Hotel Rwanda... oof


I love it, but the first time I watched it I don’t think I moved for at least an hour. Like, not a muscle. Riveted.


I watched that in 7th grade in a world history class, got made fun of for crying. Never again. So upsetting.


We need to talk about Kevin


We really don't. But good pick.


I watched the movie thinking it was a comedy




A movie that made me want to see the mother protagonist hold her son’s head underwater in the bathtub until he was dead.


I was just going to comment that!!! Such a heartbreaking movie. Don't want to go through that again.


I actually rewatched this movie several times. More chilling than most horror movies.


it is a horror movie. There are many genres of horror this one is psychological horror.


Oh! It's got John C Rielly in in it. so it's probably going to be like Stepbrothers? In fact it wasn't even close.


Dancer in the Dark. Incredible film. Bjork's performance was amazing, and the music she and Thom Yorke made was wonderful. However, the movie left me depressed for days, and it turned out Lars Von Trier was an utter asshole to Bjork, putting her through hell "to get an authentic performance".


Omg that movie.


Bjork is quoted as saying the experience of making Dancer in the Dark was akin to “emotional rape.”


I'm not sure I even support directors doing that when the actors consent to it


Yeah, I can’t rewatch the Shining. It’s a great movie but I feel so terrible for the lead.


Came here to say this - I’m a huge Björk fan I own salmasongs but I have not even bother to purchase a copy of the movie. There was one point in the movie theater where there was no sound except the people around me weeping.


Hereditary. I don't want to ever hear Toni Collete's anguish over finding out what's inside her car


Exactly! I think that’s a testament to how incredible she is at acting. I don’t want to watch it again solely because of how she sounded.


She deserves *all* the Oscars! She's just a superb actress in everything she does.


The fact she's only been nominated once, over 20 years ago is a travesty!


Watched it for the second time this Halloween. I am now satisfied and I don’t think I’ll watch it again. I realized about 3/4 of the way through I had been crying for a while. That movie is fucked. In addition to the car scene ::spoilerish:: The scene where she dreams about yelling at the son. That struck home really hard.


Omg what a perfect answer . Once is enough , and to go along with that theme “Midsommar”


Ari Aster is fantastic, but his films so far seem to be one-and-done. They're so intense.


I’ve rewatched Hereditary a couple times, and I love it each time. So many interesting details you can pick up on through repeated viewings. For me, it’s Robert Eggers’ films I couldn’t stand to rewatch. Personally, I find them a little dull, but I can definitely see the merit in them and recognize them as good movies. Just not for me.


This is exactly what I came here to say and I'm glad to see it's the top answer. That movie fucked me up bad. That scream and the lingering shot of the head with the ants buried themselves deep in my memory and reappear at the worst times, usually around 2 am when I'm trying to sleep. Absolutely fantastic horror movie that does exactly what a horror movie is supposed to do, but I don't think you could pay me enough to rewatch it.


The Road. It’s incredibly tough to watch and by the end of the film you feel defeated. Why would I go through that train wreck again?


Haven’t watched the movie but the book balances despair and hope incredibly


Kind of. It’s still sad, just different than what I expected. I still cried like a baby when it was over. McCarthy is an amazing writer, the most grotesquely beautiful stories.


The Lovely Bones. It's fantastic but it also makes me want to hurl myself off a fucking bridge so best to avoid it.


Kids. It has stuck with me more than Requiem for a a Dream.


Ya that movie I watched when I was way to young to watch shit like that. I thought It was a good idea cause it had skateboarding in it. And I was a skater. Fuck what a bad idea that was


Yeah. I was 18/19 when it came out, living in NJ. I was doing a lot of drugs (psychedelics, e, pot) and really becoming sexual. That movie made me slow the fuck down real fast, as it hit very close to home.


Gummo more so for me l, but agreed.


Million Dollar Baby


I remember continuing to watch the third act waiting for some sort of miracle recovery, just knowing she would somehow find a way…


She did.


I was expecting a simple boxing movie, man...


There are many 'great' movies I've never seen, and I wish this was one of them.


I watched that film after Katie Taylor won gold for boxing in the 2012 olympics for Ireland. Expected a nice feel good film about a female boxer and hey it got a bit of Irish in it too. Ideal. It was not Ideal. Great film though.


Requiem for a Dream. Amazing movie but such a rough ride


That was the first movie that popped into my head too! I saw it in the theater and while it’s an amazing movie I’ll never watch it again


I knew a heroin addict who regularly watched this movie, or at least I was told that by his ex. I just don't get it. Dudes clean now so maybe he was just really trying to spook himself out of the addiction?


Could be. I had an ex watch [Smashed](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2063781/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_31) with me because her drinking was getting a little out of control and she became a terrible person when she was drunk. I didn't tell her why I wanted us to watch it, just that I heard it was a good movie (I had actually already seen it). It hit home for her and she calmed down for a bit. Not long enough, though...broke it off after a couple of more months. I hope she's doing better now.


I watched that movie the first time I took mushrooms. Peaked during the the crescendo of the movie. I was sitting against a bed on the floor and melting into it when Jared Letto was getting his arm cutoff. I will never watch that movie again. I tried mushrooms many more times and had great experiences!


Me and a friend thought it was a good idea to watch Requiem for a Dream while on drugs… about half an hour in we decided it would be better to watch something else lol


Very wise decision


Fun fact: back in my days of having a party house(less booze, more ecstasy/etc), when it was comedown time as the sun was going to come up, my surefire trick of clearing out the stragglers was to put Requiem for a Dream on. Worked every time. The one time it didn't led to the straggler becoming my wife of the last decade plus.


The Pianist. Amazing movie but gut wrenching too.


I’ve watched The Pianist about five times I don’t know why but I can’t stop watching it.


That one fucking scene in the house towards the end, I can't get it out of my head. That solo piano is burned into my brain.


“Why the fucking coat?” “I’m cold.”


Same as "Life is Beautiful." Glad I saw it, great movie, won't put myself through it again.


A lot, actually. *Manchester by the Sea* comes to mind. So well done on every level in ways that I can appreciate as a filmmaker.. but once was enough for my heart.


Damn, I've actually watched it many times since it came out. Love it, and that one scene always makes me tear up.


F that movie and the emotions it evoked. 😢😢 I would sue for emotional damages if I could get my life together. .


Came here to say this. A well crafted film but so depressing, it weighs on you.


Scrolling through and surprised I've not seen American History X. Fantastic film that really rocked me with the curb scene and the ending. Thoroughly amazing and sad.


I watch that film all the time. It's amazing Edward Norton really sells it. *"You just messed with the wrong bull"*


> curb scene Thanks, I had almost forgotten about this... 25 years ago lol.


Grave of the Fireflies


Fuck yes! While a great film, I can't look at a metal sweets container like the little girl had and not think of the sadness that film put me through.


Came here for this answer. What an amazing movie but no thank you on feeling those feels again.


I did watch Schindlers List a second time, but it was way later and only because I wanted my mom to see it. I saw it in the theater when it came out and then not again until 2017.


Ditto, except I watched it the second time last year. But since I was in my teens when it came out, it didn't really hit me as hard as it did on the second watch.


"Life is Beautiful" kinda surprised it hasn't been mentioned, maybe I missed it. It's about a guy who along with his son are sent to a concentration camp. He makes his kid believe it's all a big game they're playing to keep him calm and alive. Equal parts funny and horrifying. It's a really really rough watch.


Great movie. Probably wouldn’t watch again.


One of my favorites of all-time. It's interesting in that the movie has two very different tones, first a rom-com, then a Holocaust drama, but with the rom-com portion spilling over into it and just yanking your heartstrings. That scene where he plays the record, oof. Gives me goosebumps every time. "Principesa, I think about you all the time."


Gone Girl, it will never hit the same second time around


I usually get fuzzy and forget exactly what happens so every few years I get to enjoy movies like Gone Girl and Prisoners again, not remembering exactly what ends up happening and just enjoy the ride


Lol I watched this with my husband and our male friend. They both inched away from me more and more, the longer the movie went on.


Saving Private Ryan. I spent 21 years in the Army. The fight scene with the knife slowly being plunged into the soldier.... Was always my worst nightmare in combat. The movie was great. But watching that scene, and the loss of so many of the platoon. I was in literal tears watching it.


Thank you. I can’t believe I had to scroll this far down before seeing Saving Private Ryan. Everything about it is brilliant, from the acting and direction, to the storytelling, to the cinematography, editing, and sound design. That being said, the emotional investment this movie requires makes it difficult to want to watch again.


This was the first film that I thought of, and I’m also surprised it’s not higher up! The opening scene of them storming Normandy was absolutely wrenching, felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life. I think the only thing that’s even come close to upsetting me as much was Schindler’s List. I would never be able to watch Saving Private Ryan again.


It was hard enough the first time. The opening beach scene. I knew right then it was going to be hard to watch.


A lot of vet had a hard time in theaters and broke down and/or had to leave saying it was too real.


Last year's The Father.


The final scene ruined me. Hopkins absolutely earned that Oscar.


“I want my mummy” 😢😢


Scariest movie I ever watched.


Watched it the week an elderly neighbour with pretty advanced dementia/Alzheimer's mistook his appartment for mine. He was barely aware...i let him in cause he was yelling and would not understand anything i was saying. He walked all over the appartment, very slowly and barely keeping upright, sat down a bunch of times, could not recognize me but i'm pretty aware of his condition so i just held him so he wouldn't fall, walked with him wherever he wanted, talked to him in a gentle and familiar tone, asked him if he wanted/needed anything...but he couldn't say much except a few intelligible things. When he did make eye contact he smiled at me and patted me on the head, in a very childlike manner. After 5 minutes my gf managed to get his very elder wife, and their son, to come get him. He did not recognize them either...his son had to physically get him out, as gentle as he could. They apologized profusely, but they didn't need to...it's not their fault. And i'm pretty sure they couldn't afford to hire someone to take care of him or to put him in a home. Haven't seen him since...i'm pretty confident he's gone, his condition was REALLY advanced. The movie was simply perfect, as far as i'm concerned. Highly recommend it to anyone...but yeah, 1 viewing is quite enough.


100% this should have rented it instead of buying.


Silence, I liked it for what it was but it was an exhaustingly grim viewing experience.


Mother! Still feel like I have some PTSD from that one.


I will live out my entire life and never find out what that yellow powder was supposed to be. Closest I can come up with is that it was meant to be a symbol for a massive plague that wiped off a large part of the population each time she took it. I think that might line up with the timeline that the movie shows, but it's hard to say since the rate of time of the world that's being hinted at changes so often.


I went to a Mother Q&A with Aronofsky and that yellow powder is the only thing he adamantly refused to explain. Still bothers me that I still can't figure out what that powder represents


That movie was insane.


Ah yes, PTSD, a hallmark of Aronofsky films. I just love them for the performances however.


Me in the first 30 minutes: “Oh, I see what they are doing. What a beautiful analogy.” Me in the last 30 minutes: *gouges out eyes*


Me in the 6th hour while very very high: OMG I’m trapped in this house and people just keep showing up and what the fuck just happened to that baby?


Came here to say Mother! As much as that movie is watchable multiple times, I just don't have it in me to actually do it. What a mind fuck.


Uncut Gems. Absolutely loved the movie and the cinematography but it was just pure stress the entire movie. I've tried to watch it again but I just can't.


I got anxious just thinking about watching it again. I can't deal with movies that fill me with anxiety and dread.


I think that was the GENIUS of this movie. I don’t often feel overwhelmed and filled with anxiety in movies, but with this one it gave a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘suspension of disbelief’ - we really really wanted Howard to succeed! I guess he did in the end - but at a huge cost!!


You said ‘pure stress’ and I’ll also add ‘pure anxiety’! I dunno if it was the music, subliminal messaging, or the dialogue. Maybe it was the eyes, the material we can all associate with, it was something I couldn’t quite grasp - and it was pure genius! Adam Sandler, in my opinion, delivered one of his best performances of his career. It was an amazing ensemble, too. This movie gave addiction a whole new dimension. They say that addiction is giving up EVERYTHING for one thing, and recovery is giving up ONE thing for everything. Alas, the ending was truly shocking, and it gives me some sort of comfort that Howard was able to find his recovery, albeit at what cost? Wow! An amazing movie! Loved every bit of it!


That movie did a remarkable job putting you in the life of an addict. I’ve lived among addicts and the anxiety and fear of watching it unfold with no ability to stop it is portrayed perfectly. So uncomfortable to watch, but man did it feel real.


yeah the ending absolutely shocked me and left me depressed for 3 days


Depressed? Really? I thought it was pure satisfaction. Like a really good sneeze, it was just pure relief.


Thank you! My friends were mad at me for having this reaction. The guy runs around NYC screwing people over every chance he gets, and just overall does a lot of scumbag shit, yet the audience wanted a happy ending for the guy? He got the ending he deserved. Phenomenal performance from Sandler.




And also like... Sandler's character is fundamentally a gambling addict. Him winning ONE major score wasn't going to be the end of his problems. The result of the situation, had he walked away with the money, was just that he was going to gamble it all away again. There's no real happy ending for him other than getting therapy for gambling addiction, which isn't ever really on the table. He's too much of an asshole and fundamentally doesn't see his gambling as a problem, no matter how much danger it puts him in.


Amusingly, he continues gambling throughout the movie *and he constantly wins.* He’s absurdly lucky and continues to piss it away. It’s the perfect ending for that character, and I love how utterly random his death is in the scene. It feels so real - he’s talking, he gets shot, he drops, and he’s dead. That’s it. No overt lead-up, no dramatics - just a pissed off dude pushed to his limit and pulling the trigger.


Right, it was dramatic irony at it finest. Just as a practical point he shouldn't have buzzed them in, should've buzzed them out & payed them later *when they weren't pissed.*


The boy in the striped pyjamas. Is the movie I loved but will never watch again.


Slingblade. I watched a man who was caged up like a dog for his entire existence get out and start to pick up the pieces of his shattered life by forging a true friendship with a young boy and his mom. When the end happenrd, I immediately said "I will never watch that movie again" because I knew that I would view all of their interactions with a dark cloud over them if I saw it a second time.


I also won't watch that movie again because Vic Chesnutt is in it. I knew Vic somewhat, and his death, when he died by suicide because he basically couldn't pay his hospital bills (because even though he was a quadriplegic, he earned some money, so he couldn't get Medicaid, and obviously no private insurer would give a quadriplegic a reasonably-priced healthcare plan), and it bums me out to see him before all that happened.


When I watched that I thought that either the actor was impressively good at mimicking a quad or he was one. >Terence: We wrote one last night outside the mini mart. Morris called it "Stuart Drives A Comfortable Car" and then like in country songs, you know, in parentheses it says "There's Usually Someone in the Trunk." And, and um, I came up with a tune just a hummin'.


Billy Bob Thornton was unbelievable in this. Amazing acting


I totally agree with you. I won't watch Schindler's List again. Also, someone mentioned Requiem for a dream, I agree with that too. Apart from them, I'd probably not watch Scent of a woman, Irishman again. They're good movies, but would surely bore me while watching them a second time.


Come and see The painted Bird Requiem for a Dream


Irreversible… too rough a ride to be taken twice.


I came here to say Irreversible too. I know somebody would already have said it. The two centrepiece scenes are shockingly brutal and unflinching, long scenes with no respite or cutaway. Both stick with you and are very difficult to watch, particularly with the droning sound design on top. But it was the way the film ends that really made me feel ill. Watching it within the context of what you've just watched really hits hard. I think it's a superb film - but once is enough (and possibly one too many times).


Coco. As a young Mexican woman, that movie brought me to fucking tears—not just because the story is so beautiful, but how it’s an honest love story to Mexican culture. It was the first time I had seen something so accurate and non-offensive when it came to Mexican culture and its relationship with death and grief. Día de los Muertos meant so much to my mother growing up that she always put up candles, and pictures and took time to honor my grandparents and my aunt, even though Día de los Muertos is also her wedding anniversary. I spent every year of my childhood putting together the ofrenda and listening to stories of my past relatives that when I saw it depicted right in front of me, I sobbed in the theater the last 30 minutes and continued to do so for an hour. It’s a wonderful movie, but it hits so close to home that I can’t watch it again. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon.


Got recommended to watch Bone tomahawk and no one mentioned nor warned anything about the horror elements of it. I just dont want to hear or see anything about it after seeing it once.


Yep it was a terrible day to have eyes


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I just can’t watch it again, the ending broke my heart.


I went into this thinking it was a classic lighthearted comedy. Boy did this movie FUCK ME UP.


Oh gosh I actually mentioned this a week or 2 ago for the exact same reasons....... Manchester by the Sea


Casey Affleck is the only actor to ever make me ugly cry just by saying the word, "Please!"


The Road


Come and See. Movie is a little notorious for its reputation of brutality and realism. Really puts on display how horrendously the Nazis treated the slavs, more specifically Nazi units made up of criminals. Incredibly eye opening and sad, would not watch again.


Precious. Some of those scenes are just too hard to rewatch.


City of God




Upvote here for the real ones who watch Prisoners multiple times.


I watched it when I was younger, didn't get much out of it. Watched it again when I was older after some serious and rough life experiences. I get it now, it is a very powerful film with incredible messages about what trauma and grief can do to people, It's in my top films for sure. Incredible performances as well all around.


The Green Mile


I haven't seen KIDS mentioned. Great movie, but so traumatic and troubling. Especially because it is not far fetched.


I just watched a documentary called “Streetwise” on Criterion Channel. It’s like Kids but with real kids in the 80s in the Pacific Northwest. It’s super depressing


ENTER THE VOID. It was an amazing film w amazing cinematography but once was enough


I refuse to scroll any further and I'll just mention Irreversible by the same director (Gaspar Noé), who's a well known provocateur in his works, but also a damn great filmmaker.


Tears of the Sun. Really good but just too dark and violent for me to repeat.


Anomalisa. You'd think a stop-motion animated film with a long sex scene would be awkward or unintentionally hilarious. Instead it's one of the most agonizing films about depression and intimacy and loneliness. It's an incredible movie and I don't think I could ever watch it again.


Lobster. Not sure why but it impacted me in a dark way more so than any other movie I've watched.


The first half I find pretty funny and weird, the second half is depressing Imho


Das Leben der Anderen (the lives of others). Such a beautiful, moving film but too tragic for me to review.


I love that movie, but no one I know other than the person I watched it with have ever seen it.


The Stasi movie, right? Great, great movie.


Incendies That shit was fucked up…




that toliet scene is hard to rewatch for me


It's chocolate if that helps


So that’s what became of Augustus Gloop.


I watch this movie religiously and it can still be so gut wrenching. The second one is extremely underrated, especially if you’re watching them as a double feature


“RIGHT! This lassie’s just been glassed and no cunt leaves til we find oot whit cunt did it”


Man I rewatch that movie all the time (just fast forwarding through 2 parts that I think most people know)


Room with Brie Larson and the Wrestler with Mickey Rourke


Had to scroll way to far to find Room.




a fairly recent one for me is The Florida Project. i feel like it's a perfect movie that i have no desire to see again


Up. There's no way I'll watch that movie again 😭


Wind River


LOGAN, it just kept getting sadder and sadder. I’ve been an Xmen comic fan since the late 80’s and and a fan of Hugh Jackman’s version of Wolverine since the first Xmen movie. I went in hearing that this would be his final time portraying the character but man that was a sad ending.


Gorillas in the Mist. Amazing film but too sad to watch again. Also, The Killing Fields.


Oh God yes The Killing Fields


Slum dog millionaire


The Mist. That ending made me ill.


fortunately it was leagues better than that series on Netflix where you will find yourself cheering the mist in hopes it gets the main characters but yeah, the movie ending is hard


First time I watched The Mist was when I was 13, home alone in my basement. After it ended, I was shook. I went upstairs, got a glass of orange juice and just contemplated how sad it was for a while.


Hereditary is amazing but so messed up, not sure I could ever watch it again.


Up... Watched it after the death of my mother. Let's just say not crying like that ever again would be really awesome


Mysterious Skin by Gregg Araki. I saw it for the first time recently and it was absolutely amazing. It's a 5/5 movie but I had to take a shower afterwards because I felt so gross and sad. For those that don't know, one of the stars is a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt and it's about the sexual abuse of children. It's as heavy as it sounds.


12 Years A Slave. It was such a well-done movie but so difficult to watch.


About Time. At about the midway point of the movie I thought to myself "Damn I'm gonna enjoy rewatching this down the road" and then the dad scene happened and I realized that I'll only be watching that movie once.


i actually love it. cry every time though


My husband and I watch this movie every year on our anniversary. The protagonist's life is filled with so much love. It's so sad to experience the loss of his father, the way he can't undo Kat's accident and take away the hurt of an abusive relationship from her, etc. But the happiness they share together, the little moments of tenderness and silliness between them all, are simply magical.


This is one of my favorite movies!!! It’s sad, but in a happy way


A Marriage Story. Way too much emotion packed into that for me to want to go back to, but fantastically acted


Clockwork Orange Requiem for a Dream Naked Lunch Bringing Out the Dead KIDS


Dear Zachary. For some reason I’ve seen it 3 times but I’ll never watch it again


Nightcrawler. It was fantastic but for the remainder of the weekend my wife and I just felt hollow and kind of deflated. Probably not going to watch again.


I’m the opposite, I’ve seen it about three times. I’m mesmerized by the acting.


Oh yeah for sure. One of Gyllenhaals best performances I think


I consider it the most disturbing film I've ever seen. I don't even know why. Other movies have disturbed me, but I'd honestly watch almost any movie more than once. But this one, I'm not so sure. It is so creepy and scummy and upsetting in a way I haven't seen in other films


Marley and Me. Cried straight through the whole thing.


Amistad, Schindler's List, Joker.


Mystic River.


Saving Private Ryan. To paraphrase a critic, it was the greatest movie I ever saw, and I never want to see it again!


I LOVED Jojo Rabbit, but I struggle to watch it again


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What a strange, beautiful film.


Preface this by saying I am extremely happy in my current relationship, but, I have an ex who this movie reminds me of. It was a very rough break up. I tried to watch this movie, as it's been years now since the break up. Found out about 20 minutes in that I can't do it. Emotions I thought I had worked out and dealt with resurfaced. I just don't think I want to try and put myself through that again. Which is a shame because it's a great film


Moonlight maybe.


Boy In The Striped Pyjamas




The Tree of Life. Blew me away when I saw it in theaters, will never ever watch again.


Bridge to Tiribithia...the ending is PAIN!. Great film. But I don't want to experience that again


Marley and me. Extra worse since my dog of 14 years was put to sleep last night and the last time i seen her was around a month ago ( I moved out of parents in Feb ). Devastated


The Deer Hunter


Old boy


The Revenant. It’s a fantastic film but it’s also brutal and exhausting. One and done for me.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.... brilliant movie with amazing performances...but I can't go through it again


That's such a great movie! For me the comedic elements balance out the heavy plot.


Nocturnal Animals. Great movie, great cast, and writing. But of all the movies I watched one scene in particular evoked some sort of nameless fear in my heart and I can’t watch it again.


End of Watch


Jacobs Ladder and Midsommer. Both absolutely brilliant but made me feel things I don't want to feel again. Visceral and tapping into a primal embodied sense of dread


I watched Midsommar alone at a late night screening. That was not a smart move.


Yo, FUCK watching midsommer again. One and done


There's something wrong with me then, I love both of these and would watch them again at the drop of a hat


I've seen midsommar 3 times now and although, yes it is a brutal film, I caught so much on the second viewing that i didn't pick up on the first time and even more on the third viewing. Ari Aster is a deranged genius.