I didn't take it for myself I used a ouija board and took it for the ghost who lives in my attic. She got ENFP and now I can't sleep because of loud salsa music coming from the attic


No man, thats awesome you could gold a ghost party!


Gotta be a myling then


yes, because I'm a walking stereotype.


I think INFP is one of the easiest ones to get on 16p, lots of people I know got it and they're not INFP obviously. I got it too a few times lol


How do you know that?


Me too kinda. Chad Thundercock to the rescue!




When I first took it I got INFP but didn't feel I was as cute and UwU as the website described it, so I was hesitant. then went through an INFJ phase and eventually decided I was actually an INFP


I always thought I wasn't chad and risk takery enough to be an ESTP. Don't let stereotypes make you doubt yourself.


I got intp, enfp and esfj. Im the most obvious entp bruh


Pfft, sure. I won't believe you until you write a 3 paragraph essay on why you are. /s


That would be kinda based 😳


but that's effort and I'm lazy 😭😂


That would be more accurate to INTP lmao


Bold of you to assume ENTP would write a 3 paragraph essay, especially not related to school


Same, I got INFP, INTP and ENFP. I don't think any real ENTP could get ENTP.


I got ENTP and I’m 100% ENTP! It probably helps that I’m v self-aware though? And neurodivergent lol so it’s v obvious. But yeah no I went through a whole phase of doubting my mbti type after finding out I’m an enneagram 4 but I truly don’t identify w anything else lol


you all have some sort of personality disorder /hj


No, 16p typed me as INFP-I didn't think about it much back then. When I got back into it I was typed as INFJ. Although, my understanding is they don't really base the test off of cognitive functions? 🤔


It does not use functions at all. People have said that it is really a Big 5 test.


it's not even a good test for big 5, really. 16p really ain't shit


16 personalities types you more off of whether you're more introverted or extroverted, more of a sensor or more intuitive etc. I don't think it measures your functions at all.


Same here, INFP then INFJ.. Only when I got into conflictive functions I discovered I am INTJ. Anyway, I think this is because many questions on 16p don’t have nothing to do with typing mbti


Happy cake day


Not sure. Anybody know a good site to look into cognitive functions?


[Keys2cognition](http://keys2cognition.com) tests your functions and explains them


That quiz gave me ISFP when I have no Se.


Sakinorva cognitive functions test is by far the best test out there.


Huh, that site gave me ENTP while the 6 other tests I took have me ESTP.


Did it give you ENTP in every category (the one that really matters is "myers function type")? If you scroll down it also gives you a table of all types and the percentage chance it calculated for each. Sometimes the differences are just really small, so you should take it as a room of possibilities. In general it's best to look at the values you got for each function and then figure it out yourself (really good tools for that are https://www.careerplanner.com/MB2/8-CognitiveFunctionsChart.cfm and the explanation of each function and the archetypes on https://personalityjunkie.com/myers-briggs-functions-inferior-function/#). Most internet MBTI tests are terrible. They use probing questions and implicate a positive or negative answer (16p is by far the worst one and doesn't even use MBTI). That's also why a lot of them have biases towards certain functions. Sakinorva doesn't really have this problem. It has really balanced questions, is extremely transparent about how it operates and doesn't implicate good or bad answers. If you feel like you don't understand the results it gives you I'd be happy to explain them.


No, I get INTP, I'm usually very split on Perceiving / Judgement, but one important parameter is that I have ADHD, so it bias a lot of questions about these. Got INTJ once a few years ago when I was on my meds though


Ah, I've heard of people saying their disorders/mental illnesses change what the test gives them.


i got infp, then isfp, then infp another three times after that. I found out about cognitive functions but still thought so, then months later i did more research on them and found out i was actually an entp


Wow the test was reeeeally inaccurate in your case.


By 16personalities I've got always ENFJ, but by cognitive functions I'm totally Ni user, so INFJ, but I've always seen myself as an extroverted type, while many people told me they think I'm an introvert, so...


Maybe your close to the middle. Alot of people are somewhere in the middle spectrum so I’m not surprised. I’m an introvert that can come off extroverted at parties.


I'm the opposite: extroverted but too anxious to talk to anyone so I look like a mega introvert.


I got intp when I first took it, then I got istp. After learning the functions I can choose my answers with a more informed view but I'll still end up getting infp or esxp. On other places I usually get ISFP or ESFP


Most people got mistyped as INFP, including me.


I took it a few years ago and got INTJ.


I took it a while ago and got ESTP. Recently, I've been getting ISTP tho. After a few cognitive functions tests I'm quite sure I'm an ESTP.


Nice. Has it ever given you ENTP or another intuitive result?


Not that I can remember. When I first took the test I was surprised I didn't get ENTP because I loved debating so much, and, well, ENTP is kinda called "The Debater." I loves debating so much everyone told me I should be a lawyer for God's sake. Have you ever gotten ISTJ or a sensor result?


I have gotten ISTJ(but it was close between N and S). I have also gotten INTP.


Huh, I've only even gotten ESTP or ISTP.


Sometimes. I got INxx usually. I THINK I am INTJ which is what I mostly got but I used to get INFJ and INTP a lot. Got INFP that one time.


Have u taken any cognitive fucntions tests?


A bazillion. I have kinda given up. I think I am certainly INxJ but I have some ENxP vibes sometimes. A lot of people have called me ENFP bcz I am cheerful and upbeat


Huh, every cognitive functions test I've taken gave me ESTP except for one, which gave me ENTP.


Ah my life is a mess it seems


I first took 16p test and got INFP, after I heard its nit really accurate I've taken multiple tests and the results always been the same; INFP.


Tho even still The title INFP feels like its a title that doesn't belong to me. Tho that could also maybe just be that there are such strong assumptions and stereotypes of the type. But I can't really think what else type I could be than INFP, even tho it feels kind of strange somehow.


It's usually because of stereotypes when you don't feel right. I thought I was ENTP for the longest time cuz I like arguing more than sports.


i test ENFP every test i take, no matter who sets the test. i feel a little mistyped but i don't know how to tell. one test i took *did have me as ENFx but i'm pretty sure P *is my last letter.


Take a cognitive functions test! Those are the most accurate


yep still ENFP :)


i had gotten results i didnt want because i was deadset on getting infj because it’s rare or something (psych2go hype up infj nonsense). i had gotten enfp the first time, then the second time. and then a few times after my technology teacher made us take it with the advice to avoid the neutral option for more accurate answers i have ever since gotten infp


I took it in a group of 7 people and I think it typed 3 of us correctly (myself included). One person admitted that he wasn't being truthful in his answers though.


I only ever got NTs and 9 times out of 10 it's INTP I am the weird nerd who, instead of studying, will be playing an action RPG in his room for 8 hours straight and when he realizes he already has to go to sleep. The guy who studied Elder Scrolls lore just so they could play a Pure Mage/Battlemage Breton/Dunmer again. The guy who studies math and science the entire day, yet does not do a single calculation because I was procrastinating again, by looking up the history of intentional infant cranial deformation. I am a walking stereotype, as most NTP 5s are.


ISFPs typed as INFJs choose "yes"


I think almost all introvert types can easily be mistyped as INFJs


If you are wondering about test validity then I think there was some research done and its not accurate, its better if you look into cognitive functions and shadow functions if you were also wondering about your type


I was just curious if others got their actual type on 16p, since I did even though I've heard the test is very inaccurate.


took it several times since i was 13, never got my actual type and never will, it'll always depend on current mood or what i'm looking forward to at that given moment, let alone the fact that it's so easy to manipulate the result


Makes sense. Whenever I'm feeling particularly tired or depressed I always get ISTP instead of ESTP.


Yes but I would still never recommend the test.


Same here.


I took it just now and got ISFJ-t, which is correct lol. Some criteria were only on 51% or 55% though. But I have that problem with almost every other test out there


Same. I got like 53% extrovert last time I took 16p.




Somewhat accurate anyway


Yessss mine is extremely accurate


No. I literally got all the types, depending on the mood.


Oh wow lol


Most hilarious was getting ENTJ simply because I felt motivated that day.


Hmm... Well, I got INFP and I like to think I am INFP... while I started off with 16p, I eventually started actually researching MBTI deeper and learning about the functions and such... However, no matter how I look at it, I can't see myself as anything other than INFP. I literally can't imagine that I am any other type. I could be wrong and maybe I am wrong... idk...


First it got it wrong, second time right


For me it was the opposite. First time gave me ESTP, then later I got ISTP.


I got INFJ, but I believe I'm an INFP.


In a way I guess. I used to be really unhealthy and grew up in a very toxic, controlling environment so I was kind of forced into thinking like an INTP. I later got more into touch with myself and got INFP and then I got very unhappy and started actively reaching out to people to get to know them and stuff and got ENFP, which stuck with me for a while. Took a couple other tests, got properly interested in MBTI, found out I'm actually an INFP. Though INTP+ENFP=ENTP/INFP, so by those calculations it's 33-50% accurate.


I have gotten the right type on nearly every test site I've taken one on including really garbage sites ironically. Though this is not the same as most others I know.


I have taken two different tests, one was 16 personalities and the other one was a random one online got INTJ for both. I’m wondering which is the legit actual test that you should take?


keys2cognition is viewed as the best one.


This makes no sense I got INFP It’s literally the one i identify with the least


Oh thats weird


Maybe i did something wrong🤷‍♀️ whatever


I always get diff things like ENFJ/ENFP/ENTP/INTP and today I took one and got INFP so it's clearly inaccurate (I'm xNTP don't mind my custom feed)


i was the only one in the family it got right tho, suspicious


I got ISTP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -INTP


Same here


In 16 personalities I got INTP, which is totally the opposite of what I am and what I got in other tests. I took a few others on different websites and almost every time I got ESFJ or ISFJ. Maybe it got confused because I don't have very typical traits, who knows.


It’s pretty hit and miss but it was correct with me




I have taken a quadrillion of tests and 16p is the ONLY one who gives a different result than all the others ahahah


Probably cuz it isn't accurate


I took it once in 2011 and even took it again 4 years later and now k took it again last year and same results nothing about me has changed I’m def an INTP


I've taken it twice. The first time I got INTJ (the description was so accurate I felt very seen for the first time in my life) and the second time I got ISTJ. I unknowingly took another test on a different website after that and I got INTJ, so I'm pretty sure I'm INTJ.


I got Typed a ENTJ and am a ENTP, kinda close but far apart at the same time


i got mistyped as INFJ and INFP, meanwhile every other test despite how good or bad it may be always gives me ENTP 💀


Yes it did, but I can easily end up ENTJ on that test.


tbf I don’t even know if I typed myself right


Im an ESFP. Consistently get XSTX


Mistyped as ISTP & was mistyped by someone else as ISTJ b/c of my answers


Honestly I don't think most people who voted in this have their actual type. Imo and from my experience it's really rare to get your actual MBTI type from 16p. It also wouldn't make sense since it doesn't have anything to do with MBTI and is based on the big 5 personality tests which use completely different metrics to calculate the letters (directly and not with functions). Besides that the questions are written very badly. They are probing, unclear, unbalanced and make one answer seem like the more desirable, better one. I personally took it 5 times and got INFP, INFP, ENFP, INFP, INTP while my actual type is ENTP. That being said there are certain types that are rare to get on 16p and are likely to be your actual type when you get them. The test has a huge intuitive bias, so if you get sensor with a good margin it's likely you're a sensor. If you have any of the letters with a 60% chance or lower it doesn't really mean anything.


That's what I was thinking. Based off of tye comments most people haven't taken an actual functions test. However, I got my actual type on 16p, so maybe not.


I literally got ESTP lol


Everybody who voted Yes most likely don’t know their true type lol (only slightly kidding)


I got my actual type on 16p, but I definitely agree with you. I bet half of them don't even know what cognitive functions are.


When I first took an mbti test I got INTJ then ENTJ. Later on, as I began to learn more about cognitive functions, I retook many mbti tests including 16 personalities and consistently got ENTP


The most incomprehensible function to be is Ti. They gave me ENTP which has it second. I don't think so...


What's wrong with Ti?


Oh nothing, it's just the one I have the most time understanding. I've heard it's very nice to have!


In its defense, it wasn’t *Terribly far off!* Only 1 letter. Tested as ENFP on 16-P, test ENTP on the overwhelming majority of newer tests which measure cognitive function usage, specifically.


Took it in HS and got INFJ.. took it in the first year of college and same results and took it again some weeks ago and again.. INFJ. So, I guess, yeah, my type is probably INFJ.


Have you taken any cognitive functions tests? Those are the most accurate.


You are probably a 16p INFJ, but that doesn't say anything about your MBTI type. Sadly 16p markets itself as MBTI while it doesn't have anything to so with it. It's a big 5 test using MBTI letters. Big 5 is a completely different system from MBTI. For example the MBTI types are permanent and include personality development, while Big 5 only looks at your personality in one moment. I don't think Big 5 is useless, but 16p is still trash since it markets itself as something different and also is just a bad test in general (probing questions, etc.). If you want to know your mbti type I'd strongly recommend the sakinorva cognitive functions test. It's by far the best imo and the sub aswell as myself could help you interpret the results (you should definetly Screenshot all of them if you do it).


I have, and it matches. Limbic INFJ, INFJ-T


I got ENTJ


Got intp as intj


I did get my type, and the results weren’t disputed in the slightest. I’ve taken multiple quizzes and I always got INFP, not even close for any of the letters. I definitely feel like it fits my use of the cognitive functions, though I feel like I also use Ti with relatively high frequency? And that’s weird, because Ti is (if you believe in shadow functions) my Demon function…


I took it and I got INTJ turns out I'm just an unhealthy ISFP.


No, when i took the test i was on my burn out phase sooo yea. I got INTP


Is Sarkinova having some type of issue? Its giving me wrong results


Idk. It's the only test that have me ENTP while every other test said ESTP.


I am ENTP and its giving me ESFP, I was trying to track some functions but is giving me a High Fi and Se. I Wonder they fix this as soon as possible.


I don't entirely know sometimes. I usually come out as infp or intp... I'm always 50/50 in the feeling/thinking


recently i tried another 16 p test and actually got my type


I think so


Every time i did the test It told me i'm INTJ, while i'm INFJ


Yes, but my ISTP dad got ESTJ and my ESFJ mom got ENFP 💀


I believe so, i did multiple times throughout the years and i always get INFP-T, the mediator


I originally got INFJ and figured out later that I’m definitely an ISFJ


Yep, did it as a freshmen in highschool got INFP, did it after graduation still got INFP.


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Please keep wasting your time making these bots. They’re hilarious and it takes me 3 seconds to block them hahahahaha


I got INFJ and INTP to start but I was really stressed and wasn't even sure what some questions meant, so some of the problem was me. Hung out on those forums and went "nope". Started to study functions, stressors were slowly removed over time, then leveled out and now solidly intj (r/istp even confirmed it, I value their input lol)


got INFP-T, am ISFJ


i can be found in loops and grips regularly though, so that's probably it


Lmao 16p typed me as an ENTJ but I'm actually I'm ISTJ.


As an ENFJ, I always got ENFP-T or INFP-T.


yeah,Im a stereotypical intp


well i take different tests every once in a while to check.. still get INFP hehe


On the third try yes I did (each try was spaced out years or months by the way). INFP -> ESFP -> ESTP


Not sure what my type is so idk


I took the test multiple times throughout the years, so this is what I got in order: enfj -> enfp -> infj -> isfj


I got typed as an intp, ig it's kinda similar to intj with the Ni and them both being thinkers


Yes, I always get the same results independent of the personality test. - INTJ


I mean I've always gotten INTJ but I can definitely see that other sites do it better


Well for NE Doms it's kinda easy to get enxp, since it is intuitive biased


i get ISTP on every mbti test lol


yeah actually. perks of being an intuitive ig


Nope. 16 personalities gave me ISFP, but after reading about it, I felt that I didn't fit there. I remade the test after a while and got INFP and oh boy, how well did I fit there.


it said i was an infp 💀


I found my own type with researching and studying functions, ending as ISFP. The 16p quiz gave me INTP back then 💀 Another random quotev quiz I did for fun gave me INTJ One of the quizes I forgot which, actually gave me ISFP back then, I was shocked tbh Another one gave me INFJ 💀💀


I always got enfp but later found out that I am an isfp


I got an isfj


Yes but no, I took it many times, most of them it said ENFP but 2 said my actual type.


I have taken the 16p test like 30 times, and never gotten my type. though when i decided to take it in my language, it got it right. I got mistyped as an isfp and istp


I get INTP on a lot of test but last time I took 16p it was my type


Not the first time but there were times where I did


I got ISTP twice but I don't think it's what I really am. I am really good at school when ISTP's are mostly really bad and I don't like fixing things or whatever


Me, my intp sister and my esfp dad got all those results on 16pt. My mom got enfp and I'm pretty sure she's enfp too. Some friends also got correct types, but one ESxP friend got ENTP, one IxFP got INFJ, etc, so its not always correct, I'd say its 50/50


Yes and no, 2/4.


Both yes and no. I very occasionally test as an ENTJ on there, but typically I do get my actual type (ENTP). I originally got into MBTI because I was so amused how much my result of ENTP fit me in many aspects, so I researched it more. Still definitely an ENTP, going off of functions as well. But I don't totally discount 16personalities as it was technically accurate for me.


how did 1k ppl say yes


both. i got intp, infp, intj, istp, estp. tbf other tests always gave me istp or intp equally often. I'm an istp


I have gotten INTJ, INTP, and ISTP. Very, very wrong


I got esfj somehow


I got into mbti by 16p (it typed me an infp) but after that I searched about cognitive functions and I relate to Fi and Ne a lot so yes :)


It said INTP, but I'm not sure. I usually overanalyze things, so I'm just going with that for now. I tried to take one for cognitive functions, but I had a difficult time answering the questions, for some reason. I'll have to research that more I guess.


Honestly when I took it 5 years ago I didn’t really understand myself so I didn’t know how to answer, which gave me an inaccurate answer. Now I understand myself more so I can answer more honestly. It can be very inaccurate especially when you are younger and are less sure about what you are like as a person


I'm always doubting my actual type so who knows


I’ve taken it at different stages in my life and I went from INTJ to INTP then ISTP and back to INTP. Your mood/environment can greatly impact your results


I'm not a strong believer in stuff like this or zodiac signs (I mainly do them for fun) but from what i can tell intp seems alright for me




I've only ever gotten INFP from any test, 16p included. I've taken it on 16p probably more than 8 times since 2014, while happy, while sad, while medicated, while not medicated, and while drunk. All INFP. INFP is only type that fits me, and the functions make perfect sense, except that I have very high Ti use and very very low Te use. I don't understand how so many people get random results.


I'm an INFP who get INFP on the test but well...it seems like the 16personalities test has an inclination for typing people as intuitives and feelers, so I think that's unsurprising. I, too, am also a walking stereotype tho :p Technically, my first time taking it was a mistype, and I got INFJ. I think I've also gotten ISFP before too.


Yes. I'm an INFP and I got INFP(A) everytime I've done 16p too. I've take a zillion cognitive functions test too, resulting in INFP. Many it's conflicted between INFJ and INFP because my highest are always Fi, Ne, Ni and average Fe. I'm definitely not ENF× tho. And yes I resonate with traits of both infp and infj. So I'm INF× but of I have really stick to one, it's INFP💕


I don't think I've ever NOT gotten intp, on any test. Even on the ones that don't go based off of a person's cognitive functions (16personalities) . Funnily enough though, because intp is so mistyped I'm a big sceptic on wether or not it's my actual type. So if anyone has any other sites (I've used a few but don't really remember which) and care to share the link or name let me know!


I got ESTP lol