What is your favorite villain that was in only one movie.

What is your favorite villain that was in only one movie.


Hela. I really hope she returns at some point


dude.... Ngl... I think she's fuckin dead....


Norse mythology. Nine realms. Comic logic. No body, no death rule… if there’s a chance we see her again, dead or alive, it could be doing something like being the Queen of Hel. Last I read, she’s been Queen of Hel in the comics for a bit with her wife, Karnilla.


With the multiverse everything is possible


So jot that down


I just love seeing IASIP quotes in totally unrelated things


Also Thor was alive after explosion in the space. His sister can survive almost same thing.


Except the Giants 300 foot sword bisecting her body I would imagine.


“it’s only a flesh wound”


ngl bro if they followed the comics rule of nobody's actually dead, the movies would just continue to an endless storyline with no end whatsoever, resurrecting dead heroes/villains is just milking the character at this point


Is this your first time into the MCU? Before Tony’s death, the MCU had a reputation for just bringing back people from the dead. And they absolutely can resurrect any character of their choice. They can do literally anything thanks to introducing the multiverse


The only example I can think of is Loki. Who else pulled that off?


Phil, Son of Coul


Multiverse go brrrrrr


Cate Blanchett was so delightfully campy and it was fun to watch her chew every last bit of scenery. Would love to have her back.


Thinking about it, Thor Ragnarok had a bunch of British or British commonwealth people. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, ~~Tessa Thompson~~, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, Karl Urban, Idris Elba, Taika Waititi and Wimbledon Tennismatch. Only outsiders are Jeff Goldblum and Mark Ruffalo (edit: and Tessa Thompson). That's funny. I wonder if cultural similarity is a contributor to making a good movie.


Tessa Thompson is American.


Yeah. It was shocking to me when I saw her in an interview. Similar to the first time I heard Christian Bale being interviewed.


She had such a great look too! Never would have thought she’d make such a great MCU villain.


To add to this, I hope it was all-black that she was using and that we see how she got it, or perhaps gorr takes it from her instead of the local gods from the comics


Him taking it from her (defeated but not dead) body would make a lot of sense. She’s Asgardian Death, so her personal weapon would make sense to be the source.


Would be a cool way to show how much of a threat he is by defeating Hela, something Thor wasn’t able to do at that point.


I believe it’s been confirmed that her powers are based on All-Black and that Christian Bale is playing Gorr in Love & Thunder. I bet he gets the sword when Hela and Surtr come crashing to his planet after Ragnarok.


Every time I see the scene I’m convinced Hela blips out right before or as Surtur’s sword hits her, but the only thing I have to base it on [is the little poof/flash of green that appears at impact](https://youtu.be/tCUg04JfF-I) Though that could also be her getting vaporized, I think it could go either way


you cant really stab someone with a sword 1000x their size she could have easily survived


Nice catch kind of looks like she teleported out


Justin hammer mainly because he was played by sam Rockwell, and I feel sammy baby could pull off Justin Hammer again real well in the future


Well, then you’re going to be happy about Armor Wars




I’m pretty sure Hammer is gonna be in it. I’m hoping he’ll be Detroit Steel but that’s probably pushing it.


Or Titanium Man (he was Titanium Man in the Armored Adventures series). It makes sense in the MCU because he always wants to one-up Stark and Titanium is better than Iron.


But the suit is actually a gold-titanium alloy...


That's the joke! It's only better in the name, it's not actually better (see the ex-wife)


Fun fact the Ex-wife was used improperly


How so?


It requires high speed to be fired properly, which Hammer indirectly mentions when he explains what type of missile it is.


It has been revealed that he will be in it, along with Walton Goggins’ Sonny Burch (from Ant-Man and the Wasp).




I’d kill for just a random buddy road trip comedy or something starring those two




Totally, and idk if they’ve ever worked together before but for some reason I just feel like they’d have great chemistry


So true. I got obsessed with his character from Justified, and since then I get so geeked when I see him in anything else. The fact that he can do inept dork and terrifying villain with equal skill is so impressive. I'd pay double to see him in a one-man powerhouse film like Rockwell in Moon.


Where is Scott Lang, LITERALLY SPEAKING!


you had my curiosity, now you have my attention


Well, there's a team up I didn't know I needed.


I goddamn love Sam Rockwell.


That’s because you have a heart and a brain


I will always love what he said about playing Zaphod Beeblebrox (to the best of my memory); "It was a lot of fun. You know, they couldn't get Jim Carrey, so instead they were stuck with me." Just the admiration of Jim Carrey I felt (as someone who was nearly raised by Carrey on screen) from him was awesome. His humility, too. Just loving being goofy, but not praising himself even a little.


Oh my god... He pulled the Hammer off?!


Check out the credits scenes of All Hail the King on Disney+


I was so stoked to see Hammer at the end of that, super unexpected.


Noobmaster69. Korg didn’t deserve the harassment.


I'll rip off your arms, and shove them up your butt! Go! Cry to your father, you little weasel. Hardest motherfucking line in the entire MCU.


Detachable Arms? Weasel? Thor/Suicide Squad crossover confirmed




He is also in winter soldier


And the Xbox Game Pass ads with Anthony Mackie. The store clerk reveals himself to be NoobMaster69 in one of them.


If you’re talking about the employee, he was in Winter Soldier, I believe.


At least until Morbius it'll have to be Adrian Toomes/Vulture


That’s a good one


Good one, but I don't believe he is going to be a villain in his standalone film in which spiderman doesn't even exist. I believe he will be an anti hero like venom.


In the trailers for Morbius there's a graffiti of spiderman with "killer" written on it and there's Vulture himself so his standalone movie has Tom Holland's Spiderman (or something else depending on No way home)


Wasnt the Spider-Man in that trailer the Raimi one?


The design was the raimi suit but we can assume in universe it's the stylization of the artist that made the graffiti


Or, if it is Hollands' Spider-Man, the trailer was just edited to look like a different Spider-Man.


Not necessarily after the whole Venom post-credits scene apparently 🤷🏻‍♂️


It was a loading screen pose from the 2018 video game using the Raimi suit






I loved Ragnarok but I am still disappointed that they crammed Hela, Surtur, Skurge, The Grandmaster, and the whole Planet Hulk story into one movie.


> Skurge Is he a major character in the comics?


"Major" is probably not the right word but he's around the same tier as characters like Ghost or Whiplash. Honestly I'm not clamoring for more Skurge, just felt like two very big stories (Ragnarok & Planet Hulk) stuffed into one movie and neither really got their due.


As a non-Thor (comic) fan, I found it palatable to me. But I can totally see being invested in it and feeling the pinch.


Hulk was gone for 2 years. They could do a D+ show set in that time.


I wish Disney would’ve been willing to play ball with Universal so we could’ve gotten a Phase 3 Hulk film focusing on the Merged Hulk transformation & Planet Hulk flashbacks. Or maybe like you said a D+ prequel series giving us more insight on both.


“Surtur, son of…a bitch, you’re still alive!”


The way he corrects Thor that he'll grow as big as a mountain not a house sounds like a little kid lol


That’s a Hela of a hard choice to make.




Though I'm surprised they included the "of a"




One of the best well-rounded villains in the MCU who had amazing motivations


Agreed, with Killmonger in a close second.


Plus he’s hot


Yes, indeed!


Hes your classic "power corrupts" villain who was brought back from the brink and became a good man, to have it stolen away and fall back into bad habits. I hope we absolutely see more of Wenwu, even as a spirit guide through the rings or whatever if they don't want him as an actual character in a stoey




Oh, I didn't even think about it despite having so recently seen the movie, but I have to agree. Damn good villain. My favorite villains in the MCU tend to be complex, semi-sympathetic characters. Flagsmasher, Zemo, Wenwu, Vulture, and if you count Netflix or MCU, Cottonmouth and half the AoS villains like Aida or Jiaying, Calvin Johnson/Hyde.


Very well written, acted, and directed. Very fleshed out, and amazingly nuanced/layered. Fucking well done


It's a tie between Mysterio and Ego. Maybe Killmonger as well.


Killmonger was an excellent Villain because his goals were crystal clear.


And, somewhat, understandable


His *modivations* were understandable. His goals were deplorable, no way around it.


Would have to be Hela, one of the best movie villains they've had. But if you include TV, then Cottonmouth was criminally underused. Being in half is a season is more of a kick in the face than any other villain being in just one movie.


If we are including TV, then I put Kingpin at the top with Kilgrave second.


God David Tennant made kilgrave the most terrifying fucker


"I once told a man to go screw himself. I mean... can you even imagine?!"


Tenant made me love kilgrave, never bothered about him before.


Didn't Kingpin get more than one season? It's been so long since I've seen Daredevil I can't remember. Either way he was quality. I'd love it if he appeared in Spider-Man.


He was in all 3 seasons. Still the best villain I’ve seen yet in the MCU.




I never understood the hate for ultron. I enjoyed tbe movie and thought he was perfectly cast. I did think they could have drawn out his development from seeming in control to rage because of stark


It's wasted potential more than anything else. They had one of the best voice actors in the world playing one of the biggest threats in the Marvel universe, and weighed him down with stupid Joss Whedon dialogue. They also didn't leave the door sufficiently open for a return someday when that's literally one of his key characteristics; he always has a backup somewhere. If they do it in the future it's going to be that much harder to avoid it being "somehow Palpatine returned" levels of dumb.


ultron returning makes complete sense though, considering he lives in the internet. if ur going for comic book accuracy, ultron came back like 8 times


That's my point though; they have Vision "burn him out" of the internet and then you see the last copy get destroyed. It's certainly *possible* that he can come back again, but since there wasn't a post-credit stinger or anything implying it, if they do go down that road now it will just be a deus ex machina.


Yeah and the Mandarin was Trevor, but *Really* it was Killian. But years later the Mandarin was *Really* REALLY Wenwu. Besides, there were thousands of Ultron drones running around. He could’ve just created an air-gapped backup of himself and had a drone hide it. That’s the industry standard for a run of the mill business. Why wouldn’t the super smart AI do the same?


> you see the last copy get destroyed Yeah but like...didn't that copy deliver a line about how naïve Vision was? I didn't buy what he was selling, Ultron lives.


Didnt peter in homecoming find an ultron sentry with a slight red glow in its eyes? Ultron has to be alive he can be on the same level as Thanos and Kang as a threat


exactly, all the avengers did was rip the robots apart. it’s not farfetched to believe that one robot could’ve survived somewhere with Ultron’s conscious


With the What If finale coming up, I hope Ultron somehow gets to come back in the movies.


We're meant to believe he had no backups before that and he brought his entire army with him, but for a global threat that's just incredibly naive of him so I can't really believe it.


He could have put copies of himself on machines that then got plug-pulled from the Internet. Maybe he's in some offline files that are waiting to be decrypted from ransomware!


It's an apparently unpopular opinion but I honestly love everything about MCU Ultron - especially the jokes he makes. I think it's awesome how he can be so quippy and yet still intimidate the hell out of you. If he were dark and preachy for the entirety of the movie I think that would tire pretty quickly.


I like that he did quip (Tony's "he beat me by *one second*" line in response to an Ultron joke is a great reference to Ultron being explicitly *his* creation), but it was just too far in that direction imo. I would have liked something a *little* closer to Bane in Dark Knight Rises, minus the hard-to-understand voice lol.


I'm not sure anything can match "somehow Palpatine returned" levels of dumb


From what I understand the hate for Ultron is a result of them butchering him compared to the comics


I hate all the people who scream “ITS NOT COMIC ACCURATE! IT NEEDS TO BE EXACTLY THE SAME!” Like dude, stfu. If everything was exactly the same it would be boring as all hell.


I agree with your point but I'd like to counter it by saying Ultron from AoU was just an evil version of Stark. Just like, you know, Stane from IM and Whiplash from IM2. Plus they had a immensely powerful AI to work with and they didn't even try to really tackle the morality of creating intelligence and how such a construct could actually misinterpret its role. Plus he quipped way too much.


I loved Ultron but I agree that he wasn’t used to his full potential. Although I feel like one of the reasons they didn’t touch him at his full potential is because that What If…? Episode would probably become canon


I'm not who your replying to, but I really wish/hope they didn't kill him in the movies. I wish more villians had the ability to come back for round two.


I wouldn’t be surprised if them casually letting us in on the fact that the Russians had a second Zola computer was a way of easing us into Ultron being uploaded elsewhere for storage to be brought back at some point.


Absolutely. This is probably my biggest gripe with the MCU: almost every villain is just a one off. And of all gone bad guys, no one deserves to come back as much as Ultron. Just skip the FUCKING LIPS!


We have seen scraps of Ultron drones (most notably in Homecoming). It always possible that Ultron made another copy and stored somewhere, then cut off the connection or maybe someone can find scraps of his code either in one of the destroyed drones or possibly some sort of Stark Archive


I just started considering the MCU as a different area of the multiverse than the comics and all irritations of the inaccuracies goes out the window. Besides, this probably isn't a popular opinion, but I found Thanos's personality and reasoning around harnessing the stones to be better in the MCU than the comics, although the epicness of the battle and hopelessness was better in the comics since it included so many heroes and villians. The confidence of Thanos in IW and the control over his reasoning was fantastic over putting death on a pussy pedestal.


He just never seemed threatening. Avengers 2 came out around the same time as xmen days of future past and the sentinels were so much more intimidating than Ultron's bots. Until this last What If he legit never seemed like much of a threat to me. Though I never read his comics.


Like others said, not a horrible movie or villain, just some wasted potential. And a weird name for the movie considering it happened over the course of a few days. I wish they day done some sort of extended time frame to actually make it somewhat of an “age” of Ultron. I liked the design and Spader is a phenomenal voice actor but Ultron as a quippy sarcastic supep-intelligent AI is just uncanny. It didn’t seem to fit. Also, I really wish they didn’t kill off Quicksilver in such a nonsensical way, considering his abilities.


For me it’s the state of ultron compared to his trailer. He’s menacing as shit in the trailer, but in the film he makes quip after quip after quip without really ever coming across as a villain. I understand they wanted him to come across as a mirror of stark, but they could have gone about that in so many different ways




Hear me out... What if Hela overtook Asgard? A universe where she ends up killing Thor and (maybe) Loki, overtakes Asgard and goes after the rest of the cosmos. This is when she grabs the attention of Thanos who totally simps for her and becomes her boy toy. This would end with her either destroying the entire universe or having a child with Thanos who destroys all life.


Or just do a what if that’s like their comics but more interesting What if hela beat surtur or what if hela killed Thor and loki before they could start ragnarok? Then it goes into thanos trying to get the tesseract from her but he fails multiple times


I think I know what gave you this idea and I hate that I do...


Let me guess, rule 34?


It's pretty close to the comics...


That needs to be in season 2 of what if!


Can I pick just the Yellowjacket armor without Darren Cross inside? He was like a dime-store Obadiah Stane to me. But the Yellowjacket design was fantastic.


So my guy and me and big fans of the Cure, and when they were fighting in the briefcase and his phone starts playing Disintegration we busted up laughing.


There have been rumors that Darren Cross will return in Quantumania, and will be revealed to have survived, and been living in the Quantum Realm.


I'm only okay with that if we see the goat that gets liquidized as well.


"What If..." Yellowjacket.


I loved Jeff Bridges as Ironmonger. He was a slimy snake and almost 15 years later I want more still.


They should just grab a version of him from the multiverse that failed but lived, and then make him a member of the Thunderbolts.




Jeff is too old now, so they'd have to recast. I wonder who would be a good fit


Ulysses Claue was in 2 movies but not for long enough in either and I'm bummed that he presumably won't be in any more other than maybe some more what if...? Appearances. Andy Serkis is the best they should have saved him to be a proper main antagonist in a black panther sequel.


I still can't believe they cast Andy Serkis, the actor probably most famous for his cgi augmented roles, as Klaw, a bright pink man with no nose whose body is made of "solid sound", and then ... played him in the movie as a normal human and killed him off. Just baffled me.


Klaw in the comics has one of my favorite "I dun fucked up" moments ever. He tried to fight Disco Dazzler whose power is literally to absorb sound. Worst choice of opponent ever. This eventually led to Klaw being in secret wars though. Dazzler blasted galactus with everything thing she had when he came to take her to be his herald. Klaw's essence(?) ended up lingering on big Gs ship and Doom was able to revive him.


Yeah I definitely think that killing him off when they did makes *Black Panther* a better movie (by making Killmonger a better villain) but on the whole it’s kind of a bummer




YES! I keep forgetting about her, but she's second on my list. The girl just wants to not die horribly.


Piss off!




Killmonger was so…relatable isn’t the right word… but “understandable.” He saw T’Chaka’s policy failures, and ultimately convinced him to change course. His methods and means were wrong. He planned on waging war. But the underlying principle — that those with the means to help those without should — was truly noble. His final words were beautifully executed. Truly a fantastic antagonist. Edit: “him” is in reference to T’Challa.


Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger was the perfect foil to Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa. They both wanted to help, but because of the circumstances of their childhoods each saw different solutions to the same problem. In some ways Killmonger reminded me of Thanos, in that both saw the problem and both saw only one possible solution that they were willing to go to any means to enact. They refused to see things differently and that led to their downfall.


But in the end TChalla was willing to change things and in fact did just that.


Killmonger is a great intersection of great writing and great acting.


I really wish they hadn’t killed him. I fear that any move to bring him back would be a cheap deus ex machina that would would distract from his presence.


Agreed but they had to kill him. He was prepared to die for his beliefs and almost preferred to be dead then to live in a world he couldn't change, if that makes sense. So he had to go, it was either he rules Wakanda or he dies, he gave himself no other option.


If he didn’t die there it would have ruined his character imo


Great villain, though it's interesting how many people think he might have been a candidate for a redemptive arc. I think the recent What if...? reinforced that Killmonger was fully a manipulative a-hole who didn't care who he had to lie to, use, or kill in order to get what he wanted. Just a damaged and disturbed person in my opinion.


This right here. Michael B Jordan killed it. Perfectly flawed villain that was the hero of his own story. He’s T’Challa’s Moriarity.




There’s really no other answer except maybe Wenwu.


Lookin at him right now.


Why hasn't anybody mentioned Ego yet? Like he was a really compelling character with fun personality and was really horny. Dude was close to destroying the universe before Thanos.


My man nearly destroyed the universe by getting too horny


I mean haven’t we all been there?


We see all his growths begin to consume, and there is clearly a galactic level catastrophe occurring. Then there isn’t a single reference to it ever in the rest of the MCU. Like, not even an aside “We got lucky” kind of thing from Fury who presumably was totally unaware


Ghost and Hela


Cyrus the Virus


“If your dick jumps out of your pants, you jump off this plane.” Classic.


🎶"Oooo, nothing makes me sadder then the agent who lost his bladder on the airplane"🎶


"Make a move and the bunny gets it!"


Molinas Doc Ock or Mysterio


Mysterio can't be dead aaaaaa




Now this is the right answer


Either ultron or vulture


Rhino I think his only appearance was the amazing Spider-Man two there really should have been a third one in that series


I would’ve loved to see Andrew in another film but reading the plans Sony had for the third one… I’m glad it ended after 2


Really I never knew they had planned a third


I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you


It’s fine I just enjoyed the more mental bases battle on both sides instead of the physical fights it was interesting to see the motives and ways of both sides


Oh I get that. I just think the plot for the third one was truly horrible and everyone on earth would be better off not knowing about it. TASM 1 and 2 had redeemable moments. I don’t think 3 would’ve had any


Oof now I’m curious but it’s almost midnight here and I gotta get to bed I’ll research in the morning


I'll agree rhino is a good one maybe even Paul Giamatti reprise his role, but not that terminator looking machine that was supposed to be a rhino I'm sorry, there is non comic accurate and then there is just plain garbage and metal rhino is the latter of the two


Wenwu hands-down, though I struggle to call him a "villain". Antagonist, yes, but he didn't have traditionally "evil" intentions, just *very* misguided.


Dude was a warlord that massacred people across millennia and that ran a criminal syndicate that presumably does all sorts of fucked up shit. He was absolutely a villain.


They literally captured Tony in the first movie


Vulture, Iron Monger or Killmonger




Vulture is mine. He was the perfect small scale villain for Peter.


Agreed, we need more small-scale villains. Really tired of world/galaxy/universe-level threats.


Sorry but for a "one off villain" Hela was much better than Ultron.


Ultron seemed to be more complex than hela to me. Hela was more "I was locked away and now I'm back to take over shit." Ultron took 5 minutes on the internet and knew humanity had to go.


While Hela was interesting as a metaphor for colonialism I think it really hurt her character that her screen time was relegated to having only two conversations with Thor and some monologues to Karl Urban (I cannot for the life of me remember his name right now).


Scourge. Loved that guy. And yeah I wish they had more interactions between Thor and hela. But I guess for plot sake it worked out


Kind've get the feeling that Ultron's only been in one movie ***so far***.


Wow, no love for Zemo?


I think people are counting him as more than one movie because of FatWS, maybe, idk


Definitely Zemo for me!