🙂 first half omg




he had us in the first half ngl




Ngl I read the first half and was gonna close Reddit from sadness & disappointment 😂 Nice review again. Nanahoshi > Seven Stars btw >Horny Boi Cliff A result of circumstances lol I also loved Luke and Ariel being bros to Slyphie. Really like when MC's love interests also have good chemistry with other characters. >Foreshadowing Just gonna say that you are close about "something" here.


I've seen enough hentai to identify the tropes haha.


>It was kinda long Funny thing is, in the WN it's longer. You see, LN7 was skipped in the WN, so WN7 was just from slaying the dragon to the panty scene in the first day of the school. WN8 had all of the character chapters from LN8 and LN9, making it probably twice as long as the neighboring two volumes. WN9 has Sylphy's flashbacks, an extra scene where Fitts tries to sneak into Rudeus' bed for some night crawling but Rudeus is on guard and believes he is going to be assassinated (this was cut from the LN), and actually ends on what's now the first chapter of LN10. This volume also had one of the changed scenes from the WN. Do you remember the flashback scene where Ariel joked about sleeping with Fitts? In the WN version she actually tried to brutally rape Sylphy, but got beaten bloody. It's after this that Ariel learns to respect other people's boundaries and also develops some other fetishes. >we have another delinquent special student Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he actually made to be part of the faculty? >Ayase Which is funny, because if I'm not wrong Ayase was an idol, but Nanahoshi was described as an average high school girl. I'm looking at you Shirotaka, Linia still isn't brown. Also, you're venturing into unknown territory from now on, right?


>Also, you're venturing into unknown territory from now on, right? ​ Yes I am. Now I don't what will happen from now on but I do have a general idea since I looked at all of the LN art. ​ >Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he actually made to be part of the faculty? In the manga I remember him being a PE teacher or something. In this volume I'm not sure.


>Now I don't what will happen from now on but I do have a general idea since I looked at all of the LN art. Just the covers, or all the illustrations?






Why Bruh !?


Cuz I wanna look at the pictures obviously haha


banana is supossed to be as pretty as rudy is smart. meaning cutest girl in her classroom, but not the school.


Good, I was about to go on a rant, vol.9 is one of my favorites, I do have to down-vote due to heresy against goddess Sylphie. At least you're now clear of the manga content, everything from here should be new content for you.


if Nanahoshi is batman so Orsted is Ras al Ghul XD. a Half Hobbit getting it on with a Elf can you imagine XD




I really like how Rudy knock and almost himself out meeting Nanahoshi, one of my fav moments of the series.


MANNNNNNN hahahahahah. Your reviews are actually getting funnier and better. I hope you continue to review this series including the web novel.


Lol, I read 2 paragraphs then noticed the comments and read the rest.


ofc you thought the volume was shit, it was silphie focused. banana > silent seven start > nanahoshi nice theory on elinalises curse i keep on hearing that; you are correct in the fact that the curse is the gift that keeps on giving. the second time i read the story, I really got the feeling that Rinia had a crush on rudy. I hope you did not read the latest manga chapter, it will ruin a nice emotional moment for the next volume. do you plan to continue reading the wn when you catch up? who am i kidding ,once ln 14 drops hardly anybody will be able to wait.


>Rinia had a crush on rudy. She a cat waifu and Rudy dominated her ofc she gonna like him. She'd probably mate with him if it weren't for his condition.


I don't really comment on your post much but I wanna say I really enjoy your reviews. This one I thought you wanted to get down voted to oblivion at first. XD


Sometimes one has to take risks for the lulz


If we compare LN 8-9 to LN 3-7 it is indeed slower. But it just a slow build arc, i treat it as i treat LN 1-2, it's the peace before the storm. Amazing review as usual


Its interesting to hear you take on a lot of the world building / chill aspect of the story. May I recommend The Beginning After the End? I think that story is far more action packed and the world building takes a backseat to having a cool story and having a great conflict, while being very much similar to MT in terms of following the life one one MC. I think you would love that series, since what I LOVE about MT is the world building and the side details of the world, as if it was like LOTR, where the world is fleshed out way beyond just what is needed to drive the story forward towards the next action phase. And hell, it would make for a great MMO template / DND campaign background. These few chapters gives a whole lot of information, including one that made me realize just how bad Nobless Oblige is and why Paul ran away and gave Rudy that advice to not give a FUCK about it.


okay dude, I might go for the LN when I'm done here but no assurances ok? I still have other LNs on my waiting list to go through first.


Yeah, that one is one of a handful of good Isekai written in English (By a Korean American that grew up in America) and is partly inspired by MT, so its the weird case where if you are from Japan you'd have to wait for the Japanese translation lol. It peaked my interest just from that.


Although I do not agree, long live freedom of expression (Aunque no estoy de acuerdo, ¡viva la libertad de expresión!)


downvote bait at the start lol


I was semi-interested in what you were going to rant about had you continued haha


I'm over it now, we just have to accept that some characters bare just like that.


The school arc and marriage arc were kinda boring even if you are kidding


Well they were the story of Rudy recovering from his lowest point in his current life so far, so the entire part has a bit sad bit depressing tone. As much as i disliked his pervy side, I hated to see our boy being ED and losing his confidence. However, overall I liked the chapters quite a bit considering the majority of important characters from later half of the LN are introduced here. Just the character dynamics alone was entertaining. Also how are people not like Sylphy? She is like the cutest, most caring elf waifu ever!


It was still a little boring. Nothing interesting really goes down and the pace is pretty slow. Unless you are really invested in mushoku you won't like it that much.


> Also how are people not like Sylphy? She is like the cutest, most caring elf waifu ever! Sylphie is the type of girl who if you met in real life, you'd immediately recognize all of her good points. Someone who just naturally cares about others, someone who is smart and cute. Sometimes funny with teasing. She's almost too perfect, to be realistic. But I do believe there are people out in this vast world that are like her. I have known one myself.


>I have known one myself. Damn, thats so lucky!


*Venturing into unknown territory* Boy you are going to have a will ride...


The bait.


I haven’t read volume 9 yet and clicked this out of curiosity and the first half of the review spooked me lol


The first half got me


Hey I’m listening to the audio book and it says eries and the sword god are sharing a sleeping chambers? Is that in the LN or was it a mis translation?