Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman to throw first pitch at Nationals game

Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman to throw first pitch at Nationals game


Honestly, this man should never have to buy his own beer ever again.


True, but I bet he declines almost every offer of a free drink


A cop doesn't turn down a free drink.


Was super awkward when I charged a cop for a pop once, when they were expecting it to be free. Sorry, dude.


I worked in a Starbucks and there were cops that would do this. If you want to talk to the manager about then go ahead, but I am still going to charge.


Fuck them for even putting you in that situation. They make more than enough to pay for their own Starbucks.


The problem with it was how they behaved. They would act like they were joking, but the pestering of it became annoying which would be uncomfortable for me. I can only fake laugh for a certain amount of time before it gets dumb.


Another big problem here is the traditional reason for giving police free things. It has a two fold effect of making sure cops hold your business in high regard and in the case of a restaurant or a coffee shop it creates a situation where your business constantly has police around. This makes a lot of sense for a small business owner who potentially has a lot to lose from theft or robbery, but at a Starbucks that makes no sense at all. There's likely no one thats ever stepped in the store that personally has something to lose from a robbery, and even then they are likely insured against it. And your average employee at the register certainly doesn't give a shit. It's the same reason the old organized crime tactic of demanding protection money doesn't work in the new corporation dominated world. For a family owned business it might actually make sense for the store owner to pay a fee to not go through the hassle and financial distress of having his property destroyed or employees hurt. But who is a criminal going to extort at a Starbucks, the general manager? What's he going to do, run the extortion request up the corporate chain?


>And your average employee at the register certainly doesn't give a shit. I get what you're saying, but being robbed is traumatic even if they aren't taking your money.


In the UK it's discouraged in some police forces for officers to accept free goods/services - it could create a situation where police may favour the business during their work, sort of a "soft corruption". There is a national "blue light" discount card scheme though, available to people in many jobs.


Organized crime just moved in using ransom ware in their servers


Dude I know what you mean. It's a really annoying cop thing they do


“Oh! Yes sir!!! Let me just press this handy dandy ‘free and unlimited drinks for cops’ button on our POS! Btw, I feel unsafe walking alone to my vehicle after my closing shift, Mr Officer do you think you could come back at closing and make sure I’m safe?? No? Oh, okay...enjoy the free drink...”


Have you ever actually asked one to come back after close and sit in the parking lot for a bit? I Used to work at sonic and we had a regular who was a cop and I asked if he would come watch the parking lot once after we got robbed and he was there at close every night he was on shift for several weeks. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.




Isn't that [Schrödinger's Douchebag](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Schr%C3%B6dinger%27s%20Douchebag)?


I just stopped laughing and started staring at them blankly. It got really uncomfortable for them.


Alpha dominance points.


I work front desk at a hotel and some Karen cop verbally abused my coworkers because she wanted to always get a free upgrades. She wasn't even paying for her stay - her department was for a cop class.


Why do cops get and/or expect free shit?


They get free shit because people (used to) like cops, and/or decided that the additional safety of having cops regularly patronize an establishment that has historically provided free coffee(or whatever) was worth the cost of the coffee (or whatever). Cops expect it because they're used to getting it, or are used to seeing other cops get it in movies/tv/etc.


I felt like a shit bag walking into Starbucks in my scrubs (nurse) and getting free coffee when they were doing that. I can’t imagine just expecting to be given it for free.


RT here. Still feel kind of bad about bringing home free coffee for my wife for a couple months. I don't drink it but she loves it. I only feel kind of bad because she basically bought a Starbucks a day for the last decade.


With the amount she's spent on coffee already, all of those free coffees you're picking up are the "buy 9 and get your 10th free!" cups. No shame there, Starbucks is expensive, take advantage of that


Used to work at a zoo that had bald eagles and an officer asked one of our educators if he could have a bald eagle feather because something something patriotism something something law enforcement god bless the USA or some shit. No sir, that’s a felony. The man had no idea which is one thing, there are an awful lot of laws out there, but then he *continued to pressure our educator to “just let him have one. Just one!”* No, sorry. Felonious activities at work are strictly prohibited despite this officer trying to give us the Felony Pass because he’d get a tiny perk out of it.


It's also morally bankrupt given that we understand why we don't do that AND how you treat other people. They should not be a cop.


"Just pull one out of its ass! It's got more!"


And if they can’t afford Starbucks, they can grind some fucking beans themselves and make a better cup of coffee


Oh they can afford it. Hell, a local officer was going way too fast (I was told 70ish mph by a reliable source) in a 30mph residential road, supposedly on her cell phone responding to a fight with wooden baseball bats. This was only 2 blocks from my apartment on the same street.. she hit a child on his bike and killed him. Bike was mangled by her Explorer patrol suv. Kid didn’t stand a chance, like getting hit on the interstate.. on a bicycle. Our police are notorious for very reckless speeding, even through the school zone down the road.. at all hours, but no lights or sirens at night. Just no patience for the speed limit. But yeah, the kid killer is on paid leave while illinois state troopers “investigate.” Like there’s anything to investigate. She more than doubled the residential speed limit, on a twisty road through a very tree-dense area. So no seeing around the bend. So yeah, if they can even murder a child by negligence and still be on the payroll while not even on the job.. fuck them, they can afford their own damn drink. No freebies


This hurts me to read


Officers are so *reckless* when responding to emergencies that they easily risk creating *another* emergency. I watched an officer going 70-ish in a congested 35 swerve after someone “pulled out in front of him” and he cut across 4 lanes of traffic and totaled his car in a Taco Bell parking lot. He was very lucky he didn’t kill someone that day, but he still pulled emergency responders away from the main emergency to deal with his recklessness.


Only half of police duty deaths are felonious (violence). Of the other half, most are accidents — because they’re reckless idiots behind the wheel.


Wow, sounds like quite a lot of protecting and serving! Wonder if she’ll get long term disability payments like that Arizona cop.


The cops in my town killed an old women with Alzheimer’s. The family called because she was acting violently and they needed help. Those pathetic little cowards shot a legally blind old woman that used a walker because she was scooting at them with a knife. No one was even formally disciplined. I wouldn’t give anyone in my local PDs free piss if they were on fire.


Funny a similar situation happened to me. I was riding my bike on a two-lane road where the speed limit is 40mph. Three chargers FLY by me going at least 80. Cut into the plaza and flag one of the POS’s down and he has the audacity to tell me, “oh we were responding to a call, but got called off” Yeah ok buddy.. with no fucking sirens and supposedly this ‘call’ ended less than 1 minute.. Next the POS detains me on the basis of “oh there have been burglaries in the area with a guy on a bike”. Tries to get me to ID myself, but I repeatedly tell him to go f*ck himself and how it’s not required to ID unless I’ve committed a crime. The bum sits back in his car angrily and makes a call to his supervisor trying to get something. Comes out 3 minutes later and tells me I’m free to go… yeah mf I know I am. Dude was buzzed also. Looks like he was on Xanax.


One night I was just sitting in my car in a parking lot and a few cop cars pulled the ID thing on me, “reports of someone with your description” gimme a fucking break.


My dad left a big private firm after being a name partner for over a decade due to the bullshit politics of it. Anyway, he immediately got hired as the city attorney. He witnessed a few cops doing this at a gas station—during which the clerk was clearly uncomfortable— and was able to confirm it was pervasive throughout the department, and started working to get that shit shut down ASAP. It was a bit of a behind-the-scenes scandal with a few cohorts of defiant newer cops, but him and the police chief sort of fell in guy love (in a JD and Turk sort of way), and together had the political capital to 3D chess the bastards into compliance with the policy. The thing is, he helped the chief in wording the policy so if it was something a representative of the business offered to do of their own volition it was fine to accept. Wouldn’t you know it the rookies didn’t like that pseudo-compromise—demonstrating that it wasn’t at all about fostering goodwill within the community by humbly accepting a community member’s show of gratitude; nope, for those assholes, it was about the *power* they felt in being able to get free shit by through the natural intimidation their badge provided—comparatively vanilla intimidation, but intimidation nonetheless. Once that realization was made, all of them except two or three of the newest (ie. most salvageable) were fired. It’s almost sad it was all kept in house because the whole thing was truly Pulitzer worthy. There are a few more stories but this one is a true masterpiece, and also it’s the one I know the most about. Like, I knew my dad was an skilled attorney, but it was an absolute mind fuck to see previously unknown political chops come bursting into light. The man’s a goddamn tactician and he could do so much good if ever made a formal transition into politics. The progressive left needs someone like him nationally.


Think that's bad? I had a cop try and get me to serve his "brother" that was with him when he didn't have an ID at the bar I was working at. This fool straight up shows me HIS police ID, (which I'd be happy to accept as a form of ID) but his friend didn't have his so I wouldn't serve him. Motherfucker was asking me to break the fucking law right in front of him when he just told me he was a cop! Like seriously?! Both of these dudes couldn't have been older than 24 or 25 at the most, so it wasn't like it was OBVIOUS that he was over 21.


Seriously, is this common? Horrible.


It’s illegal in a lot places for cops to get freebies from business because it’s a sort of protection racket and it’s obvious corruption and dereliction of duty. It creates a bidding war of who gives what to the police for them to come around and protect a business. Only crooked cops accept freebies.


My sister works in a coffee shop where all the cops actually pay for their drinks, yet there's one asshole, "Ferrari Mike", who comes in, acts like a general creep and insists on reloading a $100 gift card for any cops that come in.


How big do you think Ferrari Mike’s penis is


Smart Car


A Smart Car sized penis would be entirely impractical.


Just find a wife with an F150 sized vagina


lime scooter


ferrari mike is investing in speeding tickets he might get to dodge in the future


Cop once did him a solid, trynna pay it foward.


Stage 5 clinger


I don’t get it. Where is the problem if someone pays for a gift card for others so they don’t have to pay themselves? It sounds like a nice thing to do, the business gets payed for the drinks and the cops can drink coffee without paying themselves. Don’t get the hate here.


Because its a bit of an ethical dilemma, don't you think? As a nurse, we were always told never to accept gifts, because our care should never be "bought" in that way. A police officer holds power, and to buy them gifts could be seen as a way to sway that power in your favour. Edit: In this guy's case, it's clear ass kissing, and cringe worthy.


I would've done the same thing. Sorry, I'm not risking my livelyhood for your caffeine.


I totally wouldn’t have been fired over it, I just don’t care about cops. I don’t get free drinks for being a nurse (nor would I *ever* expect it!), and I actually help people.


When I was working at a restaurant(did a lot of takeout and pizza, but also had a full bar, that kinda place), I had explicit instructions to *never* charge the cops. Incidentally, I also had explicit instructions not to ID people(this was right off a couple of college campuses, young crowd). I do not think these two things were unrelated.


Wow, sketchy!


I read that last line and my brain screamed “bOOOMmm got eM!”


I work in a retail shop that sells cbd. One day, a cop came to the store in uniform and asked for some. He looked puzzled when I rang him up and only gave the usual 10% off for regulars. He said “I get these for free” and asked if my boss was in. My boss happened to be in and let the cop take them for free, and he looked shocked when I pointed out that it’s illegal for police to *ask* for free stuff. I don’t care if my boss loses out on profit, I get paid hourly and don’t make commission. I don’t like cops, especially ones that use their role in society for any sort of gain. Like guess what buddy, not everybody has a boner for the police.


Ah, but he didn't *ask* for free stuff. He made the statement "I get these for free." I think cops are trained in this. Just like "I'm going to ask you to step out of the car" and "would you mind stepping out of the car" are neither lawful commands for you to step out of the car.


I think it’s bs that they can ask for a “community service discount” (what the cop originally asked for prior to this instance) and that’s supposed to be interpreted as getting it for free. On the other hand, the other cop I serve pays in full and is basically a cop during work hours only. For Chinese New Year, she gave me an envelope with a $100 bill in it. I was surprised.


Am a cop and have been offered a pop or drink from a party store / gas station / restaurant. I normally decline, but have accepted before. Expecting free stuff or a discount is cringey and embarrassing. I am always ready to pay when I get to the register and will often drop a couple bucks in the tip jar if they tell me I’m good.


Sounds a bit like a shakedown


What.... Fuck any cop that demands a discount. I’m a cop. I do this because I love the job. I feel honored when people offer me freebies but I always decline at first and I would never ask. Demanding free shit just because of your job is frankly unethical. I would encourage you to contact their sergeant.


I worked in a Chilis. 90% of the time a guest would end up offering to pay for cops that'd come in regularly meals. The other 10% the cop pays after about 15-20 mins of trying to "stall" the check to see if it'd be paid for by the time they actually would have to go back to working. That 10% of the time meant we were actually getting atleast a tip from them despite the annoying cop thing they do.


I was under the impression Starbucks gives cops free coffee. Every one I've been to in Chicago does at least


That's a thing in the US? That's positively third world style.


Did he order a liter of cola?


I don't want a large Farva, I want a goddamn literacola!


Literacola is French for give me some fucking cola!


Before I bust vous fucking lip!


what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?


the lord mayor ordered a latte from the coffee shop i was working at and i asked for her name for the order like a bozo


We like to say America sucks, but you live somewhere with a "lord mayor?"


Fuck that cop, entitled prick.


Used to work at a gas station as a teenager, store policy was to give free coffee/sodas to police/fire/EMTs Some of them became regulars, owners saw it as insurance to have first responders pop in once in awhile in case something happened. A couple months after I quit an old coworker told me that they got robbed and one of the regular cops was there in like 30 seconds. Guess he didn’t want people messing with his free coffee spot lol


I encouraged police presence at the Waffle House I managed by giving them (and fire, EMT, and the odd teacher) free coffee. Was totally my own thing and if the cops had been douchebags I wouldn't have... it did help keep parking lot issues down


This was always the strategy. You offer cops free coffee so they come by and drink coffee and you don't have any trouble. But it had the effect that cops just felt like they should get shit for free, and now they get mad when they don't.


Old boss of mine was a cop before he was my boss. He would regularly decline the free drinks because of a family history of alcoholism. Didn't wanna go down that path. Didn't stop him from being a power tripping dickhead even after he left the police force, but I respect the choice to say no.


Was I wrong to think you’re meaning he’s worried about being poisoned by a crazy person? Because he should be, however much it bothers me to say or think that. The Q people think he betrayed them.


That’s exactly what I thought they meant


This man out smarted an Iowan....while not that hard to do, he has still earned free drinks for life. As an Iowan, I'd like to buy him a couple.


I mean, dude was from the east side of Des Moines so let’s not go giving credit where it’s not due


As another Iowan, you make a fair point


Outsmarted and Iowan during the sacking of the Capitol with thousands of crazed seditionists storming the grounds and a twice impeached madman coaxing them along. Yeah. This person is an actual hero


I was at the game tonight and saw him throw the first pitch. He got a very warm welcome, very nice to see him recognized!


Shouldn’t have to pay for anything


Welcome comrade!




The man should be offered an early retirement with maximum attainable pension.


It's such a god damned relief to see a positive headline involving a cop. The guy is an American Hero.


And to know it isn't more "copaganda" just trying to distract us.


Ironically the "back the blue" GOP senators voted **not** to award medals to the cops that defended the capitol on Jan. 6th.


The cops THEY back were the ones storming the capitol on their orders. They're not too happy with this guy who helped stop their coup.


Even though he may well of have saved their lives.


It's arguable whether **their** lives were in any danger. Pelosi, Pence, anyone recognized as "left of fascist dictators" definitely, but Cruz? PedoGaetz? McCarthy? Hawley? McConnell? Greene? They'd have kept their heads almost certainly. * In fact they were SO traumatized that the very next morning they were already beginning to reshape the narrative, telling us we should all forget about it and that it was also secretly antifa. Hard to imagine any of those names giving a single iota of a sliver of a shadow of a fuck about the survival of the rest either; McConnell would have called a special session overnight. There would have been no tears shed by any of those monsters as they, the only dozen living MoCs remaining, rammed bill after bill through under their own power to re-establish a feudal system and enshrine for-profit slavery of anything not-them as constitutional amendments, guaranteed. Their only fear was failing, and they took their half-success and subsequent unaccountability in stride.


These morons would have attacked anyone in a suit. Do you think they know the difference between the different Reps from other states? Or even their own state?


Most of them no, which is why "it was a tourist attraction" helped barricade the room. He knew he was a nobody in their eyes and risked getting swept up. The ones that *matter* to those in charge though, that is to say, the leaders who caused this to begin with, they'd be known. Cruz, Haley, Boebert, Greene, McConnell, Ron Johnson, they'd figure them out just like they knew what Pelosi looks like (and thanks to inside help from the GQP where her office was). * They've had the faces they needed to differentiate plastered all over facebook fox and newsmax for months just to make sure. Hell they were only after Pence (whom they'd recognize) because Trump declared him a traitor. They were 'following orders'.


It was secretly Antifa, but also we're not going to investigate it because... 🤷‍♂️


These idiots underestimate how safe they were from a straight up howling mob. *Mitt Romney* had to literally run for his life, and I think there's footage of another GOP rep setting up a barricade. But sure, it's not like sowing the wind will reap you the whirlwind or anything.


It may have been said before, but, fuck those guys


I'm sure a certain group of fans will boo him for standing against the insurrection.




Depends on which side was receiving the harm… remember how trump’s administration was actively withholding covid testing supplies from those “blue states”? When the pandemic first hit? Odds are they still wouldn’t give a fuck if any democratic congressmen were injured


This. The big requbilcan names weren't worried at all; only the previously-unknowns like *Barricades McTouristthing* had any reason to worry they'd be mistaken for "left-of-fascism" members and dragged out to the gallows like Mike Pence. Those actually in charge like McConnell would not just give-no-fucks but would have gleefully declared the death of democratic MoCs as "at the hands of the socialist antifas" and "decided" to push through with democracy-ending legislation with their new numbers on the floor, returning their favorite T-Puppet to the White House while giving themselves old noble titles. And he'd have done it before the blood dried, guaranteed.


The congress people who were MOST cowering and afraid during the 1/6 terrorist attack are now the ones shitting on the very officers who saved their lives. These are not good people, these are not quality human beings. >House Democrat: Republicans 'treating Capitol Police like shit' were 'the most scared' during riot https://thehill.com/homenews/house/559159-house-democrat-republicans-treating-capitol-police-like-shit-were-the-most


The “back the blue”, and “blue lives matter” movement was never about supporting and respecting the police. It was always only about denigrating black and brown communities and opposing Black Lives Matter.


It's like how people who "support the troops" actually support the war, not the troops.


if they actually supported the troops, they never would have voted for Trump with the excessive, documented evidence of him disparaging and disrespecting troops.


And knowing about bounties…


not just BLM, its about opposing any true populist movement, any movement that returns power to the people


Bingo. Any movement, peaceful or otherwise,against the ~~billionaires that own our~~ government will be met with fierce retaliation.


Yea. Blue lives are already extremely protected. Killing a cop is one of the ways that the state is allowed to execute you.


Exactly… I see that shit and think how insane it is that they wear their ignorance….


Some were involved in the attempt to overthrow the government.


Traitor is as traitor does.


I have a special hatred for those GQP cowards when they decide to burn the one example good apples in the bunch (and there still may be bad apples in that bunch). Fucking primary the fuck out of them.


It was actually 21 house representatives, the Senate voted unanimously. It says so in the article


Right? Like I don’t give a shit if some cop had a dance off with an inner city kid, I want to see that they’re upholding their duty. Is it that fucking hard to comprehend?


Well a police officer doing their job isn’t exactly newsworthy 99% of the time. If you want to see police officers upholding their duty, you are going to have to look past the media. Try talking with your local police to hear about what they do. You might even be able to go on a ride along.


>Try talking with your local police to hear about what they do. You might even be able to go on a ride along. Results may vary based on the amount of melanin present in you.


This man is a perfect example of how not all cops are bad


I guess you could say he's a.. Good man


Nominative determinism baby


That sounds like it could be a cool subreddit.




Your name is your destiny


It’s in his genes




Nationals also invited Fauci to throw the first pitch a while back. They must not have many far right fans.


This is because baseball is an *American* pastime.


Damn right. And we’re talking real Americans. Not ones who try to overthrow a nation.


Those box seats are full of Republicans and lobbyists and their bag men.


I loved this comment! Everyone needs a pain in the ass at times. 👍


Dude, couldn’t agree more.


Shots fired!


I remember when they put Trump's stupid face on the videoboard. It was met with a deafening wave of "boos". It was so beautiful.


I remember when Fauci got to throw the first pitch, Trump said the Yankees invited him to do the same only for the Yankees to say, "umm no we didn't"


The number of times he claimed to have gotten invited to something he didn't makes me think his prep school party experience was less than satisfactory.




He has the social skills of a rabid baboon, and the only people who claim to like him are those trying to get in on the grift. I'm sure his social life in school was utter garbage.


I feel like I've heard this same story with different people/organizations a lot.


This video perfectly shows the transition from cheers for service members on the Jumbotron to the boos as soon as Trump is on. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m0h4Ap5cfMM There were also some “lock him up” chants: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BApHB0sngpw


I absolutely wanted them to show him a second time to hear it go,"woo, boo,woo, boo."


That’s the most red screaming something correct that I have seen in nearly five years!


A historic moment caught digitally. That is going to be shown in History class. If you get someone that is a solid person and just have them play shit on YouTube on the projector. I'd send my kid to that 3rd grade.


Cooter WTF are you talking about?


Cooterbreath this is a Wendy's


Haha, I digress.


I don't know how anyone thought that was a good idea top to bottom. DC voted over 90% Democrat, it was a bad idea before the idea was even conceived


He was at the game. Which another reason why it was satisfying because the team (and park) was home to a number of famous conservatives who have season tickets. Heck, that was the big thing they tried to pin on Kavanaugh when he was first nominated to the Supreme Court, that he was reckless with his finances based on season tickets purchases.


Well, he was bad with his finances. It was his own claim that it was because of baseball tickets.


Probably true, I don’t recall specifics. I just recall leading up to the 2019 playoffs people could hate on the Nats by noting that all their “famous” fans were notable conservatives.


Not just that. They tried to sandwich his ugly mug in between 2 shots of service members so he couldn't be boo'd. Luckily 92% of DC (and majority of people in distance to make a Nat's game) voted Biden and almost everyone of them was clap&cheer for service members, Trump flashes on and boos like a stadium full of horny cicadas, service members back on and instant cheers.


DC is like 9:1 Dem to republican, Maryland is 2:1 and Virginia is 1.25:1 but all of northern Virginia is solid blue. They have many fans in the region


Same reason GOP won't even consider giving DC statehood. It's bullshit, don't wave the flag for the constitution and support taxation without representation.


Probably not many in DC.


>They must not have many far right fans. Have you been to DC lately?


It's DC, it's bluer than Massachusetts


It's DC man.


Baseball is for patriots


I thought the Patriots were a football team. /s


Trump got booed at a world series game he went to so it's safe to say not a lot of maga in that fan base


I could be mistaken but Washington is one of the most left voting cities in the nation.


Not only a hero but holy shit can he dress well.


Well he's part of the Capitol Police's leadership now, so he definitely needs to.


Republicans: “Back the blue!” Also Republicans: “No, not like that!”


Watching the video, he knew how to bait the insurgents perfectly and buy the senate chambers precious seconds it needed. The term hero is used excessively, but for Officer Goodman, it’s an understatement.


I would have panicked if that was me. This man is a legend with badass training. “you know how to fight 6 men, I can teach you how to engage 600.” -Rhas Al Ghul, Batman Begins


Yeah, it's called being black. Those foaming-at-the-mouth bigots were following him like he was prey.


I think you probably mean well but you make it sound like it was easy for a black man to lead a crowd of blood thirsty racists exactly where he wanted them. This wasn't a movie.




**Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman to throw first pitch at Nationals game** *BY CASSIDY MCDONALD* U.S. Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman is set to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Friday's Washington Nationals game against the New York Mets. Goodman, an Army veteran, was praised for his quick thinking after a viral video showed him luring rioters to chase him up a staircase and away from the Senate floor. Security footage unveiled during the impeachment trial for former President Trump revealed that moments earlier, Goodman had also helped divert Senator Mitt Romney away from a near run-in with the angry crowd. Goodman, who was later promoted to acting deputy Senate sergeant-at-arms and was chosen to escort Vice President Kamala Harris during the 2021 inauguration, was deemed a reluctant hero and has continually declined interviews with the press. But in the aftermath of the riot, Goodman became an unwitting focal point of a months-long political battle over how to recognize officers who defended the Capitol that day. The Senate voted unanimously in February to pass a bipartisan bill that would award Goodman with a Congressional Gold Medal for his bravery, but the legislation was held up by disagreements with lawmakers in the House, who wanted instead to recognize all of the officers who defended the Capitol that day. The House ultimately passed a bill Tuesday that would award four medals to honor the officers from all law enforcement agencies who protected the Capitol January 6. The bill passed with 406 votes, with 21 Republicans voting against the bill. The man at the front of the mob chasing Goodman, Doug Jensen, has been indicted on seven charges that include civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding, and is also accused of wielding a knife during the siege. Prosecutors have said Jensen, who wore a "Q" shirt at the Capitol, is a self-proclaimed "religious" adherent of the conspiracy theory "QAnon." Prosecutors said he scaled a wall on U.S. Capitol grounds and was at the front of a line of protestors who clashed with law enforcement outside the building. He was also among the first 10 people in the crowd to climb through a glass window and enter the building, prosecutors said, and according to a U.S. Capitol Police officer who came to Goodman's aid, he was the "most aggressive of the rioters" because he constantly encouraged others in the crowd to advance during a standoff with law enforcement. Jensen, who is currently being detained as he awaits trial, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The Nationals game begins at 7:05 p.m. ET and marks the series opener against the Mets. The Nationals announced Goodman's ceremonial role last week, noting the Friday home game would also promote the Neighborhood Heroes Fund, a program that supports first responders and is managed by Nationals outfielder Kyle Schwarber. *Rebecca Kaplan contributed to this report.*


>Jensen, who is currently being detained as he awaits trial, has pleaded not guilty to all charges Hope they throw the book at him.


That’s great! But I really hoped he was throwing it on Sunday, the game I’m going to


That guy is a hero. He protected a building full of people who didn’t even care he existed


Good for Goodman, but I’m still very worried about the future of American Government. We just had the largest insurrection attempt since the 1933 Business Plot and everyone is pretending everything is fine and dandy. Like a number of DC Capitol Police (and officers from other departments across the country) were involved in the plot, and these large groups of Neo-Nazis, Fascists, (Q)Anons, and 3%era are still out and about causing trouble. We really need to take this seriously or we could potentially see the downfall of American government.


In light of this news the GOP plan to protest the game. /s




I think you mean they’re going to cancel it.


[They tried something similar already](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/pro-business-group-files-lawsuit-against-mlb-pulling-all-star-n1269205)


"The Job Creators Network" sounds like a scheme Edmund Blackadder II would come up with. Luckily it was about as effective in this case too.


conservatives will not like this


Good. They’re more than welcome to go f*ck themselves


January 6, 2021, the Republicans attacked our democracy. Never forget.


And the politicians and pundits responsible for the attack will never be punished.


So are they going to boycott baseball now?


They already are because they moved the all Star game.


That's great and all, but can we actually have a real investigation of the capitol riot and actually incarcerate those who instigated it?


investigate and incarcerate? What do you think this is, a first-world country?


And conservatives fume.


I would pay good money to watch orange man shine that good guy’s shoes. It’d be perfect for a painting.


Conservatives seething


The MLB recognized this man before the GOP... Never forget their treason.


I read it first as ‘throws the first punch’ and I thought, wow they’re really trying to make baseball more exciting.


Will this make sure the trumpers leave my precious baseball alone and get back to wrestling and nascar?


The standing O for this cat will be loooooooooooong.


Thank you sir for standing up against those fascists, literally fighting for democracy and protecting those we choose to represent us. Thank you.


is pence gonna show up and then make a big show of leaving when goodman gets up?


The Republicans are going to have aneurysms from the cognitive dissonance they're about to suffer.


I feel like the endless deification of this guy is making people forget that the Capitol police absolutely fucked up every goddamn thing that day and openly aided and abetted the rioters. Sure, this *one guy* didn't, but the *department did.* Cops are not the good guys