* Black is a DC Integra * yellow is a EG Civic * silver is a DC Integra * dark grey is an EG Civic sedan * blue is an EG Civic hatch edit, formatting and the second photo showed silver is an Integra.


I was pretty close, kinda surprised how many I knew. Must be all the initial D I've been watching.


Honda is my niche. I drive a 1997 Honda Del Sol Si (D16y8) and my dad has a 1997 Honda Del Sol S b18c1 turbo swapped (same color car) Del sol. They’re so fun and so sporty. They’re super light and you can use that to advantage. Someone was doing 35 in a 50 today in front of me and I passed him in the passing zone in second gear at like 45mph and it RIPPED. Insane passing power in low gears. These cars are super underrated


I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a Del Sol. Cool little cars.


I miss my del sol , LSV w 5 lug itr wheel conversion. Car was flat black and body was beat to shit jaja


My dad had a 1994 Del Sol vtec that he purchased new back then. He had it for 20 years then had to sell it because didn’t have anywhere to put it. He’s mentioned that he really regrets selling it.


I hope I never have to sell it. While I go off to college it’s gonna stay home while we restore it and I’ll probably get like a crown Vic or something as a daily driver. Plan right now is full body and repaint. Later down the road is the fun stuff. Hope to be doing SCCA time attacks with it. By then I want it to be k24 turbo swapped and AWD


How do you feel about the 1989 Honda prelude si?


To be honest, I don’t know too much about preludes, specially pre 90’s but after looking at some pictures it looks beautiful. I love the iconic 80s Honda “boxy” design. Super nostalgic. I’m more into civics so I know more about them than preludes. If you know more about preludes, give me them juicy details because I’d love to know more.


Spoon engines , t66 turbos with nos


The top one says Acura. Edit: I'm an idiot an Integra is an Acura.


No worries you're not alone


was now pancakes


. Guy in Jnco jeans is an upset 30 year old. He lost his cash and his pink slip.


It always baffles me how people know the make of a car even when it’s barely shown, you’ve got some mad talent man!!


Headlights and taillights are a dead giveaway if they are already familiar to you.


ima be honest i didn’t even notice the silver till reading this comment


Good that they got that cringe parafonalia off the streets


Just watched a video on this, they are working on the ability to seize financed vehicles and auction or use them undercover. And the convicted racer would have to keep up payments or screw their credit. Sounds iffy leagallly.


well thats already a thing, its called civil asset forfeiture. one of the many ways police can abuse their power. they might be trying to take away the paths of recourse available.


But they are talking about seizure for street racing. Basically a traffic offense. Will be easier to abuse than what we have now.


Lol “traffic offense” that results in a felony


In my state it’s a misdemeanor that very rarely results in more than a big fine.


Yes maybe it was well deserved. I find it pretty infuriating how some of these street racers play with lives of others, here are a few examples: Malaysia: https://youtu.be/cbyPlcqz53g?t=5m56s USA: https://youtu.be/tUB1sJuETM0 Russia: https://youtu.be/jvRDlJvG8E8 Turkey: https://youtu.be/pMtkDQj_sf4


"traffic offense" uh... Street racers are assholes so I mean. Fuck em.


Well, I'm officially old. I agree with you.


Lost a cousin to it. Guy got hit with Manslaughter and walked with fucking 8 years. Killed her and her fiance. I'll never not be pissed about it. You wanna dump $20k into a car and be an irresponsible asshole? Cool. Rent a track. Rent an area. Do something where you can let it loose. Do it where you're going to potentially hurt random people? Nah. Enjoy losing the car and seeing it sold or squished.


I get it dude, I agree with you. I also used to be one of those kids and the me of 20 years ago would have vehemently disagreed.


Honestly? Me 10 years ago was just as shit. Car surfing, you name it lol. We got old, man.


Did you ever play car tag?


Oh god. Musical chairs at red lights.


I street raced with a group of friends when i was 15-18 years old. One of them ended up killing 3 people street racing in the rain. We don't race anymore. Teenagers are fucking stupid. I mean im still stupid, but at least I don't do shit like that anymore. I think back to the shit I used to do and just cringe. And I feel very lucky i didn't hurt anyone.


Same, honestly. The amount of shit I did that could have ended poorly for so many people... I'm lucky it never did.


People that don’t pass in the passing lane are assholes, also a traffic offense


I dont really mind them getting hammered but a 45 or 50 thousand dollar, or more, penalty sounds a bit extreme.


[oh sure](https://www.google.com/amp/s/abc7.com/amp/burbank-crash-street-racing-fatal/10932602/). Most of them don't learn. Seizing the vehicles while keeping them financially responsible for them is a solid punishment because *hopefully* they won't want to lose a second vehicle and have to pay.


Just not many crimes with penalties that can be as high as these. $100,000 to 200,00 would be very easy to see.. I would really like to see more white collar offense with fines in this range. Again I agree with major penalties. Jail time, and loss of license sure. But 3-4 years of the national average annual income?


If they could afford the car and afford to mod the car, but then use the car in a way that *actively* and intentionally risks bystanders... Then why the fuck not? If you can afford 100K for a race car, you can afford a track day with your friends.


You mean like all thse hellcats and ZR1s we see videos of? If we are okay with street racing penalties of $100k + I think the fine schedule for a LOT of other crimes needs to increase exponentially.


Fines should be income based with a percentage scale no matter what. Either way, fuck street racers.


I don't know, these people are risking other people's lives, just have a look: Malaysia: https://youtu.be/cbyPlcqz53g?t=5m56s USA: https://youtu.be/tUB1sJuETM0 Russia: https://youtu.be/jvRDlJvG8E8 Turkey: https://youtu.be/pMtkDQj_sf4


Yes chage them with a felony I once received a drag racing ticket for spinning my wheels in a parking lot. Should I have forfeited my $14,000 92 MustangLX since I was found guilty of drag racing by an imbecile judge after an equally challenged deputy wrote a drag racing ticket to a single car, no starter or set distance or timing device... But they offered traffic school and no points. I think they knew they had a loser so they offered me a way to plead guilty that only cost me a couple of hundred dollars with no damage otherwise yet they still got ti add it to the guilty column


i wouldnt say all of them are, but the ones that shut down roads or race in very obviously way to dangerous places are


uh illegal activity is illegal activity in the eyes of the law, street racing is definitely not just a traffic offense when people get hurt, see: reckless endangerment and manslaughter. we already jail people for debts, see: systemic racism and bail reform. honestly sounds like this will be a great loop hole for rich kids that get caught racing /a great way to keep cars and imprison their owners after they cant afford their payments. but its not substantively different to what we have now except its less harmful to creditors. sounds like something good ol joe would endorse considering his arguments against student debt forgiveness.


They werent talking about only when people get hurt. There are levels to crime. Should all crimes with a possible 90 days in jail. A $500-1000 cash fine and a 6 month suspended drivers license have an additional penalty of forfeiture of your home if it is committed there? And you get to keep paying for it? In not saying dont punish street racers. Im saying the possibility of $100,000 additional penalty for a crime where the fine is $500-1000 is over the top. Are you also okay with the seizure of cars for drug offenses that have the same punishments? $500 fine. 30 days in jail. And forfeiture of your $100,000 plus car.


You were saying this is easier to abuse. It’s the same as before because cops could always seize your property if they believed it was involved in a crime. Including cars. Speeding/having mods/having illegal mods can be their probable cause to say you were racing. Racing/having illegal mods is their probable cause to then take the vehicle they suspect is involved in illegal activity. they just haven’t been using this tactic to fight street racing *before* now. I don’t think it’s right, I think any criminalizing of debt (within reason) is an egregious error of our legal system but what you have described isn’t substantively different than what cops could do before it just increases the stakes for those involved by blocking their routes to isolate the financial fallout from their punishment.


Also as someone with a family member that wound up in the hospital because he was Street racing Im not really that against him having his car taken away. Kids that do this stuff don’t understand the stakes of the games they are engaged in already so I’m not really sure they will understand even reasonable fines because guess what happened to my family member? He wound up in the hospital again after he hit a driver coming in the opposite direction. Guy doesn’t understand smalltime consequences or social contracts about public safety


He should catch a felony if he was racing and injured someone, even himself. I just dont know about a 3-4 year's wages fine over the year or two in the pen.


So the point of explaining to you that we still jail debtors is that these people aren’t being held to a different standard by having to pay for their car after it’s been forfeited to the police. Most people in the US have to pay for years of parole and court costs that if they go delinquent on they get sent back to prison for. The kid is serving time by the way, I still think it’s barely adequate sentencing because his income potential and broken understanding of the world will still be intact when he makes it out.


But this is all in addition to that. I just dont see many felonies with $100,000+ fines. They are advocating these fines for a misdemeanor in many cases.


Yes but this doesn’t make the system any more abusable for cops. The cops already had the ability to take the car or jail you for your debts. This just limits the damage the cops do to the creditors. Which is still bad but it’s bad in a different way. The cops don’t get the money, they get the car. The creditor gets the money and if you go delinquent on payments the cops do what they always do. Exorbitant fines are a deterrent, so is asset forfeiture. But also what you aren’t understanding is that even if the behavior is only a misdemeanor now it can be fatal just like that. There are numerous factors the police can provide to go to proving probable cause and like if the worst thing that happens is a few idiots get their cars taken away for actually endangering people (even if the only crime they actually committed in that instance was just a traffic violation) that fine with me. Statistically the more they street race the more likely they are to hurt or kill someone and if the fine is affordable it just becomes the price of “doing business” However if they abuse probable cause by saying driving without a cat is tantamount to being a street racer then take someone’s cheap daily vehicle and jail them after they fail to make payments that’s something different. But honestly we should be more worried about the people who are already jailed or killed for delinquent debt than we should be about car enthusiast that don’t have a regard for public safety. https://www.theroot.com/daunte-and-the-debt-collectors-how-the-cops-became-rob-1846677160 Now if you really cared about these poor people you’d be arguing for bail reform not for elimination of deterring practices.


It’s not an asset if there is lien against it. In past they wouldn’t touch anything with money owed unless it had tons of equity. And they could prove it. If they let them snag cars and screw the lenders over, and then rely on person with no car to pay for another one he doesn’t have…..that’s gonna be tough. Why not take their license till they turn 25.


well civil forfeiture/civil asset forfeiture are just the terms used to describe the practice that allows cops to claim property without charging the owner. This allows the creditor not to be deprived of owed debts.debt is pretty criminalized in the us in general but you know who usually some cash flow? people with customized cars..so jailing them would be counterintuitive for our debt based legal system. you only jail someone when they cant pay those debts..


Well, if their car is confiscated, they still have to make the payments on the loan and settle their debts with their finance agency. It sounds like they're twisting it to say they're paying the cops. That would be illegal.


I'm all for someone learning their lesson, but that sounds a bit life ruining


Didn’t know the police could crush cars used in street racing


civil asset forfeiture allows them to seize your property and use it as they see fit.


I’m pretty sure this is in the Philippines and the logic was that otherwise corruption would lead to them just going back on the streets


I think in Italy and Switzerland and many other european countries they can do this as well. In Germany they won't get destroyed but there is like a public sale.


I think it’s Indonesia


Man those Mugen wheels on the EG sedan are so pretty I'd love a set of those and these just got crushed :(


Looks like 3 early 90's Honda civics (EG series) and an Acura Integra (DC series) poor things...


2 Integras. Second pic shows it


Didn't realize there was a second picture, my bad!


How old is this photo?


God that pains me to see. Someone loved those cars.






What an awful waste. At least part it out


That stance tho.


Came here to say they’re “Compacts”


A stack of Honda’s


I’ll swap a pile of Nissan’s for it


- Future Pepsi can - Future Sprite can - Future RC Cola can - Future Dr Pepper can


Poor hondas


Pancaked Honda’s and acuras


this is pain


I see the value of my eg going up.


Looks like two dc integras and 3 eg civic hatches.


Should have waited for those Spoon motors, T66s, NOs and Motec exhausts Hector. Could have outrun the popo


Hahahahahahaha!..... My man!


This pisses me off so much. The yellow EG Civic especially because it’s got (if they’re real, sorta look like reps) TE37’s, which are really fucking expensive wheels. Somebody really loved these cars.


Then they should've thought of that before street racing them




Three civics and an acura. So, four honda civics.


So many 12 year old Honda haters here like wtf


It's not necessary that they are Hondas, although for me personally I am happy to see fewer modified Civics on the road since they sound like a metal garbage can filled with angry bees. But it's the crushed for street racing part that really makes me happy. For one front wheel drive is terrible for street racing because once you're making enough power to actually be fast, good luck getting it to the ground on the street. Slicks on a prepped surface maybe, but that's not street racing. Oh and also street racing is dumb, and getting caught street racing is even dumber.


All Honda’s or Acura’s. That’s amazing




Integras are great cars. why crush em? ​ why not sell em to someone


Especially because the dc integras could’ve fetched a good price. Not many in good condition.


Rare wheels on black EG. Damn.


the yellow EG has TE37s, damn...


Three EG and two integra


As Ace Ventura said to Randy Cobb, I'm sure it was something nice.


Integra, civic, civic, civic.


This third one is also an integra


That is dumb


Or well deserved, we will never find out




A bunch of civics and sadly also an integra r


Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system.


Just a bunch of Hondas, no big loss. (Sits back and waits to be down voted into oblivion even though I much prefer Skyrim)


Worthless hondas lmao




they're all hondas. probably a group of Kanjo Racers. Top is a DC integra, along with the silver i think and the rest are eg civics either hatch or sedan i think it includes both models, didnt look too long


Why only hondas (here in Japan tegs are Honda)


It'll buff out......


A big Hondacburger with extra patties and lettuce.


Black and Silver are Integras, and the rest are Civics of different models.


RIP to these beauties Hondas.


They are scrap metal


EGs, EKs, and Integras.


It's a car sandwich






Well, I don't know what they were. But I know they are all junk now lol




Sad picture


Fuck these people


Golly that’s an old picture.




That is a ‘shitbox sandwich with rice’


Scrap by the looks of it.




Rice mobiles


that mustve been slow races ;D jk love these Hondas


Holy shit i want to beat the daylights out of whoever decided that was ok. If someone ever crushed my car, homicide might be the only option


" doing more than 80. accelerometer cuts that to 60 or less" Not what an accelerometer does. For some reason I thought they measured acceleration and not speed. Please explain what I have wrong. Guess i should have stayed in college. "Arts AND STEM" degree infers a STEM degree. My reading comprehension has proven adequate over the years.






Yup cars


Asian disposable




Japanese junk