Good as always. I am also looking forward to this: https://imgur.com/gallery/u9DZ587


Well considering this is one of the turning points, I doubt they'd skim on the budget. Frankly, this episode probably has the biggest budget by far.


I just want to praise all the animators and production team behind working to create this good quality of anime.


For real, we are getting spoiled with how good we’re getting it


As long as it’s better than s3-s4 of 7 deadly sins


9/10 yes, I can see that the people behind mushoku tensei (studio bind) really care and want it to be as good as possible ~~unlike deen who couldn't even do fate properly~~


I don’t think anything can be worse than that Meliodas v Escanor fight to be frank….


Given the Eris vs Ruijerd from the second PV, this is going to be *insanely* good


I just wanna see >!Rudues get penetrated!<


>!I kinda look forward to Ostred realising that Rudeus is able to damage him even if it is only a little bit!<


Sounds hot 😳


Happy cake day!


Anime characters when they're about to go insane


In the novels the fight is super one sided, so I hope they embellish it a little to really flex the animation Rather than ruijierd getting bodied in 5s and eris getting swatted every time she swings Don't want it to look like Orsted has to try or anything, but give eris and rujierd some sauce on their attacks and movements Eris' scream gave me chills the 1st time I saw it, very guttural and intense. Really hoping the English dub can hold up


Considering the bar they’ve had so far and how significant the next episode is not only in the moment, but in the grand scheme of things, I doubt they’re going to hold back. In fact, I’ve been joking that the past bit of jank we’ve dealt with is a result for making sure the people on this episode had what they needed.


This is easily one of the episodes they’ve invested most of the budget into. It’s a turning point for gods sake, there’s only like 5 of them throughout the entire story. This episode will not disappoint


Its 2021 and people still keep talking about budget. Cmoon


What do you mean, every show has a budget


I hope they will introduce a great Orsted theme, and that they will NOT skip on emotional content (for instance the scene where Roxy returns to Buena village should have been way more emotional)


>!I really hope that they don't do Rudeus dirty like animation did Boruto dirty. Manga Rudy took it like a champ.!<


There is talk about a future movie, I bet the animation would be on par to the first trailer they show last year.


Oh man if they get the green light for it i wonder if they’ll do >!sylphy’s story!< or >!LN 7!< or both cuz that works too but considering rezero’s movie it’s probably >!sylphy’s story!<


i prefer eris, it's the one that needs less hurry.


I mean i guess that can work too but what I’m thinking is whether they’d use the movie as sort of like an “arc” movie like demon slayer or more like a stand alone film. I haven’t read>!LN 7!< so idk if that’s movie material. But I can see either >!eris or syphy’s!< stories or both being made into a movie but with “anime only” extra events. Like what they did with roxy’s episode.


Ln 7 is rudeus when he is being an adventurer after eris leaves. I think that could be movie material, it could show how he gets his nickname and his relationship with Sara and what not


Like stand alone movie material? or something like the demon slayer movie where they just hashed a couple episodes together? sorry web novel peasant that hasn’t read LN 7, also quick question is it worth just going and reading it despite finishing the web novel? or is it more something that works as you read chronologically? because im planning on reading the light novels once rifujin finishes the series and they get translated


I think it could be done like how with demon slayer but I would be fine with whatever happens aslong as we get more mushoku. I think personally it is worth it, the Ln's have more polished writing and even added in more Ln exclusive chapters which is good if you just want more to read.


I feel LN7 is too much content for a single movie, it would be better to gather all side-stories from Silphy or Eris, since they're stories that can be detached from the series main flow.


Ln 12 is easily movie material.


snusnu animation for the win