the manga is the one not adapting correctly from the source materials. The anime is more faithful. the anime is in the right here/has the 'moral high ground'.


If I’m understanding your question correctly, it’s because the anime is based off the light novels, not the manga. Certain events are changed and even excluded in the manga from the LNs, so that’s why you’re seeing a difference in the anime, since the anime’s source material is the light novels, not the manga. If you’ve only read the manga I suggest you go read the LNs and WNs, they are 100x better than the manga.


I agree with this smart man right here. The WN is amazing and everyone who enjoys the anime should read it.


Ah yes, you also appear to have the intilect of The Genus Cliff-senpai. I do think the Manga has a more happy tone for some "Important plot points:" but the LN is the source material.


Where can I read the LN and or WN??


Amazon/kindle or directly from Seven Seas for LN, or [https://readlightnovels.net/mushoku-tensei-wn.html](https://readlightnovels.net/mushoku-tensei-wn.html) for WN. If able, you should read the LN then move onto the WN once you get caught up.


Thank you very much. I just finished reading the manga literally like 5 mins ago it’s left off on “chapter 76.5”. In all Honesty I’m prolly going to start the LN completely from scratch cuz I have heard the was some stuff left out. However, will they continue to produce material for the manga? And is there a schedule for it like how the anime is dropping an episode every Sunday/Monday?


The manga chapters are still being released. There is 1 new chapter every month


Starting from the beginning is always the way to go with the LNs, there’s a lot of missed content from an anime perspective and a ton of missed content and changed scenes/chapters from a manga perspective. The manga releases on a once per monthly schedule, usually around the 9th.


Y’all are a godsend thank you so much


Manga goes original route. They didn't adapt the LN properly.


Glad they are following the LN instead of the manga


Fuck the manga


Fuck the manga


Ye, fuck the manga


They are doing it differently from the manga because the manga isn't the source material; the light novels are. The anime is actually very faithful to the LN, aside from a couple of unimportant scenes being dropped. It's actually the manga that isn't a faithful adaptation.


Because the manga is shit, no one in their right mind would choose *that* over the original material. See: https://old.reddit.com/r/mushokutensei/comments/oag9rk/useful_notes_series_compilation/