Active shooter reported at grocery store in Colorado: Boulder police

Active shooter reported at grocery store in Colorado: Boulder police


Quick reminder to everyone about commenting during major situations like this. * **DO NOT** post about police movements. In other words, if you are listening to scanners and radio communications of emergency personnel, hold off on sharing the play by plays. * **DO NOT** share the personal information of alleged suspects or victims until the identities are confirmed by the police or mainstream media. * **DO NOT** post identifiable images/videos of the dead or dying. Reddit is one of the most high-traffic sites in the world, especially in times of crisis. No one should find out in a reddit thread that their loved one has died. To clarify, you can still post images and videos of the incident, just no closeups of someone's face as they die.


10 people dead. They were all just out running errands on what they thought was a typical Monday afternoon. Unbelievably sad.


Running errands or just plain ol working. So sad.


Grocery story workers who gutted it out through covid, probably just got their vaccines recently and were feeling safer than anytime in the last year. Edit we’re ——-> were.


I’m devastated for the victims. What a senseless loss of life.


So any updates on what happened? Is he still in the store? I can’t find anything.


There was someone taken out of the store in handcuffs, striped down to boxers, bleeding. They have not confirmed he was the suspect.


They did confirm that he was the suspect in the briefing that started around 7. They said he was the only injury, all else were fatalities. They did not share how many were killed. My condolences to the many who are grieving in my state tonight. So senseless.


They've now updated: 10 dead, including the first officer to arrive on scene.




Confirmed by NBC, too. This is horrible.


Fuck this piece of shit, jesus. What a monster.


Suspect in custody with six dead, including an officer.


10 fatalities according to the 2nd press conference


Ten now


ABC news confirming at least 6 people dead. Edit: Including one Boulder Police Officer. https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/active-shooter-reported-at-king-soopers-in-boulder Edit2: 10 confirmed deaths now. 😔


Imagine just doing some Monday afternoon grocery shopping and then the next thing you know you're fucking dead. Fuck these scum who want to harm innocent people.




It would be very hard not to blame yourself. Man fuck those dumbass shooters.


This is why I never listen to my wife.


Bruh getting my groceries sent to my house is looking like a better idea everyday.


I do the curbside pick-up. Don't pay for a delivery, but don't have to get out of the car.


I go to that King Soopers all the time. It's like it could have been anyone.


That's always the case with random shootings and it's scary as fuck. Ignoring the racial element, look at the Atlanta shootings. You go to work one day, figure you'll have a beer after work and cook that steak you pulled out of the freezer, then boom, you never go home again.


Thinking about this makes me physically ill. The absolute horror of this situation is too much. These poor people and their poor loved ones.


The grocery stores where I live have been doing active shooter training for their employees for a while now.. Fuck this reality..


So fucking sad. Such scum.


Boulder police chief just confirmed 10 dead. Live presser on CNN right now


My gosh, that's horrible. Their poor families.


Can you imagine just going for groceries and members of your family don't come home? I can't even imagine the level of grief.


That happened to my mom's friend. His wife went to get groceries and was shot in the parking lot by two kids who "wanted to know what killing someone felt like". Her son was three at the time.


I don't even know how to respond to this. I actually have no words.


It happened before I was born so it never registered to me. They're great people, we do white elephant christmas parties with them.


So much anger.


That, too. Members of your family get mowed down just picking up milk, how do you reconcile that with yourself? How could they not be absolutely enraged that this was able to happen at all?


Fuck, 10 whole lives cut short. It's truly heartbreaking I saw a comment yesterday that said the way they can tell that things are "starting to go back to normal" in the US is because all of the shooting have started happening again.... I fucking hate how accurate that feels


I had the same thought earlier. What an absolute hellscape. & I feel like people are going to be extra crazy and violent once we ease out of the pandemic...over the past year people have had so much time spent alone, money issues, so much tension.. it makes me extremely nervous.


I mean, look at Miami, FL right now. People are going crazy. Officials had to implement curfews because people were just brawling in the street.


The news people keep saying " expect very tragic news". When you add that to the fact only 1 ambulance left the scene, it's not good. RIP to those affected. Edit: 10:30pm EST, As per NYT there are 10 dead including the first police officer to arrive on scene. May all of these people Rest In Peace. Denny Strong, 20; Neven Stanisic, 23; Rikki Olds, 25; Tralona Bartkowika, 49; Suzanne Fountain, 59; Teri Leiker, 51; Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, 51; Kevin Mahoney, 61; Lynn Murray, 62; Jody Waters, 65


The beginning of one livestream... There's two bodies lying outside. One in the parking lot and one just on the ramp up to the entrance. A Toyota RAV4 parked oddly at the entrance...


Theres at least 3 dead just based on some random cell phone footage. 2 in the parking lot and a cashier right when you went into the store.


I'm just waiting until I can hear about the victims. I frequented this soopers for 2 1/2 + yrs until I moved to a different part of town two months ago. I still pick up prescriptions from there, and stop if coming back from the doctor. Since you mentioned cashier I am afraid if I recognize them.


They just interviewed the husband of the car's owner on TV... Edit with link: Starts at 1:45:25 https://youtu.be/rWffq3oecho I get it... he's the ex husband. My bad


Yea that was very odd. He said his wife parks at the front of stores like that. Like really? She blocks the front entrance with her car? He also seems really calm and didn’t think anyone got seriously hurt. Poor guy...


My take was he’s in absolute shock and going through the 5 stages of grief. The first stage is denial.


Yeah it's a weird sensation. When my mom died, I got there, saw her, and then I stayed non reactive for about a week. It makes you feel bad, like there's something wrong with you. But there isn't, your brain just doesn't know what to do.


It took a few days for the reality of performing CPR on my lukewarm dad to really hit home He didn't make it. I know the feels all the way around, bruv.


Jesus dude, have an internet hug from a stranger. No one should ever have to experience that.


Performed cpr on my dad too. Adrenaline filled out of body experience like no other. Felt like I was performing cpr for hours, but was only minutes before the paramedics got there. He didn't make it either. Took me a couple of days to come full circle and deal with the emotions of it.


I want to say it was a full week before I had my first cry. It was a blur. Funny you mention the time perception. I called 911 on my cell phone after I got him on the floor and started CPR and iirc the call log had the call at sub ten minutes (I want to saw 7) before EMS arrived, took over, and the call was terminated


I’m sorry for your loss.


Thank you... It has been a few years and that day was a blur for sure but the memory of cracking the sternum will be with me into perpetuity. Something I don't recall from the CPR certification course. Very unsettling.


I had the exact same experience with my dad. I will never forget how heavy his body felt, the cracking noise when performing CPR, and the guttural scream I let out outside when I knew he was gone. I feel for you. It's always going to be a vivid memory. For me it was 20 years ago next month.


I hope this doesnt come across the wrong way but in my brief CPR course, breaking bones was noted as a very likely side effect of performing CPR properly. It takes a lot of force to manually "breathe" for someone. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I dont know what I would do if it were me in your shoes and I pray I dont have to find out. Just know that what you experienced is, if anything, a reassurance that you did the best anyone could have in that situation.


Same, watched a parent die (natural cause) and was just numb for a a while too. Other family member kept crying from the start, but I was just calm. The shock really hits everyone differently.


Did the same exact thing. I didn’t cry about it for 6 months. It just hit me one night. The mind is a hell of a thing




That video was so weird. He walks into the store to show the body nearby, and that guy with his back to the shooting on his phone? I mean what the fuck??


Yeah such weird reactions... the dude filming seems too caught up in his streaming moment to consider the reality of the situation.


>the dude filming seems too caught up in his streaming moment to consider the reality of the situation I remember watching a video with a war reporter and he mentioned something like that happening to war reporters. Filming makes it feel like you're watching a movie and not actually there.


The fact also that you're not in the fight or were a victim. It happened to them. Not me. It's tragic but unless you witness it or it affects you personally most ppl are disconnected from it


You should watch restrepo


That's a tough watch. Saw it once at a theater when it came out. One of the guys who filmed it went back to shoot another documentary or something and was killed. Tim Hetherington.


I was thinking shock? Too scared to move? Thousand yard stare type thing? I would hope I could sprint away in that situation. Will also be fodder for false flaggers.


Yeah, shock can make you much less aware of your surroundings. That poor employee just witnessed people die. Potentially coworkers and regular customers he may know. I’d say he was definitely in shock.


Family has confirmed the man on the phone has special needs. The family also confirmed a family member was killed in the tragedy, from what I understand the gentleman's wife. [twitter of fam member ](https://twitter.com/austinponsford/status/1374131394662735874?s=21)


He is a maintenance worker, he has some issues going on with his mental capacity. (I used to work there)




> They are not releasing the specific number of dead Psychologists have being warning for a couple decades now that the way the media covers spree shooters is encouraging them and that simple steps like NOT reporting the number of dead like a video game score would help, along with not reporting the shooter's name because they confuse infamy with fame.


Thanks for this point. I’m a Boulder County local and I listened to the Boulder PD press conference and was infuriated by the lack of details about victims (even just the number of victims), but this take from psychologists about coverage hadn’t occurred to me. I appreciate this point and have changed my mind on what information is “necessary” for locals.


That and they’re pretty sure the 1 ambulance has the shooter in it


Denver 7 is reporting at least 6 people dead Edit: there is a live stream of nearly 3 hours from a brave or stupid(you be the judge) man who arrived shortly after the shooting began and has documented a great deal of the situation as well as the arrest. Edit2: link to streamed video https://youtu.be/ikujTMetrUk


I clicked the link but just couldn’t handle him calling out that they need 911 and saying come on people we need 911. Then fucking call 911 with that phone in your hand.


Could you imagine being shot and bleeding out and the last thing you hear is this fucking idiot giving a play by play? Fuck.


Wow literally that guy’s channel is like the dude from the Nightcrawler. I mean, as a former journalist, I get why these guys exist and know some of them. But god the 24-hour instant news cycle has really fucked us in so many ways.


His friend who was inside the store also called him later in the live stream and he didn’t answer the phone because he didn’t want to have to stop streaming. What if his friend was freaking out thinking he was dead? It was honestly just really shitty all around. Edit: His friend, Denny Strong, age 20 was just listed among the victims. Edit 2: Someone in the comments says they are a friend and it was Denny’s dad calling him, not Denny himself. Regardless, it seems messed up to not answer the phone or, as mentioned in another comment, to not contact Denny’s spouse and let him know what was happening.


Yeah fuck that dude. I'm not usually one to judge how someone acts in a situation like that, which I've never been in, but the only thing I know I'd do for sure is at least call 911. If I have the wherewithal to tell someone else to call 911 then I know to do it myself.


If you're ever in an emergency situation, don't EVER say "we need 911". Turn to someone, specifically call them out: "YOU, in the blue shirt. Call 911". People at the scene of a tragedy have a tendency to assume 911 has already been called.


Part of me appreciates an honest display of events. People need to understand how horrifying these situations are. Other part of me is annoyed he’s giving police another person to worry about and compromising their approach. I’m upset for all victims involved, to have your last breath on cold concrete in suburban America with NO ONE there to see you off. Just dead in a fucking parking lot. What a coward this criminal is.


That’s what made me so sad. I don’t what I would do if I rolled up on a dead body or someone dying. Poor people.


What's with that old man just hanging around the entrance on his phone like nothing is going on?


Just watching CNN, and they replayed an interview from earlier of an old man. Sounding emotional, said his son-in-law and grandkids are inside, hiding inside a closet for the last hour. Escaped the shooter while they were there getting the Covid vaccine. A women right in front of them in the vaccine line was shot. Just sad! The trauma these kids, and many others present will live with for the rest of their lives.


I saw the full interview on local news (I live in CO) and it was heartbreaking. He went into detail about how his daughters are doing, worrying about the trauma the will have to deal with their entire lives, and calling for elected officials do address the problem. Dude was tearing up. So sad :(


Emergency notification just went out: Boulder police asking people near 17th and Grove to shelter in place while they respond to report of armed, dangerous individual. PD is investigating to determine if this is related to King Soopers shooting.


I did not get any emergency alarm and I am very curious why. No push notification or anything.


Just sad. Every time I hear about a shooting like this it's just so God damn sad. These people were just getting groceries. The employees didn't want to be there, they didn't do any harm, so why the fuck do this. If you're so God damn miserable that you're going to just throw away your life don't decide to throw other people's lives away as well.




Boulder police just tweeted out to stop showing cops moves on tv so it's possible shooter is still not caught. They did identify a name on the scanner and someone from that area does come up (they are in their early 40s)


My 16 y.o son was locking his bike to the rack for his shift as the shooting broke out. This is so senseless


i hope he is safe and hope for comfort for you and your family after dealing with this. terrifying


I have locked my bike to that bike rack many a time... I hope he is okay.


I hope he is safe 💜


Thanks, he's trying to see which of his coworkers died.. haven't cried like this for a while


That it too much for a 16 year old to have to deal with. Horrific. I’m so sorry.


In moments like this he may not remember the exact words you say to him. Shock and grief can mask memories. But he will remember the way that you made him feel emotionally. Listen to what he needs and give it to him. - a fellow dad


Jesus. Family therapy is probably a good idea. May peace be with your family.


Yes, I'm definitely working on getting things setup


The guy on CNN just said the shooter shot a woman waiting in line for vaccine? Wtf




This is my grocery store half a mile from my house. My roommates and I frequent it multiple times a week. I drive past it everyday to go to work. I get my prescriptions there. It’s engrained into my routines and now 10 people in my community are dead. People were just trying to get their groceries, prescriptions, vaccines. What the fuck.


Me too, and I’m trying to wrap my head around how we can ever shop there again. I don’t think it will ever feel right. They can’t send the employees back to work in that store, having seen what they’ve seen... can they? Will they?


In 2011 there was a shooting in Tucson, AZ outside of the Safeway grocery store I shopped at. 6 people murdered, including a 9 year old girl. 18 total shot. US Representative Gabby Giffords was shot in the head. I remember the store being shut down for a while but it did eventually open back up. It was hard. On one hand you want to return to any semblance of normalcy that you can find but on the other hand, you walk through that parking lot knowing the terror that erupted on such a peaceful day because some wackjob decided to spend his day spreading terror. It still has a weird air to it a decade later, it’s very quiet. Reminds me of walking through the OKC bombing memorial or the World Trade. Obviously on a completely different scale of loss, but has that same respectful silence that is just mutually agreed upon by everyone in attendance.


Glad you weren’t there mate. My condolences to you and your community.


Dude is about to cry on CNN. Says he felt like going to the supermarket to get some chips and a soda was the safest place in the world and yet he was almost killed.


This. When you realize that at any random time your life could end, no matter what you do, you start to look at things a little differently.


Are you watching online or on a TV? I'm trying to find a link. My brother just moved to the area a few days ago.


This is the chips and soda guy: https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/03/22/boulder-colorado-shooter-king-soopers-witness-vpx.cnn


So much pain in him. Hes doing the kinda shit we all do any day of the week and he could be dead. And this country insists we don't have a fucking problem I can't stand it.


How long before some conspiracy nut job doxxes him and calls him a crisis actor?


Damn. My wife and baby were just there this morning buying groceries. Went to noodles and company for lunch and then started heading home about 12:30. Holy fk.


Do you know which specific King Soopers it is? Trying to find out if it's one by my dad and I can't get a hold of him so I am of course worrying.


Yeah, it’s the King Soopers on Table Mesa and Broadway. It’s on the south end of town. There is also one on Arapahoe and 30th St. which is more central to the city. Depending on where your dad lives, he probably wouldn’t visit this one if he lives north of Baseline Road. I hope you can get in contact with him and everything is ok friend. If you have any other questions I’ll see how I can help for sure.


Thank you so much. This isn’t the closest one to him so I don’t think he’d be visiting here. I really appreciate your help! You have definitely helped ease my anxiety. I’m so glad your wife and baby are ok.


Press conference at 6:30


My girlfriend dropped a prescription off there and left 20 minutes before the shooting because she decided not to wait for it. Today has been surreal.


Cant imagine how terrifying that is. Glad she is okay, but that has to be heavy


That’s fucking crazy. I’m relieved that you guys are alright.


My roommate pulled into the parking lot and turned around to go to the Safeway because he remembered that they were out of grapes yesterday.


Buy your roommate some grapes bro


This is the second time in a week a Kroger company affiliate has had an active shooter situation. Just last week there was an incident at one of the warehouses in Wisconsin. Two employees died there.


I hadn't even heard of that one.


We know SO many people that shop at this location on a regular basis. The delayed news conference + the rumor that a live stream showed numerous casualties has me on edge. My stomach is just in knots. My heart breaks for anyone that is impacted by this tragic event.


> + the rumor that a live stream showed numerous casualties has me on edge. No rumor, I watched it. I tuned in like 7 minutes after he started. The link has been posted many times. It's on YT.


My whole family lives right there and I just woke up on the other side of the world to this. I'm afraid to call them. I shopped there a million times myself. I can't imagine dying so violently in such an ordinary place.


Call them


Holy shit, I just had a vaccine appointment there yesterday. I was originally going to schedule it for today because it's a quick walk away, but opted for Sunday so I didn't have to miss any work. All I hear is helicopters outside.


That's scary..




God these poor people.


Why do so many mass shootings happen in Colorado?


Im a CO “native”.. I have no fucking clue. Had friends at Columbine. Grew up going to the Century 16 in Aurora. Knew kids at Arapahoe HS. I don’t understand.


Agreed. I went to Arapahoe, had friends at STEM, and now the kings' I get my fuckin groceries at like... what the fuck man.


I have a friend who was at Columbine when it happened and his son was at the STEM school when that happened. He was out of work for over a week and had to go to a psychiatrist about. Essentially brought it all back to him in an instant.


Dude that would fuck me up. I hope your friend and his son both get the help they need.


The first time I went to Denver, I thought I could tour columbine like they have a memorial for it like 9/11 in New York City. Turns out, it's still a functioning high school and touring was out of the question. I really feel for the kids who have to walk those halls.


Damn, the kids from columbine have kids that are in high schools going through similar shootings... that’s really depressing.


Then there was that one girl who survived the gang shootout at the Eaton centre in Toronto only to die at the theatre shooting in Colorado. How fucking shit is that?


We are the number 1 per capita in the nation. No clue why, but we have the best response teams for it as a result.


No one ever talks about this but higher suicide rates are definitely correlated with living at high altitudes. Most mass shootings are in many ways just attention seeking suicides. Living at high altitude appears to be quite healthy for certain types of people, but for those struggling with mental issues, moving somewhere with higher oxygen concentrations may be a good idea.


That’s interesting I’m from Eagle county, CO we’re really high up and we have one the highest suicide rates in the state.




Was that gunshots going off in the store at the end of the video?


100%, those are gunshots.


trauma does weird things to people. I witnessed what everyone thought at the time was a terrorist attack, and I just remember cackling laughing while running away. No idea why.


I can attest to this. When I was 13 I found my neighbors dead body in the middle of his driveway. I checked his pulse and his body felt ice cold on a hot summer day and I just started laughing uncontrollably. Internally, I remember feeling overwhelming fear but for some reason I could only laugh in response.


Yeah, understandable. Laughing is a common stress reaction. Body feels the need to do *something* in response to a huge event it's trying to process, sometimes it just goes with laughter. Think of it like an extension of the fight/flight/freeze response, but a little less immediate. Sorry you experienced that, btw.


Thank you for responding. I know this now but back then as a kid, I would sit for hours asking myself if I was evil or a sociopath because of how I reacted. I never even shared the truth of how I immediately laughed until I was in college and someone else shared how they laughed while almost dying in a car crash.


I’ve heard quite a few stories of people laughing uncontrollably during a traumatic event. Our brains work in ways we don’t fully understand.


I laugh when I'm really nervous. I could absolutely see myself cracking up during a situation like this from sheer nerves.


A few years ago I was camping when a storm rolled through. Dead trees/large branches everywhere and 80mph winds had flattened my tent with me in it. Could not stop laughing. My buddy thought I was legitimately insane.


In retrospect, it was a mistake to make computers out of meat.


I smashed my lower leg up in a crazy accident a couple years ago. An outdoor staircase collapsed and I went through it, landing hard on the patio, from the second floor. I remember a disturbing, lizardly calm coming over me when I realized I was badly hurt. I called my wife while the ambulance was on the way, and she later told me that I didn't sound nearly as upset as I should have, like I was reminding her that we needed cat litter. It's impossible to know how a serious shock will affect you.


Adrenaline is a helluva drug.


That reaction allows you to get help. I've been in more than one situation where the injured person was calm and controlled while everyone else was losing it.




Read a book called Laughing Boy by Bradley Denton. Will warn you it may be hard to find. The premise is a guy who is caught on video laughing like a mad man while an active shooting attack went on around him. And how that exposure affected his life. Pretty interesting novel. The book was scheduled to be released when an actual mass shooting happened and it got shelved indefinitely. I ended up having to buy it off eBay and was surprised when it arrived with the author as the shipper.


There is a huge range of behaviors that people default too when under extreme stress. Laughter, sexual arousal, panic, freezing, extreme calm, etc. etc.


I live 100 yards from there. At a loss for words I know the faces of so many people who work at that store. The worst kind of shock... I go there in the middle of the day often.


I know this means nothing but I am so sorry. I'm glad you are safe.


From press conference: * One officer killed, still waiting to hear about civilian casualties * "One suspect" in custody * Suspect is the (likely) the guy with beard who was shown handcuffed and walked through the parking lot by police to an ambulance -- police chief hadn't seen video so he couldn't comment, but the pieces fit * Police are "unsure" about number of civilian casualties, they are "still processing the scene" (CNN guest former police chief took umbrage to this, saying that the police know and he doesn't like that they wouldn't release number -- take that for what it's worth, which probably isn't much) * Unsure if one or multiple shooters * At least one person at hospital -- unclear if suspect of other based on comments from spokesperson * Unsure if suspect was wearing military-style gear (personally, I'm wondering how suspect ended up in his skivvies/shorts during his perp-walk -- that says to me maybe he was trying to change his cloths and escape but that's pure speculation on my part) * Continual ask from reporters re: number of victims -- "unsure" seems to mean that next of kin haven't yet been notified, per Boulder County DA * No info re: motive "at this point" but more info to be released in the "next few hours" * Charges not yet filed due to suspect being treated at hospital * **DA is asking for additional witnesses or family of victims to contact Boulder PD (303.441.3333)** * Media really pushing hard on number of victims and why press conference won't answer specifically -- personal opinion here, but I think the DA answered this pretty well re: still notifying next of kin and won't tell how many killed until that is taken care of (though press keeps shouting "six victims", and spokesperson won't confirm/deny) edit: * Press conference is over, but they will hold another one later this evening Edit 2: * 10 people killed, including one police officer, according to Boulder PD Edit 3: * Eric Talley has been identified as the officer killed * More info will be provided by Boulder PD on Tuesday morning **Edit 4 (Tuesday morning press conference):** * AR-style rifle was used * Victims have been named (officer is reading too fast for me to figure out spelling, sorry) * Suspect and officers exchanged gunfire * Suspect is in stable condition * Suspect is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21 from Arvada * Governor Polis is speaking now * Mayor is speaking now * Boulder County DA is speaking now * Don't yet have motive * Suspect name "already been provided", they don't seem to want to give it out again during this presser * Suspect is to shortly be released form hospital and booked into Boulder County Jail * Affidavit for warrant will be released to press after he is booked * Full investigation is expected to be ongoing for *more than a year* * A photo of suspect will be released * Suspect suffered a "leg wound" * Reiterating no known motive at this time * Suspect has "lived most of his life in the United States" * DA is confident that the community is safe and that the suspect was the only person involved * No connection between name circulating on social media yesterday and suspect * Officer killed had 7 children, recently received an award from Boulder PD * Officer was not career police, he went into policing later in life after having a previous career


That guy in his underwear has to be the shooter, the Boulder police just tweeted that the only known injury (not counting fatalities) was to the person of interest.


> Suspect is Ahmad Alyssa (spelling?), 21 from Arvada Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa


I hope eventually the media stops naming these assholes and just refers to them with insulting nicknames.


Guy being interviewed nearly crying on Tv. Said "I know more than the public know" and ended the interview in tears saying "people died today."


There was a documentary on the Pulse Nightclub shooting where they interviewed the police officer who was first on scene. The man was absolutely broken. He retired and spends all his time just fishing now. The body can heal, but the mind is not always so resilient.




I can't be the only one who is thinking "A mass shooting in Colorado...again?"


I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve watched so many go down on the news and I’m only 19. Also this doesn’t even include the amount of threats there are. During high school I remember so many threats every year across the district.


Damn, and you're not even old enough for Columbine to be one of them. I grew up in JeffCo and Columbine happened when I was in the 6th grade. This shit's started to define generations.


Yeah Colorado seems to have a disproportionate amount of shootings.


The culture clash is probably the most prevalent there. You go from Lauren Boebert to hardcore Bernie bros in a matter of miles




You're looking for nuance when blame is all that matters to the tribes. It's a competition to see who's right. And what seems to exist from all sides is a complete lack of compassion or consideration of ten people brutally murdered.


I won't even pretend to have all the answers before we know motive and background with situations like this. You are right, people are more eager to dunk on opposition than fully understand what happened and/or discuss effective solutions. Especially as of the last few years. Virtually everything gets immediately spun into a partisan pissing contest and I'm willing to bet that's going to allow the ills of society to fester worse than they already are.


Mass shooters are the most pathetic sad people on earth. Just kill your self instead you worthless piece of shit.


They really are. And they're just getting more nonsensical. When did we go from disgruntled former employees shooting up an office to people just walking into places they've never been and gunning down people they've never met?


It’s less personal that way. It’s cowardice at its finest.


i was there an hour or two before this started... holy shit.


Deceased: Denny Strong, 20 Nevin Stadinsky, 23 Rikki Olds, 25 Trilana Barkanavyak, 49 Suzanne Fountain, 59 Terry Liker, 51 Officer Eric Talley, 51 Kevin Mahony, 61 Lynn Murray, 62 Jody Waters, 65


Fuck shootings are starting back . There has to be somethings that triggers them to start again. Maybe the news coverage of it?


Yeah, it’s possible. Considering all the media coverage surrounding the Atlanta shooting recently it could’ve inspired a sick individual to go on with their plan.


I’m pretty sure they proved that threats go up the more they are blasted on media so that’s probably true


Authorities are now reporting 10 fatalities including one cop who was the first to respond.


10 fatalities according to Boulder PD press conference.


I have to worry enough about family memebers dying from cancer, covid, car wrecks, etc. but also I have to worry they may die picking up a loaf of bread.




So looks like the dude in his boxers was the guy.


Police just updated count to 10 dead


Everytime I see stories/reports like these it makes me wanna just never leave my house and want to lock my family in the house too. me, myself and my mom all work in retail/stores. And just I keep imagining them in a situation like this, my mom works at CVS and does vaccinations and now hearing how the guy shot a woman getting a vaccine just scares the hell out of me. I am terrified for myself and my family.


this [video](https://crooksandliars.com/2021/03/co-supermarket-shooting-survivor-doesn-t) of a dude who was in the store is heartbreaking "it doesn't feel like there's anywhere safe anymore"


God, that’s just gutting. I really hope that all of the survivors get the help and support they need to process this.


This is just so real and genuinely resonating.


Poor guy. I disagree with the anchor, he doesn't seem calm to me, he seems shaken and in shock.


I used to live next to this one. Desperately trying to get a hold of friends that work there and live next to it. EDIT: Friends and family are okay.


Local news is reporting at least 6 dead, including one police officer


Live Press Conference just said 10 deceased including the 1 officer


As the economy reopens, shooters are also returning to their posts.........


The thing is a grocery store could have been a target at any point, it's not like they were ever closed. Those have been among the most busy public spaces throughout the pandemic. However the media contagion theory would at least partially help explain this, as the media has been rather preoccupied with other things to constantly bombard people on the edge with a shooting to mimic. There's also research showing they [tend to happen in clusters](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/all/mass-shootings-experts-say-violence-contagious-24-7-news-cycle-n1039136) when the media coverage is focused on another incident. So it wouldn't be terrible surprising to see a copycat attack happen given Atlanta has been constantly in the news.


Whenever a mass shooting happens I always think about how all of these people woke up this morning and just thought it would be a normal day. Now I’m laying in bed thinking about ten homes that are broken tonight. I live about 30 mins from Boulder. Beautiful city and beautiful people and this happens so much in my state. Can’t go to school, the movie theatre or even a fucking grocery store in my state without thinking about this happening.