And that’s how you become an alcoholic


Been there done that. The trick is to switch your substance of choice daily so you don't build up as much tolerance


But what if you only like one


You got me there. I guess try something new every day until you like a few more


Yes. Don't want to wind up an alcoholic so I guess I'll have beer on Mondays, heroin on Tuesdays, junk food on Wednesdays, cocaine on Thursdays and Friday I'll order a hooker.




Exactly. I'd recommend swapping out the coke for molly and the heroin for a light dose of mushrooms the rest sound good though


Molly once a week is probably worse for you than coke or heroin once a week tbh


Isn’t the problem with most molly/ecstasy is that it’s mixed with amphetamines?


Cutting can be a problem for sure, but MDMA on its own is *super* harsh on your serotonin system. If you don't allow sufficient time to recover (4-6 weeks) you can cause long-term or even potentially permanent damage. Cocaine and heroin though are typically not that harmful in moderation; the problem is that moderation can be extremely difficult.


Which is less bad for you than taking mdma every week..


ayyyy you might be right but it's worth it


Nah man, molly's one of those things where moderation is *really* important.


Molly is definitely a Friday drug, need the weekend to recover.


Yeah that's a good point. Probably just swap it with hooker day. Hookers are cheaper on Thursdays anyway.


I prefer mine on Tuesday. Two for one price and the Barn 'o Sloots.


And swap the Molly to once every 2-3 months. Ketamine could go in there too.


don't forget gambling all your money away on Saturdays




Hot take


Yeah, he’s right. Heroin dangers are overdose and shitty product from sketchy dealers along with blood borne transmission of disease. Alcohol just destroys your organs and brain. It’s just culturally acceptable. Heroin withdrawals make you wish someone killed you. Alcohol withdrawals *will* kill you. (Due to glutamate rebound causing seizures, etc.) Full disclosure: I’ve never done heroin


This whole "alcohol worse than heroin" take I see on Reddit all the time is so dumb. The likelihood of developing a crippling addiction to one is astonishingly higher than the other, not to mention opioids are statistically the most difficult substance to discontinue use of compared to any other substance on the planet. Anyone who thinks this shit has zero personal experience with opioid addiction.


Heroin withdrawals can also very actually kill you


The problem is heroin is cut with fentanyl fairly often, which is lethal in low doses. [here](https://s.hdnux.com/photos/62/57/16/13300618/3/1200x0.jpg) is a comparison of lethal doses, heroin is still a terrible idea but if we followed suit with Portugal I’d imagine death rates would plummet.


I think weed and junk food on Wednesdays is a better combo


Yes but please throw meth somewhere during the work week to help Amp up your productivity at work


I've heard crack is pretty relaxing after a hard day


In your case drinking milk every day isn't bad, but try to drink water too.


Just fake a heroin addiction until you form a real heroin addiction.


This is why I now have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 gerbils, 4 rabbits, and 56 chickens.


This is why I have like 60 houseplants


I've got 4 pots full of dirt and an empty aquarium


Drug cycling is A++ if you can source substances safely and affordably. Gotta know what you're doing though, as it's very easy to fuck up brain chemistry with various drug interactions


Like don’t smoke crack the week after heroin amirite?


Nah just don't do shitty street drugs in general


go for the high class white people drugs that come in pill form


Oh but mine are homegrown


What's your favourite rotation?


I read the first post , almost replied, read this, realized I'm likely on the downhill part of this.


Yeah, probably best to turn back.


Haha back to post 1




Had a bud that would do something called moke Monday




A hit a day keeps the doctor away.


just a little bit, as a treat


A little bit will keep you awake for the next 12 hours.


I avoided alcohol. And that's how I got fat.


Im a beer drinker. That's how I'm a fat alcoholic.


That's why I'm opting for piss beer like Michelob more often lately. I'm a huge craft brew aficionado, but when I just want something fizzy and boozy not chock full of calories, a light lager will do the trick.


Me, staring into the mirror after a year of "little treats": Why have I gained so much weight


Leave us alone


Who is us? You got a turd in your pocket?


Don’t you dare bring Gerald into this


I'm a 26 yr old American rapidly approaching my second (official) housing crisis with little to no ability to gather liquid assets. Substance abuse is how we cope with that.


The weird thing is that this current housing crisis looks to be more than a few countries, or a few city in them.


It really does seem to be that way. From what I gather on Reddit the USA has a huge homeless problem and lots of people live in vans. Housing prices in New Zealand are through the roof. My friend in Paris can't seem to afford to move out from her parents house. I pay €685 for 18m² which I can only afford because it's subsidized. So that's ~€250 of tax payer money in my landlord's pocket (the Netherlands). Oh and I even forgot to mention the Hong Kong cage dwellers


After 2008 investment bankers realized that they can’t make a profit off of mortgages and individual homeownership without substantial risk. But they still wanna invest in housing because it’s such a captive market - demand is high but supply is limited, everyone needs it to survive and will pay any amount of money for it. So, these multi-trillion dollar investment banks like Blackrock and Deutsche Bank are becoming landlords. They have so much money that they can buy up whole swathes of homes in a city, for cash, well above market value, then rent them out for inflated prices. This obviously drives up home values and rents, even for people who aren’t selling or renting from them. I...honestly have no idea how this can be stopped either, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna crash like 2008.


We’re just gravitating to the liquid assets we can afford!


Ah fuck man it's too real


I like a cocktail or two to take the edge off after a hard day. Its been like 18 months of hard days though lmao.


Or fat


Or obese. I was buying taco bell everytime I had a hard week, then everytime I had a hard day. All because I deserved it. Then all the sudden I was having it every Friday, most Saturdays, a lot of Sundays, then probably twice during the regular week.


Or you get fat.


You mean other people don't eat sugar like it's the only thing that gives life meaning? (read: makes living tolerable)


This is how I developed a pretty severe binge eating disorder. It took more and more and more comfort as I spiraled lower and lower and lower. Six years later I’m still making good progress; the pandemic made things really tough with relapse but it’s slowly getting better.


I keep going "Man, I didn't sleep well last night." Then I have to remind myself I haven't really "slept well last night" for like five years.


>Tonight I'm definitely going to go to bed early and catching up on some sleep. Literally every morning for the past 20 years or so.


Me at 11PM: I'm gonna go to sleep at midnight. Me at 3AM: God damnit.


It's okay you'll just finish what your doing real quick and then... wait why is it getting light outside?


"Just gonna do one more thing on this game then go to bed."


Currently writing this at 3:13 AM, can confirm.


Okay dude, you didn’t need to call me out like this.


Only thing that changed that for me was losing my job. I've been catching up on sleep and working on being healthier and happier for 3 months now and it's been truly helpful. Not looking forward to working again.


People only get one treat a week? Need at least like 2 a day to keep from just lying on the floor all day


People get treats? What if nothing you do makes you happy anymore and your “hobbies” feel like chores? Thats always fun right?


That's anhedonia.


I just call it depression but that sounds nicer


Anhedonia is a symptom of depression.


When you find out something new about your diagnosis on Reddit.


Depression's a pretty complicated illness, to be fair. The only (temporary) cure for the anhedonia symptom I've found is LSD. Feels like a mental vacation, but based on your name I suspect you may be familiar already.


I've recently started smoking weed regularly on my days off. It's almost harmful because my depression does go away a bit, but so does all of my biased view of humanity, I can understand things better, which in turn makes me feel more sad.


Understanding can certainly inspire cynicism, but I think it's the mark of a miraculous person to understand and still retain hope. I kinda just tapped out and went the way of apathy. At this point I take in all the ridiculousness the world has to offer, both good and evil, as a form of entertainment, not so much as a participant who picks sides and fights for beliefs in this and that. I hope you navigate the haze with grace.


If you’re already at that stage with weed when you’ve only just started smoking I suggest you quit before it’s too late. Those feelings will only get worse and result in more paranoia and just general unhappiness.


I just always called it “listlessness”


The two terms are certainly very close in meaning. Anhedonia's simply a clinical term, while listlessness seems more the tool of a poet.


🎶When you sit and don’t cry But you also don’t try Anhedonia🎶


Diabetes is simply an aggregated report of successful executions of this plan.


Not if your treat is Bionicles


Big brain time


>Big Bionical Time FTFY


Especially if you combine them


Especially if you combine them


Especially if you combine them


But those are super hard to chew.


If by "little treat" you mean "increasingly unhealthy volumes of cannabis", then yes


You’re not alone


Bro my lungs cant keep up. Feels like im drowning 24/7


Bruh, are you me? I'm up to an ounce a week :-(


U could get a dry herb vape. I saved a lot of money with em


Dang dawg making me feel good about my 1g cart a week lmao


Been there. Try vaping. Got me down to an ounce a month, and I can make brownies with the leftovers.


I eat pizza for 2/3rds of my calories


Same, the rest is Doritos cause I drink redbull light


The only thing that brings me pleasure in life is constant, small, performative acts of consumerism and I hate myself for it so much.


I'm glad this is being talked about because I used to think it was just me but... it's not it's just a symptom of a large problem everyone seems to be suffering from


Monkey brain likes *stuff* and it’s hard to snap out of it once that dopamine path has been forged. I just make myself feel at least a little better by going out of my way to support small businesses or ethical chocolate or whatever. My ‘treat’ this week was some chocolate. Vote with your dollar, ha. Being mindful of what I consume is at least setting me on the right path even if I haven’t gone the whole way, I think.


That's a good way to fight back I guess. At the very least it'll take away the guilt that thinks about the ethical or environmental dilemma...


Try weed.


Love weed but still consumerism


This is why Jeff Bezos just went to space, because Amazon has become mine and many others newest addictions. Having packages coming in the mail is exciting and lights up the fun parts of my brain. It gives me the G O O D C H E M I C A L S.


I got a really good job last year. I work for a major player in my industry, and I run four states. I changed careers, and it's been a rough few years since I've had a decent paycheck. I still think "money can't buy happiness" is a stupid and tone deaf thing to say, but I'm starting to understand why people say it. I've already gone from buying the things I've always wanted, to giving it all away, and I'm scarcely any happier for it. Being comfortable makes a HUGE difference, but being wealthy absolutely does not. It's just like chasing a high, the more you indulge, the more fleeting it is.


As someone who got out of uni a while back and got a great paying job, I completely get how being comfortable is the goal. I’ve spent like crazy since I was always broke in college, but now I don’t have the time to even think about what I could do with it, let alone use the stuff I really wanted and ended up buying. I sit here typing this after ending my day feeling overworked af and barely able to stay up. Honestly feels like it’s not worth it anymore.


Save that shit and live on a farm when you turn 30




Crazy to think this one quick post could end up changing the entire financial trajectory for multiple people (or even families).


I did! The farm took it all, well I think the chickens stole it.


That doesn't sound comfortable.


And all of a sudden it's all about free time. If you are interested in observing where did it go and how to bring it back, you might want to look at this picture and read the article. https://images.app.goo.gl/JeCbN12c1LS356KAA


Honestly, it’s been downhill since the other option went away. I think that a 4-day week, as is pushed by many degrowth reformers, is a great idea.


4 hrs won't happen. May be for extra high qualified personnel, but not for the majority. We're heading straight to XIXth century, lads.


He means 4 days a week for a 32 hour week. And I think it's definitely a possibility, already happening in some trades. Maybe different in America though.


Fun fact, a 13th century English peasant only spent about half as much time working as the average modern American worker, childcare and housework included. It's even worse if you work full time.


In the 50s and 60s a person could work 40 hours a week with a stay at home spouse,a house, a car or two, and go on vacation with minimum wage. Then, when women joined the work force, they could have split that 40 hours into both taking 20 hours a week or getting payed double if both spouses worked 40 hours a week. Instead, both work 40 hours and we get payed the same as 1 person did in 1960. It doesn't make sense.


I had a similar experience going from living paycheck-to-paycheck to living with my well-off parents while I finish school. I would always buy myself little presents and treats to make myself feel better about living in a shoebox in a dirty city. Now, I'm perfectly content with 3 square meals and going about my day. It's a wonder what not having to worry about providing for yourself can give you, as far as happiness goes.


Man, I’ve had great jobs. Where I never needed to worry about money. I’ve worked terrible jobs where I barely scrape by. And you know what? I’ve been fucking miserable through all of it. It’s not that I’m lazy, I work hard jobs. I just hate working in general. All I want is my cabin in the woods and a garden to tend to. I just want to chill and live, and love. But the real world hardly has time for that. And I think that’s why I can’t find happiness. Like I’m an ill-fitting cog in the machine of this reality. Bums me out man. A happy life seems so close, yet just out of reach. :/ Edit: I guess it really is the little things in life, like some kind words from internet strangers. Thanks everyone. I hope that one day, we can all find our way.


Yea I’ve been seeing a bunch of vids about people having honest to god adventures. Trekking across countries, riding motorcycles through deserts and mountains. While I sit in a cubicle having hardly enough free time to keep up with chores and having only enough energy to just sit and watch mindless tv after work. And this is just…how it is for millions. Perhaps I should be grateful I have a job but it does not mean I’m happy.


I'd rebel if I wasn't so exhausted.


Wage slavery is bullshit. There should be a viable way to opt out of the rat race, go make DMT on a mountain somewhere pretty and nice.


I'm pretty sure that's what most people would choose for themseleves if the war on drugs never happened. Hell, that's how our ancestors used to live.


Because that is how humans were designed to live.


Maybe, but I'd phrase it as that's how humans evolved to live.


Man, I’m so close to saying fuck it all, and dumping my life into van I can live in and travel. For real though, I know it sounds hippie dippy, but fuck this system. I know I’ll never be happy in it. I know I’ll always feel like I don’t fit in. The alcoholism, the drug addictions. It’s all because of it. I’m sober now, and my mind is clearer. And it’s only become a heavier burden.


Man, nothing wrong with being a hippie at heart. I've never really changed, I just shower more and wear darker colors haha. Only fools would want to conform to such a broken system.


I see everyone else around me fitting in to this system, they’re able to find happiness, and I just can’t. It breaks my heart. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been doomed to be me. :(


Some would say that you just haven’t found your “place” yet. I also feel that it is possible that we aren’t really supposed to live this way therefore what you are feeling is just true nature. I too feel the same as you. I never seemed to fit in. I got lucky enough to stumble unknowingly onto a great career for myself. I am lucky in that my job helps people who truly need help and that is why I do it. But in general I’ve never fit in the corporate culture. That part kills me. I’ve been told that I have depression. Personally I feel like most people with depression feel like we feel. Because it is not truly human nature to live in big cities or slave our lives away so we can go home just to sit and watch tv. A lot of those people you say fit in are also dying inside and that is why depression and other mental illnesses are on the rise and people are going postal more often and in increasing severity. Hang in there. Follow your heart and you will find happiness one day.


Jesus man these are words of truth. Keep searching and find what does give you happiness then work towards that as hard as possible. Life comes in the little things in life like ice cream on a hot day or drinking with friends. Live to live and love what you live.


Your dreams are healthy & normal. The way the rich people exploit us is what’s broken


What about buying experiences? Like skydiving, or learning to fly light aircraft?


Now that kinda thing I'm all about. Crazy adventures are what I *live for.* Better when shared with friends, of course.


Flight school is like $10k is it not? Least the one near me is.


Best way to do it is to join a flying club that takes students.


That phrase is exactly for someone with a comfortable amount of money. It’s intention is to show that if you have enough money to live comfortably (house, vacations, some toys, etc…) and you still are not happy then lack of money is not the reason you are unhappy and more money will not make you happy.


I think we need to reframe the goal as contentment rather than happiness. Being greatful for what you have is a practice. Happiness is a race you’ll never finish.


Happiness be dammed, I demand constant euphoria!


Well look at this fancy guy who can afford his necessities without having to cry


> I still think "money can't buy happiness" is a stupid and tone deaf thing to say It's also a lie. Clinically, money absolutely can and does buy happiness... right up until you make 85K a year. After that, diminishing returns to the point of costing happiness with each increase.


Serious diminishing returns after 80k a year


This is a perfect description of why dieting and exercise right now is 84928492947938 times harder than it was in the past.


Literally how i became a drug addict


It takes two when it used to take one


I just finished reading Civilized to Death - The Price of Progress by Christopher Ryan. Everyone is feeling like you. I learned so much. Great read.


Me, except no tough weeks, just convincing myself I deserve “treats”


Now I treat myself by feeling good about the personal growth of not having to treat myself to feel good. Eventually I will feel good about just how good I feel at the moment. I think that's what they mean by reaching nirvana.


> I’m going to let you in on a little secret: every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it; don’t wait for it; just let it happen. It could be a new shirt in the men’s store, a cat nap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot, black, coffee. Agent Dale Cooper, *Twin Peaks*




That's why I drink


Water right? Or perhaps milk??


Possibly juice???


If your garden has weeds everyday, pull weeds everyday


So what's the solution doc? Tell me straight


This is so me. I’m literally on the verge of tears


Isn’t this…. Depression?


It also can get paired with this was an excellent week I did well let me reward myself.


Me bingeing on chocolate or some sort of sugar every day for making it through the day.


By Tuesday of every week, I’m just surviving until the weekend


Man, I worked at a restaurant for a couple years. Once in a while I would go out for drinks with my coworkers at the end of the night to let off some steam, get a little drunk, eat some bar chips and quesadillas, and bitch about customers we had for the day. On tough days at work, days like this were a much needed respite. Eventually it came to the point that every day was a tough day and I hated being there every second I was there, so I went out every night. After I left that job I had no money at all saved up, because I just spent my paychecks as I got them. Two years working full time with no money to show for it by the end. Oof


I’ve literally just stopped this habit, thank you for reinforcing how utterly fucking weak I was 👍


Please tell me how you stopped so I can do the same.


“Just do it”-shrek


"I understand there’s a guy inside me who wants to lay in bed, smoke weed all day, and watch cartoons and old movies. My whole life is a series of stratagems to avoid, and outwit, that guy.” -Anthony Bourdain Yeah unfortunately good old fashion self discipline and forcing yourself is the only way.




I do that with food 😬


i don’t even buy myself anything nice. buying food is my treat


This is exactly how drug addiction works


I've told myself "This is the worst year of my life" every year for at least the last seven years.


You are experiencing lifestyle creep. Go without treats for two weeks to reset your subjective values before continuing to generate profits for your local corporation.


That’s me with alcohol now (:


Welcome to being alive and an adult where pretty much everyone has to abuse one or more substances to make it thru day to day life.


And next thing you know you're knuckle deep in a cheesecake.


Self love and self care are very important Your love language is gifts Care for yourself by indulging in treats to fight off the panorama depressions


In moderation, otherwise it becomes vice.


I love vice. Jasmine is my favorite


Sounds bad lol


Whaaat? How could that possibly be bad?


try heroin next /s


Nahhh If u went to a bar and test this out, will report back


It takes two when it used to take one




That’s way too close men.


This is me lol


Ya’ll getting treats??