A Florida doctor has been removed from his hospital job amid reports that he offered parents medical letters to circumvent school mask requirements.

A Florida doctor has been removed from his hospital job amid reports that he offered parents medical letters to circumvent school mask requirements.


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This was making the rounds over the weekend among several doctor and EM specific groups. He JUST graduated from his residency in June (in PA). This may not be a death knell for his EM career, but he will forever have to explain how and why he lost his hospital privileges when applying to future jobs and when applying for new state medical licenses (or when he renews his current license). Most EM groups also have an ethics/morals section of their employment contracts and his current employer may fire him based on this behaviour (falsification of medical care/treatment/records). He’s screwed.


Really didn't take him long to forget about that ethics course he took, did it?


Dunno, he paid someone to do it for him...


Ethics in American healthcare? That's funny.


“Premiun not nosery just means 50$ and I’ll hook you up” -this doctor probably


> he will forever have to explain how and why he lost his hospital privileges when applying to future jobs and when applying for new state medical licenses (or when he renews his current license) Just curious, why wasn’t this the case for Christopher Duntsch in Texas? Was it purely because he was a neurosurgeon and neurosurgery = money?


So, I glanced at the details of this case (so I apologize if I'm missing on some important details) but to be frank state licensure and privileges is a bit of a crapshoot, in my opinion, and it allows stuff like this to slip through the cracks. Dig long enough and you'll find cases plenty of cases of doctors working in other states after they lost their jobs in another for fondling female patients, doctors where it was discovered they falsified attending an international medical school, and just gross, gross incompetence that gets rubber stamped. Basically, each states licensure is independent and having practiced in several I can say there are massive quality variation between different medical boards. Some will efficiently contact your training places and prior workers and make decisions within weeks. Some will drag on for months and (I suspect) eventually just kinda pass you without doing that diligence. A lot of applying for a license is self reporting: Have you ever lost a job from substance abuse, have you ever lost a licence from a disciplinary action, have you ever been investigated for billing fraud, etc? This allows the bad apples to either lie or minimize their prior actions because it may slip through. There is not robust national clearinghouses where you type in "Dr. Casualawful" and it spits out everything about me. A GOOD state licensing board will of course, discover that this dude is hella lying and smack them down. However, maybe if it's a state where things are lax, the destination is not that desired or desperately needs workers, or there's a contact with the board that encourages them to approve. Those lead to bad doctors getting licensed. It's an analogous practice for a hospital privileges. This is a second layer where each hospital decides what their doctors are allowed to do there. For example, I can become a license in Florida but St. Whatever's hospital won't allow me to do brain surgery unless I show them I have experience and training doing them. This is another case where the followup is not as robust as it really can be. For example, I'm in a procedural specialty and when I was applying for my current job a long while back I was meticulously reviewing my case logs and making exact tallies of how many times I did X and how many times I did Y. I got made fun of by one of my mentors at my fellowship saying "Just say you did 30 of those, nobodies going to follow up". And he was exactly right. They just took me at my word I had done 30 of that procedure and didn't ask for any documentation other than my signature.


I binged the podcast a few weeks ago and my takeaway was that: 1) neurosurgery, especially the type he was doing, is insanely profitable and hospitals were willing to take him at his word / overlook a few things; 2) After he had big fuck ups he would never be fired, just allowed to resign, so the hospitals weren’t required to report him, and the reports the board DID receive were from patients and doctors which are pretty low on their priority list compared to a hospital reporting their own doctor; and 3) He actually could’ve been a really great scientist if it wasn’t for his ego. His plan through residency and fellowship was to gain the title of a surgeon to further his research and business career, so never put in the required surgical time, and his mentor was his business partner so he let him do it. His drug use and drinking was destroying the business so they forced him to (quietly) separate himself from it, but he was so driven to be rich that he conned his way into surgical jobs to make money


Exactly. This idiot in Tally is gonna have to re-explain this for every state and clinical site he applies to for privileges. So I anticipate he’ll get stuck working at some urgent care that will hire anybody and pay absolute garbage because the docs are desperate. Medical “minor league” if you will. Because he’ll still be able to get licensed somewhere - too many states just don’t care or don’t look.


Clarification. He was selling letters at $50/pop. https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/local/state/2021/08/25/tallahassee-covid-mask-opt-outs-florida-doctor-sold-leon-capital-regional-medical-center/5570345001/


That's the bit I was looking for. Dude should have his medical license revoked.


Danielle Weston, one of the trustees on the Round Rock ISD school board (just north of Austin) said she texted her family doctor while she was out on her date night. Why, you ask? She asked the doctor to issue medical mask exemptions for her entire family _as a favor_, with no prior medical history to allow for them, no reason other than "I don't want to wear one," and after being vocally for sending children back to campus without masks. Can anyone say "falsifying medical records for a government document?" That's a felony here in Texas, and even more so when it's a government official doing it. On top of that, she was stupid enough to admit doing it _on camera at a board meeting!_ https://mobile.twitter.com/LaurenH59146879/status/1430533907989114886


Was the exemption granted? I hope not.


Doing it for a profit pretty much sealed that deal. He won't have a compelling conviction defense if the diagnosis was conditional upon an extra Grant in his pocket. Of course, this is Florida... who knows what type of medical review board they have down there, but an employer & malpractice insurance might be next to impossible regardless.


If he loses his medical license, I'm sure DeSantis will find a job for him in his administration.


Is there a “Chief Medical Officer” position? Nothing says *trust me* more than following that up with *, I used to be a licensed physician.* Also, that will give DeStro an opportunity to get his cut from the $50 letters, so...gotta get that skrilla, killa.


He was a licence physician for what, like 2 months?


He’s hired then! DeSatan wouldn’t want anyone near him to have too much competence or learnin’.


This doc should apply for certification from Rand Paul’s super legitimate, in no way fake, board of medicine.


Ironically, [Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees is stepping down in September....](https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2021/08/26/dr-scott-rivkees-to-leave-position-as-florida-surgeon-general-in-september/)


Cut him some slack, his business has really been struggling ever since they started cracking down on opiates.


That was his same sorry excuse when he was *really struggling ever since they started cracking down on adderall...* ...and pcp before that... ...and barbiturates in his swinging salad party days before that.


Looks like he picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue


Read the article- this was homie’s first actual attending/doctor job. Fresh outta his residency. Also- you had me for a minute lol. Like wait is that rea… oh yea no.


Wow he finished medical school in 2018 and then did an ER residency which is 3 years long. All residency programs finish on June 30. This fool was literally a couple of weeks into his first job. There goes his career. Have fun with those student loans.


So much wasted. Why risk everything professionally for a few $50 transactions when you’re earning potential just skyrocketed by becoming an attending physician? Is math no longer required for med school or something?


A few? He probably could have sold a few thousand, if not more. He wasn’t doing it because of his belief system, he was doing it strictly for cash, and if it hadn’t been this, it would have been some other scheme. Dude was looking for the fastest route to the fancy sports car, McMansion, country club, and obligatory trophy wife.


Good one and possibly true.


I thought all the doctors were getting rich by diagnosing everything as COVID though.


Florida doesn’t require thats doctors have malpractice insurance, because of course we don’t


Doing it for profit? For $50 ?? lol. It costs $30 in Canada just to get a note saying you were too sick to goto work....


$50 is what most people have as a co-pay now


Sadly, most medical review boards consist of doctors who feel sorry for their fellow doctor and think they can be rehabilitated. Likely a slap on the wrist.


I'm not sure if it helps or hurts his case that he is fresh out of residency. He's only been practicing medicine since February '21.


He’s Republican surgeon general material.


“First, do no harm.” Fuck this guy.




Good luck with that. I doubt Florida has the most robust contact tracing


When you have a job making 100s of 1000s a year and you lose it over 50 dollars


He was probably planning on doing a bunch of petty cash things. Sell medical n95 masks (ironically, but cash is cash), sell sick leave, write up painkiller scripts, etc..


That's what I was thinking, probably helps people get on disability, declares elderly family not of sound mind, fills oxy scripts...


Sounds like he just got his first job after residency and was ready to shortcut his way to paying off all those student loans.


JFC, what a bad bad look. If his license is revoked, gosh, I don't know maybe he can move to another country?


He's in Florida. It's unlikely he'll lose his license. They need a steady stream of doctors medicating these retirees into oblivion so they don't notice half the state can't read and the other half is dying of preventable diseases.


Yea but homie JUST finished his residency. Getting fired from your first job for selling fake/illegitimate medical notes is gonna look real bad going forward. Maybe he just wanted to quit medicine and become a right-wing/libertarian “medical” advocate


Don't forget about the town full of carneys. Everyone just forgets there's a town in Florida that's nothing but carneys and side show freaks. *edit*: [it's Gibsonton](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibsonton,_Florida)


Shut. The Front. Door. This is a thing? Srsly?? TIL


[If he loses his license he can always work from home.](https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article226563284.html)


At $50 a letter that would have taken him a really long time. Glad he got caught.


Also appears he named his lowkey, secret company to hide his unethical behavior after the street of the new home he bought.


Even worse it was a lottery. So they paid $50 for a chance to get one.


If I was a doctor I would do the same. Except noone would have won the lottery.


Chaotic good


And then have another $50 lottery where the winner of that gets their first $50 back. Except no one would win that either.


Just $50…..what a moron. Besides the obvious stupidity…..


People wanting fake doctor's notes aren't known for their deep pockets to circumvent basic public safety (or much education). If you just look at his local county with 34,000 students, if you assume 30% of the parents are idiots and 30% of them are big enough idiots to buy a note, then that's still a $150k in his pocket without going into the office.


Sure, if he could see that many patients in a reasonable amount of time. I’m not sure how things work down in the states, but I assume a doctor can generally only book consultations for a limited amount of people in the day.


The vaccine is free yet people pay. Shame. The bulk of these people are doing it to “own the libs”, but there’s others that are buying in to bullshit. It’s sad.


I worked a PRN job in Endo at CRMC while I was doing ICU at Tally memorial I thought it would be nicer since it’s a private hospital but The place was a shit, dirty unkempt, technology way behind the times… the EMR was basically MS-DOS… not surprised there’s a few shit head MDs there


made a comment about this yesterday - some sympathetic doctor would start to rubber stamp medical waivers for cash. Happened even faster then I thought.


Throw that in with some that have been cashing in on scripts for HCQ and ivermectin and just riding the delusion train to an easy payday. Have had an acquaintance complaining about her employer mandating vaccines given they have "natural immunity" from their having had a case and how her doctor recommends against the vaccine (guessing the doc is fine just letting her rant so he can manage her half dozen comorbidities). Also, she sells Doterra to fix what ails you. The docs probably have to make up revenue now that the DEA has gotten savvy on oxy since Florida used to be the pill mill capital of the world. That and their biggest customer died of lung cancer in Palm Beach this year.


That's much worse.


Love seeing my city on the news


$50? That’s a steal compared to average US healthcare costs! Only a few dollars more than [the cost of holding your own baby.]( https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/55qntw/i_had_to_pay_3935_to_hold_my_baby_after_he_was/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Considering how much he was likely making as a doctor, he was essentially giving them away. What a fucking moron.


Oh, that makes it much better. Carry on then.


Why does it have to be in my town? Why couldn't it be some podunk redneck area of the state? $50 is a co-pay. He could have gotten $150. Gotta pay back those loans somehow. The dipshits going to him would do anything to keep this goddamn pandemic going as long as their kid didn't have to wear a mask. It got so bad the superintendent said no more opt outs. Edit: Rocky Hannah is no joke of an administrator. I had him and his wife as teachers and he was a principal my senior year. I think he may have suspended me that year too, but it was over 20 years ago and my memory is a little hazy. He definitely is working in the best interest of the students. Also added a line above the edit


Are there any laws punishing anyone issuing false medical certifications?


Definitely “not” worthy of losing your license over….or maybe


He must still got school loans to pay.


‘Dr Warden said he was not able to provide comment to the paper’ Did they offer him $50?


Wasn't this in r/legaladvice yesterday?


Yes I remember the post! I hopefully there isn’t an epidemic of doctors doing this. Some people are such trash.


I saw this too - but for some reason I thought the post said $100 for the letters in that one?


Let's be real here - do you think this guy is the only one doing this?


There’s probably so many of them it’s so sad. This is why BC Canada’s provincial vaccine passport mandate is so strict, to stop these pigs from endangering severely immunocompromised patients which are so rare.


There's always some doctor who went through years and years of training to get one of the most difficult to attain careers for most people on Earth who is willing to chuck it all for a quick buck under the most sordid and despicable of circumstances. Sooooooo weird.


Removed from his job? So, fired?


Probably wasn't a direct hire of the hospital. Most likely a contractor and told to not come back. Fired works, but also gives the wrong impression of his employment status.


Nah, maybe they just wheeled him out? It's policy.


Chiropractor in my town is doing the same but not selling, just giving them out.


>Chiropractor and they are not even doctors, they are licensed practitioners


Report them.


I have twice. At least one other parent has as well.


Call the medias. They would love that story.


I did about two weeks ago. I spoke to them for about 45 mins. They ran a small story that evening. It was edited and although it missed my main points I felt it got my general point across. There was a small backlash from the townsfolk but it's not my first rodeo with them


Outlandish that they can make anyone medically exempt from anything medical to begin with.


I cannot wait to see their reaction when those are tossed in the garbage. Doctors of Chiropractic is as much a Doctor of Medicine as a Doctor of Philosophy (PHd).


Hey now, they went to special healing school for like, 2 years? Or was it a correspondence course? Idk, but they have shaky machines that make your toxins come out, so... might have to side with the choir practicers on that one.


>Dr Warden was reportedly offering the letters on the Parents Against Masks group, according to local media. He said he was not signing letters affiliated with a hospital or medical group. This fucktard should absolutely lose his license to practice medicine. If he wants to believe in his stupid MAGA troglodyte heart that masks are not effective at preventing Covid transmission because of some ignorant shit he saw on Tucker Carlson, fine, it's a free country and he has the right to fill his brain full of proto-fascist infotainment garbage. But the minute that this garbage rattling around in his pea brain begins to impact how he treats his patients, it's game fucking over. What's that apt phrase I keep hearing from the righties about doing your fucking job and keeping your politics to yourself? Oh right: ***SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE!***


> Parents Against Masks group PAM is going to be the new Karen.


I'm fine with that. My first office job I was trained by a absolutely wonderful woman named Karen, learned a ton and she was my office mom! Gave me dayquil when I was feeling under the weather lol.


Schools who have letters signed by him also have likely Co conspirators.


I work at a pediatricians office and we have had a few parents ask for "mask waivers" for their kids to bring to school. It is my favorite part of my job to tell them that we refuse to do that.


Do they specify why they think they're entitled to one? I have to assume most kids from those kind of families aren't even vaccinated.


So I’ve had two parents ask. One said that his 2 elementary aged kids were getting headaches everyday at school and he attributed this to the masks. The other family said their child “wasn’t getting enough oxygen”. 🙄


I mean... Someone's brain isn't getting enough oxygen in the family, just doubt it's the kid.


This is horrible. When a person chooses his career in the field of medicine, is supposed to do it to save lives. Instead this doctor is contributing to the spread of the virus in exchange for money. Funeral homes have said that they are unable to keep up. News Channel 8 reported one home as saying bodies awaiting cremation were "stacked to the ceiling" The state now accounts for 20% of all paediatric Covid-19 cases. DeSantis is not fit to serve as Governor so should be impeached.


Good. Any doctor or nurse who opposes health measures like vaccines or masking should be shitcanned from their job.


Probably less about opposition than entrepreneurship.


There was a post on one of the sub reddits from a gal in Florida wanting to know how to report a doctor for doing this!


The very definition of a piece of shit.


Imagine investing money and time into the education required to become a licensed doctor only to throw it all away over something so stupid.


I’ve been thinking for a while that we should approach the anti-mask and anti-vax folks differently. If we said “Fine. Don’t vaccinate or wear a mask. We want you to die” they would probably mask up and vaccinate in droves out of spite.


They'll just follow you around and whine about the tolerant left not caring if they die and how it proves that liberals (because let's face it, they also don't know the difference) are actively killing the right wing. I don't necessarily want people to die, but I have a finite reserve of empathy and I'm saving it for the people who are showing as result of the anti- vaxxers and maskers.


Responding to them is a choice. If we’re in agreement that they’re fools, who cares what they think or say?


Damn Florida, look at us


Wow imagine spending 250,000 and 8 years of your life. And still being a dumb fucking cunt


Hopefully the medical board is notified of this!


I don’t know a single person who has ever criticised stardew valley, it’s pretty much flawless


Whether or not you agree with mask mandates I really hope that people can agree that this is not ok. Well, obviously not the people who were buying the letters, but essentially any type of medical "letter," that is written for a patient that is done 'for profit,' as opposed to 'in the best interest of the patient.'


Imagine having someone like this as your doc and not knowing any better until they pull a stunt like this. One thing about Covid, it sure has brought the idiots even more so out of the woodwork than ever before.


If your child is too sick to wear a mask, they're too sick to go to school!


So, medical fraud. Not a good idea.


Of course it's Florida...


Just removed from his job? Take away his medical license.


Additionally, his license should be removed from him. Isn’t it a felony to falsify or conspire to falsify medical records?


Anything for a buck! “Hi I’m dr Larry and this is my brother doctor Darryl and my other brother doctor Darryl.”


In California, if you write up more than 5 wavers a year, you get audited by the medial board.


Was he drumming up business?


And Florida goes down even further in many people's opinions.


He should go to prison. He’s assisting in putting the communities lives at risk **through their children**.


When California did away with the religious exemption for the vaccinations required to go to school some bogus Southern California doctor started writing a huge number of exemptions for school kids state wide without seeing the kids. School districts in my area then started requiring exemption letters from local doctors that had seen the kids. The state also came up with a prosecution team that investigated doctors that signed a suspiciously large number of exemptions. All of a sudden medical exemptions were reduced to a sensible level.


It was just Florida Man in a lab coat.


Throw him in prison and revoke his license. Same with the quacks prescribing people horse dewormer.


If your health is so fragile that you can't wear a mask, then stay home.


Breaking an oath right there. He should lose his license.


Meanwhile 68 Florida hospitals have less than 2 days of oxygen left, but go ahead and have more kids go without masks in crowded schools.


I just don’t understand why it’s so fucking hard to wear a mask. You put a thing over your mouth and nose to help prevent a disease that’s ravaging schools all over the country. In the case of children... some parents are worried about masks causing low oxygen levels affecting brain development, which has been disproven time and time again. Some parents are worries about kids’ social development by saying that masks prevent them from seeing social cues, as if their kids dont interact with family or watch movies/TV and notice facial expressions. It’s all bullshit. These people, who have the nerve to act like they’re victims, are the reason so many people keep dying and the reason the pandemic has been dragging on for so long. Those of us who are doing what we’re supposed to are sick of it. Don’t want your kid to wear a mask? Grit your fucking teeth and mask them up now so this can all be under control sooner and they can take them off for good.


I sort of believe this. I crossed paths with someone on one of the anti-covid subs who claimed that his doctor gave him a prescription for ivermectic to take as a covid preventative. This despite the FDA saying it has no value being taken that way.


a real typhoid Mary kinda character… gotta love florida, doing extra effort to cool the planet.


Being an MD pays a good income. Why would you fuck over your entire career for $50 letters?


It’s unbelievable that people are willing to risk the health and/or lives of their children for their political belief that they shouldn’t be required to wear a mask, even though experts say it’s necessary.


what a clown. imaging going to med school for years and working your way to become a doctor then doing this crap.


How about removing his medical license from him…


I hope more and more of these people are caught and the public workers unwilling to vaccinate or wear masks are fired. This could end up being a great cleansing of ignorant and selfish people from positions of potential power.


Do no harm as long as it agrees with my political views


So he is very likely some degree of murderer.


Strip him of his medical license.


He should lose EVERYTHING


What percentage of parents in the states are anti maskers do you think? I have seen countless videos now of parents in the states claiming going to school board meetings and screaming a bunch of insane shit.


All you need is one loud enough parent, and others not ready to tell him to stfu.


Hopefully all states honor this when he loses his license


Good though surprising hospital did that in Florida


You’ll see more and more of this and most wont get caught.


Good bye bye, he can now go help the dying jokes unvaccinated ppl in a tent city makeshift hospital. Deathsantis


This is the kind of shit that anti-mask/anti-vaxxers cite but don't realize that, just like every other profession you're going to have a shit doctor on occasion who will go viral with straight up incorrect bullshit


They're all members of Tyler Durtons 'blight club'


A Florida doctor. Nail in the coffin in the first two words.


It’s like these people *want* us all to die


Good fucking riddance. Throw the book at them.


How to handle a doctor's note stating the child can't wear a mask: "Oh that's terrible... Welp, distance learning for you!" - watch how fast the kid masks up when told that, their status to not wear a mask will be accepted... they just cannot physically be allowed in the school.


wish it was that simple.


Back in the days before pot was legal here ( in Colorado ) they figured out that 90% of the medical marijuana prescriptions were from two or three doctors.


Clear violation of the hippocratic oath


Good. Any doctor working against public health has already violated the Hippocratic Oath.