Maybe Scholz doesn’t think Germany is a powerful country 🤔


Rich, but weak.


German Government try not to be a coward challenge


sad day when the french are showing you up in that department


This is such a historically illiterate take that only an Anglo could come up with it.


Why *is* Olaf Sholz being such a weasel about this?


Because Germany was reunited between the western and eastern halves within living memory and there are a lot of people that are not excited to help arm Ukraine against Russia in the country and government.


I mean, Scholz has already started his county down a path though. Trying to split the difference just beclowns him, I can't imagine pro-Russian Germans being very cheered at the idea that they WOULD arm Ukraine but only from a position of submission to the US.


Maybe there should be sanctions placed on Germany until they send the tanks.


Don't insult our precious [weasel](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/52/LLWaTrg_Wiesel_1.JPG) like this. 😤


Because he doesn't actually want to send tanks and be liable for the political decision to do so.


Oh nein, entschuldigung. Ve have not escalated ze battle phase. Please continue losing a little longer, before ve can authorize ze countermeasure for vhat you are currently losing to.


Around half of Germans think Scholz has given Ukraine the right amount of support, a quarter think he's done too much, and a quarter think he's done too little. What Ukraine considers performative gestures and cowardice could be a big reason why most Germans are ok with a drastic change in foreign policy.


Can we all remember this isn’t even about Scholz weaseling out of sending tanks. That spineless ‘Leader’ is against allowing other countries to send some of the Leopard tanks they purchased from Germany. That takes appeasement to another level.


Stuff Germany send. https://www.bundeskanzler.de/bk-en/news/military-support-ukraine-2054992 https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/09/fact-sheet-on-german-military-aid-to.html?m=1 Germany and Ukrainian Refugees. https://www.dw.com/en/ukrainian-refugees-push-german-cities-to-their-limits/a-63582661


Militarily speaking, Germany is not a powerful country. Not that hard to understand actually.


Germany is one of the biggest arms exporters on the planet. They have the industry.


You'd be surprised. This article (from today) again states that production capacity is at 15 tanks this year at max. https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article243299509/Leopard-Panzer-So-will-Rheinmetall-die-Lieferung-beschleunigen.html


I mean it doesn't change the fact that Germany is a massive arms exporter. Their issues are self created. They could ramp up production if they wanted to


If only the world were an age of empires game.


I've worked in foreign military sales. It's not immediate but the research and plants are available. They are designed to be ramped up. I fully understand how it works. But okay.


Nope can't do that, simply no way to increase production. Source: me. Evidence: I said so.


Then send 15?


Isn't that mostly small arms though? Didn't think they had a lot of larger military munitions.


It has tanks it can send though


Another powerful *non European* country at that. I’m all in for giving Ukraine whatever it needs to succeed, and it’s my understanding that Abrams have been offered since last year (pending Ukraine showing they have the ability to support them) but you cannot say Germany and other EU countries have a stronger obligation to help Ukraine than the United States.


They do if all the talk about European defense integration and solidarity is real. It seems not the case, though. Edit: also it does make sense to say that countries in the same region share more responsibility in solving a regional conflict. Like I wouldn’t expect European countries to help much if at all, if a war over Taiwan were to break out at some time. But this is a European war.


All the talk about about European defense integration and solidarity was meant only for EU members and possibly usefull new applicants. They were never meant to include non EU countries, especially if their participation will turn into a huge money pit for the richer nations funding the project.


> a huge money pit for the richer nations funding the project Aaand, why should less rich nations (that also for the most part, directly faces military threat unlike Western Europe) trust all the talk, when all Western Europe knows is monetary gain? How is that different from all the stupid trumpers who claim the US should pull out from Europe since it costs them money? Thank you for spelling the intent of such “initiative” clear. That’s why Eastern Europe rightfully doesn’t fully trust countries like Germany and France on national defense.


You are welcome :) It seems a lot of people believe that the EU actually cares about minor nations and Eastern European countries it hasn't added to the block yet. It's a huge mistake that I am happy to correct by showing you what things really look like. Geopolitics are based on economic gain and convenience, ideals come after everything else. Eastern European nations are *wise* not to trust the EU, they'd be easily assimilated and exploited otherwise.


The US doesn't wait on other countries to help. Biden or any American official have never said "we'll do it once our allies do" when questioned on why they don't send X.


In fact Biden said he was being limited on the weapons he could send to Ukraine by some of our European partners.




Lmao, this is so bullshit. It could be convincing if Germany was otherwise enthusiastic about donating to Ukraine and sanctioning Russia, but they've always dragged their feet.