Thousands of Tokyo Olympics volunteers quit

Thousands of Tokyo Olympics volunteers quit


Why not just do both the Summer and Winter Olympics in 2022? Just wait. Sheesh.


For real. Just hold Tokyo in 2022 and then Paris in 2024. It would not be the first time the same version of the Olympic Games were held 2 years apart (1992 and 1994 winter games for example).


I wonder how many athletes that were supposed to attend the 2020 games would be at the physical level to compete in 2022 though. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be cancelled, just that it might not be feasible for the currently planned athletes to defer another year.


It's toughest on the athletes in sports that tend to have a short peak period.


Like race walking.


Like peak shorting or short peaking.


They can't hold it longer. A bunch of the facilities and Olympic village are suppose to be handed over to new owners long before 2022. Japan wouldn't have thr facilities to hold the Olympics in 2022.


Being dead from covid is even longer


Ahh, they have a plan B. They're bringing in an army of necromancers. And yes, that makes as much sense as anything the Olympic Committees ever do. :D


Entertaining opening ceremony idea.


Brazil had the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016


Very interesting point about nothing.


He's a little confused but he's got the spirit.


Not that I disagree but IIRC the reason Japan is so internet on holding it this year is a bunch of leases run out this year and so they would need to build or rent new spaces. At least that is what I recall reading earlier.


The real reason is the party that cancels or delays will be on the hook for a $18 billion bill. The IOC refuses to budge and the Japanese politicians want to keep their jobs.


So they are every wedding to happen during Covid? Contingency plan, my dude.


Again, not saying it's a good reason but it's just a tad bit harder to to pull that together for the Olympics than for even the largest wedding.


My comment was meant to be more sarcasm than serious. I know the logistics are magnitudes larger lol.


sounds like Trump's excuse when he told people to inject bleach.


The billionaires and royals that run the IOC want that new yacht now.


I'm sure Japan would be okay with that, but the IOC has to make the decision or Japan will be on the hook for the fees. If I recall correctly. Japan/IOC are basically playing chicken and trying to wait eachother out.


Japan should set a precedent and tell the IOC to fuck off. Maybe other politicians in other countries will grow a spine and do the same.


Yeah it's not like a Global pandemic isn't a good enough reason to tell them to fuck off.


So just like F1/FIA and the Australian GP People last year. This was so last-Minute canceled that all drivers and teams where already there…


because theyre hemorrhaging cash


For years I've wished that they would move a lot of the indoor summer events to the winter Olympics. Honestly, the winter Olympics gets pretty boring due to the limited number of events. While a lot of the summer events get next to no TV coverage because almost all the coverage goes to track & field, swimming & diving and gymnastics. So I say move those other indoor events to the winter where they will make the winter Olympics more varied and interesting and the events can get TV coverage.


Why should they move the safe season to an unsafe season? Summer is safe, winter would be the next Covid wave, but this time with vaccinations. If they are too afraid cancel it. But they are not.


>Summer is safe, winter would be the next Covid wave, Tell that to India. Let's see how safe last summer was in the US... https://www.statista.com/statistics/1102816/coronavirus-covid19-cases-number-us-americans-by-day/ Hmmm. Cases didn't drop in the summer. They went up. Quit thinking that Covid-19 is the flu and there's a winter season for it.


Just combine the sports- problem solved. Ski Fencing! 2 people racing down the slopes, stabbing one another. High Dive Long Jumping! A skier goes down the ski long jump ramp, takes off, kicks off the skis mid air, does a flip or two, and lands in a giant lake of ice cold water, preferably with as little splash as possible. Discus throw biathlon- The cross country skiers with the guns on their back shoot at the disks thrown by the discus throwers. The possibilities are endless!


From the article, 10,000 out of 80,000 volunteers quit. My perspective as a former nonprofit worker who did volunteer organizing: You postponed a multi-week event a whole year and ONLY 1 in 8 volunteers quit (12.5%) That's AWESOME. It would not have been surprising if they'd lost 30-40% after the year we've had and the health concerns. Somebody is doing a great job with communications, keeping the Olympic volunteer base engaged and committed to the project. I'm not endorsing the IOC here (far from it!). Just saying that in the world of volunteer organizing, postponing an event a whole year and losing 12.5% of the original volunteers is not a disaster.


For real. 1. Unpaid. 2. Make them wait a year and expect them to still be waiting for you I'd be surprised if I got 20% of the initial applicants to even respond after a year.


Agreed, for a routine project, I'd expect far more volunteers to drop out. It helps that the Olympics is such a famous, high-profile event, and that having the Olympics in your home city is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for most people.


Man i just wanted to watch skateboarding at the olympics




It's not good that those volunteers dropped out, but retaining 70,000 of the 80,000 volunteers is impressive. So I don't agree with the way the headline spins the story.


Fyre Fest: Tokyo “2020” Olyimpcs


IOC: "As an apology for millions of people getting sick and thousands dying, we're allowing all Olympians an extra 20 minutes in the ball pit."


"Balls are unwashed. Olympians are advised to enter at their own risk."


I realize that it would be a tremendous waste of money but the 2020 Olympics should be cancelled. And yes they insist on calling it the 2020 Olympics for merch reasons. All this is about money, so I am glad the people of Tokyo are telling them to fuck off


_everybody_ should tell the olympics to fuck off. Every 4 years, we tell a city to build a stadium, that they'll make money from the tourism, the merch. But it never happens for them. They always eat shit economically.


Except LA. They make profit every time (due to the ability to use existing infrastructure built for prior Olympics). Utah made money too I think. But yeah, for most places it ends up being a loss.


Utah was desperately in need of an infrastructure upgrade anyway, and the Olympics gave us an excuse to do it. Now we have a light rail system and some well-constructed freeways that are supporting the tech boom that's happening what with everyone fleeing Silicon Valley's insane housing prices. Of course that means the housing prices here have doubled over the past couple years, because fuck everyone else I guess. I fucking hate tech bros, and everything that goes with them. Anyway, living in an Olympic city before, during, and (briefly) after it happened was an absolutely amazing experience that I will never forget. It was visually stunning, the weather that year was *flawless*, everywhere you went there were fun things happening and people from all over the world to meet and chat with. It was just really fantastic.


They won't allow existing infrastructure any more for that reason. As much as possible has to be new.


>As much as possible has to be new. The IOC has had trouble getting interested host cities and recognized there is a tremendous cost in even bidding for the games, giving the 2024 and 2028 summer games to LA and Paris, two cities that needed minimal new construction to support the games. Where are you getting this information from?


The IOC are evil profit seeking mongrels but they aren't stupid or unnecessarily evil. A rule like that would harm the prospects of host cities while doing nothing to benefit the IOC. So... [X]


Every time this gets posted people don't realize how wrong you are. It's not meant to make a profit for the event. It's meant to advertise the city or country for businesses. People in the west were shocked that China was so advanced because it was the first time in western media China wasn't portrayed as either a pre-industrialized nation or an Asian post-Soviet state. Beijing cost $40 billion but attracted a lot of foreign investments afterwards that more than made up for the cost.


Cant wait for wave that kills thousands after mutating because of the Japan Olympics and absolutely crushes the world's economy all over again. But someone will make money off it soo Ooops


What better place to spawn a new wave of infections than a gathering of thousands of elite athletes whose careers rely on their respiratory systems operating at absolute peak potential?




I'm in Tokyo. We aren't vaccinated yet...so they won't work unless we get them.


Wife is from Japan, she actually said USA is doing better then her home country, and that's really depressing


Vaccinated people are also still capable of carrying, transferring, and dying from the disease. Plus if it mutates enough all bets are off. Plus not everybody is vaccinated. Holding Olympics this year is a bad idea.


I think new studies are finding vaccinated people show a significantly lower risk of spreading COVID than unvaccinated people.


Logically that makes sense. If you're vaccinated, and get tested not because you feel sick but as a job requirement or something and find out you're positive, the viral load is going to be lower. And the antibodies you have will keep the viral load from growing. Lower viral load equals less spread. I feel bad for people who legitmately can't get vaccinated for health reasons, but I'm far past the point of caring if people willingly refuse the vaccine and then they post some sob story about how they should had listened. At this point it's just, oh well. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Absolutely true, would not argue. I'm pro-vax as they come. But that doesn't mean we're out of the woods, and it definitely doesn't mean that an international event is safe in the summer of 2020, for various reasons (and like I said, even then *many* people are not vaccinated yet). My wife's best friend has a family member who got vaccinated, and died of COVID shortly after. Doesn't mean the vaccine doesn't work as has been medically projected, just means there's still a risk.


just make it so that it's streamed/broadcasted and not have live audiences. the IOC makes more of their money off of broadcasting fees anyways.


But many athletes are stupid and won’t take the vaccine.


Guess what’s also probably operating at its peak... their immune system. Chill! I’m more worried about the people who will actually die.


I think it's actually more of a problem for athletes than regular people. If you cut my lung capacity in half, sure I'll wheeze more than usual but I'm already an overweight office worker, it's not like my life will really change. Meanwhile, I am an MMA fan, and a couple of fighters have had some serious problems getting back in the game post covid. Alex Volkanowski, Khamzat Chimaev. Look them up. These are men who are obviously in prime physical condition. It's a small sample size, but there are also not that many UFC fighters who have tested positive so as a % of them it's quite high. And Covid has threatened their careers.


I’d like to see it for endurance athletes.


Spoken like a true qualified medical professional


Nooo, it’s all about those athletes that dedicated their entire life to a single 2 week event. /s I know it sounds heartless and I have sympathy for those athletes, but the risk is too high


I don't have sympathy for anyone willing to put others at risk because "well, I worked hard for this, I deserve it" instead you know... Waiting a little bit. Boo fucking hoo your healthy ass with the money to do what you want, wants to compete and put others at risk And I think this means big money for other people other than athletes and those people do not want to lose that money


How much do think Olympic athletes earn? Mostly utter peanuts while they dedicate their every waking moment to their sport.


A lot of them are also life long privileged little shits that get the best of everything just so they can jump around to make the leaders of their country's pee-pee harder. If they're willing to participate in this shit show after basically every doctor and scientist has said it's a dumb idea, fuck them.


You seem like a mentally stable person.


Given that Covid-19 has already infected 171 million people and it has somehow not mutated into the T-Virus it's unlikely that a single sporting event will cause that to occur. What is far more likely is that the event will be a massive superspreader event for Japan.


Stop with the mutation fear porn. Not happening.


Every action on this planet is about either money or sex. Welcome to earth 🌍




I don’t understand the calls to cancel. Do you know how many Covid tests athletes have to go through before making it into the stadium? They are kept in hotels, unable to leave. It’s probably the most Covid safe environment there is. Spectators should absolutely be banned, but I’m baffled by what perceived risk the athletes bring.


That's kinda like saying there's no risk for the athletes having sex because they hand out condoms at the village. Also even with zero fans it still takes a colossal amount of people to make the games go. If your complaint is that people are overplaying the covid risk I would counter that you are significantly underestimating it.


Its not just the athletes. It's their entourages as well as the 1000s of Japanese people from all corners of the country converging on Tokyo.


And they do not have to be vaccinated. Which is as stupid as you can get. But it was announced to be the case.


The athletes are a small %. This article is about 10,000 out of 80,000 volunteer workers quitting. So that's 70,000+ people from all over Japan still converging and mixing. There's hundreds of coaches/trainers/support staff travelling with the athletes too. Then a few thousand international journalists/press. Then medical staff, and IOC officials running, timing, reviewing all the events. Even with no spectators that's a TON of people from all over Japan and the world, which they've said won't have to be vaccinated. The major sports leagues have all had large outbreaks this year (NHL's Canucks, NFL's Titans, NBA's Raptors, MLB's Marlins) and those all have daily testing off all the athletes and staff, and only like 2% as many people as we're talking about here at the Olympics. Convening a few hundred thousand people right now is asking for trouble IMO.


How much more will the merch be worth if they call it off? Scalpers be placin their bets!


Was a team leader volunteer, for Paralympics Tokyo, and just dropped out a week ago after the article came out asking people not to eat with foreigners here. Ridiculous messaging, telling people not to associate with foreign people but then in the same breath saying they’re still holding the Olympics and excited for the athletes to come here. 🙄🙄🙄


It would be absolutely hilarious to see The People of Japan keep these games from happening, or cause it to be riddled with problems. To every single government that insists on acting against the wishes of the vast majority of the population: haha, and fuck you. The People are getting increasingly tired of it, on a global basis.


https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/18/world/asia/covid-japan-olympics-poll.html 83% do not want the games to happen now.


Good. The host country's populace should have a say in whether or not to hold a global super spreader event.


Move it permanently to Athens like it was meant to be. God knows Greece could use the income, and it'll stop every host country from fucking things up and wasting colossal amounts of money every few years.


Or Antarctica! No nations to cause a kerfluffle down there, after all.


I don't trust anybody with Antarctica. It's the last place we haven't completely fucked up yet. Leave it alone. Besides, if we let companies fuck around down there they'll awaken the Elder Things and then we're fucked, so let's just play it safe.


Would be more than hilarious, it would be a fantastic wake up call. The Olympics are, well, you know, the damn Olympics; they’re meant to be center stage for the world to see. The opportunity to see that crumple because those who truly do hold the power no longer want to deal with higher authorities’ nonsense would be refreshing to behold.


Hunger Games.


They're lucky we still have shit to lose or this would get interesting real quick. People are fed up of this shit and I'm glad we're finally getting somewhere.




It's not incorrect. When referring to the collective people of a nation, it's fine to capitalize it. The U.S. Constitution does the same thing: "We the People of the United States".


A group sharing an identity are a People of a culture.


You mean why did they capitalize the first word in a sentence?


I think he's referring to OP's use of The People Of Japan.


Probably a communist thing?


"We the People of the United States" ​ Pretty sure the United States' founding fathers wern't communists.


You may not have noticed the weird-ass grammar they used in the 1700s?


They are volunteers, so I wouldn't necessarily call it quitting. Anyway, good on them. The games can't run if they don't have anybody to do all the stuff. The government won't cancel it, and the IOC won't cancel it. But if they can't get enough people to run it, they will be forced to.


I would, asshole billionaires want us to work for free


Yeah why the fuck would anyone offer free labor just so some beaurocrats can get their pockets lined and oligarchs can laugh all the way to the bank? I guess most people doing that simply don't realize how exploitative the games are.


I mean I guess for a chance at being apart of history by helping set up the olympics, but even then I wouldn’t consider it worth it. If they can’t get “volunteers” to do the dirty work, they will just hire someone who will.


What are the odds they just get foreign nationals to run it?


The IOC needs those volunteers so bad, in Salt Lake we had tons of them and couldn't have pulled it off without them. A lot of the translators are volunteers without them shit grinds to a halt.


I wonder what the normal attrition rate is for Olympic volunteers


Why in the fuck would you ever volunteer at the Olympics with the staggering amount of corruption and revenue taking that hyper corrupt organization takes from countries?


I’m guessing it gets you in events for free. They’re generally pretty expensive. However I wouldn’t want to do it either.


Looks good on your resume for university applications, according to an international Chinese friend who volunteered at Beijing 2008. To be fair, that was definitely more history-making and noteworthy at the time, compared to now when Japan has already hosted three different times.


Free access to the big historic events + all that free swag.


The whole event has turned into such a debacle, they need to just rip the band-aid off and cancel it already. The vast majority of their citizens are against it, I don't even think there's an enthusiastic appetite for it from many other countries either. Hopefully this causes some kind of shift in behavior going forward, as almost every time a country spends billions upon billions for the "privilege" of hosting the Olympics, they lose a ton of money on it after you factor in a bunch of buildings that never get used again.


>a bunch of buildings that never get used again. Not every country has that problem, but anyone putting in an olympic bid should have a decent answer to how the buildings will be used afterwards.


This is not unusual, remember this is a pool of 80k volunteers that originally agreed to participate last year. People's situations change, they move, lose interest, etc. This article is really trying paint the narrative that these volunteers 'walked out' for political reasons. They don't even mention that international spectators won't be there, so that many volunteers isn't necessary.


Volunteering for the Olympics. That is just sad. Billions of dollars flowing through it, yet they still get 1000s willing to work for free. That is funny.


You did get tickets to events via volunteering, so I wouldn't exactly call it "free". However, there were some volunteer roles, [including DOCTORS](http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/14342641), that should have been paid positions.


AFAIK they never all go their shots either. Japan is way behind vaxxing


When I checked a week or two ago, Japan had an under 2% vaccination rate. Crazy. As is holding a big event like this with lots of indoor venues in what is an unvaccinated country. EDIT: I just checked again and they're now up to 2.9%.


If the athletes/representatives are isolated and vaccinated what about it is so “crazy”?


Well there is over 100 unaccompanied Australian children stuck in India that our government is apparently unable to get home. Thousands of other Australian stuck oversee waiting to get home because we don't have the quarantine capacity. We have not even managed to vac most people living in aged care let alone the staff, I personally am 1B priority and am still waiting for an appointment for my first shot. And they want to vac hundreds of people to go play sports in a covid hotspot then return them home and quarantine them, jumping both the vaccine que in front of elderly and vulnerable people and the quarantine que in front of people (including children) desperate to get home. Sounds pretty crazy to me.


Yeah, but isn't that just the incompetence of Aus government? Why should that affect the Olympics?


There are tens of thousands of support staff and extras. No one has tested a population that large, mingling on and off, for weeks. The Olympics is a human experiment


Because it's not just the athletes. There's the audience. There's the judges and support staff. There's the news crews. I haven't seen where they're requiring anyone who is going to be showing up to be vaccinated.


Imagine volunteering to make NBC and Coca Cola a shitton of money.


I can't say I blame them. This ain't the time to rush into any international amateur sports gangbangs.


>international amateur sports gangbangs Wait hold on one moment this is relevant to my interests What if I wear a mask? Two masks? ....Three?


Depends on how and where you wear them.


Good, if the government won't listen to them, then they can boycottt the games and let it be a big old embarrassment.


Smart move, nobody can blame them and probably more will follow.


I wish they cancelled them. The olympic committee is one of the most corrupt organizations of all time. Who cares which person can throw a disc the furtherest or swim really fast? Well, I guess many ppl do but I don’t understand it.


It's written out so the canceling party is responsible for costs and fees. Atm if Japan says no they have to pay a few Million dollars for it, and as you said the Committee isn't gonna budge.


I don’t even think we will get out of pandemic by 2022.


I don't think we will ever fully get out of it, with some of the vaccine hesitancy we have seen. IMO Covid will always be around as something that flares up at various times, just like the flu.


The US alone is some states and areas will have Covid seasons. Depending on when it lines up with warmer weather a lot of southern US states might lose tourism over time.


Start or end of?


The Olympics are not important.


I do hiring and 1 out of 8 is not bad at all, especially when hiring (or asking for volunteers) such a massive group of people. Stuff happens in people's lives, stuff comes up, etc.


This event is going to be a mess,smh: [First Olympic National Team Arrives In Japan Despite COVID Concerns](https://youtu.be/ORcIeFtmMBU)


So zoom meeting for all events?


I thought covid was over in Japan




I forget people are still worried about covid. Get the vaccine and let them go