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You should go to the hospital or at minimum drink some orange juice.


Orange juice? I wanna hear this.


It's something people drink when the give blood to keep their blood sugar level up. Please drink some.


Done, just thought it was a funny request.


lol you do that if someone is hypoglycemic, ie they have given you insulin in the hospital, without you having eaten anything. Then the blood sugar is going to be too low, which can entail a whole lot of unforeseen problems. This blood sugar too low is what you would call being hypoglycemic, the opposite of that would be being hyperglycemic, having blood sugar too high. Anyhow. First of all don’t take anyone's medical opinion on the internet seriously. Second of all the thing you might potentially be worried about, might be getting a hypovolemic shock, which means, having lost so much blood, that the missing volume would cause you to faint or get into an even worse situation. You are obviously capable of thinking, speaking and writing, therefore you won’t be suffering from that right now, but if you keep losing large amounts of blood, that would be the time to get an ambulance. Anyway, keep your ears stiff (we say that in my country to wish someone to stay well and alert)


Thank you, aha I also wanted to be a nurse when I was younger so I know a lot medically speaking so thankfully I know when to rush to the hospital but right now I’m not concerned as all I’m thinking is food aha. I wish you well!


Nurses are sometime the worst to know when to get help for themselves. We've seen so much worst that we don't take it seriously enough sonetimes.


This is so true😂 They are also the worst patients to care for, especially in elder care… The tend to know everything better


Yeah that would explain how I go about my own issues but rattle everything else off and tell friends they should go to the doctors 🤣


Gives medical opinion over internet, then says not to take medical opinion over internet… 🧐🧐🧐


Halt die Ohren steif mein Kamerad!


Yes! I haemorrhaged a few days after a recent op and by god I am so glad I was back in hospital when I went into hypovolemic shock. Genuinely felt I might die. Got given blood transfusion within a few mins - felt like coming back from the brink!


That is really uncomfortable, I assume. I guess the worst thing is, you wouldn’t be able to help yourself, even if you knew what you would have to do.


Def skip the OJ and go the FUCK to the hospital.




I’m still bleeding albeit just slow enough I think it’s stopped. But yeah kinda wish I wasn’t cause now I’m stuck in the shower homie.


Your title says you just want to sleep. If you are actually physically feeling like that, you should go to the doctor. I wasn't sure if you were using it as just a phrase or actually how you feel. But after blood loss if you are feeling that way, you should call 911 or whatever the emergency number is where you are.


*Fading away into an endless sleep without pain feels so peaceful.. A feeling of serenity even in death..* Oh yeah, I'm alright Lol.. Totes-Malotes Good Dawg!


I’m all good now, after a headache and some singin I’m all good, plus the orange juice. I must have just been dehydrated cause I hadn’t done much and then went for a smoke so that all together just ended in a bad time. Also it’s 2:40 in the morning so I don’t think it’s related to the blood loss thankfully


Glad to hear you're alright! That's some crazy stuff. And (in a weird way) I'm super glad you got a picture of it! Lol.


Is it not normal to become drowsy or feel somewhat weak after losing semi-substantial amounts of blood? Even after just giving blood and the likes? I don’t think that warrants a doctor visit, although OP is definitely lucky that they cleared the clot.


How you get better m8.


Thanks mate !


Hahaah I had an incident like this when I was grd4 and something came out of my nose It looked like an organ but it was red and big


A typical adult can lose about half a liter of blood without any ill effects. This looks like a lot less.


Bro stop doing cocaine


What type of white guy would I be if I didnt


A healthy one


I looked for the comment but I didn't see it. Try cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. It breaks down the red blood cells (or something like that) and should help to unclog the sink and get rid of the smell. It also works on clothes, but it could bleach them in turn.


Oooo thanks for the tip. I hate the smell cause everyone else is gonna have to deal with it too.


Just a warning, it will probably fizz up a lot, especially the sink. I wouldn't let anyone else use the bathroom until you've cleaned it. Peroxide is cheap, so don't be afraid to use a lot of needed.


Ooo, okay thank you. Any specific directions or dilution or is it just straight pour?


Use it straight! If you can get it with a spray top/put it in a spray bottle it would probably be easier to clean up various flat surfaces. Diluting it with water will only lessen its effectiveness. I would just pour it in the drain though


Great thanks! Guess it’s time to do some breaking bad level shit


what the fuck? that's the first time i've seen so much blood being discharged, what the hell kind of problem was this? man I DO NOT want to look at this


Same, I’m struggling with cleaning the sink. Literally just got a little too dry.


As a person who suffers constant nosebleeds this happens alot




at this capacity? I could fill half a cup with this - it looks like a animal was butchered


Don’t forget half went in the toilet, shower, and washed down the sink. MESSY


Yeah it fucking sucks


You obviously haven’t spent time in a c-section suite. My friend didn’t wear the correct pair of shoes on our obgyn rotation and a uterine artery laceration left 3L of blood on the ground.. soaking his feet


Bro go to the doctor.


Looks like a horror movie stabing scene


You ain’t wrong. Shits nasty.


This makes doom look like a tea party


Oh man, when I looked up I looked like the slayer stopped by for a cup of coffee. I had blood streaming out my nose and out my mouth and felt it slight going to my ears. I’m ready to meet god and see how he likes it.


Did you see a doctor


No, it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’d rather just drink my juice. I’ll go later in the week and if I die that’s on me.


“Well shit im dead that sucks”


“Hey big man! Yeah you! You the motherfucker that killed me with a nosebleed? What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about?! Get yo ass over here!”


Death by nose bleed…still not as bad as kazuma from konosuba


xD call me master roshi


How much blow did you do the night before


I wish, I’d just finished cooking dinner went to get ready for bed and then BAM. Bathroom reeks of blood


I can relate, chronic nose bleeder over here. I literally just take a shower now and let it bleed till it stops with a small clot, other wise I have huge blood clots like this and the bleed starts up again.


Yeah man. Three blood clots and just one clogged the sink. People can’t stand to watch as it comes out but I find joy in their suffering xD Sadly I love a hot shower but I can’t have it hot or else it won’t stop


Go to the hospital


Happily although I have a history so it’ll wait for the following week


Nosebleed gang rise up


Two tips from this nurse and someone who has regular, heavy nosebleeds - first, every night before bed coat the inside of your nostrils with Vaseline or something else good and greasy. Get it up there too. You don't need globs but make sure you use enough. Second, while you're bleeding put a wet paper towel up your nose instead of just holding tissue there. The clot will cling to the paper towel but won't damage the part stopping the bleeding because it's moist. Only change our the wet nose plug if you have to, less is best. Good luck!


True saint! Thank you. I’ll have to get use to wet paper tho as my nose is quite sensitive...as you can see.


Wet is MUCH softer than dry - it shouldn't be uncomfortable at all. Myself and lots of little old ladies I've used it on approve!


I had a nosebleed like that a few weeks ago, just woke up with what I thought was a runny nose, a really runny nose. Nope. Blood everywhere, stopped and started every 2 hours or so for 10 hours. Took 2 visits to A&E before I got it cauterised properly and it stopped. 24 hours before I slept again.


Yeah I understand how you felt. Haven’t slept thankfully don’t have work today aha. Nosebleed suck man. Such a pain in the ass for something so reasonably trivial


With that much blood, GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!


Visit a hospital, if I was a cop and saw that I would think you just murdered someone.


Bro this image was the most relatable thing that i ever witnessed whith my own eyes, for some reason every time that i just scratch my nose a fucking torment of blood just come out, is fucking disgusting but when i meat another person with the same problem, we instantly become friends is like a 40/60


Yeah man. I get shit like “shouldn’t have been picking your nose” like I’m just existing leave me alone I could have no hands and that would still be everyone’s conclusion like seriously. Once had to work an 8 hr shift and during a rush period I was just face up to the roof as I did everything for like 40 minutes cause no one could cover. Mask looked amazing when my manager asked why I was messing around and I just looked at him. Went from blue to red real fast.


For some reason when I looked at that picture I smelled blood


That’s ALL I can smell. Bathroom reeks of blood and it’s been 4 hrs since I cleaned it.


Jesus I’ve never heard of blood clogging the sink and I have nosebleeds all the time. Now I’m unsettled


Now imagine a ruler with the thickness of two pencils coming *out* :)


Noooo why just you do this


I see that much blood every month. He'll be okay, trust me.


Ayyeeee my man nose what’s up


i can help you sleep if you want


Ooooo I’m all ears


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Good cause I inhaled a bit of Saturated toilet paper and shit was gross. Take me papa


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when anime characters get hit in the chest be like


I feel ya


I get bloody noses a lot and Jesus christ




I had this exact same thing to be if you have little bruises all over you feel and legs and look pale you need to go to the hospital pronto trust me guy


Other than the mosquito on my leg pretty good thankfully. Did make me panic for a second as I’d been pretty well covered


So, uh, how ya feeling?


It smells like I just snorted iron supplements and a minor headache but overall good.


Happened to a buddy of mine, check your blood pressure! Dangerously high blood pressure can cause nose bleeds.


Ooo, unless I jumped stage two right into hypertensive crisis I’d hope that’s not the reason. Blood pressure is wacky man.


I suffer from nosebleeds like this too and sometimes it gets this bad. Also reminds me of a scene from the movie [Cronos (1993)](https://www.reddit.com/r/CultCinema/comments/mzqztj/cronos_trailer_1993/).


I used to get nose bleeds like that quite often, if that puts you at ease bro. Couple times, I would lose a pint of blood at a time & if I tried plugging it it would start coming out the other nostril. Then when a blood clot finally forms you’re forced to be sooo careful cause even touching it again will set it off. I never got to the bottom of it, maybe it was my iron or maybe a weak blood vessel. But either way a cream my doctor prescribed helped me massively, it’s called Naseptin. It contains the active ingredients chlorhexidine dihydrochloride and neomycin sulphate so any cream containing these 2 should do the same thing. It sucks dude, McDonalds once called an ambulance for me cause I made WC look like a murder scene 🤣


Aha made my McD manager freak out cause I’d been bleeding for a while but just kept my head up, she goes “why are you Fucking around, just do your job properly” so I calmly look her straight in the eyes and my mask just starts filling with blood. Should have covered me when I asked 🤣


how are u doing?


Pretty alright now, chillin with a blueberry muffin 😎


i used to suffer with nosebleeds through out the night, i've been told if it goes for longer than 15 minutes go see a doctor, however i found if you prop your head up with two pillows, and arch your head back (like up to the sky) stuff tissue in your nostrils, you should be able to sleep and it'll sort it self out while you're sleeping


Do not tip your head back with a nosebleed. You'll think that the blood is flowing more slowly but it'll be running down your throat and possibly, if you're asleep, into your lungs. At the least you'll swallow a bunch and can end up nauseous and vomiting up old blood.


That happens to me but not nearly as bad so I’m getting it cauterized if I can


This happen a lot? There are some things your dr can do to help if it’s bothersome like that haha


Hit up an ENT doctor if this is a regular occurrence. I have something somewhat similar happening personally.


Man I haven’t seen an ENT in a long time. Wonder if they’ll remember me aha. I like the idea tho as it’s the type of specialist you naturally forget about. Thanks :)


This shit happened to me like 2 times a week. I went to the doctor and they gave me this thing that blocks the nose so no blood comes out


I’d rather the blood come out cause after I blocked the first nostril it quickly filled the second then ran down my throat and poured outta my mouth like I was the next big horror movie.


Oh that sucked what I usually did was have my head down so it doesn't go down and just stand there for like 10 minutes


Yeah I always listened to teachers and what not saying I had to put my head up and in hindsight it’s just so silly. And gross


Uhhhhhhhh.... When is the last time you had a blood test done? I ask because I've had ***adjacent*** experiences I sincerely hope aren't related to yours.


I had one probably.... 2 months ago? 3?


OK platelets? White and red counts alright? I had a lot of nosebleed issues and nose clots when my numbers were acting weird.


I didn’t get ANYTHING back. My doctor just said I was all clear and nothing concerning so I guess I’ll take her word. It’s a little painful though when doctors withhold things because they think you’ll panic. Had some lady explain what an ECG machine was and that it was perfectly safe and I was like... I may be 17 but I’ve used one. She looked so Fucking confused


Yeah, well, my Primary Care Doctor insisted my family was overreacting about my regular and spontaneous nosebleeds and it ended up being something they weren't overreacting over. Have your mom ask for a copy of your most recent labs, or if your doctor is in a network check if they don't have a patient website where you can sign up and get access to them yourself. I'm in the North East so a lot of hospitals in my area are in the Yale system in "MyChart", your's might be similarly [https://www.mychart.com/](https://www.mychart.com/)


Aha bold of you to assume I have a mom. But yeah I’ve gotta ask about all my result results as all my GP and local hospitals and clinics have a network so I guess it’s natural to not give it to patients unless necessary as to be fair Kos people might not understand what they are looking at. Heard someone start panicking because on their doctors note it said epistaxis


Sorry for the assumption and my condolences if appropriate. I helped my dad through a lot of medical visits too and I used his labs as a basis to have things to ask questions of his doctors about, not to make myself or him panic, or start self-medicating, but sort of like come prepared like you would to a test. I suggest the same. Yeah, we aren't medical professionals but I'd rather ***learn*** what things mean rather than stay completely ignorant.


I've been getting regular nose bleeds as a child so I definitely feel you. What helped them stop was to stay away from foods that thin blood like ginger and garlic.


Garlic thins blood :( that’s so upsetting to hear.




Lap that shit up. Blood ain’t free.


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At least u woke up and it didn’t run down the back of ur throat into ur stomach and then u wake up and vomit phlegm and blood I hate when that happens After a shower u need to put a glob of Vaseline on each pinky and stick it up ur beak Works for me


Yikes, are you okay?


I passed out from a nose bleed once, they’re no joke, I still had to clean the toilet afterwards though. Fucking mum


Mothers can be dicks. Feel bad for you man. Doesn’t matter if it looked like a double homicide and you left the slightest bit of blood. Still got yelled at


Yeah she gave me pneumonia when I was two by treating a cold with essential oil’s


My buddy had something very similar happen to him. His nose made his sink looks exactly like yours. He had a ruptured aneurysm in his nose and required immediate surgery to block it. You should absolutely take this seriously and find your way into an emergency room or hospital.


Ooo okay this is an interesting response. Thank you greatly!


His actually kept bleeding too, for a few days, in fact. Then it worsened and went to the hospital. For him, it happened after a nose injury playing water polo.


Yikes, water polo sounds dangerous from what I’ve heard aha. Thankfully although I’ve had a few it’s very likely just dehydration, high bp, dry nose, and being a smoker. Otherwise I’d be rushing. And thankfully no further blood noses.


yo it looks like someone slit your throat ngl


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Thank you for tagging this NSFW. Serious blood phobia and I feel weak in the knees just reading a few comments and the title. If it was unblurred I can guarantee I would've fainted. I can just tell by how red the blur is. Hope you got some help, holy cow


Why r/mildlyinfuriating and not r/extremelyinfuruating


I also had a extremly nose bleeding. Its almost 3 months ago, i couldnt go to school, my toiled looked terrible and it was a whole disaster.


Did you by chance have a Rhynoplasty recently? I had this happen when I had my Rhynoplasty as well as after I got my jaw moved, I went to the doctor and then it stopped once a big clot came out, but if you weren’t expecting it then you might have some internal bleeding and should definitely go to the doctor ASAP


Thankfully no that sounds fucked up. I haven’t had any surgeries or any trauma to my face or nose in the last 6 months


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I’ll inject holy water with air bubbles just to fuck with him


Forbidden drink I can’t help my self with the comment I did


My sister shoved my glasses up my nose once (she was 3 and i was playing dead so you can’t really blame her), and i bled so much that i passed out. It hurt a lot. Probably a similar amount of blood, but idk because i was outside bleeding on the grass.


Yikes that was truely a kick you while you’re down moment. “Oh you ain’t dead? I can fix that!”


Lmfao so true


I need help to spell noize




That’s not infuriating, nose bleeds are awesome, especially when they’re your own


Shouldn’t you be at the doctors instead of reddit? You would need to gain a few IQ points just to be officially classified as an idiot


I get that we're in America and our Healthcare system is dog shit, but no ER is allowed to turn you away, regardless if you have insurance or not. Tell them to bill you, at least then you will have a diagnosis, and can get treatment before this escalates. I'm sure you're just being facetious about "if I die that's on me" buuuut I can only imagine you have people in your life who would be devastated if you suddenly passed away from something that could have easily been diagnosed and treated. None of us can tell you what to do or when or how, but, as a former medical care worker, I would strongly encourage you to go to the er or urgent care asap. I hope whatever it is isn't serious, and I genuinely hope you feel better and can get this treated asap. Take care 🤘


First time?


I think this is my 5th big one now, I’m a veteran now🤣


The forbidden strawberry jam


Typing warning but not tagging NSFW does no good ! Fml


I used to get these about 2 times a month when I lived in Utah because of how dry it was. They. Suck.


Damn, you're a fucking anime protagonist, dude.


If you are having issues with nose bleeds, it's probably the shift in temperature. I do it once or twice a year. Anyways, get some tea tree oil and put it on a cotton swab. Take that and gently put some inside your nose. It helps keep your nose from drying out.


Nobody looks at this and says “aww man that’s mildly infuriating


uuhhh any updates? How you feeling lol.


Aha had a nap and here I am with 3k upvotes and a shit ton of people either sharing experiences or giving me tips so pretty alright. Thanks for asking :)


Aye what’s your blood type?


I actually don’t know! I was thinking about donating blood to find out, apparently donating blood can help reduce pressure and lower chances of busting open like a water balloon


Do you have liver problems?


No but my kidneys be hurtin!


Man I also hate nose bleeds, mine are caused by picking it too much and it bleeds like a faucet.


Bro, be honest, I know you and your girlfriend haven't been doing to well. Just tell us, did you at least hide the body well.


It was bin day today ;)


8'd recommend spraying 1-2 whole cans of febreeze to mask the scent. Don't want passerbys to find your present to the dark lord ęłqčůīŕæ


I just clicked on the picture without reading the context And oh my Jesus I *NEEDED* context


Aha yikes sorry about that


Are you dead or something


I can’t legally confirm nor deny.


I’m sorry this happened to you, if you get frequent nose bleeds dm me, I have some suggestions after multiple packings/cauterizing.


You’re gonna be mildly deceased if you don’t go to the hospital


Sliding those blood clots out of your nasal cavity is the best fucking feeling though


Hate that you aren’t wrong, bonus points if someone watches


I’ve gotten bloody noses so bad that I literally almost suffocate with the amount of blood going down my throat.


Normally periods come out of the vagina.


I've never had a bloody nose but I feel like this isn't normal...are you okay? Should you maybe go to the hospital? How tf does a clot that big come out of your nose and where did it originate?


Women over here reading all these comments from people who think you’re bleeding to death: 😂


"...out the other." The other *what?* Nose? Who measures blood clots in inches???? Aaarrrggghhh!


So are you like a zombie yet?




The bad nsfw


Mate welcome to my everyday of summer 2021. It was a routine for me to wake up and have a nose bleed just like yours.. and I haven’t visited a doc yet ✌️


Aha same man, for the last four years except recently I woke up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe turns out it clotted in my throat so I had to get up and just slowly reach down and pull slowly. That was an experience


Holy shit see a doctor please


Bloodthinners. At least aspirin until you can get to a doctor. If you have a clot in your lung, take it seriously. It can kill you in short order


dude fucking go to the hospital this isnt a opinion this is a request you have to go now


I would but it’s pretty common and my doctor said it’s probably just a mix of whether and all. I’ve got high blood pressure too but doctors normally just show me the door. Too young for anything dangerous I guess?


really that doesnt sound healthy though i would still go just in case you like bursted an artery or something unless you live in the us then its less expensive to die than to go to the hospital


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Bro I wish I could give you a hug I know that sucks. I hope you feel better and are alright


Thanks man, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to have a coffee and smoke while the sun was rising but it was ruined by the overwhelming smell of iron. :/ I hope you have a good day man