


Yeah bro, good thing Ertz caught that wide open 5 yard touchdown yesterday otherwise teams would have no idea he could do that. Excellent points you are making dude!


He ran solid crisp routes last night and was clearly a focal point more than other weeks. Was open several times




He played Thursday


Wonder if that rule was implemented with foresight or because someone tried to attempt it


Although the funny thing is, I have Ertz in fantasy, and put him in last night. Now that he has been traded I keep the fantasy points he got, but now can put in a new TE...


It would've been funny if Ertz played three games in eight days.


Yes, but what about Mac Jertz?


That is lame low key


Cite me the rule please




Every week two teams play two games, four days apart.


Seems like bullshit considering Thursday Night Football exist. ‘One game a week’ except for when ~100 lucky players only get 3 full days between games


The league week begins on Tuesday or Wednesday—I forget which, so although teams play Sunday and Thursday of the same week, they're different league weeks. Teams never play two games within the same league week.


No, I get that. I’m saying the league week is an arbitrary distinction, and that this rings hollow when you’re making millions of dollars by having players play multiple games in one non-arbitrary week. I only bring it up because players have complained about it before


No it's not. Allowing a player to play 1 game a week, no matter when the league week officially starts means that if the game is played early there's automatically an extra rest period on the other side. Playing Thursday to Sunday isn't the issue. Playing Sunday>Thursday>Sunday is the issue.