Clearly the solution is to disband NATO


In fairness, if you disband NATO no NATO country will ever be threatened or invaded


Technically correct, the best kind of correct!


What kind of weird ASMR is this? The dude is just screaming into his microphone at weird intervals.


Ruskie Fox News basically




That's part of the brainwashing technique 👌


[https://youtu.be/sCiGyaSPRhI](https://youtu.be/sCiGyaSPRhI) ​ His role model.




With what army lmao




What would you do about the nukes, lol?


We can tank a couple of hits *Gets nuked* I didn't hear no bell, Ivan


Donate all nukes to some rubbish country no one cares about and have them attack first and eat all Russian nukes in retaliation. Problem solved?


wait this isn't NCD


Russia has about 6,000 nukes. Mongolia is the least densely populated country. If Russia unloaded their entire arsenal on Mongolia, they could probably kill like 4,000 people tops.


"Look ,I'm not saying we don't get our hair mussed. But casualties will be 10, 20 million, TOPS "


Gotta die some time I guess


Let the Aegis live up to its name.


Praise Atom and their eternal, cleansing flame?


Eventually nuclear powers will fight. Would you rather it be defending Western values and Democracy or because Trump or DeSantis wanted to invade Iran? Nuclear weapons will always exist, and I’m not selfish enough to say “well let’s only risk it if we’re directly under attack” and I’m not foolish enough to believe a country should be allowed to walk across a country just because they threaten of nuclear warfare.


>Eventually nuclear powers will fight. Not necessarily. A strategy of isolation may work just fine (the Soviet Union collapsed on its own, for example, I don't see why Russia wouldn't end the same because it's even more pathetic).


Ending the same way doesn’t rid them of nuclear weapons, as the new Russian Federation shows. And if Taiwanese leaders are expecting an invasion from China by 2027, South Koreans are vying for reunification, and India and China shooting at each other at their borders, then I would definitely expect a war between nuclear capable nations. The Marines are literally changing their entire branch to fight China in island to island combat, I don’t think such a large policy change would happen if they weren’t preparing for an eventual war.


>Ending the same way doesn’t rid them of nuclear weapons, as the new Russian Federation shows. And if Taiwanese leaders are expecting an invasion from China by 2027, South Koreans are vying for reunification, and India and China shooting at each other at their borders, then I would definitely expect a war between nuclear capable nations. Then again, merely a government being replaced for something less hostile would be an improvement. I don't expect Korea or India to end in wars as it is. But yeah, Taiwan is messed up. It'd be a horrible miscalculation if China invades the island.


I mean so was the invasion of Ukraine, and yet the autocrats still do this shit


But no one expected United States to get involved directly. Taiwan is more uncertain, it has more strategic value.


Yeah, and who tells you that the U.S. Armed Forces are going to commit sufficient resources to Taiwan to bring about a quick, humiliating defeat for China? Obviously America has sufficient firepower to hand them their ass on a plate and ship it back across the strait, but are they going to? I hope the invasion doesn't happen in the first place, but if it does then I wouldn't take anything for granted (although America hopefully keeps their deliberately ambiguous promises and doesn't let China destroy what is arguably one of the most important countries in the world).


If the question of removing or changing those in the current body of government were an option then yeah, that would be ideal. I never said I wanted nuclear war, instead to challenge the inevitable challenge we’ll have to in the future. If we live in a world that it’s as easy as replacing dictators then I’d love to see it done in Russia, but that won’t change the mindset of the people or make it any less of a nuclear threat. The oligarchs are clearly happy enough to keep him in power.


I say give them the North Korea treatment. A pity for Russian citizens, but Russia has nukes and it's too agressive to just ignore.


But they also have a military which allows them to project farther and better than North Korea, right? So it’s easy to try and isolate them, but they can become self sufficient with their energy resources and they will still be able to terrorize with their military presence.


Their military is the second best one currently operating on Ukraine. If you care that much about it, just arm the Ukrainians, lol. Their self sufficiency is going to be good enough to become a totalitarian shithole, but defanging them shouldn't be so hard.


"Preparing for an eventual war" does not mean that war is likely to happen. The entire US military spent 40 years preparing for mass armored warfare against the Soviets in central Europe.


You could say that, but in the case of Vietnam and Korea the threat of proxy war and evolving the military didn’t seem so silly. We can nitpick, but the evolution to the way the Marines work offensively to being defensive is not something I’m aware of, even during the Cold War.


It could. You could convince (with the threat of sanctions) Russia to get rid of their nukes like was done to Ukraine in the 90s.


Ukraine who wished to be an independent nation separate from Russia. And Russia invaded them. That’ll never happen because Russia believes their independence (like North Korea) is completely dependent on nuclear deterrence, and it makes sense why, they pose a threat to nations without nuclear weapons.


You prepare for war so that your opponent is too scared of you to fight.


That’s nice on paper, until your opponent is ruling over a failing economy, ruling over a declining birthrate, ruling over unrest. Then that person has to use his military to create external problems and artificial successes to make themselves more appealing to the populace.


>because Trump or DeSantis wanted to invade Iran? ...Why would a third party drop nukes over an invasion of Iran? Because Iran does not have nukes, nor have they been working on nukes since 2009.


It was a future hypothetical, maybe that wasn’t clear enough when I said Trump/DeSantis. Regardless, forget the dumb hypothetical, I’m trying to make a point. Replace “Iran” with any current nuclear power and my point still stands.


The nuclear power you pick makes a huge difference. Nuclear war with the North Koreans will have an unacceptably high body count. Nuclear war with the Russkies could escalate to "complete societal collapse".


Not in the case where all I’m arguing is literally challenging any nuclear power. That’s my whole argument, that eventually nuclear powers will fight. That’s it, I’m not predicting a nuclear war, I’m not predicting the end of the world. I’m simply predicting what this war has made people fear, that big countries will fight.


Ah I misunderstood your point. I was under the impression your point was closer to "Nuclear Armageddon is inevitable so we mind as well go out swinging on our terms" which would be terrifying.


No, I don’t think we should start nuking each other to antagonize. But I don’t believe we should jeopardize the freedom of other nations because a nuclear power wants to slip a threat in every other press conference.


I think you generally have to thread a pretty fine line during games of nuclear chicken and therefore the credibility of the nuclear threat need to be vetted. Russia, for example, has been blustering for a while now about taking nuclear action but the threats haven't been particularly credible.


I’m such a fan of the “fuck around and find out” ideology. Throw away a country’s access to nuclear weapons and dumbfuck propagandists won’t say shit like this, I guarantee it.


Russia is nothing to the west without nuclear weapons. That's why these dictators scream like little babies about their nukes, because in reality they're failing economies with an aging military far bigger than they can actually afford and wouldn't last a second in any sort of direct attack towards NATO. It's pathetic.


They cannot even occupy Ukraine, they really think they can march into Germany, France, Finland?


Poland alone could crush the Russian army. BUT PLEASE DON'T LET THEM KNOW.


I guess my question is does the average Russian believe this, that if Russia just got serous it could stream roll Europe and just occupy Germany , France , Poland , Finland , oh and the rest of Ukraine ....


I can't provide an answer for Russian people. But I've met some students here in France trying to work in diplomacy and some sincerely believed that the Russian army could, if willing, reach the west coast of France in a couple of weeks. That was before the shitshow in Ukraine, but for heaven's sake has everyone forgotten Chechnya ? It's mind-melting to see how efficient Russian propaganda can be


>That was before the shitshow in Ukraine, I think a lot of people over estimated the Russian army before Ukraine exposed them. But after their performance in Ukraine I cannot see how anyone would believe even with the heavy propaganda. Like what do they think the Russian Army has been doing in Ukraine for the past year? Playing a game of grab ass ? They just need an Angry Russian leader to tell them to stop playing around and fight?


Something was clearly off beforehand though. We were supposed to believe that Russia who has a smaller economy than Canada was upholding the second most powerful military in the world? Tbh maybe one of Russia's most fatal flaws with this war is that now everyone knows they're bluffing, if they weren't a nuclear state they'd already have lost almost all their geopolitical influence. Russia is a failing state.


I mean, the thing is, Russia clearly believed their own hype - at least, Putin did. Or he believed that Ukraine really was nothing and that everyone there would be happy to join a new Soviet Union under him. Or else why would you launch this war? Just goes to show the ultimate problem with autocracies... If one man believes something wrong about the country, the entire country can be torpedoed. Clearly, the US has its own issues, but that is something that could not happen in even a reasonably democratic state.


Well. Maybe it's like a French masochism thing. They're better at resistances, wanna play their strengths. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+long+did+it+take+for+the+nazis+to+take+over+france&oq=hiw+long+did+it+take+for+the+nazis&aqs


You guys got one joke and always act like you're the first one ever to say it


I know, someone just had to say it though with that opening.


My bad, I misread your intent


No, no, definitely if it made you seethe a little, I enjoyed that too. Anyone who takes burger vs euro rivalries any degree seriously needs to be knocked down a peg and stuffed in locker for a bit or something.


Please don't enter NATO territory. Stop, oh no. Anything but that. Please. Dooooon't.


The funniest thing would honestly be how we wouldn't even need to cross the border. Evacuate civilians from a certain distance of the nato side, smack anything that comes across without relenting. The Russians can't really justify a first strike, Nato forces Kaliningrad to surrender by just cutting it off. Western troops finally in Ukraine.


Do it you won't.


I doubt they could even make it past Poland


They don't even make it past Ukraine




Considering their past logistics errors, I don’t expect them to get past their own borders.


NATO is currently protecting Russia from Poland.


At the rate Poland is arming itself, it is getting ready to take Russia on. Not surprising considering what happened to them last time Russia collapsed and the Bolsheviks zerg rushed Poland.


Going to be nice to see all those Abrams back in the camouflage scheme of their natural habitat as the Lord intended.


Talking heads on right wing talk shows say stupid shit.


uncle forgot to take his pills again


Good luck with that chief


It's like watching someone playing a real life version of a character in the Russian version of Dr. Strangelove. I wonder to what degree this guy realizes he's a caricature.


These guys really thought Modern Warfare 3 was a documentary.


Some Russians are obviously thinking they still have the mighty red army from 1945. How would they reach Berlin with this trashy army


This is what happens when the irritating narcissistic dickhead from high school never gets beaten up.


Russia is like a Chihuahua barking.


They call for something similar each Friday lol. Don't bother with watching russian propaganda


Unrelated but that slack notification scared me for a sec lmao


I wonder how much they pay this guy.


good luck lmao. Can it even be called sabre rattling if the sabre is rusted, knicked, old, and being held by somebody who doesnt know how to use it?


Ha. They can fucking try. I mean *cough cough* this is a very real and credible threat that we should be worried about! We need to triple the US defense budget!


With who? The poor conscript cannon fodder were amazed at the standard of living in Ukraine where sometimes the toilets are inside the house…


Wow. Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Khruschev were all idiots but Putin is amazing? If this were 1963 this sycophant would be praising Khruschev. 1997? Praising Yeltsin. 1988? Praising Gorbachev. Motherfucker is a Russian Sean Hannity, nothing more.


Grief has many stages. This is the anger stage. The grief is realising that your empire no longer exists and your imagined power and influence have evaporated to the point where you can only offer up the past to satisfy people's hunger for a better future.


Batshit Russian on TV says batshit thing yet again. More at 11.


Check out Alexei Jones over here