i hope this come true

i hope this come true


Peter Parker and the Legend of the Ten Drones


Peter Parker and the legend of the ten clones is more likely.


I'd love a story about Ben Riley.


Marvel announced this week that J.M. DeMatteis is to Write a 90s Continuity Ben Reilly: Spider-Man Comic


Im not into comics, whatever


Wow that's crazy, but I do not remember anyone asking


Green goblin when Tom Holland orders a stark industries orbital strike on him.


In the comics there is a run where Shang trains Spidey and helps him develop his own fighting style called Way of the Spider.


How does the style work?


It takes advantage of his natural strength and speed. Peter needed to actually learn how to fight since he temporarily lost his spider sense.


instead of "predict" he reacts to the attacks of his enemies, and thanks to its flexibility he can move like noone else in the world making it impossible to taskmaster to replicate. also, its super efective against enemies with premonition or spider-sense


It's unfortunate it seems like he completely forgot kung-fu now though.


Yeah but in the recent Shang Chi comics, Shang Chi said if he continued to practice the Kung Fu he learned from him his Spider-Sense would become even more powerful.


I hope they revisit it. I was frustrated when powerless Peter Parker had trouble taking down a powerless Norman Osborn.


Yeah definitely


I think it would be pretty cool to be the first live action spiderman to actually put effort into learning a fighting style. That’s another thing I do like about MCUs spiderman is that his intelligence is shown multiple times throughout all his fights.


Yeah the drone takedown scene is sick, him setting up future webs to use them and stuff.


I’d wager MCU Peter has seen enough Kung Fu movies to know Kung Fu.


it would be great to see him to train for a change




"Hey, have you guys ever seen that really old movie The Matrix?"


There's more time between us and the The Matrix than there is between The Matrix and Empire Strikes Back


What the fuck.


this cant be...... fuck im old




Jeez Tony, how old is this kid?


Idk how that logic works. I've seen a ton Kung fu films and I know Jack squat.


Considering his body is incredibly strong he’d have no problem imitating the moves


Hmmm a master of the way of Jack Squat Very impressive


There’s like a handful of people in the world whose minds sort of work like Taskmaster and they are able to pick up fight moves from watching the movies (presumably, watching them more than once unless they are really like Taskmaster)


It’s one thing to mimic a fighting technique, it’s quite another thing to know how to apply that technique under stress.


That's Peter's secret, he's always stressed


Source? Just curious. Pretty cool if true.


Of course, it might not work if the movie incorporates wire work or CGI.


So you're suggesting he's like Sean William Scott in Bulletproof Monk? Also, damn you for making me remember that awful movie


Shang Chi- "First thing you have to do is toughen your body by punching this tree trunk" Spiderman punches tree trunk and it splinters into a thousand pieces. Peter - "did I win"?


o geez


Double date singing karaoke with Peter/MJ and Shang/Katy.


I would love the idea of Peter and Shang being buds.


Yeah, but… who **wouldn’t** want to be Peter’s bud?


Same, and it could be a good way to explain why the MCU Spider-Man never punches, the only fighting advice he received was from Tony and was: > "Keep your distance and web them up" Him learning how to fight is a good excuse to make him start punching his enemies.


“You got heart kid! Where you from?” “Queens!” “Chinatown, SF.”


We still need the scene with Peter and Sam. "Can I throw the shield?" "No." "Steve let me throw the shield."


I wouldn’t mind a scene with Shang teaching the other avengers hand to hand combat kind of like Cap and Hawkeye teaching Tony how to fight in the KD avengers cartoon.


I hope Shang ends up with Domino




You’re hilarious


It is banned in China. That locks Shang Chi out of the next Avengers, or make the next Avengers with substantially reduced earning potential. $100-200M less. Sony Spider-man won't touch him with a 10 ft web-pole. Deal. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/shang-chi-china-ban-simu-liu-1235066529/


I already know about the CCP ban, CCP can get fucked Marvel is going to have a rough time with a lot of their upcoming films, not just Shang-Chi, if they’re going to continue to bend over backwards for them. It’s more reasonable to expect that they’ll give up on China and try to recoup the lost revenue through other means. CCP already dislikes Avengers because protestors use them for their imagery. It’s only a matter of time before they outright ban them.


We're still at the fundamental Shang Chi problem. He has no must read comic stories and IS a lame racial stereo type. I guess magic rings are cool? We'll see over time. Bit of a Mary Sue magic weapon + the world's greatest martial artist or something like that. Is that cooler than "Blind Lawyer with Super Senses + ninjas"? I just don't see Shang-Chi's elevator pitch, super hero origin. "Raised to lead a criminal organization, is good at Kung-fu and inherits criminal organization weapons. Complicated family drama." And he's not the X-men.


All you’ve said is that you don’t like Shang-Chi. Plenty of people like the movie and praise it. It has the highest audience approval of all MCU entries on Rotten Tomatoes last I checked. Even if the original comic book character is a bit lame, merging him with the Mandarin’s lore was the right move clearly. I want X-Men too dude. They can make Shang-Chi movies and X-Men movies. It’s not an either/or situation. EDIT: [Yeah, 98%. What a lame movie, huh?](https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/shang_chi_and_the_legend_of_the_ten_rings)


look,...I never wanted to be a huge Rocket Raccoon or Antman fan, but we're here now. I am sure it is a fun movie and I will watch it 10 times, but I see the FF and X-men as what the MCU needs to be asap.


MCU's one of the biggest qualities is that they don't rush anything. Do you really think Avengers: Infinity War - Endgame would have been as good as it is, if they didn't have build it up for nearly two decades? The same goes for F4 and X-Men. They will first have to build it up. I have full faith in Lord Feige and I know he has some kind of a grand plan in his mind. As per my prediction, I think they will release them as the concluding movies of Phase IV.


I actually think...3 movies of multiverse Age of Apocalypse is the only way to intro the X-men now. Maybe a streaming series++.


hey, what was your first commentary?