Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces

Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces


Just a quick reminder that we do not allow the celebrating of anyone's death.


Another person said in another thread that 'Philip would always say that he never wanted to live to 100.' Maybe he would have thought it was quite fitting for him to die 2 months before his birthday..


Seriously though, it does seem like he got almost exactly what he wanted.


Sounds very Prince Philip. I always liked how he is technically meant to receive a state funeral, but insisted against one because he didn't think he was worth 'the fuss'.


‘The fuss’ is what the British Royal Family is all about.


He married in, Phillip may have been unique in that he could say completely outrageous things, and that he was married to the Queen but was also not the King. As far as I can tell he was never very bound to the rules.




Do you have any examples of his trolling? I don't really know the family or him that well.


Knock yourself out. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Prince_Philip,_Duke_of_Edinburgh


“I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.” - proof that Phillip’s been dead at least a year and a half.


> Have you run over anybody? > >Said to the Mayor of Waltham Forest who uses a mobility scooter, as quoted in "Duke of Edinburgh has fun with mobility scooter jokes on London visit", *Metro* (29 March 2012) This is fantastic


Thank you for that. His arguments about conservation are incredibly powerful to me.




Probably best to avoid a state funeral during the pandemic anyway


It'll be a strange state funeral indeed.


When you are that old, you can often just decide to die more or less whenever you want. It takes a lot of active work to keep you alive.


Well, my Mom is 95 and sharp as hell. She's getting a bit frail, but still running circles around the 80 somethings. She is ready to go, but bemoans that she's still here stealing oxygen.


Never got his letter from the Queen, though. Disappointing, I heard he was a big fan of hers.


A month or so ago, I saw someone on here ask if he was going to get his letter from the Queen when he hits 100, and that’s when I knew the poor guy wasn’t going to make it there. Cause that’s how life likes to work.


My Grandpa always said that, so we threw him a large party for his 99th and he passed away 6 months later


Do you know why he said that?


My grandfather live to be 99 years old, he was a tough old british bloke who spent his life in the military and trucking here in Australia. He spent the last year of his life fighting the nurses and the doctors at the hospital the entire time saying I didn't spend the last 99 years fighting and working like a dog to be told how and where im going to die. He was right, at 99 years of age he had earned the right to go out as he damn well pleased and where he pleased and so .. he did sitting on his favourite chair with a bottle of single malt and a cigar listening to the cricket on the radio. I like to think that Prince Phillip being of the same era as my Grandpa refused to be told where and how he was going out. It makes me glad in a way that he got to die at home with his wife and family peacefully, I hate hospitals and I could think of no better place to go out than at home. 99 years is a great innings.


>He was right, at 99 years of age he had earned the right to go out as he damn well pleased and where he pleased and so .. he did sitting on his favourite chair with a bottle of single malt and a cigar listening to the cricket on the radio. That does sound like a beautiful way to go out, doing all the things that you love. Sorry for your loss.


I can't imagine your health being all that good at 100. Doing basic things such as getting out of bed becomes a huge task. I sure hope I never make it that long.


My great aunt is 102 and you would have no idea. She has slowed down a bit but she's still more than capable of doing everything for herself. Her children are forever telling her off for doing fairly hefty jobs without telling them or asking for their help. She painted the whole house solo then dug and planted flower beds last summer. She doesn't drive but can walk or cycle wherever she wants to go. She has always been an active, healthy person and it simply hasn't occurred to get she's supposed to be frail.


Staying active and doing stuff seems to be super important for healthy aging, I wish I could somehow convince my mother to start exercising.


It probably is, but you should take it more like the German saying "Every dachshund is a dog, but not every dog is a dachshund." Every 100 year old led an active life, but not everyone leading a healthy life will necessarily live to a hundred.


I know a few 100 year olds attribute their success in living to alcohol and cigarettes.


I painted one whole bedroom last Saturday. My thighs burned for days from climbing up and down off the step ladder to reach the top and then stooping and squatting to do the bottom. I'm 37.


I am 80 and I used to be able to paint a whole room in a day. But now, I still paint rooms but typically it's one WALL a day! Yeah, everything takes longer. But.... I GET IT DONE!


For most people, sure. One woman in France was still riding her bicycle to the market at that age. As long as I can ride a bike, I'm good.


You’re right. He said of turning 100: "I can't imagine anything worse.” “Bits of me are falling off already."


Yeah that's what made it awkward. Philip was like "fuck that" and "I don't want a party" and the Palace was like "...we're having a small party, preparations are underway, everyone's very excited" and it's like, are they? Lol guess he got to do this on his terms.


My grandma's cousin got this. She died on her 100th birthday before her party. In fact, given the driving distance 90% of those that were going to attend were already on the road. If she was a big prankster then it has to be the best finish you could hope for.


*Looking down* “BOOOOM, GOT EM!”


My wife's grandmother is 100 this year. No problem getting out of bed, goes for walks, bakes, cooks. Lived a pretty healthy life of course. Unlike me who probably won't see 60!


I just saw the lady who modeled for the Rosie The Riveter poster is still alive and turned 103 yesterday and looked downright spry in the video that the news was playing. She was dancing with a man and really moving well! It could have been an older video from a few years back though, not sure on that part. But anyway, if you have good health and take care of yourself it is definitely possible to be in really good shape even at 100.


Granted, some of it is mental aspects weigh on you near that age as a reason people don't want to live that long, which is sometimes worse then the physical. By the time one of my grandma's was 94 she was in her words "ready to die." At 94 she had out lived her parents, her older brothers(they only made it to 88 and 91), her 3 stepsons that were just 10 to 18 years younger then her, her only husband(my grandpa) who was 17 years older then her and died at 99, 4 of her best friends from college, and many neighbors/friends(due to my grandparent's professional and volunteer work they would get 200 Xmas cards a year and by the time she died she was getting 10-20 from outside of family). My grandparents on my Dad's side who are 93 and 90 felt kinda the same way when I had lunch with them a week before all the shutdowns last year. They were the last of each of their brothers and sisters. They have seen 4 or so nephews die. And they had already had a son pass away from cancer. So they weren’t that scared of Covid-19. Not to mention when they grew up where all those other diseases were a big deal and survived their worrying about Covid-19 was low.


The loss of everyone around you while you live in a world that radically changed from your youth must be a burden. At 99 years old, you nearly watched the entire modern world crop up.


"I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist... I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus." -Prince Philip 1980


New variant coming?


The Royal Variant


Then this in 1988: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” Mans really wanted to genocide so bad


TV reporter to Philip: "How was your flight, Sir?" Philip: "Have you ever flown on a plane before?" TV reporter: "Em, yes". Philip: "Well, it was like that, then".


Cheeky prince


That is so British. Love it.


When travelling to Australia a journo asked him if he was going to visit New Zealand. His reply, 'If I wanted to visit some sheep shaggers I'd just go to Wales'.


Banksy should retire now just to make everyone wonder.


Now that you mention it, I've never seen them in the same room together.


Neither me and Gal Gadot. Not trying to prove anything here, just wondering Edit: you guys are awesome lmao. That's why I love reddit


I think that speaks more to Gal Gadot's resentment of you specifically. Unsure what you've done to that poor girl.


You saying you don't wonder if you're Gal Gadot from time to time?


So many people wake up thinking they're Gal Gadot she has a horrid time with lawyers and constantly having to prove her identity


It makes you wonder, woman?


This is my favorite hot take of the comments


He cant retire because hes already dead!


That's a better version, Banksy's people should announce he has died.


Mildly interesting... 1984 Olympics Me to Mom: Why does everyone keep taking pictures of us? Snooty woman near us with lovely British accent: It’s not you, the Prince is seated behind you. And that is my British Royal story. https://imgur.com/a/UJO4rW6


Sometimes I have a hard time actually realising someone's age, but the fact that he was pretty much retirement age (63) in 1984, which seems like a forever before I was even born, kind of puts it all to perspective..


I met him when I volunteered at the London Olympics, he asked what I normally did as a job, said Corporate Communications (which was my job back then), he had no clue what that meant, he shortly stared at me and then just moved on without another word. Treasured moment!


The more I think about it, the more I realize I don’t know what that means either.


If I had to wager a guess, I would say it's probably public relations or advertisement or some combination of both.


Pretty much. It’s PR but for a company overall vs for specific products. Focused, for example, on the reputation of Ford vs securing good reviews for Mustangs. Includes lots of boring things like a press release announcing a new CFO.


"So... you talk to business people?"


To be fair, I (a decidedly non-royal person) have absolutely no idea what corporate communications is. Sounds like one of those jobs that's just "I send emails, have health insurance, and don't work weekends"


I have a friend who works in “content”. He has explained it to me twice and I still have absolutely no fucking idea how he makes money. He doesn’t actually produce the content, he seems to be some kind of superfluous link between the person who makes the content and the people who do something with the content. I found it very confusing but he seems quite........happy.


He deals with the goddamn customers so the engineers don't have to! He has people skills! He’s good at dealing with people!


Very reminiscent of Eddie Izzard's impersonation of the royal family: "oh you're a plumber? What on earth is that?"


Dress to Kill is one of the best stand ups I’ve ever seen, and surprisingly, it holds up pretty well.


Do you have a *flag?*


No flag, no country you can't have one. Thats the rule that I've just made up.


No, I didn't leave the gas on, I'm a fucking squirrel!


Cake or death?


"It's the rebels, sir... They're here."


Just recently introduced my partner to it, whereas I watched it at least once a month for a year in college (‘05-ish). And it truly holds up! Even a joke about Trump in there.


Lmao. I cackled.




It's a banana, Michael. How much can it cost, like 10 dollars?


Unexpected but expected at the same time, shame he didn't make it to 100 to receive his card from the Queen.


It's weird, he was so old, yet they both seemed functionally immortal.


The last picture I saw of him uffff he didnt look very immortal. Poor man looked rather tired.


He looked like if the launderer at Buckingham used too much scented detergent one day it would have ended him.


He actually looked like a man who *used* to be immortal, but then the spell wore off and all seven hundred years caught up with him at once.


Yes! Thats a perfect description - all the years fell upon him at once. My reaction was shock at seeing that last picture as he hadnt looked at all like that in other pictures.


the man looked like a damned zombie. hardly surprising at that age though.


'tired' that man looked like he was already dead


So what’s the proceedings for this. I know some of them for when the queen dies, but is it the same?




We did get a bank holiday for Diana’s death though, so although not a state funeral, the government may think that it would be a good day for people to take off as a means to have “solidarity”. Especially right now with all the civil unrest


[Operation Forth Bridge](https://youtu.be/KTDwsXCoGE0)


He never reached the dreaded age limit for playing with Lego.


Probably realized he only had two months left to play with legos and lost the will to live.


I don't have many feelings on the man, but I can't imagine what it would be like losing the person you've been married to for 74 years. RIP.


Yeah, it must be horrific to lose such a constant in your life, especially as so much changes around you


I hear that it's normal for the second spouse to pass real quickly after the first in a long time marriage. The grief probably overtakes them.


Queen Victoria assumed she'd pass not that long after Albert, so profound was her grief. But she went onto live another 40 years. [Edit: You guys, I'm *not* saying Elizabeth has another 40 years y'all I'm just saying it's not a guarantee/*that* common for a spouse to die after *their* spouse died.]


I'm optimistic but unless we're looking at mecha-Lizzy I'm not sure the Queen has 40 years.


134 sounds reasonable for her. She's got to outlast Charles at least.


There would be something almost comical if Lizzie manages to live long enough that she just passed the crown to George 😂


William isn’t even 40 yet. She’s got a ways to go.


I’m not so sure we aren’t in the age of Mecha Lizzy already.


She was also 41 when Albert died. Generally, spouses dying close to one another is a phenomenon of the elderly, not the middle aged (excluding suicide).


No kidding... I can't even begin to fathom how much they've experienced together.


It's going to be interesting to see how Liz handles this, often when couples of this age part death comes for the remaining one soon after.


Yeah, would not be surprised if the Queen passes as well in the next six months. It has to be hard losing your love after that long.


Truly. I mean you spend pretty much your entire life with this person by your side, and then they're just... gone. Even if she had come to peace with his eventual passing before it happened, I imagine the emptiness is still overwhelming.


Indeed. Couples together for so long almost seem like a single unit rather than two separate people. My maternal grandparents were married for 60 years. My grandfather died three years ago, yet when I was putting my grandmother's new cell number into my phone two months ago, I instinctively put both their names, "D&P", for it on my contacts list.


I still have my Dad's cell number in my phone and he died 6 years ago.


I'm young and my parents are still young but the thought of this is heartbreaking.


I'm ok, I just miss him. More so during the pandemic because I don't really have another parent. I kept thinking how it would have helped to call my Dad and share that I was scared. I have great friends, but it's different having a parent to go to. Do you know what I mean?


5 years for me. Nothing like a good conversation with a loving parent. I was blessed to have had a dad that truly cared and listened. No one else in this world will have your back more.


Morbidly funny story about that scenario. My dad kept my grandmother's number in his cell phone after she passed away (mostly because he didn't know how to delete it). One day he and my mom were coming home from a road trip they had just taken and he apparently went to go take a nap after returning the rental car. While he was sleeping, his phone went off and the caller id said it was his mother calling. She had been dead for two years at this point, so he basically said to himself, "I'm not dealing with whatever that is" and went back to sleep. Later that day, he remembered the call and saw he had a voicemail from his mothers number. He listened to it and... it was the rental company! Apparently they had coincidentally gotten that number when they opened up in the interim between cancelling service on her phone and the present. They were calling to let him know he had forgotten something in the car. He told me that story and we both couldn't help but laugh at how weird and coincidental it was.


"I'm not dealing with whatever that is" hahahaha That's an insane coincidence!


Same, kinda. My mum passed on five years back. My dad still uses her mobile phone to call me every so often, but I can't bring myself to change over her name over on my phone.


Yeah, I think she’s either going to die in the next year, or live on to be 200. Remember Queen Victoria was devastated by Albert’s death, but she lived on to be the (now 2nd) longest reigning monarch Edit: in the uk


Just wrote this in another comment. My grandparents were married 65 years. Grandpa died this last December. She’s handling it well and doesn’t appear to be on the verge of going that route which I’m incredibly thankful for. I hope that doesn’t happen in my case or this case.


My grandfather just passed away and was married to my grandmother for 60 years. I was there when it happened, we thought we had a couple days tops. She openly talked about how it was coming, and how she was strong (she absolutely is - beat pancreatic cancer). But when he passed she started saying “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!” It was very sad .


I like to say that anyone who lives over 90 years and then dies..what more could you have asked for? This dude lived almost 100 years and lived through A LOT. RIP.


My grandad passed 2 months ago. 90 and with Alzheimer’s which getting rapidly worse. He had 3 kids, 7 grand kids and had at time of his death 3 great grand kids. Had a good job where he retired comfortably with his wife of 68 years until he passed. I am sad, we all are but he had a long and fulfilled life. I should be so lucky to have the life he did.


Hey im sorry. My grandma is also dealing with alzheimers and its the hardest thing for my mom. She forgets who my mom is sometimes


Thank you. Yes Alzheimer’s is just fucking horrible. Nothing I say will make it easier but hopefully you and your mum are ok during this period.


It's not tragic when the elderly die. It's a time to celebrate their life.


Man, after watching *The Crown* it’s wild the dude lived as long as he did based on *how* he did (if you’re to believe how he was portrayed). He was vigorously into exercise but he still smoke, drank, and chased skirts for decades. Not only did he *live* but just imagine what he *saw.* He was born in Greece, lived in Nazi occupied Europe, went to school in Scotland, fought in WWII, was present at the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay, married royalty, sired a king, and met everyone who’s anyone in American Culture from JFK to Marilyn Monroe to Buzz Aldrin for the last 75 years. The stories that are leaving with him are a Library of Alexandria of western popular culture, current events, and foreign policy.


A very crazy life. Born on a dining room table and snuck out of the country in a fruit box.


Born in a pool of gasoline on a piece of rusty scrap metal.


God damn it, Jack Bauer.


Feast your ears on that Spin Doctors mix.


I fucking love the Serpico Charlie. From the voice, the outfit to him leaving a mixtape on the steps of city hall and walking away lmao


That cat is indestructible.


His life was legendary and colorful. Wait till you hear the life of his mother. They both lived a life worth to be made into some sort of movie or tv show


You were lucky to have a box!


> sired a king I'm still convinced Lizzy is going to outlive her son just out of spite


Half asleep when I opened reddit this morning. For a moment that’s who I thought was on the headline. I was thinking poor Charles, never got to be king.


Unfortunately/fortunately for him... he lived his whole life not knowing if he sired a king.


I guess that’s fair. “Heir presumptive” is close enough?


Heir apparent. Heir presumptive is someone who is the current heir, but could be displaced by a "more eligible" child being born. An example would be the eldest daughter of a monarch with no sons.


I am sure he is ok with that, I mean for Philip to know he has sired a King would mean that his wife was dead.


>He was born in Greece, lived in Nazi occupied Europe, went to school in Scotland, fought in WWII, was present at the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay, married royalty, sired a king, and met everyone who’s anyone in American Culture from JFK to Marilyn Monroe to Buzz Aldrin for the last 75 years. Thats one hell of a life up to the age of 26. I'm not sure if it turns you into the sort of guy who's happy sitting in a palace and making small talk for 75 years though...


Prince Philip at 26: >born in Greece, lived in Nazi occupied Europe, went to school in Scotland, fought in WWII, was present at the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay, married royalty me at 26: >renting a house 10 minutes from the house I grew up in, trying to finish a bachelor's degree without too much crippling debt and/or depression so basically the same


Have you considered taking a small loan of $1,000,000 from your parents? All jokes aside, don’t be hard on yourself. As long as you keep fighting the good fight and taking baby steps to improve yourself, one day you’ll look back on this time in your life and be happy with how far you’ve come.


A friend of mine once got told to "fuck off" by Prince Philip. It remains one of his most treasured memories. --- Edit: While I appreciate awards, please consider giving money to charity rather than to reddit. I suggest [Mermaids](https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/donate/).


Yeah, you can’t just leave the story there. We need details


Here's story: Friend was a police at the time and found himself working security detail at buckingham palace, sat in a little booth round the back of the palace overnight. Decided to go for a walk about early in the morning to stretch his legs and break the boredom, and immediately behind the palace is apparently a large gravelled area. A window pops open and Prince Philip leans out of the window and tells him to fuck off making a racket walking about on the gravel, or words to that effect (the term 'fuck off' was definitely in there) so he apologised and quickly scurried back to his booth.


Is this the royal version of get off my lawn? Or is it more old man yells at cloud?


Get off my courtyard


Old man yells at cloud is more of a yelling at something he has no control over, so I'd say get off my lawn.


I mean have you walked on those gravel walkways at night? It's loud as fuck


Damn kids making a ruckus walking on gravel like I want to hear that nonsense! FUCK OFF AND GET OFF MY GRAVEL!


I declare that a kingdom brutality.


Violence is inherent the system.


In lieu of OPs story, here's Adam Hills talking about [meeting the Queen and Prince Philip](https://youtu.be/PQLhQw4739c)


"Well that was bizarre, wasn't it? ... Here's something fucked up!" \- Prince Philip at the Pearly Gates right now, presumably.


That was awesome. I'll have to check out more of his stuff.


He has a show that's like/not like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Loosely like it, in that they both cover the news of the week. Not like it in that it's a bit of a panel show, with Josh Widdicombe and Alex Booker as sidekicks, and he also has other British celebrity guests. Episodes can be found all over YouTube by searching "The Last Leg".


I am sure it was that translator's top 5 jobs she had ever done.


I think that was just his standard greeting and farewell for everyone.


The British “Aloha”


"Sorry, I only fuck off for kings..."


"This man fucks off for no earthly king!"


How shall I fuck off oh majesty?


With haste!


While I don't know the man personally nor the context in which it was said, I've noticed that English people often use insults and profanity with people they are comfortable with or like, and become more formal and polite with increasing personal distance. One of my British colleagues in ESA told me 'as long as we tell you to fuck off or that you look particularly ugly this morning, you know we're on good terms. If we become formal and polite, you may want to start wondering if you're being thrown under the bus'. Of course, anecdotes are not proof, but it matches my experiences when dealing with Brits and to some extent Irish people as colleagues.


..... don't we all do that? Legitimately wondering now, after having a jovial and rather profanity laced conversation with colleagues.


I met him (and the Queen) back in school when they visited for a day. A bunch of us had lined up presenting things that the school was proud of and he went along asking the usual questions and engaging with folks. Then he got to me: Prince Phil: "What do you plan to do when you leave school?" 14 Year Old Me: "Journalist, sir". Prince Phil: "Ah, shame..." *Moves quickly on* Fair play. Loved his brutal honesty.


But did you become a journalist?


Wow. I thought for sure he’d make it to 100.


missed by just 2 months!! After he was discharged from the hospital, I too thought he will make it


Harry didn't fly to the UK so I didn't think he was on deaths door. I figured the family would fly back if he was just holding on.


Wow, 99 is pretty good. Everyone talks about how old the Queen is that I forget her HUSBAND OF 74 YEARS was still around too. Insane.


I work as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award and all his ‘jokes’ and comments aside, the award has genuinely helped a lot of kids to get that first small step up the ladder of self esteem, now probably more so than ever with the focus on disadvantaged young people and I can tell you first hand that it is making a difference…how much he has been involved has been obviously less and less but the pomp and ceremony associated with it has been the carrot that has got kids into the scheme and backers onboard to help fund it. So no matter what you think of the man as a person, that’s an amazing legacy to leave behind for anyone.


It’s strange but ‘what happens to the duke of Edinburgh award’ was one of my first thoughts. I never did it, but my sister was absolutely a feral youth who benefitted from doing it. All politics aside, I liked Phil.


So for the past couple of years, Edward has done most of the appearances and presenting of gold awards. Phil was there at Buckingham palace for the 50 year celebration of the award, but aside from that I haven’t seen much of him in and around at things like that anymore


Plus, once Charles becomes king, the plan is for him to pass the Dukedom of Edinburgh to Edward. So, it makes sense Edward has taken that baton.


I hope they keep running it. I did it and I absolutely loved it, it really helped me. Keeping it under his name would serve as a tribute and let the good work continue.


So true. For me it was a complete 180. I’m still very close friends with my DofE team and instructors and it gave me structure and the opportunity to get involved in activities outside of school. Really saddened by his passing.


I read this headline as “Prince Phillip has died again”. It prompted a few unwelcome questions.


My dad, always one for dark humor/spreading outrageous lies, told my mom he had kicked one of the Queens corgis and she beat him to death with her cane.




Is that relatively uncommon? I feel like half the time American flags are at half mast


Wow. He was super old, but somehow it feels oddly unexpected. I was so certain he was going to make it to 100.


Interesting that he died not only on Charles and Camillas anniversary but also on the 99th day of the year.


Only 2 months away from 100 damn.


He said at one point he didn't want to live to 100, and that "bits" of him "were already falling off". I think passing away 2 months before his 100th is pretty in character for him.


That tribe in Vanuatu is going to be very upset


Personally I think the queen is one of those hard-as-nails duty first types. I'm sure she'll miss him but I don't see her stepping down much less dying of grief because Philip passed away.


She will certainly not step down. The British monarchs don’t step down voluntarily. The only exception is King Edward VIII, who abdicated so he could marry a divorced American woman. He was also a Nazi sympathizer and may have been involved in a plot to overthrow the crown. Because he abdicated, he was considered to be the shame of the family. The Nazi ties damaged his reputation even further. Due to centuries of precedent and because of Edward’s “shameful” abdication, even if Queen Elizabeth wanted to step down due to age, she would not. She views abdication as a neglect of her duty. She will remain Queen until she dies, like nearly every other monarch and British history.


A couple of English Kings have stepped down as has one King of Scots; Edward was the first in the history of the United Kingdom. Edit: Some have abdicated, but it sounds like “stepped down” was poor wording given the circumstances that led to it


Stepping down was also very common in the early medieval era. A lot of first English kings stepped down so they could become monks.


That sounds like taking the black so no one kills you after a political coup to me.


Some of them do seem to have been forced to step down, but it also appear that a great deal of them were very genuine about their beliefs, to a degree that can be really hard for us to understand today. One notably example was a king (the name of which currently escapes me) who abdicated to become a monk later in his reign. When his kingdom was invaded the nobility went to his monastery and begged him to come back, but as a monk he had made a pledge of pacifism and refused to break it. They eventually pressured him to come along anyway, but he refused to pick up arms or fight to defend himself. He was killed in the battle.


Maybe. She's not meant to cry in public but when her sister Margaret died, she did end up breaking just a but. Everyone has their limit, but I hope she stays with us tbh


I think she feels a duty to her family to reign as long as possible. She was so young when her father died, I think she understands the pressure and weight of being sovereign better than anyone. The longer she lives, the less time Charles, and subsequently William, will have to carry that responsibility. Can you imagine if she passed and then Charles did soon after? William is still raising a family. It would be terrible pressure.


Dude. Spoiler tag please. This blows season 9 of The Crown.


Britain is weak. We attack at nightfall.


You can try but we’ll all have had a few beers in us by then.


Dawn, then.


Yeah your chances are better then for sure.


You leave Dawn out of this, she's totally innocent.


They’ve been planning for this in Britain since the 60s apparently.


How many horcruxes does the Queen have left now?